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Raven Crime Walkthrough

Raven Crime

Raven Crime is another point and click type crime adventure game by Jacob Dzwinel and sponsored by Bored. Solve a mysterious crime, the murder of a beautiful young woman with a raven tattoo. Use your detective skills to uncover clues that stem multiple investigations and lead you down a challenging path. Good luck and have fun!

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By hook or by crook I'll be first to have a look

Haha emptly bootles of water!

oh dear, I have broken my flashlight. Hope this game picks up... so far not a lot to do

Hi! I don't have much time to play but I'll give this one a go

looking for a fire extinguisher...

found it left of where you fall down

now I need a sd

used knife on couch, used pliers on key, opened a new door

Beware of going down ladder after vent shaft!!!!

how do you get him to move the box? It says to click but nothing is happening?

Ahhh click in the circle

2 guys killed.. need sd.. have key.. still didn't use it

I need to shut down the power :(

In the men's room at the metro... lol at comments!

code, matches and pills in bathroom at metro

Dunno what to do.. have only bulb that won't work on lamp and knife

Same here Nini

I think I need a bootle of water (LOL) but not sure how to get money? Or else I need to distract the guy in the tattoo place

I can't remember where I found the SD. once you have it you can open the vent and use the lightbulb then shut off the power

girlfriend went to meet boyfriend for a smoke. How to get rid of the guy in the tattoo shop?

That was a good game. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I've already locked everywhere!! no sd for me

going to have to go before finishing. Can't find spot for code not sure how get water

add pills from bathroom guy to water bottle. wait til guard is looking other way and swap bottles.

POP! Finally! My screen is soo dark I could barely see it. On the floor near voltage boxes

Nini did you fix the key? I think the sd was in the bottom right corner of the room that opened with the bent key

SD is at the feet of the guy playing guitar in the power room to left

@Evans, how do you get the water bottle?

AHHHH steal the guys credit card!

Gotta go now.. Good luck!

I guess the game is telling me to go, it just froze

Good luck everyone@!

Anyone find the second piece of newspaper for the safe code?

How do you find the key for the office in the factory after you get the pendrive?

I am at the beginning and none of the letters will light up when put together (the letters in the black bag next to the body) any suggestions?

Snoff, try placing the letters and numbers next to each other, and they should line up and make a name and a year

Back! And now I need to make a choice.. Kill the bad guy or not.. OMG what do I do! lol

Thanks Richard, after I refreshed and much dragging around they finally lit up

Killed him.. not I'm replaying to choose the other option..

Ok.. the endings are the same lol!
Well I'm out

has anyone figured out the pin number yet?

Snoff, go to the restroom and turn on the hot water

Any help after getting pen drive? Need key to office?? :(

Millie u need both parts of safe code.. one is on the table at the entrance

Not sure how to get past the high voltage water.

It's ok. Moved box to open air vent and switched off voltage. (After killing a man - click like crazy once you go down the ladder!)

I'm stuck in the factory, got the pen drive and the code pieces but can't get the door upstairs open, says I need a key. Anyone around?

How do I get rid of the receptionist at the tattoo parlour? I've got the drugged water ready to go.

And POP found out you can take the painting downstairs off the wall, in case anyone else was stuck

Smarties you have to go past the tattoo shop and talk to her friend, then go back and deliver the message to her

Do I need matches for smoking guy? Where are they?

Oh - thanks Strega - crossed messages.

Except all she says is that I don't have a reservation. How do I tell her anything?

You get the matches in the bathroom, go all the way right through the metro station and the matches are in the locked wardrobe. Give the matches to the smoking guy, he'll then give you the message for the receptionist

Found matches in locker in toilets.

Sorry, that's all the way LEFT, not right. Maybe I need more coffee ;)

I'll stick around in case anyone needs help

No idea where the second piece of the code is.. Searched like crazy.. :-/

Thanks again Strega.

@smarties, glad I could help

@JohnnyA - second piece of code was in the warehouse

I cant switch the bottles

I#m in the office but can't plug pendrive to computer, it just says there's no connection...

How to shut off power?

Out at last..great game.Switch bottles when guard in looking other way.Pendrive goes in after code from mirror.

Pen drive not working in computer. Still have pocket knife and crowbar. Any hints pls?

pen drive works on screen. took a couple of tries.

This comment has been removed by the author.

combine the two pieces of paper Andrea and use them on safe behind painting !

Good game for a change .. lot of blood and useless chatter though !

I don't find the box that i have to move to find the ent, i search since a long time, please help!

Sorry, "to find the vent"

it's near the door froggy .. just click on it first and then keep clicking to move it .. i think u should have sd first !

E Addict, where is this door, i've already the SD

i mean what the hell .. shoot to kill lol .. all headshots .. no kidding !!

froggy it's somewhere on the far left .. if you mean the door to the room where you need to switch the power off !!

No, i mean the door where is that box.It's the alone box or the place with several box?

it's a lone box .. after you fall through the wooden floor when going after the guy .. the door where the box is is just behind you !

Yes i see the big box in the room with big clock mais the box doesn't move, i think i am going to stop playing Thanks E-Addict

froggy u need to get the sd first .. try it on vent and when there's a message that it's too high then u can move the box !

YES! YES!YES! I thought the vent was behind the box, Merci

de rien ! :-)

Where's your new game E-Addict!?

LOL Nini why you yelling at me ?? waiting ...

what a cool game, great mechanics, graphics, sound, nice length too

where is the pendrive ?

i found it : in the hand of dead body

Learn me some bootles!

       Anonymous  9/27/13, 9:42 AM  

How to unlock computer?

       Anonymous  9/27/13, 9:43 AM  

Nevermind... Got it.

incredibly good game!!!!

Hey, Matt, how did you get the password for the computer?

Never mind. Forgot the strange marks on the painting,

What was the motive??? Didn't get it.

what is the password for the credit card ?:l

How do you get the credit card?

       Anonymous  2/20/14, 3:21 PM  

Struggled with lock-picking, had to look at the video walkthrough to get it. Don't click W immediately after spacebar - wait until after you hear the click when the pin's on the way back down - that's the sweet spot.

       Anonymous  8/4/14, 7:09 AM  

I don't know what to do credit card codes?
What should I do went i tell the lady to go see the man, I got the pills and what is the thing with bottle of water??

where is 2nd piece of the code

never mind

Working link - https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/626179.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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