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Gotmail - Gifted Walkthrough

Gotmail - Gifted

Gotmail - Gifted Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, you have to search the room for items and some clues to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Gifted Escape Walkthrough
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Have found nothing else so far!

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mix colors on the panel inside according to the colors on fan !

got rod now !

use rod on switch .. shows a green square .. and use it in upper view in lion scene to get rope !

use rope on lion as well ..

the closet opens .. got knife now !

Im out, but it was really tricky!!

combine rod , knife and rope to get key ..

Great game !

E addict, how did you make colors? I tryed p.e. red and white for pink etc and nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

it was Red/White Red/Yellow Black/White Red / Blue ( start from 12 o'clock clockwise )

How do we warm the water?

Can't find the card - everything in my inventory has been used. Anyone?

thank you! It's opened now...

what is clue for white/yellow buttons?

You get a black paper, wrap it around the rod and put in sunlight. it will burn.

did you light your torch peggy ? sorry i got to go !

Wow! I'm farther behind than I thought.
I haven't even found any black paper or torch yet.

Zoran -
If you mean the ones to the right of the curtain - the clue is the fan.

No @Liat, but the ones where we put triangle

Oh - no idea. If you find out - please tell.

I can't get my letters right? anyone care to share?

I am missing the round block, anyone knows where it is or how to get it?

It's not fair! I lost my rope. I have it in inventory after combining it with rod and knife, but now I can't have it. I hope it won't be needed again.

from each word choose the letter that isn't in 'escape'

lost my rope too...where do you use the letters ?

and where's the paper you're talking about?

OK - got the yellow white buttons.

Thanks I just tried it and it worked ;)

And out. Very nice game.

nvm. had to use the triangle block to solve the yellow buttons. i am out now.

I opened the panel under window using the knife and got a book. At the next page, there's a glass cutter.

ok now I've got a torch...

doris, which window?

Use mag glass to make fire in sunlight. Love the gotmail games thanks for the clues :-)

opening the glass has a puzzle that's a real headache...

I'm stuck!! used knife, glasscutter, book, magnifying glass, statue, rope, key and square cube. Have torch and thermometer..

anonymous girl, the left window at the view with curtain. After pressing the button under window (using rod) a green light comes out and it makes a panel. Open it with knife.

and out ! good game !

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I did that! statue no longer for use..

rrrough : now you can play with colors on lamp : hit the switch

What shapes do we have to make? It's really comfusing! And here, it's still someking early in the morning...

I mean some kind of early... (I m still having coffee trying to wake up completely, been awake since 7)

thanks cathrine! where is hint for yellow/white buttons?

And out!!


Diamond square circle

Will stick around for a short while if someone wants hints!

Clee thank you! I've been trying so many combinations trying to figure out what those shapes mean...

where is the rod ?

For the yellow white squares

Make the T shapes as necessary . Night all past my bed time now :-)

kevaus: solve colour panel to the right curtains and a box will open

is that the dome puzzle with coloured buttons,rrrough ? i think i got beaker from ther

I made a torch and can't find any place to use it. Plus, when I opened the curtain again, my torch seems to be still there, where I put it to make a fire.

doris, use the magnifying glass over the torch to light it.

kevaus, behind the red curtains, to the right, is a diamond shaped puzzle with different colored buttons. The fan is the clue for it.

Peggy thanks, I've already done that. I have a lighting torch in my inventory but I can't find a place to use it. And the thermometer, I thing I'm gonna use it on my self having a fever and a headache after this. I have to go to work, so I don't have plenty of time to do this... I'm tired.

ok i missed the scene L and R at curtains view !!!

Oh, sorry, doris. I misunderstood.

Double click on the beaker of water.
If you haven't added the thermometer, put it in the water.
Add the burning torch to warm the water.

thanks Peggy, but nothing works. I think it's buggy. Anyway, it's a very nice game, and I'm glad it has an english barrier, but I don't think I can stay any more to strugle for it... I'll save and get back later.

kevaus, I'm sure you can finish on your own.
If not, maybe rrrough is still around to help.
I've got to go.

thanks peggy, trying to find where key goes,tried locked chest but nope

DUH .. walkthrough available from the very beginning .. but i didnt cheat myself ! lol struggled 20 min first before noticing mixing colors is needed and then another 10 min with the T's panel until a lock opened by chance so i knew then what was going on :-)

so just click the bulb and you are out ! :-)

Where do you find the sun to light the torch?

ok, found it, behind the curtain where the statue was

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

out,had to use walk through though

I've wrapped the black paper around the rod, but I don't know where to use it : there is no sunlight in this room !

I've just seen Magno's message about the sunlight spot.

Well, the torch is burning, but I can't even pick it up. And I have no beaker.

The walkthrough doesn't explain where is the hint for the coloured buttons. I have to give up.

One of the best gotmails I've played for a while! Loved it!

pdgph: which coloured buttons do you need? The 8 half/half buttons or the 6 under the orb?

Ah, have seen the wt now: both are explained there!

ARGH! And I thought the mix-color thing was for the orb, too!

How do you get to these "half-half" buttons you're speaking of?


It's tricky, and hence it may help others:

There's one view where you see a big CURTAIN.
Not only can you OPEN that curtain and look inside, but also leave the curtain CLOSED and move sideways! (do not click the curtain area for it, but left resp. right of it)

Don't understand what to do with 9 black squares on yellow. Nothing moves. No objects in inventory.

sa-weet, no login/password! going in.


This unfortunately is the most illogical part of the game, since there is no real clue anywhere...

Had to peek in the WT for that, and I hate that...

You have to make a pattern that looks like the letter 'T', and that is, once 'T' as written, and three other times rotated by 90, 180, and 270 degrees.

Apart from that, great game -- and the "water-heating" puzzle had a Tesshi-e quality to it! =D

@ escapism,

I need a hint for the 6 buttons under the orb. I saw the answer in the WT, but no explanation.

@ pdgph: If you look at the orb and flip the switch on the right side of the orb, you see lights flashing up. That is the order how to push the lights under the orb.


Thank you... the problem is that the switch doesn't move : when I click on it, nothing happens. I'm going to zoom out and try again...

... that's it.

Now I have a beaker full of cold water. The torch is burning but that doesn't help. And the puzzle with the squares is inactive.

pdgph: do you have the thermometer already?


Yes, I have it. It's in the beaker and says 10°C.

Click on the torch with activated beaker.


How do I "activate" the beaker ?

finally got the "T" puzzle, you have to have the triangle block and insert it at the top left for anything to work. I had already put it in the wall and couldn't take it back. restarted and on the way out now.

pdgph: sorry for unclear explanation, I replayed it and I could take the burning torch when I clicked (highlighted = 'activated' in inventory) the beaker. Not sure if it is necessary though, but that was the way it worked for me.


Don't worry, your explanations were clear and I thank you for your help and your patience ! The problem is that I can't take the torch, even with the beaker (full of water) selected... Maybe a bug ?

for me
I open beaker (10°) in inventory and I put burning torch at bottom and when I click in beaker I can read 25°

thanks alls for hint


My problem is that, since I have lit up the torch, I can't pick it up.

Don't need to pick up torch, Pdgph, place something near it.

No need to pick up lit torch

when lit - just step back out of scene - it will show in inventory

the nine yellow /white block clue is right there...just make a "T" shape in the direction that corresponds to the same "T" shaped lock that's holding that particular side.

Anyone still here? I can't find the last (square) piece

Pop What a silly mistake. :P

Oh, creepy ending! Out without help. Puzzles are all pretty logical.

Oh, creepy ending! Out without help. Puzzles are all pretty logical.

Did we ever turn that dial above the exit door? Is there a second ending??

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