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November 13, 2013

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Rose Temple Escape Walkthrough

Rose Temple Escape

Tomatea - Rose Temple Escape is another free online point and click room escape game from Tomatea. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Liloo]

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 Rose Temple Escape Walkthrough



Rose from pillar right of statue.

Loading, too! Usually I like Tomatea.

Solved puzzle with 3 shapes above urns. Not sure what it did yet...

Another rose near tap.

Jenn, Where is clue, or how did you solve it? TY!

Did not actually solve shapes puzzle. See some clues, but can not figure that puzzle nor the color puzzle.
Also have one urn. What to do with urn?

There is a shape clue left of statue, but it doesn't work on Panel over vases.

I think clue for colors is off tap. I will try now...

Yep, see the clues but don't know how to solve it either....

Yes color clue was right. See shapes behind tap. Start from outer to inner for color order. (See color balls up close for shape imprints.)

Got knob from color clue. Use in "Pipe" puzzle. Also have funnel?

Looks like I will be stuck on this pipe thing for a while...

Ahhh,,,got the colors right according to the fountain 2 things, don't know what they are...LOL

lol..slow posting..TY, Jenn!

I can't seem to load this ? Just me?

Yay solved pipe puzzle. Top left and bottom right tiles are stationary. Go from there to receive blue dot clue of some sort.

WOW! that was fast jenn, are all squares involved? is there a pattern? I can't see it yet!

I believe blue light clue is used to solve puzzle with rectangle and 4 "T"s puzzle. Trying now...

Yes. Follow 1-6 for correct "T" to press. you use adblock? It needs to be disabled to load, I think!

Now I have a knife or chisel from "T" puzzle.

Use chisel/knife to life loose tile at bottom of pillar.

Hey jenn...can you help me, please?

Now have tap part.

I had a connection between those two tile but not including all pieces, didn't work...

See tap part in "about" to remove turning part. Place on fountain. It can be turned and removed. Now have water flow and have filled my green urn with water.

Water flow has now activated wall puzzle. Off to investigate that...

Attache pipe and funnel to wall puzzle. Add water for a clue?

I guess jenn is just posting but not reading...hmmmm anyone else playing that can help with the giant pipes puzzle?

Looks like maybe arrow directions?

Now solve puzzle under balls for another rose 3/5

Can use "chisel" to move hand to expose a hole. Not sure what to do there as I only have the roses and turning part of tap left in inventory.

Nokra start with top left and connect to bottom right. Just have to work with it.

Use turning part of tap to expose more dots.

I connected top left with bottom right several ways, but nothing worked...?????

I have made a connection...but do all pieces have to be involved????? That piece of information would be very helpful!

Use hand and dot clue to remove ball from statue's hand.

Yes they must all connect Nokra.


CONGRATULATIONS, I've been locked out again!! It's getting annoying. Tomatea manages to arrange with a great amount ad providers BUT a few. And once your ad provider is covering the country you're in, and there's problems -> no Tomatea.

Happy playing to the others. I can't load this. :-(

Yep flora, I guess we have to use them all...Jenn was so fast...she is some kind of genius! LOL :)

Use ball in other hand with hole.

Have two black holes now. Not sure how to fix it.

Nokra, I don't get it either..

Ball pushes out rose 4/5 in "T" puzzle panel. Now how to get that rose on rafter???

TY! Jenn...I will be here a are leaving great clues...Keep it up , I will need them later...:)

Have tried all 3 combinations (from clues) of shapes for puzzle above wall. None have done anything. Can't figure out what I am missing here.

Can't reach the rose above the archway. I've done everything else and can't figure out the shape/3 button puzzle by the vases

FINALLY! There mustn't be any dead ends be left over!

Finally figured out the 3 button vase puzzle! One set of shapes has 2 shapes in each, and the other only has one. If you take the shapes from the 1 shape puzzle, and remove those from the 2 shape puzzle, you should get your answer

In the middle of attempting a brute force to the shape puzzle...

Thank you Kari! Was dreading the brute force.

       Anonymous  11/13/13, 6:41 AM  

I finally solved the pipes puzzle

Need to click newly raised pillar to reach last rose.

And...I did it! moving on now! LOL

Place roses at base of statue for lever. Use lever at door and OUT!
Rock on and have a great day.

Got the arrow clue now, but i still wonder about the two shape clues and the panel over the urns.

Flora everything has been answered above.

Late joining. Thanks for the tip Kari. Can't work out how to combine tap shapes with colour balls to open cupboard. Have tried a few variations and could do with a shove in the right direction.

What a nitwit - somehow didn't 'see' the outer circle...

Out too. Thanks Jenn! Your hints were wonderfull!!!

OK, thanks arbeitlooser and Nokra, but no, i don't use ad block - not even getting an ad, just the blank green tomatea screen - using IE. Not had a problem before, but this time, I'm definitley locked out.

Good game! Though fell into despair when I threw my ball in a hole and 'nothing happened'. (Check cupboard below)

Ah, Christmas came early? Didn't expect a new TomaTea this soon - well, not before some time new year...

Now I'm happy :D


Wow! Managed to complete this without any hints. Must be an all-time first for me with a Tomatea game.

I love these.

Had to leave and come back...out now too! Thanks for the great directions, Jenn and super solve from Kari!!! WT needed! LOL

Congrats! @rubyloo...I was stumped all the way through! :)

incredible, I did it by my own :-)

incredible, I did it by my own :-)

incredible, I did it by my own :-)

I don't understand the blue dot "T" connection. Can anyone explain?

Jenn's clue:

"Use hand and dot clue to remove ball from statue's hand."

does not help me. I don't know how to get the ball from the statue's hand.

Nanaseed: Look at the solved pipes puzzle. Where there is one dot is where a sideways "T" in the pipes is. Where there are two dots is another upside down "T". Three dots has an upright "T", Four dots has an upside down "T" etc.

Got it! Thanks, Zoe.

somebody please help with getting the ball out of the statue's hand?

OH, you have to press the fingers in order but I think the order is upside down or backwards.

@LNS That is what you don't seem to understand! This problem is INDEPENDENT of ad blockers. First of all, using ad blockers will lock you out of Tomatea games in the first place, since the loading of the game is deeply woven into the loading of the ad.
So yes, I'm aware this problem happens even when the ad blocker is NOT active. (I normally do use an ad blocker, but I too have lowered all restrictions for but alas, it did not help)

start where the thumb is, then the little finger, then the middle finger then the "ring" finger and then the "index" finger, I think.

arbeitslooser - are you saying that people in certain countries cannot play these games?

if I push the statue's fingers I get a "you don't know how to solve this" --what am I missing?

thaihoney - thank you so much!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oops, ignore my comment, Alice. You have to use the tap from the faucet on the hand on the wall with the square in it - it uncovers the two dots, and then you can solve the fingers puzzle

thank you so much Zoe, I thought I was nuts

Alice, you first have to put the valve on the right Hand to get the whole clue.

YW - nice to be able to give instead of receive - lol!!

       Anonymous  11/13/13, 8:12 AM  

3 shape puzzle:

diamond,x, square

excellent game and thanks alls for hint :)

I'm not sure I liked the "fingers" puzzle. not the puzzle itself, but I would have never in a million years realize the fingers on the statue are actually clickable... I found the hot spot there, but thought it would be on the ball and that it could be later pried out somehow, with a tool I'd obtain later.

As for the whole game - it's TomaTea, what else could it be than great? ;)


4th load.
Frustration is setting in.

4th load.
Frustration is setting in.

Can't play these anymore on a Mac. Says my flash player needs to be updated, but after updating, I still get the same message. So frustrating

arbeitslooser - are you saying that people in certain countries cannot play these games?

YES. I am. Since if I could convince myself to surf via a UK or a US proxy, I would not get localized but US or UK ads. And these providers usually work.

Whilst some European providers do have problems (telling from the users that complained in the past of which the great part were European, according to their user profiles).

Again: FIRST there is the ad, and SECOND there is the game. You cannot get into the game directly without visiting the ad, but it gets loaded indirectly. That's why some of the technical guys here (me included to some extent) cannot break into the game by simply accessing the .SWF directly.
I can't even wget ( = download) the SWF file as I can with others.

So if your ad provider (there are several dozens, so that you don't get Chinese ads if you're in France, for instance) doesn't work as expected, you're locked out of the game.

No buts.

Great game as always , the pipes took me longer then I expected but it sure was fun using my brain in a game!!

For me loading in Chrome I had a white screen for a few seconds but it then pops up..Give it a minute without reloading it..A must play game!!!

Tomatea, great game! Thank you.

Tomatea, great game! Thank you.

Tomatea, great game! Thank you.

Hello everybody,

thanks for playing our game.
We tried to solve non loading game problem and we hope that it works now. Please, try again to load the game.
We hope you enjoy.

Have a great day,

Lot so comments and none helped, glad someone posted a video walkthrough link. Could not get the blue dot clue to transfer to wall puzzle without it.
Thanks Tomatea for another great game!


Seems you've really managed to fix something which didn't work in your previous game despite lots of e-mail correspondence with players!


And I repeat: this is the first time it works since the game you made before the previous one. Yes, both the previous one and this current one did never work.

THANKS again!

(I wonder how long it will last though...)

       Anonymous  11/13/13, 10:48 AM  

Amazing game !! Just when I think they can't possibly get better, they do. All just so unique and splendid. Thanks ever much for you grand effort to please us.

LNS I had the same trouble. I left it for a while and then reloaded and it worked. Perhaps you could try this?

Amazing as always. And logical. Not hard, not easy, juuuuust right.

Yup Jon. Loved it too.

Those fingers-and-hand stuff had me in for quite some time...until I figured out that the fingers of the statue's hand were clickable one by one ... heh heh

(I avoided to look that up here, besides..I only needed the clue that you should not leave any 'butts' (as in 'cigarette butt') with the pipe, so no water could gush out at any side...whee that was a TOUGH one)

Just one pixel hunt: Bottom of column with roses

5 stars !

thanks for listening Tomatea, but still, not loading for me. Uk based, using IE - never had this problem before. No ad block. just get green screen.

@LNS try to delete cookies and reload page - maybe you have previous version in cash

good game!

thaihoney, thanks for uploading the pic to the pipe puzzle was going round in circles with that one.

thaihoney, thanks for uploading the pic to the pipe puzzle was going round in circles with that one.

Still not understanding the T puzzle. I put the pipes together without any problem and got the dots, but am not seeing what I'm supposed to do. Would someone please just explain how many times we are supposed to press the Ts, and in what order?

Count the dots at each intersection.
If you see 5 dots at something that looks like

it means that you will have to press this symbol as 5th; there are 4 others before, and one (last one) after.

Thank you arbeitslooser! It always seems so obvious when you have the answer lol!

the pipes puzzle, when solved, put lights on parts of puzzle. From memory, there are clusters of 1 - 6 and they are in a place where is you look closely, a T shape is there. So, they are either up, down, left or right....
On the drawer you click each only once...I think it was ...

Hah...ya beat me to it, arbeitslooser! LOL

Great game. Thanks TomaTea!

sorry nokra, it seems this site has actually a bug that if you don't remember to clear browser cache regularly, new user comments might occasionally get stuck. Often I was able to get most recent comments by moving back to eg24 index page, then back into game page.

It didn't happen too rarely that the comment counter was abruptly increased by +10 or even +15.

Absurdly pleased that I solved this without any help.

I'm really glad that there's a new Tomatea! For this one, we didn't have to wait a month or so...

Thank you Tomatea! I hope the next will come soon. It was great game, as always!

Tried again today - BIngo! - thanks Tomatea! Good game

great game loved the puzzles

Excellent! The best games.

Excellent! The best games.


5 stars as usual! Got to cheat only the pipes-puzzle. THX @all

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This comment has been removed by the author.
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