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Gut's Confusion

Gut's Confusion is another free online riddle type game by Gut for escapegames24, made in the same vein as The Gauntlet. "Hello and welcome to my 7th game that I call Gut's Confusion. This game has 12 interesting levels. The answers are all lowercase with no spaces! Some levels might require logic. Other levels might require the use of some helpful tools. I warn you. Some levels are hard, but they are solvable." Good luck and have fun!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


First ...........

Thank you Gut!!!

Yay! Thanks Gut :)

Lol Queen, look at this:

Fuuny Small F I R S T

Im doing satans work thats funny.....................

lol got one level by myself .. First Time Ever ! :-)

Yeah :) Go, go, go E-Addict. You torture us with games now get ready to be tortured :P

i hope you enjoy Gut's Confusion :)

I'm going nowhere S T .. i think that was it !

Thanx Gut !

more than just an April fool on the first level ;)

does this include view source stuff ?

Nah, come on E-Addict, you have to finish this one. Like your games, it takes time to solve. Hints will be there soon, for sure.

play and find out ;)

and to 3 ! :-) where's the torture you are talking about S T ? or did you post the wrong riddle ? :-)

i think it's now getting serious !

too bad gtg for a while .. please leave some hints !

any hints that people leave should be vague. i want people to figure out the levels on their own :)

Stuck on 11 :(

can I get a hint for the name of the code on level 4?

lvl 7 yay :P
u're too fast Queen!

annaby, what character is depicted?

Who is the guy on the pic?

This level was inspired by Queensryche., Thanks Boney I love you.........................

<3 queen

I'm going to be on level 7 for a while!

I used google and paint for level 7 ;)

well, I know the pic - but it's not helping me. I'll keep googling

Just link Em!

I am googling and on paint, but there are many, that's why!

check out Gut's link on the start page Annaby ;)

Well, that was fun!

Duh - I got my characters mixed up. I'm good now - thanks

alright, I am stuck on a level inspired by me ?????? Hmmm

and I'm stuck on lvl 9.. it seems soo easy! Tried anagramming but d/w

I'm not sure what to on level 9!

EM- Order is important

Finished, It was awesome and challenging................

hm... still nothing on 9

Nini, every item has a position

Vague hint for you Nini :P
Try to wak down the stairs from left to right.

duh!! thx Donas

ok back and still cant pass three ! i think some hints for beginners are needed .. this is how you encourage others to play riddles .. because this is just frustrating not to know where to even start looking .. well i knew the guy but cant read the characters below !

lvl 11.. but stuck again..

E-Addict what's lvl 3?

and i looked in the page source btw :-) this is agonizing .. but nothing found !

Eaddict- that man has a WELL KNOWN CIPHER
Google his name with Cipher to find it..............

Indeed E-Addict, level 3 is a bit more advanced riddle stuff. If you use Google images to find the pic (or maybe you know who that shadow character is), you'll find a famous detective and there's a code/cipher he used a lot. Go Google.

http://luthorien.altervista.org/Tools/ also for all the codes and ciphers Gut posted a helpful link

to find the cipher, what are the men doing? It is a short story by Conan Doyle

congrats to all that finished

Queen already helped u :P
Sorry my Chrome is freezing

now on 12... Let's see...

Any hints for level 1? I'm just staring at a calendar. It's missing some months, but they're not important. Ok, so the months have something in common?

12 too :)

Oh, I just got it. The answer wasn't considered a real word by my anagram server.

The Great Unknown,
In riddles it's often about first letters and about anagramming!

the great unknown,
there is in fact something special about the months shown

the first level is a little tricky TGU....remember to use Gut's link for helpful tools to advance and ask for help. We are here to give hints :)

Well Nini, if you get it, don't hesitate to give a hint!

haha.. I'm far from getting it Em!

yes Jon i tried it .. i tried the whole title and part of it .. it isn't working !

E-Addcit did u find the cypher?

as Nini said....look at Gut's link to find a cipher matching the short story

ok i'm now trying thanx !

jon.. I hint for 12 is needed.. picking letters isn't working :(

Nini, you have to think and Google :P

location, location, location

for 12,
i gave you 2 important pieces of data. (b*** and s***). it's your job to find the 3rd data that isnt shown.

Finally done.. Thx for the hints!

level 10 - I'm trying phone spell. What else can I try?

Got it .. need a break :-) .. well i found a cipher decoder page but the characters were a little bit different which got me confused ! :-) beside doing other things so sorry guys and thanx for your help !

Use your mobile (or the oneon the pic) to text something Annaby :)

Thank you for a great game BoneGut!

Thanks S-T - I"ll come back to this tomorrow.
Thanks Gut :)

level 4 is about decoding as well ?

yes it's a cipher Eaddict

Gut's link on the introduction page really is useful

yes that's right .. but i'm asked to type the characters i want to decipher !

hmmm, you must have chosen wrong code!

Lvl 4, find the character in the picture (you can do this by copying the image url and using google images. Click on the camera image to enter the url). Now find a cipher.....

ok can anyone say which decoder must be used ? or is it just that stress is part of the game ? because i CAN NOT find it !

Good job you lovable Bone Gut <3

yes Jon i did that .. with no luck searching the results .. ok trying again .. thanx for being around for help !

@ Addict
Dancing dudes or men to some of us

hey Clee :-) out as well ? .. well level 4 now .. and Jon the results i'm getting are : babycenter , the pink heart society and twicsy lol none of which related to ciphers !

and you all disappeared .. Great !

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  10/27/13, 4:15 PM  

I am completely stuck on 11, any clues?

       Anonymous  10/27/13, 4:26 PM  

For level 4, the character is from Peanuts.

Thank you Gut !!!
i ve quited playing riddles but since its your game i ll give it a try !!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh yay!!! I just saw this. Of COURSE I'll give it a try - love Gut's games!!!!!!

Yes...level 4 is pigpen from peanuts, but where is the code to decipher the letters? I see a pig latin decoder, but that's not it...

if theres anyone around please i have a problem on 7 ,have found the connections and drew so need to pick ...but there are too many

Zoe the code you are seeing is supposed to show you the answer ! i struggled with this one because i thought what i'm seeing is a code that needs decoding and not just clues to the answer using the decipher .. i just ignored that cipher decoder because of this !

and i dont know if this makes any sense anyway ! :-)

Zoe ,open red luth riddle tools and then pigpen the 2nd

and that's why help for beginners is needed Jon !

i've quit playing some time ago but another cipher on 6 ?

OH...I see!! I just game myself the answer!!! That's funny!!!

E-addict its for the blind people ...

so 5 is not the actor's name....

Source Code Zoe !

...and it's not the character's name...

Zoe , look at the movies name !!! for a hint

right-click and find a similar word that relates to the movie title

Thanx New .. 7 !

Yes...I'm looking at the page source, but not seeing it!

zoe, sometimes there are hidden messages in page source

oh sorry Zoe then thought you are a riddler !

any hint about ' begin tree ' hint ? :-)

Oh, you mean, mean person!!! I didn't scroll down enough!!!!


not about sc this time E-addict ,you have to google to find the connections

keep scrolling e-addict ;)

wow! I made it half way!

E-addict - NO! I DO NOT consider myself to be a riddler in any sense of the word! I just like Bone Gut's games because they are so much fun and when I finally get one, I am amazed at the cleverness of them!

e-addict - any clues for me on 7? I have no idea what to do.

Zoe ,1st find the connections between the names of the 2 columns

each character comes from a video game.

ok i found the connections .. tried to anagram the result but no ..

Does the fact the Guitar Hero has a bigger dot beside it matter? I'm grasping at straws.

no zoe ,you have to find which character is from which game and connect them

dot size doesnt matter. just connect the characters

but that was smart thinking Zoe anyway !

E-addict - it's called "desperation" lol!

im sorry i have intenet problems and cant reply immediately ,losing connection and have to restart every time ,but as i ve been told :watch out levels 9-12 are aproaching ....
im on 11 now ,if i can help

So - I've connected the games with the characters (I actually knew five of them, after I thought about it)! I'm trying to find a word somehow.

lol Zoe !

draw lines for making the connections

no luck finding a word out of all this either !

jon used google and paint for level 7...I wonder what that means?

yes that's exactly what i did new .. obviously ! lol

new - straight lines?

and ' End main wrapper ' hint isnt helping .. i have no idea if it usually means something to riddlers !

well...I'm getting there. I've got it copied into paint now. Trying to figure out how to draw the lines..

sorry ,e-addict ,ofcourse you did it
Zoe , yes ,straight lines so... letters

so...now I've drawn lines from the game to the character. nothing. I WILL solve this...I WILL solve this...

got it .. that was fun !

so...Guitar Hero and Jonny Napalm I get' walt'. Am I close?

and again i'm not getting the hints in page source .. are they supposed to mean something .. well because to me they were of no use on 7 anyway ! or maybe they aren't hints at all !

Zoe the linking lines are supposed to show you the answer .. draw your lines first and then have a look at it ! :-)

yes , you need the letters that the lines cross (sorry for my english ,i hope you understand) but they are many so...not these letters !!

no sc needed for the next lvls

I drew my lines and got this:


source is only needed for 5

8 is easy .. now 9 but taking a break !

zoe, don't pay attention to the letters that the line goes through

it's a wordpuzzle Zoe !

Zoe , try to draw the lines carefully and straight and yoy ll see that they dont cross all the letters

no e-addict. you only have 4 levels left! you can do it!

if you do it im paint i guess its easier but if you re patient you can do it by hand ,thats how i did ,i hate using stuff like paint LOL

I am laughing so much right now!!! That was so FUNNY!!!

Did I mention that these are clever???!!!

finished !!
Thanks again Gut !! I enjoyed it very much !!!!!

Alright - now I'm more than half way. whew!

btw, great congrats vid but still miss Freddie !!

wow...I just breezed through 8... I guess you got my brain cells fired up with 7, eh Gut?

yeah, paint works really well if you use the dot-to-dot line drawer. the letters that were not crossed out were really clear then...

sorry ,i have to go ,its very late here ,if i can help for the next mins Zoe cause i have to say goodnight

i'm glad your brain cells are fired up..... you'll need them for the rest of the levels (insert evil laugh here. lol)

so on 9...soup is the oddity

So...Bone Gut...are you going as the DEVIL for halloween??? Because it FITS!!!

youre on the wrong path.... hint: order is important!

new...I very much appreciate your help getting me through this and thank you! Sleep well - you may still see me in the morning trying to get to the next level!!!

LOL i'm sorry for being a mean ol' meanie but i did warn you that these were hard.

order of the length of words? Order of the alphabet? Two words are four letters each, then seven letters, then six letters and then ten letters. How do I put these in order?

I told you I'm not good, but I so much appreciate the help because I love it when I 'get' it.

the order that they are currently in is important.
k*** is the FIRST word
s*** is the SECOND word......

ok...so I am making a soup in my mind that has kiwi, apples cantaloupe and oranges. How am I doing?

I like to cook...

try thinking differently.....
for example, K iwi....

kiwi is the first word
soup is the second word
oranges is the third word
apples is the fourth word
cantaloupe is the fifth word

I'm an idiot, but I'm not getting it....again

hmmmmm... try picking letters

10 now .. Zoe you need to make some adjustment first ! :-)


K iwi
S oup
O ranges
A pples
C antaloupe

10 is easy as well .. 11 now !

172 comments! this game has more comments than my other games!

i wonder if it will go to page 2 automatically?

ok great Zoe .. now follow the hints !

thanks e-addict...I'm trying

s*** is the SECOND word, so apply that to letters.

Bone Gut...it's a great game! I'm not done with it yet, but I have to say I like it a lot! Really clever and keeps me interested for hours...I LOVE these games.

taking another break .. have a record with nothing but zero mistakes at work and this is not gonna end now !

now are those supposed to be easy riddles Gut ?

look at donas's hint

Donas727 10/27/13, 2:06 pm

every item has a position

not easy for zoe, apparently. :P

I will finish it but it's time for me to go to sleep. bye....if I don't see you live in this game Gut..just know that I support your efforts to keep us entertained! I hope there are more ane more of your games!!!

think coordinates Zoe ! 1,1 - 2,2 etc .. hope this isnt considered a spoiler !

Five stars again and again and again...love bone gut

i'm glad you like my games, even if this one is a challenge <3

Yes..it is a challenge but it is a fun one, and just because I have to get sleep it doesn't mean I will come back tomorrow and pick up again...really a great mind challenge.

back for a little while .. hint on 11 anyone ?

Congratulations Gut. I am enjoying this very much. I am completely bamboozled though by 11. I really can't think of what i should do. May i have a hint please? (i have read all the comments above, but still stuck).

ah yes... 11.....
focus on the characters' first names..... even Mister Mustache (that's not his real surname)

oh..i should refresh more often. Hi E-Addict.

Hey clio !

that's what i was trying to do .. any extra hint ?

on to 12. Hint for 11....two marge's = a.

how many of them are there?
similar to 9

yes got it thanx but too many results anagraming it .. yes that was similar to 9 !

gtg again i'll try to finish it later .. thanx !

Thank you so much Gut. I really enjoyed this.

and finally congratulations to me as well .. and inspired by Green Day i would say nice guys finish last ! :-) this is the first riddle game ever i managed to finish .. so Thank you all !

im so stuck on 12, i cant get it even with the hints i have read

look at my hint @10/27/13, 2:47 PM

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