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Lo.nyan's Room Escape 5 Walkthrough

Lo.nyan's Room Escape 5

[REPLAY] Lo.nyan's Room Escape 5 is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Lo.nyan. In this game, you are trapped in a room and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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Am I first? 3 digit number above the daisy in 3rd scene to the right. Count which bottle the daisy is in in the lines of coloured bottles.

3 digit number above ABC (NB you have to have viewed all 3 'hints') is rotate the 3 shapes around until they give you a number. First one is in opening screen, one in cupboard opened using key from daisy hint and the last one is on chair under the puzzles.

Large house in opening screen - turn for 4 digit number. Clues from each small house (roman numerals on the front and colour of roof). There are 2 hidden under the table view. Get cat food.

I have (+), (x) bowl filled with cat food and open jar of letters on shape cut-outs. Already used the gold key thing in the wall and have two keys and opened cabinets with them. Can't find 3-digit pink code or four-color code for remaining two keys. Any ideas?

where to hang the bell?

Anyone else there?? I need help. Have a + and - sign, have put the yellow corkscrew like 'thing' on the wall, have cat food in the bowl and placed it, and have what looks like alphabet cookies

pink digits are cut out cookies -- look at the shapes
color code is in a cabinet

I don't have a bell - where was that?

where on the wall did you put the yellow hanger?

bell is in the cabinet you unlock under big house, I think

Couple of hints (before I go to bed) about hard to find/see spots:
1. Look closely at the numbers above the key with the checkered background. (The shapes are very faint.)
2. There is a spot on the wall (found it by click, click, clicking)above the table and on the left, that needs something.... (The spot is not as far left as where you click to turn to the cabinet.)
Good luck all. :)

could someone please tell me where to hang the yellow thing?

thank you

Is the bell a yellow thing?? I put some strange yellow thing on the wall beside the range hood. You can just see a mark on the wall. If you hover your mouse on the right side, it gives you a down arrow where you place the cat food in the bowl.

I can't find the bell under the big house, but I still have a locked cupboard. Can't find the colour code either :-(

I got the numbers 3,3 and 4. I think I tried all orders of them in the pink numbers but nothing worked, how did you figure out that number?

Sorry Philomena, I was answering, just a slow typist using 2 fingers lol

OMG light bulb moment. The letters on the shapes spell a number

ABC -- turn the colored letters until you see the numbers on the back A was 6, c 8 and b 0

...and that key opens cabinet under big house for colour clue

oops! wrong hint for that one, sorry
the bell is in one of the cupboards

and that gives key for what I assume is a cat flap...now waiting for the cat to come and eat

can't figure out where to place the bowl of cat food

I'm stucked with daisy hint

where is this cat flap? I can't seem to find the hotspots

Placed the cat food to the right where the gold thing fit into the wall.

Amarantomar for each set of bottles, count up to the bottle with the daisy

Amarantomar: Think numbers/position for the daisies.

thanks! missed that arrow. ring the bell and get the last key

Thanks for the cookie code, Philomena! Now I just need one more sign. Probably a (-). Anyone know where to look?

Soozn: Where did you find the (-)?

Computer has blocked this site as dangerous! eek!

Computer has blocked this site as dangerous! eek!

Found the (-) behind the white slats under the blue house! Got bell, hung it on gold thing on wall, rang bell and kitty came out and gave me the gold key. And I'm out! SUPER CUTE! :3

Where is the freaking BELL - lol, i still can't find it


The bell is inside the green box once you unlock it using the (-), (+), and (x) buttons.

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Ahhhh. Thank you so much gmm! I should have just kept going lol, instead of searching cupboards for it.

I have the bell in place and the cat food in the bowl on the ground, but how to ring the bell?

       Anonymous  9/8/13, 1:41 AM  


Thank you for the bell, I was missing it.

Sweet little game. Thanks for the tips!

I don't get the color code of the flags.

Ha, POP! You don't change the colors, but click of them in the order from cupboard!

The hot spot for the bell was over the stove (on the left wall) and at the right of the tall cupboard. It was a torture finding it. Now I'm looking for a place to put the bowl with cat food. Very cute game!

ok, and then there's a right-down arrow, that shows where to place tha bowl. There's a small door to use the red key. After that, ring the bell and hear the cat mew and there's a key in the bowl.

Where is the B?

and out, nice game

hotspot for hook not visible until you get bell
@McKay thanks for hint for "-" was looking everywhere.
very clever clues, many need lateral thinking. completely missed spelling numbers from letter shapes
couldn't have managed it without help here

great game....and ty Szarra for the clue on looking closely at the pink numbers....didn't see the shapes till you mentioned them, very faint

nice little game. thanks to McKay for location of minus sign. Never would have gotten that.

Where is the + please?

POP missed the drawer
Thanx anyway

Found the shapes behind the digits on the box with checker. Tried counting the cookies of the 3 shapes, still couldn't work. Any further hint?

This is the kind of game I hope to find when I play Escape games. Nice work.

This is the kind of game I hope to find when I play Escape games. Nice work.

Fun game! same with me for the minus sign - I never would have found it behind the slats below the blue house!
Thanks McKay!!!

The letters on the cookies spell out the three numbers. Match the shapes to the numbers.

The letters on the cookies spell these numbers (SPOILER)but I don't remember the order:

five, two, six

oh, ic. thanks Zoe

Loved this game! Lightbulb moment here also when I stopped counting the cookie shapes and looked more closely at the letters themselves - duh! Very cute having to ring the bell for the kitty who eats the food and leaves you a key at the bottom of the bowl. Nicely done!

For anyone having trouble with the musical coloured squares in the key box with the pennants, the clue is in the short cabinet which opened with the purple key. Behind the green box is a row of pennants in there - just click the squares in the colour order that the pennants appear in that cabinet, left to right.

Great game (very logical), altough I could never find the "-" sign and hotpspot for hanger without help

Excellent game - thank you!

5 star game once you know these pixel hunts:
1) Under the table (not really a pixel hunt)
2) Spot on wall left of black stove hood
3) When looking at the spot, arrow to its right
4) Under blue house, between white slats

I out numbers on house, heard a click and could find nothing. I quit.

Couldn't finish the game because the cat food kept disappearing and leaving me with an empty bowl that couldn't be placed :(

       Anonymous  1/18/18, 11:47 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, Lonyan ☺

& thx ppl for the hints

Thanks for listing this for replaying!

An excellent game with simple yet enjoyable puzzles, but I had hard times with pixel hunting, needed help to find some spots. Also didn't see the shapes behind the numbers (where you put cookie puzzle answer), even after I read the hint, zoomed in to 400%, then saw them very-very faintly. It really needs very bright monitor settings, I have darker settings because of my sensitive eyes.

Very Enjoyable game. Thank you!

Thanks for reposting this! I missed it first time around, and it is brilliant! Loved it!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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