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Treasure of Trap Walkthrough

Treasure of Trap

[UPDATE] Gotmail - Treasure of Trap Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, you have to search the room for items and some clues to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Free English version is available now!

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I have no idea how to register. Its all japanese. Too bad cause gotmail has some really good games.

Login: fgngotmail@gmail.com
Password: pwdgotmail

Catqueen, go here : http://sns.gotmail.jp/exec/form.cgi, enter your email, go to your inbox, click the activation link then enter your nickname, birthdate and password. then you can login.

Got a knob from drawer 4 that I used under lock to release 1 of the numbers.

make sure to examine piano keys THOROUGHLY

that noise gets me CRAZY!
sounds like a Geiger counter detecting radiation ;)

@roberto: how did you open drawer 4?

I got a mould for a key (I think) so, little key which got me samurai head and now katana.

solved clock but don´t know what it did. Used parchment in box on the table to get a clue. Don´t know where to use sword from blue samurai.

Use mold key on paper on desk to get a key and open the drawer. Number 4 inside drawer.

Thanks @roberto, I thought I tried that before

Thx Roberto, I was busy playing the other gotmail.
Going in now.

For clock, do you have in mind tile puzzle on top of clock, or did you manage to move the hands of the clock?

Need minute hand, where is it?

I meant the puzzle, but nothing happens.

How did you get the blue sword ?

btw thanks Urban for mentioning that tile puzzle on top of the clock, totally missed that ;)

Roberto: check bottom of clock!

The tile with the 4 goes into the number 4 panel, got something.

unless there are not two swords involved in the game (and I'm giving wrong clues) this should get you to it: open glass cabinet, get samurai head and "complete" the right samurai, who will loosen his hand to give way for the sword

Roberto: sword on cabinet with drawers!

Anyone who has solved the papers? I have solved paper with one fan, but not 2 and 3!!

It was a button which fits into the lock with 4#s. Need two more.

@rrrough: what is on the bottom of clock? I don't see anything. And my katana sword can't be used on cabinet with drawers.

There is nothing at the bottom of the clock.

@urban: after solving puzzle, check the foot of the clock.
Then check bottom left of drawers. Small highlighted area.

Thx for the sword arbeitsloser.

OHHH there is a hidden paper in the gap between the left wall and the cabinet with the empty drawers!

and FINALLY there is my minute hand!!

Sorry, my mistake! Foot of the clock opens when both hands are placed correctly..

Missing one more knob and a place to use my katana.

Inside cb is red head.

Thanks @rrrough, found the paper near drawers, but still can't find nothing under clock

Used sword on white thing for a key also.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Last knob found, now stuck with code.

Now founf number 7 tile in bottom of clock.

cut banjo type thing with sword

Stuck with code too. have solved no.1, which was easy, but the other two.....

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I opened drawer 4 and 7 and have 2 scrolls, katana. Placed one button on # lock.

Al buttons in the lock, now what is the code ?

Only digit I know is green

Catqueen one button is in the banjo thing, use sword.

Second button from blue scroll. Need one more.

"banjo type thing" "white thing"

If you guys don't understand what the hell this is about, look again on the bottom left of the cabinet you got the red head from , near the ground:)

I think the sequence on blue one goes +1, +3, +1... so it might be 10. What is the red number?

hahaha Zazie, I know what a banjo is but in what view? Hoping for POP.

I`m out but bf´d last 2 digits.

@urban: 1+1=2, 2+3=6??

@Roberto: how did you solve the red scroll?

Catqueen the banjo is inside the case where you could also put a violin inside or a lute. In front of the piano.


3.141... is on the green parchment after dipping it in the water.
That's PI in math...

It is in the music instrument box, you need the key.

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I don´t get red and blue numbers.

@rrrough: 1+1=2, 2+3=5, 5+1=6, 6+3=9...; but I'm not sure if this is right. Still don't have an idea about red one

forget 120. ?-2-4-6. What´s 1st?

pi = 3.1415926535

Pick the missing digit. :)

Thank you arbeidslooser and zazie. Now stuck on numbers.

No, it's definitely not

@urban: mine don't have a 5..

And what is the colour sequence ?

The scrolls have 1, 2 or 3 fans on it. The buttons behind the lock too.

Last code is:


Akk pop, the fans on scrolls.

Thx Roberto, i am out, but i don´t understand the red and blue number.

6 0 27

OMG there is another gotmail game.

Same here Zazie, dont understand the number. But hey, I'm out too. Thanks all for the help.

6= pi
0= x2 -2
27 = don´t know

the 1 2 6 9 35 96: maybe: 1+1=2, now instead of going 2+2=4, it's 2x3, then 6+3=9, now instead of going 9+4=13, it's 9x3=27, then 27+5=32, then instead of 32+6 it's 32x3 etc

Got it. Each EVEN sequence (2nd, 4th, 6th...) has a * 3, each ODD sequence does a + .

(1st) 1 + 1 = 2 (ODD; adds 1 because it's first number)

(2nd) 2 * 3 = 6 (EVEN: just * 3)

(3rd) 6 + 3 = 9 (ODD: adds 3 because it's 3rd)

(4th) 9 * 3 = 27 (EVEN: just * 3)

(5th) 27 + 5 = 32 (ODD: adds 5 because it's 5th)

(6th) 32 * 3 = 96 (EVEN: just * 3)

well you guys are not helping me this time. No one said where is clock hand. I am stuck here.

hi evans, just came back here

the cock hand comes from the watch in red samurais hand

oh dear, I meant cLock hand of course

LOL you made my day with that typo :P

lol arbeitslooser, was totally by mistake!

how can I get clock hand?

to the left of the samurais, there is a cupboard. To the left of that cupboard, there is a piece of paper which tells you which order to open drawers and doors of same cupboard. ou will then get red samurai head, and a white toy. After fixing red samurai take the clock from it's hand and you will have the minute hand


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Thanks E Presto

arbeitslooser, E Presto give me more than you :)

you're welcome lotjemar!

Nice game

Because you complicate both to give information about the game?

Tati, it's very funny you complain about "complicating" things, but write something completely incomprehensible yourself ??

Sorry. I am Brazilian and my English is bad. Complicating things is becoming more difficult, ok?

No, I give up.
Maybe you had better fire your Portuguese sentences into Google Translate and get some more comprehensible English sentences out of it.

Perhaps it's just your translator software that's bad.

I mean: explain why so difficult? I use google translator

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh...... Thanks, friend..... !!!!!

I'm not seeing how people solved the clock puzzle. I can't move anything.

Ah, nevermind!

No one mentioned clicking the TOP of the clock! :)

Ah, nevermind!

No one mentioned clicking the TOP of the clock! :)

@Catalyste Yes I did, I even thanked Urban for mentioning it :)
( 9/13/13, 5:00 AM )

       Anonymous  9/14/13, 10:51 AM  

There must be a paper with only one fan, but where is it hidden ? I have also a key from white toy (?) that doesn't seem to fit anywhere.

       Anonymous  9/14/13, 10:52 AM  

POP, it opens the large case.

       Anonymous  9/27/13, 5:56 AM  

I have a new twist in game, I think. When I open the 7 drawer I get a puzzle with a ant, cat, fan.... on left cabinet side, no blue scroll. Hummmmm

adivawoman try put 3 letter world as in wing of dresser... i.e. CAT or AIR as a crossword puzzle

SPOILER dresser 7


RNA??? why

Tati Maya is right. Some explanations are made so complicated that it makes your life harder than before. "White thing", "Banjo", "Katana" ? I was looking a lot to find a katana too, when actually was the sword from the hand of the blue armor.
Anyway, for those who really don't get the clues offered here, just search on Youtube, you will find good walkthroughs.

@ mrtelcom ask at Gotmail why RNA, I used figurine on de door of the dresser and the scheme that author give us, a kind of crossword... rna was an "extra" word :)
Originary word are CAT, ANT, RAT, ARC, AIR other are letter that haven't sense (as in this kind of crossword)

M finally out

Pixel hunt locations w/o giving clues:
1) Left of cabinet with glass front
2) Top of clock
3) Bottom of clock

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