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PH White Cage Escape Walkthrough

PH White Cage Escape

[REPLAY] PH White Cage Escape is another Japanese point & click adventure type escape game developed by Petithima. In this game, you help the bird to come together again with his mate, who is trapped in a cage. Your aim is now to detect the key to the cage by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve puzzles you will encounter on your mission. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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so far i have what looks like a rotten apple. and thats it.

Use it on stick in tree.

went fishing.. got a tin can

fill can with water and use it on flower for clue !

got stone now with an arrow on it !

used on rock .. still missing two obviously !

put the stone in the rock to the right

fill the can again for an egg ..

morning folks...

uhm ... tried to fill tin can with water AGAIN and there was something on the surface...tried to pick it up and ... it disappeared. hopefully that's not a bug.

keep shaking the tree for another egg ..

have 2 eggs now. stuck

ah an egg? well then it seems i do have to restart...damn

look on top right arbeitlooser .. still 5 to collect !

the eggs fill the line of circles in teh upper right by the save button

AHHHH! thanks E-Addict

thought I was going nuts

looking at the mill now .. nothing .. tried all combinations maybe !

must be something to be done withe fishing rod still .. tried fishing again but NO !

Fishing pole (used), 2 arrow stones (used), can (used twice), 3 eggs and stuck. You can go behind the stone on the right. Open the box (for second arrow stone) and also wait 10 seconds for another egg. Use #'s on the ladybug box for control pad in cave - press the button and follow the colors.

       Anonymous  10/10/13, 7:59 PM  

If you look behind the rock, a bug comes out with an other egg.

Look to where the arrows point on the stone, there is a button there.

you can go behind the stone on the right ? which one ?

The big stone in the far right screen

i clicked everywhere right to the arrow .. no button on my screen !

where is the second stone for the rock i have the left one . need the right one

E-Addict do you have both arrows in the big stone? If not put your cursor to the lower left of the big stone and you should see a white arrow - click it and you can go behind the stone. There is a box there for you to OPEN.

I believe we need the second arrow to be able to go there...I only have attached one

code - look at the blinking ladybugs

i have one arrows placed Puffin .. and nothing as well to the lower left of the big stone !

I think you have to see the clue on the tv, to look behind the stone.

Hover your cursor just outside the lower left part of the big stone in the far right screen. You'll see the white arrow.

       Anonymous  10/10/13, 8:11 PM  

Also, use the telescope twice on the wind mill, and look at the foot prints after you get the shoes.

Szarra, you are right. I didn't realize that. Use ladybug clue for controller in cave to get the power on to see the clue on the TV screen.

got glove then scissors using the glove

This comment has been removed by the author.

Have worm, using glove. Have scissors, but can't use. Can't get second egg from tree, or from can (which has water in)

now i have the worm from the ground

I can't figure out the ladybug clue insofar as to use it in the cave. I got the ladybug box open by changing the colors, but now I'm stuck.

put worm on fishing hook fish again.

I've posted the clue for you :P

Thanx Puffin and Szarra but can any of you spoil the order please .. it isnt working .. tried it first btw and didnt work as well so i thought it was the wrong clue !

vkacademy press the button again and the ladybugs will light up. Follow the pattern and use the numbers on the controller in the cave.

code is 753527 - click button and look how ladybuds are blinking

This comment has been removed by the author.

For the controller in the cave:


AHHH thanks...that was mean

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  10/10/13, 8:22 PM  

Where do I go after placing second stone? I lost!

lol Megi .. ladybugs not blinking to me .. or am i just tired ?

laker - after placing the two stones they point to a spot that you need to click a couple of times to find a button.

E-Addict - Did you push the tiny button on the front of the box?

e addict push the button on the ladybug box. the ladybugs should light up . use the numbers on their shells in the order they light up

Thanks guys! I now have the worm and scissors, a clue behind rock that says 10s? Annnnndddd... stuck.

what do i do with the thing i got from the box on the fish with legs ??

laker532, after you place the second stone look where the arrows point and find the place where your cursor turns into a hand and press a few times and a button will appear.

DPotts - use it on the book in the cave.

Hey guys.. Got key and cage is within my reach but I'm still missing 2 eggs

First yea!

       Anonymous  10/10/13, 8:27 PM  

Thanks Szarra! Got it... tried it before, guess I wasn't persistent enought

Nini - one egg is in the far left scene. Watch the fish/man for a few secs and he will stop and look at the ground. The egg is there.

The 10s thing is a bit tricky...I had to LEAVE the scene behind the stone and come back. Then some cute creature came dragging the egg :)

       Anonymous  10/10/13, 8:28 PM  

ladybugs flash to fast. Would some one please post number. Thanks.

Nini - did you find the egg in the grass? Watch the fish. Fire the cannon! (again)

Got that one already!

Btw.. 2 patterns from windmill!

For another egg, you have to look at the windmill again.

Missing 1 now

i did Szarra .. thank you all anyway i will retry later .. i'm really tired .. have fun ! :-)

Oh shoot the cannon again!

Perfect End! yay

adiva - see hint at 8:20 for code

Well thx anyways xD

E-Addict what do u need help with?

Can I get a clue now how to open the box with the 12 triangles (3 x 4), please?

3 eggs, and a fishing rod, nothing else to do for now...

arbeitlooser have u opened the ladybug box?

       Anonymous  10/10/13, 8:32 PM  

Thanks, missed that post.

can't find any eggs! where are you guys finding them? very frustrating!
went fishing got can filled can with water watered flower got clue went and opened ladybug box got rock with arrow.
now stuck with fishing pole and can filled with water.
i must not be reading your posts right because i can't shake the tree, look behind the rock or get any eggs......
is anyone else having this problem?

Nini: YES, ladybug box is open, and TV is working.

brin3m if u knock on the tree foot several times the egg will fall down. Also when u fill can for the second time, highlight it, the egg will be floating

So arbeitslooser check the rock! (look behind it)

Nini: ??? If I hadn't checked the rock, I wouldn't have 3 eggs now. Also opened the box with the trivial "password." :)

But still, I only have the fishing rod and I'm totally stuck.

shoot just got the clue for the code! now i can go behind the rock! I would have never figured that one out if someone hadn't posted it.....plus had to go back and reread! slapping head!

thanks for the help. im out with 4 eggs .

so far only found 1 egg, feel so far behind!

where is the second arrow stone? the lower one? I have no glove or telescope etc. where are you finding all these things?

What do we do with the shoes?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Peggy give them to the fish

and arbeitslooser.. w8.. I'm replaying

       Anonymous  10/10/13, 8:41 PM  

Is the fish the L/R clue? Can't get it to work. Or is it just the last egg location?

Oh arbeitslooser do u have both "arrow rocks" in place? If so, follow where they are pointing!

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks Nini :)) glad we have you here :)

laker532 go back to 1st scene and check footsteps

1. Hit the base of the tree to knock loose the one in the branches.
2. Fill the can a second time and zoom in on it.
3. Look behind the rock (may have to leave and return after opening box) and wait 10 seconds for a bug to appear.
4. Look inside the box from the fish a second time.
5. Watch the fish after you give him the shoes (he looks at the grass)
6. Look at the windmill again and enter the new pattern.
7. Fire the cannon! (again)

was able to finally shake tree after getting odd box and using it to hit the tree.......weird

look at the footprints closely ;)


I would never have attempted to click at THAT spot...good lord...

       Anonymous  10/10/13, 8:44 PM  

Thanks Megi and Nini - I don't know what I would do without you all.

The first stone is in the ladybug box. (I think)

Szarra, thanks for the hint to shoot the cannon a 2nd time. I had tried several times earlier, but I guess it won't work until all the other things were done.

Yay! Perfect score. Thanks to all the smart people who can figure these games out.

had odd round thing that I can't do anything with. where are shoes and telescope. Please???

       Anonymous  10/10/13, 8:47 PM  

Great game! Makes you think

evans use it on the book

The odd round thing is a knob (from the fish box). Use it on the book in the cave. It's a tad pixelly so you may have to click a couple of times to get it in.
That gives you clue for box in cave, which gives you telescope and shoes.

Mike enlarge the can then you can take egg out. Where do you get the telescope? Scissors? Triangle clue? As usual lots of have this have this without saying hoe you got the items.

Holy cow, another obstacle for me!

I have this thing from the house now which looks like a nut (?)

However, it would have been a little too easy to just place it on the trunk and smash it....seems I need to get it somehow into a fixed position?

arbeitslooser wait till the green light is on

I'm off guys. Good luck!

thanks again Nini !!

Now there's gloves, a cannon, a fish a knob, footprints? I give up. Will check back tomorrow to see if anyone leaves some more helpful clues.

Use the glove on the thorny plant to get the scissors. Use it again to pick up the worm.

well i finally escaped with most of the eggs. the last egg that flew out of the canon i couldn't find. plus i had a glove left..... don't know if i should have used it again.....oh well at least i escaped. thanks for all the posts!

Odd Pattern, mmm! I think that's my favorite flavor!

Very nice game missed one egg so I had 85 points , I hope they make more <3

The egg that flies out of the cannon lands by the cave mouth. It's a greenish-gray color so it can be hard to spot at first.

I thought it was a rock maybe that was the one I missed, The game is worth playing again. Loved the puzzles

Thanks that was the one I missed ,100 perfect now!! I hope they make more

have code from book but dont know where to use it. also where to get the telescope and shoes??? how do I open the little house?

Never mind I finally figured out the code in the book. I was "looking" at it wrong. I was making it harder than it really is.

       Anonymous  10/11/13, 2:24 AM  

Where is the upper arrow stone ?!
I have opened the ladybugs box and seen the hint on TV... but there are locked boxes everywhere and no hint !

How do I get the shoes? I typed 'shoes' on the box, but nothing happens :c

       Anonymous  10/11/13, 2:45 AM  

Well, nothing makes sense in this game (locked boxes everywhere and no clues), I'm giving up.

How do I get the shoes? I typed 'shoes' on the box, but nothing happens :c

oh, if I remember correctly
- type SHOES on the box , and then either
- click the lock
- or ZOOM OUT and try to open the box

Out with 7 eggs.To get shoes you need clue from book.

Aw...server down.

Played again and got different clue to open cage in cave.

Oh this was a GREAT, fun excellent cute, pretty game!!! I wish there were more of these and often! Loved it!

That was great! Even tho I had to be spoon-fed through the whole game. Thanks for all your hints!

That was great! Even tho I had to be spoon-fed through the whole game. Thanks for all your hints!

This is a fantastic game, in middle of many poor games, this is beautiful, 5 stars for me!

not is the game more easy, but don't very hard!

This was a great game. Beautifully logical.

What fish man? What fish box? How do you see anything on windmill.
I'm tired and stupid and growing to hate this game.

I have scissors, caterpillar and a fishing rod. 4 fish. But I guess this game is now too old for new help.

4 eggs even ...

       Anonymous  10/12/13, 12:15 PM  

Thx Viktor Scheronkin for the video walkthrough, saw why I was having so much trouble cause things required to be done in a certain order to work, the spoilers gave don't work until other stuff has been done first, which confuses people more leaving them to think the game is bugged or people are stuffing them around.

Good game, but I didn't like that things had to be done in an order. I tried to crack the walnut a couple of times...by the time I actually could do it, I didn't bother trying thinking that I had to do something else with it. maybe if there was a "later" hint somehow???


There's some confusing sequences in here but I thought this was a delightful game overall, the best Petithima's done yet. Come, let's make an exotic omelet!

1. Click on bird to see that she's missing her mate, he's locked up somewhere.
2. Pick up the fallen APPLE and throw it at the FISHNG ROD in the tree.
3. Put ROD in the water and wait; get TIN CAN!
4. Fill CAN with water and pour it on wlted flower to the left. Note color pattern.
5. Ouch! You can't get scissors or worm just yet.
6. Bump the bottom of the tree 5X for EGG #1.
7. Fill CAN again, and zoom it for EGG #2.
8. Go left, click on white column. Make ladybugs match the flower petals. Click white button to open; note a pattern flashes around the bugs. Count the dots on their backs, and you have a number code. Get ARRTOW STONE 1.
9. Enter cave to left, click on number pad, enter that code.
S75PO35IL27ER - get picture on TV. It tells you to look behind a rock.
10. Go right 3X, find rock, look behind. Box has 4 possible letters - N, E, O, P. Now what could be the code, I wonder. Oh, yes, OPEN the box. Get ARROW STONE 2. Note '10s' on your right.
11. Back out, install ARROW STONES, click where they point 4X, now it's cannon that fired something across to your left.
12. Return behind rock, wait 10 seconds, and a nice dung beetle will bring you EGG #3.
13. Back out, go left twce, pick up rock which turns out to be a GLOVE.
14. Go right, use GLOVE to get SCISSORS and WORM.
15. Zoom your FISHING ROD, put WORM on it, and fish again. Get a fish-man with a box on his back.
16. Use SCISSORS twice to remove box, then open it. Get ROUND BUTTON.
17. Enter cave again, install BUTTON on book on the floor. Open it for clue to the word box; just imagine the small squares all gone, and you'll see the word.
18. Open word box (left of book); get SPYGLASS and SHOES.
19. Go back to fish-man and give him the SHOES. Look at his footprints for R-L clue for birdhouse in cave.
20. Go left and watch fish-man. When he stops and looks at the ground, click that place for EGG #4.
21. In cave, enter L-R pattern in birdhouse, get WALNUT. (I think that's what it is.)
22. Go right to the rock again. When the light on the log-splitter turns green, place the WALNUT, get a KEY.
23. Use SPYGLASS on the windmill for clue to the brown box outside the cave. (The hint to do this is on that box.)
24. Go put that pattern on the box. (The fish must be white.)
25. Flick switch to bring bird within reach. Don't free the bird yet; there are 3 more eggs to find!
26. Use SPYGLASS on windmill again, get new pattern.
27. While you're here, fire the cannon again. Oops, you have to look inside the fish-man's box again before the cannon will fire. There's an EGG #5 in there, after you click a few times. Then fire cannon, go left.
28. Enter new pattern, get EGG #6.
29. Pick up EGG #7 next to the mouth of the cave.
30. Use KEY on cage. Say yes!

and the birds say... I love you! Let's eat!

Out with perfect game.

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 8:28 AM  

caught another game of this dev from the random section & decided to play this one, too

thx for all your creations, Petit ☺
& thx just1 for the WT


The pattern you are looking for in the magnified windmill is the shape in the window.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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