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[REPLAY] Robamimi - Inarin Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Robamimi. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Inarin Escape Walkthrough

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well, if I remember correctly, I need enough time to finish a Robamimi game. However I' ll give it a try before going to work...

Lit candle, got round stone. Now struggling with dog statue circles.

Ah, dog statues.. RRLRLR


In next room, opened doors with round stones. Stuck. Hint isn't helping

stuck, i need water

Use green scroll/picture item in the dark room, code for box on floor

can´t open doors with round stones

The Hiragana letters are killing me

Purdey match the stones with the symbols on the doors

I can't climb the tree.

For the Hiragana letters: http://www.textfugu.com/resources/hiragana-chart/

oh well, i quit, the game is too hard for me and can´t read chinese

thank for the help¨Red Snapper, but I don´t have stones.
hope you will enjoy the game, bye

O.K. Just click.
Where is the hint for the bells?

The effing Hiragana letters: I think it's
Third row, eighth square
Second row, tenth square
First row, sixth square
Fifth row, ninth square
Fifth row, first square

Any help?

Put the stones and the hint appears.

Stuck with the "Brillant stone!!" hint

Brilliant stone goes in the closet for the fan and a clue for the box with the four-section button.

@Rudi, once you get the Brilliant stone, you can light up a dark place

Thanks for the chart, but I still can't get it. The letter called Ri, the one that's shaped like a cursive N? Can't find it on the thing in the game

use the stones on the door and use the scroll, will see hint for hiragana

Thanks, didn't think of opening those doors a 2nd time!

I was able to finish and I don't read Japanese. This chart was helpful to get a clearer image of the Hirigana letters:
Hiragnana chart


For those who need help with placing the stones on Hiragana chart

@gmm, agree that you don't need to read Japanese to finish the game, as the maker has made sure that the characters look exactly the same in the clues and in the items.

It does help though :)

Thank you gmm, finally done it!!!!

Dont understand what Gong Ring hint means.... anybody any ideas?

out!! very nice game!!

Nice game. I found it helpful to print out screenshots so I could refer to the clues since it's hard to duplicate the letters by writing them down.

can anyone explain what to do with the Gont Ring hint?

@Jennifer - you need to place two stones in the big red pillar, which I think is a giant gong stand. The panel up above will rise and give you the clue to ring the bells. Make sure to take back all your stones because you'll need them to finish.

Put the "Wind" and "Water" stone on that red gate to see the top-down clue. Gong ring refers to pulling the gong and ringing the bell

Thank you! it's easy when someone tells you lol

The box with the circle shaped four buttons... the hint says the right is the front. What does that mean? Not getting it

I am missing one of those stones. Where are they?

@Red Snapper, it means that the right one is the first one you should press. Read from right to left

OK, I'm probably being thick here, but it what order do the stones go into the star shape thing, after I've done the gongs?

Ok figured out the circle button box, duh. Now stuck on the white fox business.

same here Red Snapper. Can anyone help?

The circle button box ... I did the right order but nothing happens. Do I push the missing parts on the fan?

@ZA, read the circles from right to left

Yes you do!

What order do the stones go into the star shape thing, after I've done the gongs?

and whats the number to go in the 3 number box?

anybody here?????

The number for the 3-number box is on the back of one of the stones.

thankyou! out now at last

And ... out!
Very nice game.

I'm stuck
I placed the stones on Hirigana letters and got a plate with hints
the HINT-button says: look at dish and drawer
on drawer, there are 5 signs for 4 diggit code
what should i do? count the circles, the lines, the filled circles??
help please

@Hotzenplotz : For each place, just "add" the plate hint and the drawer hint. So it draws a shape corresponding to each number.

Yannoche thank you!!!

It took me about ages (maybe two hours including some breaks due to business) to escape but at last I succeeded. There was one point where I would have needed help: the order of the button circle but I didn't find it here. With my mind screwed up and after a few attempts in vain I suddenly realised that I started at the end button...

This is something special about Robamimi games: You may be stumped, and it's very tempting to read these comments but with those hints by the game developer you can do it on your own. They are helpful but not too plain.

Thanks and five stars, Robamimi.

Where is the hint for the 3-digit box please?

On the back of the sound stone

Don't get the last clue, anybody help!!


And especially one I'd warmly recommend to all the (dreamy) girls out there, who traditionally have way more enthusiasm for fantasy-like stuff than we guys do! :)

Here you got them all: magical balls, trees growing inside houses; and all spiced up with a huge spoonful of Japanese grace!

That was a real eye-candy, even for me.
(But as you know, whenever we admit that, we might get easily pushed into the 'gay corner'. That's why we normally prefer to enjoy it silently. ;))

Robamimi, you've excelled yourself again with this one!

@tempelton I'll be honored to help, if only you tell me what that "last clue" is :)

There is a Japanese walkthrough at lower most left click box

How to put the stones in, the list says sky, water, wind, ground, fire, sound, if I put them in like it suggests in the other room with the lines nothing happens?

@arbeitslooser, love your comment ^_^
Personally I love this so much for the eye candy but found myself, having just taken 2 hours to finish Kotorinosu's ROOM Γ, wishing that there's a little bit more meat

Nevertheless, 5 stars from me too. Flawlessly executed!

The clue to the last puzzle is that piece of paper (that describes the order of the stones) and the diagram inside the room where the mirror is.
Think of the diagram as a way of constructing the shape using one strip of paper. (See where the strip criss-crossed each other). So you start at the "left" corner with the first stone (Sky, if I remember correctly), and proceed from there.

Thanks, I thought I did that but somehow it didn't work, now it did!!

Excellent game!!

read through all of the comments and not once anywhere does it say where these "stones" are. I have one only and a candle I used. any help still here?

       Anonymous  11/11/13, 5:41 AM  

@ mhtyhr,

Many thanks for the hiragana letters ! This puzzle was really annoying because the letters of the hint and the letters of the puzzle were too different.

       Anonymous  11/11/13, 5:45 AM  

Especially, I don't understand how we were supposed to guess the 4th ideogram : it was simply not the same at all.

       Anonymous  11/11/13, 5:50 AM  

And now I have a bowl of water. I tried to pour water on the stump, as shown on the picture in the drawer, but nothing happens. I'm totally lost in this game. Even the hints don't help : "you have to look the dish and drawer"... ???

Congratulations, you went through all that nonsense just to feed sushi to a dog statue. WTF, Japan?

evans you ll get the next stone from the box using hint from mirror

@ pdgph: hint from dish and drawer is spoi3427ler

@templeton sorry for not helping, but you took too long (gone after 15, and you replied 30 mins later :))
Thanks mhtyhr for taking over therefore :)

Once you have some spare time again, I'd ask you kindly to code in something small for me...

Should be kinda like...(pseudocode)

if {comments.username.contains ("bill") & {comments.username.contains ("chinery") {
comment.filtered_out = "true";


take the stalk from the vase inside the room first (near the mirror)
Put it on the stump and then pour the water and watch the bright ball :)

After that, I think the trigger for the bright light to turn into a fully grown tree is solving the 4-digit drawer puzzle in the room (by looking at the clue on the drawer + the bowl where the water was)

where do you use the image from mirror help please

major trigger to make the tree grow is ZOOM OUT of there
(as you know it too well with games where you have to come back to get something baked out of the oven)

wonderful and nice game. 5 stars :)
Thx Robamimi :)

@sherry, I think it's for the box on the floor in that same room.
But remember to add the left-side mirror image (so it's upside down triangle, X, etc)

Ah, sure. THAT mirror in front of which you had to put the burning candle.
HINT Symbols shown there are not complete :)

Where is the 'Sky' stone please??????

thanks mhtyhr got it now thanks now I have 2 stones

need help again how do I place the 2 stones please

Might be a little off as I did this from memory..

- Take EARTH STONE from tree stump
- Low/Medium/High box puzzle clue: hanging curtain above dogs. Open box to get a CANDLE
- Dog statues Left/Right puzzle clue: intersecting circles on the statues. Open door to the next room.
- Lit candle on any burning fire. Place on the candlestand in front of mirror for clue - you need to add the mirror image.
Solve the box on the floor using that clue. Take FIRE STONE.
- Take the DRAGON PAPER from open drawer
- Look at the clue on the other open drawer (Back-to-front fan, put stalk on tree and water, ??)
- Put earth and fire stone on closet door. (The stone won't go in unless it's the right one)
Open door, use the dragon paper to see Hiragana haracters.
- Look at the hiragana charts - place the stones on the characters in the right order (solution in one of my comments above)
- Take STALK from vase near mirror
- Put stalk on tree stump and pour water and watch some pretty graphic
- Solve the 4-digit drawer puzzle with hint on the box and the bowl where the water was.
- Get ??
- By now, your tree is fully grown. Take the Sky stone.
- Use sky stone in the dark closet to see Fan clue.
Use it to open the "pie" puzzle box in the same room, and get ??
Remember to take back your Earth and Fire stones from the door.
- Put Wind and Water stone on red pillar, see the clue for the Up/down Hanging bell and hand bell puzzle. Solve puzzle to get the final stone.
- Turn over final stone to get the clue for 3-character box.
- Open box and get PAPER
- Look at stone order paper & the shape above fox in the room for clue to place the stones.
- Place stones, get INARI SUSHI (yum!)
- Place the sushi in offering box in front of fox in the room.
- Enjoy the scenery :)

wonderful game, good hints.....looking forward to more

my 2 stones wont go in the red gate

sky stone high up on TREE (climb!)

sherry you have to exactly match the symbols high up on the red gate/portal-kind of thing with your stones

I cant fiqure out the 4 # is that 6433

@arbeitslooser I put the water on the log and got the big glowing ball , but I cant do the numbers right

       Anonymous  11/11/13, 8:19 AM  

One star. I have neither the desire not the inclination to try to decipher messily drawn hiragana characters by flipping screens back and forth. If you are going to have an English version, then make it English.
I have no time for rubbish games.

octavious99 - I am in agreement with you, unfortunately. After reading the hints above about 20 times, I still can't figure out the pie-shaped button box from the fan in the closet. I had to brute force the 3-digit number (that is in japanese. After suffering all that I got to the fan clue and gave up. I can't tell which pie piece is missing because the circle changes on each part of the fan, so I can't tell which is up, down left or right. I have to quit because I am so frustrated right now.

arbeitslooser Thanks again I didnt realize there was more stones. Finally out thanks all for the hints it helped alot, I know Im brained damaged now. good game, only with hints

For a non Japanese speaker/reader those Hiragana letters on the fish placemat were not a good representation of the printed ones on the puzzle.

Help dont understand 4 # drawer
Yannoche hint didnt help
@Hotzenplotz : For each place, just "add" the plate hint and the drawer hint. So it draws a shape corresponding to each number.

       Anonymous  11/11/13, 10:36 AM  


Thank you, I can see the bright ball, and someting in the sky above. I can see something on the bowl that should help me to open a drawer.

       Anonymous  11/11/13, 10:43 AM  

I have 4 stones, now, but, as if the game was not difficult enough, the hints don't help at all : "Brilliant stone... Dazzling".
This game is so difficult that it's finally just a bunch of frustrating nonsense.

       Anonymous  11/11/13, 10:46 AM  

Well, the bright stone is used as a light in the dark cabinet.

       Anonymous  11/11/13, 10:51 AM  

"hanging bell puzzle" ??? I can only see one hand bell...

Can someone provide a direct solution to the pie puzzle in an easy to understand statement (up, down left right?) I have tried it many times and cant get it.

I just got it. the clue should be read from RIGHT to LEFT of the fan.

Another 5 stars for Robamimi. Between the in game clues and gmm's fantastic link to the japanese characters it was a fairly easy play, just takes a little thinking. Handwritten Japanese (and Chinese) has a lot of differences between printed, it can hard to equate one character to another.

Zoe: following the fan from right to left, on the box click the missing wedge

If you place the stones in the star thingy, press the GET OUT button to reset the puzzle and get the stones back.

       Anonymous  11/11/13, 11:40 AM  

thought I chose Japanese by mistake, but didn't. Surely not one of the better ones from this maker.

probably to late , soory

@Tiquer, no need restart, just click on "get out" up left

@Sue, superpose the 2 hints, to "draw" 4 numbers ==>3427

There is a picture in the comments above that matches the 6 poorly written characters. Just search for mhtyhr 11/11/13, 1:15 AM

       Anonymous  11/11/13, 1:03 PM  

Still no hanging bells, except the thingy that looks a little like a candy cane with the 2 round little bells ?! It just makes noise, I can't see any puzzle here.

       Anonymous  11/11/13, 1:05 PM  

Usually, Robamini games are difficult but very good. This one is the worst I've ever played. I'm giving up.

I had similar problem with the bells, @pdgph...I just wasn't clicking the lower bell in the right spot....I didn't know it would move but it finally did and worked just fine! Great game, super comments...thanks everyone for the help!

Excellent game (aside from the Hiragana).

Robamimi is one of my favourite developers - but this hiragana puzzle is just plain mean and blatantly unfair when you offer your game to non-Japanese audience (guess that's why the game is available in English). Or, if you have to do that, please, at least use a typeface that we, stupid non-Japanese can compare to other sources... Because the way it is here is simply ridiculous.

I don't want to give a robamimi-game a low score, but this one puzzle would have earned this one a one-star rating... So I guess I'm not gonna rate this one...


       Anonymous  11/11/13, 4:31 PM  

Thanks Red snapper for the dog hint. I never would have got it on my own.

Excellent game but i agree with all of you about the Hiragana puzzle .. and by the way i couldnt make it using the scroll within the game i googled Hiragana letters and used the first image in the results it's obvious there you dont need to guess ..

5 stars anyway !

strange to see you're so enthusiastic about this game - because I've found this one the least enjoyable Robamimi-game in a long time. True, still better than a huge lot of other games - but definitely not as enjoyable as Robamimi's most games, IMHO.


I noticed that the game has changed when i played just now. Robamimi has helpfully changed the Japanese characters to English phonics. He also added annotations to some of the characters. Thanks!!

Ok - I saw Chris' comment and tried again. MUCH better. Thanks Chris!!

Thanks Robamimi, too for listening to us and changing things to make it easier.

Since I did not rate this game earlier, I will now give the 5 stars that Robamimi games always deserves!!!

Just played today so I cannot say how it was before, but with the changes that Robamimi obviously added it was just super enjoyable and completely logical. 5 stars from me! Thank you, Robamimi, keep up the good work...

P.S. Also great graphics as usual!

I loved it !!
Thank you Robamimi for the great game !!
( i was lucky and the english version was available when i started )

Thank you Robamimi - fantastic game!!

I too, had been struggling with the characters on Monday. I gave up and came back today to see suinarikonn!! Yay!

Doesn´t get any better! This is what I call a fantastic escape game. Great graphics, great music and sounds, great and logical challenge :) Thank you, I had a wonderful time playing it.

Please add more Robamimi escape games to this site. There are more out there.

Cheers :)

Thank you Robamimi! Perfect game.

Thank you Robamimi! Perfect game.

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