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Crimson Eve

Crimson Eve is another point and click adventure game developed by Hyptosis from Lorestrome for Gamershood. Hunt down the man that killed your brother and get revenge. Seek out clues in his cabin and search the woods around the old graveyard. Good luck and have fun!

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so far found a stick (used on bowl next to grave), key under sofa for chest, a lighter and half of a disk - need the other half I suppose

lit the incense stick but stuck now

Doesn't load.

sorry blue.. - could have used your help - but have to go now - please leave clues if it loads later

right side fireplace is other key

wery short

sorry left side

up left corner

Gamershood doing something different...I like it!

have placed the 2 symbols at the tombstone, now stuck...

Gather everything from chest inside the house and the small box on the fireplace, light the fireplace for a clue. Place the two pieces on the tombstone and place incense in the bowl and light it and you should be able to get to another area.

ok, another area now also found, but what to do there? any hint?

I really like Lorestrome's style, but this is not their greatest game. Other than a pixel search for the two keys, the game was really short and no interesting interactions with other characters.

kmul are you still stuck?

I have a bunch of twig , a crowbar, a candle, a lighter and a brick...... and no idea what to do next....

Flora, you need to open the door: get the symbol on the mirror to be the same as the one that lighting the fire in the cabin lit up on the shield.

I'm now in the cave, and stuck with the codes...

press the buttons on the wall and make the shield

Oh, I never paid Attention to that...

The rest was easy... crowbar just used to kill scarecrow?

Welcome back gamershood.

Somewhat interesting, but a lame pixel hunt.

After i made the shield nothing happens

After i made the shield nothing happens

After i made the shield nothing happens

I thought the same , @blom...then I clicked the button at the door...it opened after many clicks!
Then put all the stuff you have there....
story ends! :)

It's like a capital *T*, the shield, right? It doesn't do anything when I make that mirror look like it... :/ Any tips? Thanks.

Pop! WOOOOOOW, that was a lot of clicks...

What was that annoying, distracting circle that kept appearing at the top right?

So much potential - great graphics but weak story and game play.

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Ok game. Liked the graphics, but was rather random and a bit of a pixel hunt.

Liked it. Once I realised it was a pixel hunt, enlarged screen and used mouse more methodically.
Could've been longer - was enjoying working things out!

Once you've copied the shield pattern, you do 10 clicks on door - see the lights above it light up.

Ho-ho-ho! Gordon Freeman!

Well, that was weird. I wanted more game.

Cool game.. looks like there might be a sequel. i'm hoping so anyways. I loved this game, super fun, great music, very cryptic.

I hope GH does more games like this. It is nice to have variety and not the same stuff all of the time.

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