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The Lion King Castle Escape Walkthrough

The Lion King Castle Escape

[REPLAY] The Lion King Castle Escape is another Chinese point & click room escape game developed by Flash512. In this game, you are trapped inside the lion king castle. By a lucky chance, you got a secret clue about a long-lost treasure of the lion king. Following it, you entered a room of this buried castle. But the exit door suddenly closed as soon as you entered. Your aim is now to escape from there by finding useful hidden objects and clues to solve the puzzles inside this room. It's time to show your talent! Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Got a piece of paper. Made a cone from it. So many puzzles!

Clue for skulleyes is above it beside swans.

Very slow loading for me but it should be worth the wait. Art work is always great on these.

Don't forget to drag items to use them

Also got a leaf from skulls mouth, hint are the dots by swans

key from lions head which opens thing on ceiling, missing petal installed.

Got key from lion's mouth.

Cone goes on top of the thing in left corner.

Another paper with a 4# code

Hi Zazie!!! Clue for flowers is under the clock at floor.

Got special objects from petals, hint between the 2 pilars.

Need hint for left, right up down handle.

Got a rose from lever device.

Hint is on bottom of grey stairs

The nine tiles show symbols when pressed

Got swan from skull pic, put rose there.

Thx Zazie, but I dont get it. LR??L

Got pyramid from swan panel.

POP got it!

It was RLUDR ? Try it.

Pyramid on big pillar gives a shape

Shape is for clock. It says, the dark drawer is open.

Any clues about what to do with the green machine?

Got tool from clock. Push buttons to put the clockhand pointing the triangle.

Argh this wheel is taff

ah...got it. Thanks Catqueen

use wrench and folded paper on machine with red star

stuck after this
need hint for 3x3 cube

Got wrench finally.

yw Melody. Stuck at same place as Hotzenplotz.

Help with for left, right up down handle. Don't get the bottom on the stairs thing.

Red star is moving, now what ?

Cartmansis: look at the shapes. The handle has similair shapes.

Maybe we have to put something in the cone and it gives the hint for the 9 tile pillar???

I can´t do anything with the W and B tiles ?

maybe it's a kind of a mill and we have to fill in something

@ cartmansis. On the plinth under the lion. Shapes are a bit hard to see though.

Forgot to enter the code in the panel, have white tile now.

Click above the Angel sculpture near the ceiling then click above that

so very very stuck. I need a serious POP moment.

good find melody

Thx Melody, got a vase now.

Yay...I have the door key but should I leave.....

Thank's so much Melody54 I have been stuck for ages good pick up :)

And out. Use vase on cone, use that item on panel for key.

and out.

good saturday to you all

Thx Melody, got handle.

And out !
Great game as always :-)

oops im too late catqueen is out & my game is loading at 75%

I couldn't find anything else so I left the room.

Thanks for all the help everyone. Have a good Saturday to you all too.

Thank's so much Melody54 I have been stuck for ages good pick up :)

Hi Raasti!!! I will hang around. Most help is posted above.

caught up with you guys
thanks for the hints
thanks Melody54
.........out ........x

if anyone here so far i got everything ..but now stuck where is hint for clock ?

hi raasti and catqueen
raasti you will do it

Raasti: No hint for clock. You need to turn the knobs so the needle goes back and forward untill its on the triangle.


ok thanks ..trying for it ..

HI ting ting, i forgot to refresh. Nice to see you here.

out ..needed hint only for clock ...

hello ting ting ...:D

oh i was playing again to help you raasti but no need now ....nice to see you and catqueen in the same game its been a while ...now im off out have a great day everyone ........................x

Bye all, c u around EG24.

       Anonymous  9/7/13, 5:46 AM  

I'm out without any help, which is very unusual for me, in those games !

Is it really necessary to make the whole clock think so difficult? takes forever to get the hand pointing perfectly at the triangle

Not sure where the game is? Am I missing something? I've got a page with the game description

This comment has been removed by the author.

Not sure where the game is? Am I missing something? I've got a page with the game description

Not sure where the game is? Am I missing something? I've got a page with the game description

thanks melody for tile code location, L/R lever code a bit tricky too

Yay! I managed without help this time.

Hints on the 3x3 grid?

My rose is twisting. What now, please.?

Not rose - star. I have two empty slots in inventory and can see hint above ?angel. Don't know what to do now.

Only use the left and bottom buttons for the clock (which move in quarters and eighths). The others move in thirds and ninths and do not help at all.

Only use the left and bottom buttons for the clock (which move in quarters and eighths). The others move in thirds and ninths and do not help at all.

granmaj....do you have the missing tile for the top of the pillar? If you do, then press each tile and make a note of the patterns that light up. Combine this with the clue from above the angel.

For anyone that is still playing or came along, I made a handy chart for the cube puzzle. Look above the angel to see the clue, and click each tile to see what they are. Than click each tile in the clue. *spoiler*

Each number represents a tile:
2 3
4 5 6
7 8

So click 81567 for the oil, pour it into the cone which should be placed already above red flower. You get a lever...and the rest should be easy.

Shoot...didn't post right. should be:

*2 3
4 5 6
*7 8


If you change the 4 digit number before you examine the paper with the hint, you can't get the tile.

Hint for the cube with symbols is over the angel's head. After finding the correct symbols on cube, you get a jar with a liquid that you have to pour inside cone. Then it opens and you get the key.

Sorry, not key, a lever that you put in a small door and then you get the key.

Great game - love these!! Wish they'd be more often!!

Great game
First time i did it all myself
Will do wt if I have time

       Anonymous  9/7/13, 11:54 AM  

Game crashed so I had to reload, now can't figure out where I got the 4 figure code from. Any suggestions?

       Anonymous  9/7/13, 11:56 AM  

Found it again. :)

Beautiful game :)

Excellent game, 1st time I've ever managed to do a 512 on my own.

great game, thanks for all the help and hints

I see nobody bothered to answer
junevg 9/7/13, 6:31 AM

Not sure where the game is? Am I missing something? I've got a page with the game description

Well, for players yet to come, like all Flash512 games, you have to scroll down a bit on that game description page to see the links with Japanese characters and play. Click one of those three links to get to the game.

And yep, good game, like always with Flash512 :)

On clock- push bottom button 7 times, it will end up pointed at the triangle.

Wrote walkthrough but did not type out
There is a video wt in the game!
Will write it out if someone wants it.

On clock- push bottom button 7 times, it will end up pointed at the triangle.

Oh thank you so much Wenmomojo - you've saved me a lot of frustration there!

And out. Thanks for the clue under angel hint and Wenmomojo for the clock.

This game is the epitome of how escape games should be structured...entertaining rich environment, logic! and no pixel hunt. Perfect.

I did it ! All on my own!
Thanks for a good game!

beautiful game !

Hints without puzzle solutions:
1) Pixel Hunt: At the angel head up near the ceiling, click again above it.
2) Pixel hunt: click under the clock near the floor in just the right spot
3) There are black symbols on those dark gray steps

Read the comments twice, then had to go to the video WT to find the paper with the 4 digit code....Too bad nobody said where to find it!

Anyway, it is in the hole bottom right of the lion's head!

I had a bug where tile would not open with correct code entered, had to keep reentering it agai nand again and finally it opened.

       Anonymous  7/21/18, 9:54 PM  

caught this one for the replay
a Flash512 is always worth a replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, F512 ☺

See my pixel hunt locations in my post from 5 years ago, just a few comments up. I got stuck in the same 2 places! Average find-and-place/enter game. Always chuckle when a key opens a lock which just gives you another key.

Here at this site really the fastidious material collection so that everybody can enjoy a lot.

The individuals not reading your blogs stuff are missing out much qualitative contents.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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