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Prison Ruins Walkthrough

Prison Ruins

Prison Ruins is point and click adventure/escape game created by Ainars. Explore dark prison, find and use artifacts to activate portals. Solve puzzles to obtain crystals and area scan tool, find 18 crystals and exit key (19 items). Use key to escape. Good Luck!

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wow! live?

got red bracelet from the iron door in 4th scene

got a soldier and a beast statue

after putting the soldier figurine in its place another way opened

the beast is actually a dragon figurine and put that in the new scene to open another way...

am i alone?

got a special key for three key holes with squares and another figurine of warrior

got a ghost figurine

missing one red amulet...

Hi sam, where did you get the bracelet?

Really don't like this scanner thing. Makes my eyes go funny.

got it...amulet-safe gives a symbol code

there are seven bracelets...some in the scenes and some inside the safe

Hmm! Opened all safes, used everything in inventory, just left with 16 gems. Not sure if I've missed something with the scanner or nedd to find what to do with gems.

I stuck with band with 5symbols, 4 pressed levers and 2 red things. Can not find the place for sembol code. Sam, did you find it?

There are 19 gems in total not 18 .Sorry cannot remember where they all are

got number clue from symbol safe...

last bracelet i got from E shaped key safe...

Thanks steve - at least I kow how many I'm looking for now. Oh well, back to the scanner!

where does ghost figurine go?

Ah! Found exit key - just need 3 more gems.

Ilya, symbol safe is in the scene where you put the dragon figurine...before the outside scene

and where is the place for 5 digits code?

completely stuck

Been all the way back through, scanned every scene and still missing 1 gem. Really don't like this scanner thing at all!

same place now with you Ilya...

any help pls...

Ilya - 5 digit code at end of red tunnel

got the 5 digit code safe...end of the red tunnel

got 7 digit code

@Kernowman, not sure if this helps, but I too was missing a gem, and I found it behind one of the puzzles I solved. (the one with 8 shapes in a row, in the cave right before you go outside.
I found it once I minimized the puzzle

got star key above the ghost figurine tunnel

mhtyhr - thank you! That was it. Finally out!

Hi...hoping for some help here. I've gone down the red "tunnel" and found the dragon figure and the ghost figure (as well as 2 red amulets). I've placed the ghost figure and opened the yellow "tunnel", but I can't seem to find any more items or ways to move. Any hints on what I'm obviously missing? THanks

Jules, use the dragon figure in the cave that you get to once you go through the yellow door.
It's a little hard to see, but you can just make out the outline of it

out...faced UPS disturbance...;)

@mhtyrh...ahh, thanks. I see it now.

Can someone tell me where the exit key is please

Key is one room up from start then go left.

I am lost. Where is the key for the 3-hole safes? I have placed soldier and dragon statue, have 3 amulets, 2 switches, thats it.

Grannyrecipe whereabouts in that room. I still can't find it.


Out... Tough one for an Ainars.

Gongstat!! out my first gonstat without help!

The intro says to collect 18 crystals and the key...I have 18 crystals and the key....I try to use the key and it says "collect all crystals" Grrrrr...how may crystals DO I need?

Well, I found one more crystal...that makes 19 crystals needed!!!! Plus the key!!!! 20 items...TY!!!!!!
The scanner disappears when you have them all!

nokra please can you tell me where the exit key is. I've been stuck for hours.

Found it at last. Once I turned the brightness down I could see it straight away. Doh.

im so stuck.cant find the star key,have clicked 4 switches,have 2 red things that sit right side of inventory,and have 5 red thingys missing one and a ghost well i assume it is cant find place it goes,this sure is a tough one

I have seven number code and ghost figurine.
No idea where to use!!

and out ty ainars nice to get one u can get ur teeth into

Very frustrating, cannot find last two crystals or the key, would appreciate any hints or actual clues.

What a great adventure! Love that scanner!

super :D

FINALLY! found the key, now need only one more crystal...

I tried dimming the screen and still nothing... I did not have difficulty finding the other crystals, don't understand why the last one is this difficult...:( is there one particular crystal that is hiding? Definitely STUCK and could use some HELP! thanks

Woo hoo! Got a new computer and can actually see where things are in an Ainars game! No more darks screens for me!

Difficult Ainars
Awesome as ever Loved it

If anyone is still playing...I am stuck. I need the last sun figure (for up near the end of the black tunnel/green arrow tunnel). Also need the star key.

POP found the star key (thought it was another star safe!!) along the green arrow tunnel where you put the hooded man to open the yellow tunnel (after the sun shapes safe) It was up on the top left of the concrete wall

18 diamonds and a key with scanner

I'm not sure if it's just my 'puter or what, but the double blip you get when entering the next room is VERY annoying! Made me quit the game.

Thank you Ainars, loved this one! Scanner moved across screen too fast so had to use it 4 or 5 times on each page, but love how involved this one was. For those missing one gem or piece, there are just too many rooms and tunnels to try to remember where anything came from. I was missing one crystal for awhile but slowly went thru each room again and found it, had to do the same for the key but it was easy to find with the scanner.

Wish Ainars put out one of these every day.

cant find last diamond

found it and out

I dont know what to do with ghost figurine... and with a 5 numbers code... stuck

Finally I did it. Thank you very much. 5 digit code didn't came up when I clicked on it

my last crystal was in an outside scene above a yellow portal. The path to follow is the one of the green arrow.

That has got to be one of the coolest games I've ever seen my Ainars! Keep them coming!! Extremely impressed!!!

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