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3 Cats in Halloween Walkthrough

3 Cats in Halloween

[REPLAY] 3 Cats in Halloween is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Choko-Chai. In this game, it's Halloween night: our famous three Choko-Chai cats went out in a fancy dress for a Trick or Treat tour, but got trapped in a house. Your mission is now to help them escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles you will encounter on your way. Let the cats help you to get them out of the house. There are two different endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Note: We will continue to provide video walkthroughs for several games (editor's picks).

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Love these, will give it a shot

anyone find a stick?

slow loading

I placed all the tiles in the pumpkin picture except the lower left one that looks like a cross. and i have two candles..

found third candle under green chair cushion

got key from mobile using help of the cats

Hurray!! - the 3 little kitties return!!!!!

For the amidakuji puzzle, start with number at top and go down and first horizontal branch off, follow it and repeat (even if it branches upwards).

My code was:


one picture piece is under the books

oh no, we need to solve a ghost leg puzzle in order to open cabinet with numbers. i will have to wait until someone else posts the answer...I hate those! I got a transparent pink sheet with the clue for the answer which I placed on the Furnace. but I cant figure it out:/

Happy Belated Birthday Megi!

thanks Tommy, that was my code too

To the bottom right of desk (where four pumpkins are on top), there's a yellow object, which will be used to put out the fourth candle for the pumpkin

Happy End = look at the box with the key twice

thank you michele :)

In the middle desk cabinet (with four pumpkins on top), click on the books to move them to left, which will reveal the blue coffin object to put on the pumpkin picture.

got box with colors from putting in the numbers, used the cue from the wall with the changing colors to solve the box. got matches, but cant lite candles...any help

to lit the candles - pumpkin must be up

michele, I put the candles under the pumpkin, highlight the matchbox, and it lights.

oh I figured it out, have to place candles under the pumpkins first before you can light them

thx all

Putting all four objects on the pumpkin picture gives you a globe, which you put on the pedestal on top of the heater. This gives you another candle. Once all pumpkins are lighted, each pumpkin gives you a letter for the right cabinet which gives you the stick.

where's the candy???

having trouble trying to get the cats help with the key - any tricks to that?

I looked at both boxes twice, but no candy:(

make sure you are zoomed out, then click on the cat, then click the floor under the mobile

open the door, don't go out but go to the box

thx Megi, that was it! nice to play along with you again...it's been awhile

my metal bar wont open trap door,is there a trick to it ?

btw its michele-with-pug, i just shortened my name :)

Thanks michele, zooming out worked!

use cats ;)

you have to use the cats for the metal bar, and you have to use all 3

thanks for playing with you, going sleep a little, have a nice weekend all :)

ok got it,use the cats,lol

thanks megi and michele

Just finished - and the very happy post-end with those sweet, patient (!!!) kitties!

nite all....

Where is the mobile?

1dot12, its a hanging mobile, not a mobile phone. It is hanging from the ceiling with decorations on it. The key is hanging from it too.

Just started. I have the cat and the hat blocks, and 2 candles. One from under the chair cushion and the other from putting out the flame on the one on the wall. I'm stuck. Can't find a stick or the other 2 candles or something to put on top of the gas heater...or something to hit the crazed wall or something to move the loose brick.

Anyone still there who can help??

Used the cats on the crazed wall, and also on the loose brick, Soozn.

You need to use the cats to scratch off the brick from the wall and kick a hole in the wall where the 'crazing' is. Just click the cat on the bottom left.

How do I put out the candle?

1dot12, there is a candle damper on the right hand side of the four pumpkin cabinet. Click on the floor on the lower right of it.

@clio_rose ahh i see! thank you!

Can't find numbers for supboard or bar for trap door. Any help?

tommy at 9:50:
"Putting all four objects on the pumpkin picture gives you a globe, which you put on the pedestal on top of the heater. This gives you another candle. Once all pumpkins are lighted, each pumpkin gives you a letter for the right cabinet which gives you the stick."

Everytime cute and nice game 3cats... I love them :D 5 stars :D

POP! I just hadn't clicked the book enough times to find the pink paper.

sweet4grease. You need to get the pink paper from the book inside the middle cupboard. Place it on the furnace and it will make a ghostleg puzzle. Tommy posted solution at 9.39am

Oh thank you clio rose and 1dot so much - I had forgotten that you can use the cats!!!

Now only one candle to find

Cats got the key, opened middle cupboard, got last block and then last candle

and out from there! Great game....as long as you remember to use the cats LOL

great game thanks :)

MegiPoland,thanks for playing.))

Cats came in to help with the key on the ceiling.
And they got it.
They came in to help with the stick,
and they went away without the stick...what did I do wrong?

Did you have the stick highlighted in your inventory, Jef?

"Leave it to me," says the biggest one. But That's it.

No, the stick is in the letter cupboard, its a metal bar.

There is nothing to be got from above any window, as i recall. Have to leave now. Good luck.

when first big cat have the stick, click on 2nd and on the 3rd cat to open trap

How to open color box?

and where is key for box on table pls?

Sue, in view table, look at lights on wall and click on box in that order (purple, green, red...)

I can't use the last key on exit door...

catherine, are you sure it is the last key? Have you opened the brown box?

whatever I do - i'm stuck on 90% loading -refreshed, gone to the site - ideas???

LNS: Idea 1. No idea. Idea 2. Don't worry. Idea 3. Have a drinkie? If all ideas fail, then just fib and pretend it was such an easy-peasy game, you got out in 30 seconds and what was all the fuss about. Just an idea, is all.

good one Clio!! But can't drink - due on stage in an hour!

I LOVE these games!!!

These games are so uplifting - I love them - so cute and fun!! Always 5 stars!!!

great game. thanks for the help with the ladder. just don't seem to get those

       Anonymous  10/19/13, 6:42 PM  

I don't understand amidakuji puzzle and cannot solve it, which means I cannot do the rest of the game, one star

       Anonymous  10/19/13, 8:24 PM  

iconland2003, T__T tommy gave u answer at 9:39. You didn't even put enough effort in to look at the hints. Now that is sad. I needed help to find the candle damper. Loved it!!

couldn't find the candle-snuffer without help. must remember on these to try the side of things, had the same problem on the ship one. Quite easy once I found that

Great game, loved it!

Still enjoy this game!!!

       Anonymous  10/21/18, 2:08 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

Halloween is soon...!
(just look at the daily games the devs create atm ☻)
therefore the next time, we will provide also replays with a Halloween topic, continuing with another famous JP crowd puller from the past: Choko-Chai
a Choko-Chai is always worth a replay - enjoy, mwahahahahah ☻!

thx annaby for your submissions - much appreciated! ♥

ありがとうfor all your creations, Choko ☺

This comment has been removed by the author.

Beautiful game!

I miss Choko-Chai! Love these games

Wonderful game. There is no stick, it is a metal bar. Only pixel hunt is to the right of cabinet with four pumpkins on top.

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