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Escape from Pesimari Walkthrough

Escape from Pesimari

Tesshi-e - Escape from Pesimari is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Tesshie, who is also creator of Mild Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape, Escape from the Balloon Room and Escape from the Same Rooms games. In this game, you are in trapped in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. There are two+(α)endings. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Anasteisha Roma]

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Pesimari Escape Walkthrough
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Wow! A Tesshi-e! And again some nifty product placement ;) (Pesimari is Tesshi's own "shop" :))

Pesimari,yeah))) magazine advertisement)))

got the can opener from the purple birdie - look at the book

pink birdie from the painting - look at windows

Leaves on windows give clue for painting. Opened and gave a Purple M. Birdie and a letter clue

Put Purple Birdie (on a stick) between the 2 others to get a spade-shaped key

Hi SwissMiss ;-)

Diamond-shaped key in can, is used to get the ladder

poured the coffee from can into machine - dont know the starcode
got 2 green man so far ri and ma

Hi yannoche :) - I think we are at the same place - did you open the picture?

got the doll in the roof but what to do now

@Swissmiss yep I did, using the leaves clue.
Spade key is for the box on top of shelves

Dolls (Ri & Ma for now) go on the chairs, besides the "clock". Their nose have different colors, but I do not get the clue for now.

I'm pretty deep in there but stuck after opening the star box and placing the third green man.

need star-clue / coffeecup clue
poured coffee into glas char, 5 cups interchangeable, they wear different color hats?!?
dots under 3 dolls 4 green, 7 pink, 5 cyan

jamie lane - where is the clue for the starbox?

Maybe "Pesimari" written on door is the clue for placing dolls ;)

The birds on stick, with Hat clue is for the box in the middle of shelves. Higher number is for the highest stick, and so on. Gives ... a hat :D

THere's a card in the hat

I thought I tried every combination of that - must have missed that one - ty Y.

Of course the hat is for the lonely M. Birdie right of Star box. Gives a screwdriver, to open compartment below clock.

hat goes on birdie for a SD - :)

the code for star box was a combination of the towels and the clue on the scratch ticket.

finally figured out the hippo code and made some coffee now searching for the next step.

ne one have clue for hippo

Scratch card for explanation of towels code, then open starbox

sorry jamie just saw your post,clue please :)

       Anonymous  11/17/13, 5:08 AM  

I miss the first doll ("pe"). I need also the key for the box upstairs, another key for the fridge where a cake seems to wait for me... I opened the other boxes, removed the painting, put coffee in the coffee maker. We can take any of the cups on the shelves, but only one, and they all have the same letter clue. I don't know what to do with those letters clues, even if A->1 and Z->26 is easy to understand. In one word, I'm really stuck.

ty jamie lane - needed the coin first for scratch card

hint for hippo code. There are small hints around with a letter in one of four boxes. Note the letter and space and then correlate it with the Mr. Hippo puzzle.

       Anonymous  11/17/13, 5:09 AM  

And I also miss the key for the box on top of the shelves.

great game! im out, if yall have any questions i'll try to remember the hints

star code not working got 4,2,5,3 towels times 2 gives 10 blue ones????

       Anonymous  11/17/13, 5:12 AM  

4235 x 2 is the code...

swissmiss, look at the order of colors, the amount of towels, take that number and multiply the whole thing by 2

arg - not each digit times 2 - thank you

SiwssMiss, just multiply. And look carefully at the colors...

       Anonymous  11/17/13, 5:14 AM  

@Jamie Lane,

So, the letters clues are for Mr Hippo ! Thank you, I'm going to try this !

swiss miss the order of the towels on the scratch card is different. think of it as one big number and multiply that by 2.

still stuck after opening hippo puzzle. muhlisuh can you drop a hint of what to do next? ive made coffee. missing 4th green man. unsure of 6 button code next to 4 chairs. box on top of shelf still locked. thanks

cant find the o for hippo

still not done clock-puzzle, not opened box on top of stairs or on the 3x3 cubboard

jamie lane, look at the flower pattern on the brewed coffee thing, is hint for six button code.

AHHA how did I miss that. Thanks

nvm forgot about the painting

AND cake cubboard also locked

Got out but forgot to grab the happy coin.

2114331 not working for hippo,is this not the order

       Anonymous  11/17/13, 5:19 AM  

I saved and opened the exit door, but there is obviously something else to do for the Happy Coin.

       Anonymous  11/17/13, 5:20 AM  

The box on top of the shelves (where the cups are) is still locked ? Strange...

Got happy coin! When you've got the numbers under the chairs, look carefully at the men sitting on them...

2114331 not working for hippo,is this not the order,someone please help

       Anonymous  11/17/13, 5:24 AM  


I can see the numbers under the dolls chairs, but nothing special on the dolls. I can only remove them.

@pdgph Remember the A1 Z26 clue. And do some 'addition'

there used to be a time when people helped each other here - now one gets a lot of "i am out" and they disappear - sad really - I think in future I wont play live games anymore

       Anonymous  11/17/13, 5:27 AM  


Thank you very much ! (-:

ikr swiss,im having to beg lol

Was it a so long time ago, SwissMiss ;-)

I'm stuck on hippo code... I can't make my letters work as a code...

brewster, I don't get the "addition" part....

       Anonymous  11/17/13, 5:32 AM  


sorry i got pulled away for a bit. what do yall need help with?

@Snoff Two letters represent two nummers. When you add those numbers...

       Anonymous  11/17/13, 5:34 AM  

Upps...the POiLER is for Hippo.

lol Yannoche - in IT-terms probably long - anyway I miss the times we had when everybody helped everybody until they were out - and this blog was not just for an ego-trip !!! I shall wait until there is a WT and play in peace - at least I dont get upset at people here - hope you are well :)

sorry that i got pulled away for ten minutes. i can help any way you need.

Pop Have it. It was in front of me :(
Just make "Mr. Hippo"... Don't forgert the "Mr." ;)

So it is S21P3O14I3L3E1R

oh ok, so I come up with 9,5,10, 3 = IEJC? I feel completely dense right now...

So Hippo gives key for box on top of ladder. Gives matches.

Matches are used to light the cofee machine. Then light it of, it gives the pattern for clock puzzle next to dolls chairs.

@Snoff: pe si ma ri => 16+5 19+9 13+1 18+9

snoff, look at the individual letters on each doll. figure out what number in the alphabet each represtents, and add those numbers together. then place dolls on that number. ex: ma would be on 14

THe clock now gives the last doll, whiwh has to be set on chairs as "Pesimari". Gives the exit key and numbers .

brewster & muhlisuh -thank you so much!!!!!

of course! ♥

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

important for hippo code

It's not Mr Hippo as it would be written in Britain;
it's Mr. Hippo with the abbreviation dot. Yes this dot is part of the code :)))
Tesshi is a genius

Yes I wanted to write it down for the other players that may play after you...
BTW I had to correct my post...I will never learn that blogger does NOT accept bulletin board code (like [b]blah[/b])

@arbeitslooser For a french player, it is difficult enough ;-)

lol i noticed you had deleted so i did too hahaha. but yeah that was very clever of tessi-e

ARGHH that flower code on the coffee maker was SO MEAN!
Looked like some beautiful decoration, but it was for the clock!

I would probably never have gotten the clock open, thanks guys


This one was SUPERB.

And not so much counting things this time too ;)

Out, Great game again.

Anyone still playing? Can't get the up down left right? Looked at book but still don't get it? Spoiler anyone?

Brilliant, Tesshie - thank you so much!!

Linda, look at the green book, all pages and note the directions of the eyes.

Brilliant game, i made it all alone, because for being live i was too late as always when a Tesshi-e comes out ....

I did but still not getting it. The directions aren't very clear to me


Thanks Zazie!

Wonderful game as all Tesshi-e games are!

i did it without help, but i do not open 2 locks. is this game has 1 end?

Can't open box on top of 3x3 shelf ...tried heart/exit key and club key (which stayed in inventory after getting cake/Happy-Coin).

Out. Great game. Took some time though. Mr. Hippo was a bit tough. Thanks Tesshi-e!!!

Out. Great game. Took some time though. Mr. Hippo was a bit tough. Thanks Tesshi-e!!!

Could someone please tell me where I can find a coin for the scratch card?

Out without the happy coin. Never got into that last cupboard! Thanks for all the clues - so many made me kick myself. They were obvious (once you'd been told)!

Sorry Celli - wracking my brains but can't remember.

Ah because linda was just mentioning it, I've got something else to say about the "difficulty level"

BTW, I've encountered this "problem" in many of Tesshi's and also other's games.

Those birds in the book are a PERFECT example. You read that clue, you're even sure you got the combination right, but still you can't advance in the game although you know of yourself that you've not been the bluntest crayon in the box so far.

Simple! Because you ASSIGNED the clue to something completely different!
Something very logical to assign it to would be the picture for instance!
Tesshi HELPED us by letting the birds look straightly up or down, which does not work for the picture.
But a less forgiving author would probably have only let thje birds look *diagonally*, so the clue would work with either the pic or the 4-button "machine", heh heh!

Maybe that will explain to those who think "Wow, that person must be blond(e), that's so easy, come on!" that things are not only black and white.

Clues that at first sight fit in various locations can sometimes be a huge blocker in these games. (From own experience.)

NVM smarties I found it in the drawer with the towels, thanks anyway.

But can someone explain to me why the dot in MR.HIPPO is a 3???? I've been wondering about that for a long time now.

how come we never did anything with the cups?

NVM again, I finally opened the star box and seen the dot.

Where is the key to open cake cupboard please?

For key of fridge, you have to rearrange the dolls, according to their names. SI=19+9=28 and so on.

Thanks a lot faltu!

can someone please help me with the leaf picture and the leaves on window....I keep trying and it's not working :(

Leaves took me awhile too cos there are 8 panes but 4 corners of pic.
Spoiler below:

2,4 5,6
1 3

That hasn't come out as I typed it. 2&4 are top left, 5&6 are top right.

not working for me :-(

Ah Got it!! Thanks!!

@ smarties thanks , need that hint too ;)

Great game!!! ... the comments helped very much, TY!
And Tesshi-E is amazing!
I thought the cups were a red herring.but with the Happy Coin ending, the cup you had in inventory is the one that your coffee was in ! I changed the cup to check it! But I still wish we could have opened that box above the cups!!!!

Mister (at least in Canada and US) is abbreviated as Mr. - has a period after the r, as does Mrs. Inside the star box was the 4-square line with a dot at the base of the third box, hence in Mr. Hippo you press the third square to represent the period. In my case, I thought it was to show orientation of the H on the chair... turns out it was a coffee splash on my screen right in the "correct" spot :)

Strange... Maybe the first time that I didn't really enjoy a Tesshi-game. Don't know why, this just didn't seem to thrill me :(

It's a Tesshi-game, so it's still pretty good though.


Is there a 2nd end? I didn't open the refrigerator with the cake... And didn't use the clue with numbers after putting the dolls on the chairs... Anyway, it was the 1st time that I didn't need help. Perfect and absolutely logical game!

CELLI I think the coin was in one of the cups

Thanks for help with flower on coffee pot changing, didn't notice. That and the arbitrary adding of the letters of the men were the only hints I needed, Did you notice if you click on the ladder lock it tells you coffee is done (minor bug)?

       Anonymous  11/17/13, 2:49 PM  

No game.


Perhaps I was just dreaming away again, but I am PRETTY sure I did have that box on the shelf opened indeed.
Can't remember what was inside though...

Finally a Tesshi-e!!!!!!!!!!!

I may be in the minority but I just do not enjoy these games. I have worked through several clues but the window leaves don't work. 8 panes, clue above says 3 is on bottom left but window has it on right side of left 4 panes, which should put it on the bottom left. Agree with SwissMiss, used to be more fun and a few who would always post a WT. You get stuck in one spot and it's like pulling teeth or begging to get real help. I'll check back tomorrow to see if anyone posts a WT.

lilrascal, some of the hints i cheated, so i cant write a proper w/t...

For moving the pic, click....BL, TL, BR, TL, TR, TR.
(the windows are divided into four panes of glass, even though there are two beside each other).

Hope that helps.

Walkthrough part 1

Click on plant, note "r" in 1st square.
Click on leaf in window. Note its position in a grouping of 4 window panes.
On the table is a Mr. Hippo and a container with water.
Click on chair, note the "H" in the 1st square.
Go right.
Zoom in on windows. The left group of 4 panes has 3 leaves in the bottom-right corner.
Make note of the amounts and positions of leaves in each grouping of 4 window panes.
Click on bookshelf. Each mug has the same diagram, "M" in the 2nd square.
A locked box is on top of the shelves.
On the top-middle shelf is a 3# box.
Click on bar (counter/desk), pick up can of coffee on the floor behind the bar.
Pick up the green book, note the "i" in the 4th square.
Open the book, note the position of the bird's eyes on each page.
Click on the bird near the window. Using the clues from the book, click the buttons in sequence, get a can opener.
Zoom in on coffee can (About Item), open with can opener, get diamond-shape key.
Go right.
Note the box and green doll on the rafters.
A box with 4 chairs is on the table.
A clock-type box is on the table.
There is a locked display case with cake inside.
Go right.
Note the leaves in the windows.
A box with 2 birds on sticks, dots and "HAT" written on front.
A box with a star emblem and places for 4 numbers.
A box with a hatless bird.
Click on ladder, use diamond key to unlock. Take ladder.
Go left.
Zoom in on painting of leaves. Using the amounts & positions of leaves, click on corners of painting accordingly, get a bird on a stick. Note the "o" in the 1st square.
Place ladder next to the box in the rafters. Take the "ri" doll. Note the "p" in the 3rd square.
Go right.
Place the bird on a stick in the middle position on box, get spade-shaped key. Note the number of dots and the height of the birds.
Go right twice.
Zoom in on 3# box in top shelf of bookcase. Enter numbers from the "HAT" box from tallest to shortest sticks, take hat. Turn hat over, take scratch card.
Go left twice.
Zoom in on hatless bird. Place hat on bird's head, get screwdriver.

Walkthrough part 2

(Starting from the view with the star box)
Go left.
Click on table. Zoom in on raised slat near the front of the table. Use screwdriver and back up a step.
Click on slat again to open drawer.
Note the colors & numbers of towels in drawer. Click on blue towels to reveal a star emblem. Click on grey dot below the star to get coin.
"About Item" the scratch card, use coin on card. Note the order of the colors and the "x2".
Go right.
Click on the star box. Using clues from the towel drawer and scratch card, enter numbers, take the "si" doll. Note "." in the 3rd square.
Go right.
Zoom in on Mr. Hippo. Using the letters in the 4-box diagrams from around the room, spell out "Mr. Hippo" by clicking the corresponding square for each letter, get a key.
Go right.
Zoom in on box on top of shelves. Use spade-shaped key, take the "ma" doll.
Go right.
Climb ladder, use key on box to get matches.
Go left twice.
Zoom in on water container. Add coffee and light the bottom.
Click on container again. Note the flower petals.
Go left twice.
Zoom in on clock-type box. Using the clue of the flower petals from the coffee maker, click on petals to match, then click center button. Take the "pe" doll.
Place the dolls on the chairs, spelling out "pe-si-ma-ri", take heart-shaped key.
Take back the dolls. Instead of trying to explain the numbers & math, just put the dolls back in opposite order, "ri-ma-si-pe", get club-shaped key.
(For explanation, see Brewster's post on 11/17/13 at 5:39 am)
Click on display case. Use club-shaped key to open, take cake. Collect Happy Coin from cake.
Go left twice.
Use heart key on exit door. Click on door to exit.

thank you Peggi - Lots of people will be grateful to you :)


Bird on bar.


Painting of leaves.


3-number box in bookcase.


Star box.


Mr. Hippo.


Clock-type box.

Beginning at 12:00 position and going clockwise:
B = brown
W = white

B, B, W, B, W, W, B, W

Explanation for the dolls on the chairs.

The numbers that appear when the box opens are:

27 14 28 21

Using A=1 and Z=26

p+e = 16 + 5 = 21
s+i = 19 + 9 = 28
m+a = 13 + 1 = 14
r+i = 18 + 9 = 27

Replace the dolls according to the numbers.

"pe" in the "21" chair
"si" in the "28" chair
"ma" in the "14" chair
"ri" in the "27" chair


Thanks, SwissMiss. It's nice to feel appreciated. :-D

What a great great game! Tesshi-E is setting the standards again.

I needed help for the happy coin, so thanks a lot Peggy for the WT!!

game loads normaly,but then i get illegal address and game is locked.HELP?!

Illegal address: Game wants to check whether it's running from the location intended by the author.

NoScript active?
These checks in uchinoko's protection script are done via JavaScript, so make sure that mildescape.com is allowed to do scripting.

hippo code box2, box1, box3, box1, box4, box3, box3, box1

This comment has been removed by the author.

@arbeitslooser mildescape.com is allowed,but the problem stays.I played all mildescape.com games till now,but now i can,t open any. any sugestions?

Now I'm at the end of my tether, sorry.

Great game, 5 stars. Too bad I wasn't able to play it live.
Anyway, great entertainment!!!!

@arbeitslooser thanx anyway. couldn't play it here,found it in other place and it works, somehow i can't open it here

Fantastic game - wish I could give more than 5 stars

Wonderful game, Tesshi-e! And thanks to all for hints, explanations, and Peggy's W-T. This was tough but oh so satisfying!

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