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Ena Diamond Cave Escape Walkthrough

Ena Diamond Cave Escape

EnaGames - Diamond Cave Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. This is a critical game where the some one has been trapped in the Diamond Cave, so you will need to collect the necessary objects to make him escape from this cave, if you have the right attitude then you will get him out. Good luck and have fun!

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Ena Diamond Cave Escape Walkthrough

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goodmorning!!!going in...

found red and purple gem and 2 colourful tubes.stuck.

good morning! I 've found 2 keys and got 2 diamonds and 2 coloured tubes. I can't figure what to do...

ok, I also opened the door on the right, using the hint from the door on the left.

after getting the 3d tube (by opening nr.3), you have the clue for left door.

What is the hint on the left door?

I'm terribly stuck with the last door with moving buttons. There's no hint anywhere.

shylock, count the dots (2, 3 and 4), then put those nrs on the right door. Then open the bars one by one

have put shade on lamp but nothing is showing.

And what to do with SD?

to open the left door, you must have 3 tubes. The color hint is on them, if you turn your head a little left to see them correctly.

clue for cassette recorder is on door 89 wall.

Zoran, use the SD on the floor after opening the left door.

dynamite and out

SD to open floor

ok, I' ve opened the cassete player, I can see the hint, and don't know where to use it. I've pur a paper on the machine in the left room, turned on the button, turned off the button and so on, but I still haven't got a clue for the last door at the end of hall.

enter code on wall by the door

Thanks Los! I thought I wouldn't have to use those buttons again!

nice game!

There is a codebox with dots : I tried to use the hint on the wall (circle -> 1, triangle -> 3, square -> 4), but nothing happens.

The hint for the 8 dots on the door only worked after I put a metal thingy under the 'monitor'. (between button and screen).
Now stuck with another paper, lighter and tool.

Got it. Use tool on bars on the right side of cassette player. Got dynamite.

Now try this...wild harmony studio mafia escape 2 !!

Hope EG doesn't mind but here's the link,



Thank you. I don't find this metal thingy.

Ah, the screwdriver is used on a trapdoor.

I have a copper coil and 7 diamonds, and still no metal thing.

I have a metal thing but can't open door using colours from vials. Where exactly do we put the metal piece?

I think I got the metal piece from the bottom of a plant in room opened on right.

what a great game
Loved it
ENA games
Thank you
You have got much better

not loading as always by enagames!!

played again. Metal "bucket" is in right room bottom of left plant. and you can only open colour dot door on left after you look at the three tubes close up. remember to turn them sideways (in your mind) and use the colours left to right. Out now. twice!

aha!! I found another side to play this game
Now loading

I had one white paper left in inventory after escaping.

very good game! logic

where do I use the hammer?

pop...found it. Had to line up the door puzzle.

That was a really great game. I agree good logic. Challenging, but not ridiculously so.

Thanks Ena games!


I'm giving up this one. I have only a copper thingy and 7 diamonds, and there is nothing else. The shape hint for the dots puzzle doesn't work.

great game!!!
Done without help

What is the clue for the dot box under the number 89? I can't get it open with the shape clue.

Ok, never mind I found it.

Where is the casette player?

Got the 3 test tubes with the colour hint, but door doesn't open?

oops, didn't look at it close up duh.

I made the mistake of placing the wrong white board over the light. It stayed there without the pedestal and without the other white board underneath, and I couldn't got any further in the game. Had to restart.

Place the pedestal on the light first. Place the white board from the lowest position in your inventory next. And then place the other white board on top.

*get.... (not 'got')

Well, barleecreations , how about telling us where it is? We don't care if you found it if you don't tell us where.

Pixel hunt: left barrel

You get the dots clue after you put in the 7 gems

After you light the dynamite you need to click on it to place it in inventory. Never used lower white board.

Great game, only got stuck figuring out where to use the SD, don't remember seeing a hot spot, and got out with one paper still in inventory. Nice clues, logical but not too easy.

As usual, it does not load for me. I will never bother with Ena games again. Thanks for wasting my time!

Excellent game!

In case anybody missed this, the lads who made this,either worked with WHS or this is a blatant off...


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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