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Worldgate 3: Exodus Walkthrough

Worldgate 3: Exodus

[REPLAY] Worldgate 3: Exodus is the third episode of this point & click adventure type escape game series developed by William Buchanan for Wyloch's Armory. October 27, 1888. The Wyoming Territories. You wake up - fairly certain you've been stolen from while you were knocked out - and decide your best course of action is to go after the thief. Which is, of course, exactly what he wants you to do. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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going in...

YAY been waiting for the third installation of this game

Hm. too lazy right now to play a game where you have to use the mouse and the arrow keys. But looks like a great game, will try later.

Didn´t we play this already ? You can use your mouse only, change it in the settings.

Going in circles, i have a book, a wand and an empty jar.

I think this is another version. I have the same things. How do I open the journal?

OMG OMG I love this series! In~~

I opened it once at the start (lots of text inside), but now i can´t open it anymore.

Put wand back in holder to get a new scene.

Zazie go to thr Menu and change it to Mouse Mode..
Go to the bottom right corner of the journal icon to examine it

Spoke to the man who gave me a red gem. Now what? I can't put the gem into the wand...

I'm currently speaking to Victor

Examine wand and insert the red gemstone

Now i got red keystone and key from man and a spring.

Have fired up several of the pads. Can't figure out the value for the pad with red/yellow/white circles.

Need 3 more blocks..

Key opens door after using red stone with wand.

made some progress but stuck now. have three cubes that i tested and placed also used a cog a gravity disc and sphere. only activated one panel i think

Have 3 blocks, can't find the fourth.

Now got a gear and filled jar in a pool.

Same here Jamie.. but also put ball and gravity disc on one of the devices to make it turn... no idea what it did tho

ok activated another thing where you have to move the gravity pad quickly. what to do with the strange liquid?

Figured out that once you solve each of the white pedestals, it turns on the gravity pads up on the wall and you can walk across them.

Jamie Lane: can you share HOW you did things?

Hm.. got a pulley and inserted gear.. both are turning now

me too Nini, but they don´t turn.

and i only found one cube, where are the others ?

Ok 2 blocks now.

Zazie they are in the white devices around the room.. Still need to activate 2 pads.. The cubes and the 4-dig code ones

4-digit code has got me... bet it leads to the fourth cube

Combined spring with magnetic geode

I went to the far back of the room under the "catwalk" and broke open a glass door - got a sphere and a gravity reversal button. Put the sphere in the other maze-like box and put the sphere and gravity button in. Ball started to move. I quickly took the gravity reversal button and put it into the upper slot and the ball moved to the outside button and something happened...don't know what, thos-

Working on it now Travass!!

I think they represent atoms..

out but i had help from the walkthrough. good luck

I got the pulley and gear and placed them, but my gears are not turning.

Helpful hints...

When the ball hits the button, it turns on the gravity pad the white device is hooked to which allows you to walk across it from the catwalk. You can get the first two using the sphere and gravity pad. The third is tied to the 4 digit pad (which i can't get yet), the fourth to the cube box, and the fifth the gear box. Once you put the gear in place, you use the gravity pad and sphere on the other side to fire up the fifth pad.

How to break the glass in one round panel ?

Suddenly i got the 3rd block...and what to do in the panel where we put the pully ?

I figured out the code I think.
count the filled circles, start with black (the one that doesn't have any outer cirlce). Then the next color you count is the the one that's inside of the previous color. (i.e. start with black then count red because it's inside of black cirlce).

So color order is black - red - white - yellow

Combine the spring and magnetic thing and put it on the pulley...then it moves up and down. You can put the blocks in there, but i don't know why yet. I have 3 blocks - is there another one?

after you find the code you can go up and across those gravity pads and find the last block - weigh them on the pulley and look in your journal to find which color each block corresponds to

Yeo Zoe.. u find it after solving the 4 dig code

If anyone hasn't mentioned it, there's a block on the floor inside where the transporter is.

Btw.. The numbers are related to the blocks code

I still don´t get the code....

POP got it :-) Thx Ragna !!

       Anonymous  9/5/13, 10:34 AM  


Thank you for the 4 digit code.

I activated another gravity pad with the small pad and the metal ball. I weighed my 3 blocks, but I don't understand how to activate the other pads.

For the blocks code:

The order for the 4-dig code was: Black red white yellow.. so Black = 1... Red: 1/10.. etc

       Anonymous  9/5/13, 10:38 AM  

Ah, I finally understood the explanations given above and I activated the 3rd gravity pad with the ball and the 2 slots for the small pad. And I've got the 4th cube.

I found the last block upstaires and put all 4 blocks in the grey device, something happened, looking what it is.

The sequence of 4 blocks were (the colours when they are in the grey panel) black, white, gold, light grey.

Ohh go upstairs again and now you can use the other ladder to find a star shaped keystone.

U have to use the triangular gemstone twice.. and don't forget to get the star gemstone back so u can finish the game :D

       Anonymous  9/5/13, 10:45 AM  

I don't understand the order of the blocks.
According to the scales, from the lightest to the heaviest, the colours are white, black, yellow, red, ie iron, lodestone, nickel and basalt. I supposed that 1/1000 would correspond to the lightest cube (iron), and so on, but that doesn't seem to work.

pdgph look at my post 10:38 AM

The star shape goes into the wand, another scene after that.

       Anonymous  9/5/13, 10:47 AM  

@ Nini xD,

Thank you, but why ?

Example: 9.807 is the code right? 9 u got from black (and u know that black = Lodestone) So.. 9 is the 1st number so not decimal.. so black =1

I don´t have any triangular gemstone. Where is it ?

Zazie.. did u use the star gemstone?? You should be in a different dimension now.. Go to the right and click crystal to see a hologram

       Anonymous  9/5/13, 10:56 AM  

@ Nini xD,

Thank you for the explanation ! I didn't think that it could be related to the 4 digit number. It was tricky...
Now, I'm on the other catwalk, staring at the "stange lock"...

I saw the hologram, but then what ?

Ask him what u should do and he'll give you the gemstone :D

Ohh you can talk to it...

       Anonymous  9/5/13, 11:00 AM  

I'm totally stuck, now...

Got the green key now. Thx Nini !!

Just when I thought I was going to "get" Victor, it ended! Excellent game, graphics, logic, etc. Can't WAIT for the next part!!!

Thanks for posting!

Make sure you walk all the way up to the triangle-shaped tansporter to get a journal entry.

pdgph.. have u activated all pads? If u did, climb the stairs and use them to get to the other side of the room.. Aproach the white pannel there and get the star gemstone

What to do after getting the green stone ?

       Anonymous  9/5/13, 11:05 AM  

@Nini xD,

Thank you for your help, Nini. I already have the star gemstone, but it doesn't seem to fit anywhere.

I got a little confused with changing all the gems, but finally figured it out after @nini XD said you have to use the green one twice and to make sure you have the star shaped key at the end.

Zazie the green stone will lead you to the beggining of the game (the Cave).. But first return to the red pocket world and use the triangular gemstone on the white pannel to get 3 cores. Go back to the gate, retrieve the star stone and use the green one :D

put the star gemstone into the wand to take you to the hologram scene

pdgph, go to the gate, retrieve the staff -like thingy and insert the gem there

       Anonymous  9/5/13, 11:07 AM  

I feel stupid, I didn't understand that the stargemstone WAS a gemstone...

Thx Nini !! I am still not yet out but i have to go now, will finish later, i saved the game.

       Anonymous  9/5/13, 11:21 AM  

Great game, somehow a little Myst-like...

Nice game. I'm in awe of anyone who could complete it without checking the walkthrough. I looked at the walkthrough quite a few times, and it was still a bit confusing.

Back for a while, lol Nini was my WT in this game so far. Still not finished, tomorrow :-)

Nice touch for that numeric code since earths standard gravity g=9.80665=9.807 m/s^2.
Took me a while to remember that.

       Anonymous  9/5/13, 2:57 PM  

People give this game a rating of 4 to match games like gamershood and timefall which are just not even close to the high standards of this game.. boggles my mind.

this game reminds me a lot of the myst series. love it.

Never used the liquid I collected?

^ It's needed to obtain the secret ending.

This is one of the best escape series ever!!!

I can't find any jar.Where is it? I'm so bad at this :(

       Anonymous  9/5/13, 5:22 PM  

TheDee12_7, the jar was at the very beginning of the game. At the start, turn right twice? to the chest. It's in there .

Thanks Luin :) I have the cores now and I'm geussing I give them to Victor but he won't take them.

suche nickel block,wo könnte er sein?

komme nicht hoch auf andere plattform wie geht das bitte

think I might try parts 1&2 first

Worldgate is still a class on its own in the online flash gaming scene.


done, needed a little help from here though. totally failed to realise black=9 as it wasn't 9/10 coloured circles like the others.
took me ages to work out how to give victor the gem that was in the portal behind me too (doh)

where is stone nr 4 of the nickel? 3 pcs not have more

Fantastic game. A favor from the developers - how about you make it easier to navigate to a place you have already been? It gets a bit tedious finding just the right spot to click the directional arrows and go through every single step every time.

Well aitch .. WASD mode was much easier

^ Yes - the game is really designed to be played with WASD. It's far more natural and easy to use - it also helps you keep oriented, as you clearly know which of four directions you are facing.

Mouse mode exists, well, for those who still want to use the mouse. But you could also turn on the Nav Arrows, and then there is no difficulty finding the right spot, as it is blatantly shown to you.

Can't find nickel cube

found it! Marita, look for it when you are on the 3rd gravity pad

No idea how to finish that game have the cores and tried to give them to Victor - no chance :-(

Even tried to give him the red gem...
Do I have to zoom to Victor?

As a big fan of the Myst-Series, that´s maybe the best free browser game ever made - THANKS!!!!!

       Anonymous  4/15/18, 6:30 AM  

caught the 2nd part of «The Freewill Cycle» from the random section & decided to play all games of this dev

thx for all your awesome creations, Bill ☺

       Anonymous  4/15/18, 8:40 AM  

ah, it's not the end - looking forward to playing the 4th part, but it's already 5 years ago Bill created the 3rd part...
(contacted him by email, but he didn't answer yet...)

Can't play this game. Another link?

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 9:35 AM  

link should work now also for Chrome

Bill's answer to my email:
(cit.) «Hi, thanks for reaching out, I truly appreciate it. Unfortunately I probably won't ever finish Worldgate 4. Life has changed since I tried my hand at making flash games - Flash is dead, and I have a full time job and family. It just ain't in the cards. But thanks again, and take care.»

Yeah.. I've noticed he wasn't able to finish the last one. A pity...
Thx for the fixed link AO!

And thx for the wonderful games Bill!

thanks so much AO for this link

just going in w't like the old days

had to start again missed the jar because the start was at the prison gate first time got more things now a gear spring pully metal sphere, gravity reversal pod 2 blocks, trying to get back to where I saw place to fix gear, navigation difficult

going around in circles WASD doesn't work 2nd start went different ways think it needs updating

too large, too dark, too much texting to be a fun

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