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The Reporter Has a Dream

Cyonmage - The Reporter Has a Dream Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Cyonmage Games. In this game, you must find items and solve puzzles to escape from house. Good luck and have fun!

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this is lame

"Taking a photograph freely should stop!" ROFL. I clicked around and died. Moving on...

Now that's a great beginning...Firefox 25. Trying to load the HTML5 version made my BROWSER CRASH.
And I tried it 2 or 3 times and I always got a crash. Oh my.

Mine loaded on FF 25 with no problems, but the game isn't worth even trying. Horrible pixely B/W graphics and you die without even knowing what you're supposed to do lol.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I need a stick to get the paper, but I'm going in circles, really.

OK, gave the hat to the guy in the restaurant, got a "castella." Don't know if that's a cheese or a beer.

It says a castella is "something sweet". So I gave it to the kids and they were thankful.
I put the code in the fireworks and it blew up. Unfortunately, so did I.

Don't take pictures of any of the people - they get mad and attack you.
I spoke to the fishmonger and gave him a picture I took of the cat. Got a fishing rod and got the paper with the code. But I keep getting blown up. There's also a piece of paper under the left robot's foot, but I haven't figured out how to get it.

How did you get the paper that is stuck in the window?
There is a code on the cigarettes. Click on the icon twice to see the code.

Place the bomb in the alley, then go to the house with the two guards and there should be a fishmonger in between them. He'll tell you about some stolen fish. Above the man in the main street, there should be a cat, take a picture of it and take it to the man and he'll give you a fishing rod.

Where are the cigarettes? Made a little progress, talked to some dancers in the restaurant, got some music, used the music to get the piece of paper under the robot's foot. Now I'm left with a complete piece of paper with numbers on it, the memo pad and camera.

I totally missed the cat. Thank You!
I still have cigarettes and don't know who to give them to.

I went back to the bungalow with the security guards. The fishmonger is gone and Lotte appeared.
She needs a picture of the karakuri.
What is that?

OK. So karakuri is the festival.
I don't know how to get there. I don't have any more scenes to navigate to. I tried to take a picture of the poster but that didn't work.

@gmm after start view , in view street click on the left to find cigarettes

The cigarettes are in the scene before "turning left" toward the bungalow with the security guards. They are on the ledge (on the left hand side).

No dancers in the restaurant. Just the same two diners that were in there before. What did you do to make the dancers appear?

There is a new Inka game. I'm going to step away for a moment to play that.
Hopefully, somebody will have some hints for me when I return.

I'm back but I guess everybody else stopped playing this game.
I'm stuck and can't go any further without additional hints.

No dancers for me.

No idea what I'm supposed to be doing here. The English translation is terrible to the point they shouldn't have bothered. All I know is I keep dying and not sure why.

I agree with Adam. The translation is terrible but at least they tried. More than I can say for some of the other japanese games.
gmm said there were dancers in the restaurant but they haven't appeared for me. I am stuck in the same place I was an hour ago and am about ready to give up.

I found the dancers, I don't know what I did to make them appear but they weren't there before. I haven't found any cat either, nor a place to put either of the codes.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yes you're right Tarisa, they did try at least.

Walk down the main street. Before turning right where the kids are, there is a man in the alley. The cat is in the window above his head. The cat only appears after you have talked to the fishmonger in the bungalow. (He tells you that fish were stolen from his market).

Adam, are the dancers in the same restaurant where the two patrons were and you got the castella?

Thanks Tarisa, I haven't spoken to any fishmonger yet though.Is he supposed to be in the hut with the two servants in front? I can't get past them to find a way into the hut. Funny how you seem to be ahead of me, but you haven't had the dancers appear. Very frustrating game.

Yes Tarisa, they suddenly appear sitting down at the table on the right hand side. Wish I knew what I did to make them appear.

You have to place the fireworks in the alley (after feeding the kids) in order for the fishmonger to appear. He is in the bungalow with the security guards.
It is strange that you have the dancers and I don't.
I am going to refresh the game and see if it is just a bug.

Which version are you playing? flash or htmls

I'm having to restart again too, hopefully I can find out how to make the dancers appear again. Thanks for tip on the fireworks.

Ok I've worked it out, the dancers appear after you zoom in on the robot's foot and see the paper.

I tried both versions and still don't have the dancers.
I cant go any further without the music sheet so will have to give up on this one.

Thank's Adam! Let's see if I can finish this game.

Tarisa did you click the the left foot of the left of the 3 robots, that's how to make the dancers appear. I've got full code now, but I don't know what do with the six numbers as adding them gives a 4 digit number but the fireworks only have 3.

Ah got it, add both full numbers.

I tried 258 (from cigarette pack) and 749 (assuming order was 0,1,2). 258 blows it up but i get caught in the crossfire and die (which means I have to start over.)
I will keep trying and let you know what I figure out.

Tarisa, you should have two bits of paper now, one from the robots foot, and another from using the fishing rod to get the paper where the schoolkids are. I got through that, but there is another bomb further on which killed, and having to start over again too. Getting a bit sick of this.

The only code that works is 258.
2 ( between 1 and 4)
5 (between 7 and 0)
8 (between 9 and 2)
I just don't know how to set the bomb without dying.

I have to get to bed now so will have to finish tomorrow.
Good luck. I hope you escape!

Add the two Tarisa, 179+402 = 581... I'm giving up too now, not sure if I'll bother trying again.

I hope someone comes along and is able to complete the game. I got tired of getting killed and having to start over. This game really needs a save function.

Where are you up to gmm? I'm up to trying to defuse second bomb, but I'm going to have to wait till someone more patient can get past this. If you're still up to getting past the bomb you place after in school alley, I can't help u past there and you might have better luck than me at the next bomb.

Adam, when you say second bomb, do you mean the machine in the woods? Or is there a bomb somewhere else?

Let's see, I took a picture of the engine, showed it to somebody and got a memo, showed the memo to the girl in the office, got a book, also got a scroll somewhere along the way. Tried to use the code from the book on the machine and blew up again.

OMG! I just woke up and can't believe this game is still live and nobody has finished it.
I had to reload the page but will try to catch up and see if I can help.

I'm not able to take a photo of the engine. There are pylons and/or sparks.

@Andrea, have you talked to someone hidden behind the trees in the engine area? Until then you are able to photograph the engine.

Yes I talked to him... he's gone now.

Ah, I had to find the right pixel to photograph. Thanks edgar!

Sorry for the delay. I got called in and had to work for a few hours.
I am now looking for the man with the bamboo hat. Was that the man in the woods near the engine?

The book from the office has a code inside but I don't know where to input it.

@Tarisa, talking to an old woman and showing her the memo, makes her give you a scroll with some magic spell. Do you have it?

The woman from the restaurant? She just keeps telling me to leave her alone so she can enjoy her meal.

Got it. I was only talking to the old man. I forgot to click on the old woman.

OK. so i input the code into the engine and died. Really????
I have to start all over again???? Is this game worth it?

The game sure could have used a save function, When the old woman gives the scroll says to return it immediately after using it. Do so without trying entering sny code yet,

Restarted and now cannot take a picture of the engine. I spoke to the man in the woods so don't understand why the pixel is not working. Should I restart or give up on this game?

Dammit, died again!

The thing is, you cannot do or get stuff if you dont need them. Certain actions trigger the appearance of new things or people. Talk to the guy where the servants are. he asks for some kind of proof of the accident, then you can photograph the engine.
If its worth finishing the game, it is up to the one wanting to finish it, I guess.

I just realized that the code has 6 lines underneath the numbers but there are only 5 numbers. Perhaps I am missing something in the code? Anybody else figure it out, yet?

The lines have nothing to do. You only need those 5 numbers, but you are right, you are missing something else. There should be a girl in the house where the 2 servants? She should give you the last bit of info if I remember correctly.

OK. 14243 is not working because I keep blowing myself up.
I got a memo from Lotte and gave it to the secretary who gave me the book containing the code. Then I gave the memo to the old woman who gave me the scroll. Lotte won't give me anything else.
What am I missing?

and the swordsman is hungry.

Use the scroll on the engine to get rid of the electricity around it and return the scroll to the old woman IMMEDIATELY.

OK. So I was missing the fact that I needed to give the scroll back to the old woman.
In the next scene I diverted the attention of the robot guard and then got the following message "to be continued"

Congrats, now you are out... for now.

Could someone finish this? (And correct it if needed?) I like the game, but I'm tired of getting blown up, honestly.

Leave office. To the left there is a ledge (the right side of the entrance) with a pack of cigarettes. Get those.

step forward and talk with your friend. get a firework. in the same scene beyond him, get hte top hat.

go back 1 and into the restaurant on the right. give the hat to the old man on the left. he'll give you a castella. leave.

go forward 1 and into the alley on the right. give the castella to the kids. put the firework on the ground. leave.

go forward 1 to the robot guards. zoom on the foot of the one on the left.

back up to the first street scene and enter to the left. talk to the guy in the middle; he tells you about a thief.

go forward 1 and take a photo of the cat. bring it back to the guy who told you abou tthe thief; he'll give you a fishing pole. leave.

go forward 1 and into the alley on the right. click the window on the right and get the first paper with the fishing pole. leave.

go back 1 and into the restaurant. click on the people to the right and they'll give you a dance. leave.

go forward to the robot guards and use the music on the left robot's foot to get paper 2. put with paper 1 in inventory. add the numbers (179+402) and enter that into the firework in the alley. leave.

now go forward to where the robots were. talk to the strange hairstyle foreign man (the dark spot to the left). now zoom in on the gray area on the machine and take a photo.

go all the way back to the first street scene. go left and give the photo to the person in the middle (Lotte). she'll give you a note. leave.

go back to your office and give the note to your boss. he'll give you a book. inside is code 14243. leave.

go into the restaurant and give the note from Lotte to the hovering old lady on the left. She'll give you a mystic word. leave.

go to the machine and use the mystic word on the gray area.
go all the way back to the restaurant and give the mystic word back to hovergranny. leave.

go left and talk to the person in the middle. He'll give you a book with the number 3241.

The note that Lotte's suster gave you is the order of the buttons. They are NOT 1234. Us ethe order of the buttons to use the code in the book.


Thanks Tarisa!
back to the machine. Press the numbers as Tarisa indicates. When that's done the robots are coming! Go to the right....

only to be confronted by a mysterious man in a bamboo hat (the lady in the restaurant warned you...) Go through the conversation (I'm not sure but you may have to click the poster) and when necessary take a photo of him, and you

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