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Abandoned Manor

Abandoned Manor is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. The abandoned manor is said to be full of secrets. You decided to explore the manor to see what you could find. After getting enough courage to go inside you realize that you are locked inside by a magical force. Now you must search around for a way to escape! Good luck!

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Almost 200 comments. New comments on the next page

Glad you found it jake! It was hard to see in the shadow.

Lol, too late.

I can't find the bishops room. have 4 K, 5Q,7R am I close?

hmm finde kein 9 stelligen code

Bishops are in the room where you start (Room B).

Can't Stacey. That gives more than 9 digits :(

I wish I'd left this game for a few days before playing it. I've been confused twice and now I can't work out a code and no one has posted a spoiler for it.

First world problems, eh? :)

Maybe the first letter of the surnames? Back to my spreadsheet!

Finally opened BKQR box, have to pieces of paper in frame now. But no idea where the rest are.

Nope, again more than 9 digits

@stacy no it gives you 11 digits and even if you don't use the 0(zero) it doesn't work

Stacey I;ve been looking at that too, but still cant make any sense of it, and its still only 8 letters, unless we add in the letter O of course?

how many knights and where are they? and i'm also finally in V and stuck on a 4 digit box... hahaha this is the most difficult SD game I've played

Read the first poem in the book and use the note from the crack. The poem tells you the answer is in the "crack". If you still need help I will give more.

We're all the same, evans. 2 pieces in the frame and a 9 digit box in C. Clues in O and T which are completely baffling!

I don't understand the 3-2 clue on the box in V for the bowl. Upside down, inside out? What does that mean?

THANX SD!! I was thinking it was going to be Christmas and we'd still be stuck! LOL!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm so confused. The different lettering of the rooms isn't helping either! I've found 3 levers, in NE and V. Someone posted that there was one in O, but I went all over that, with and without the flashlight and can't find anything - and fed-up with that moving chair! I'm guessing that that was the old O. Really lost now.

I already counted wich letters in the poem you'll get with those numbers and then those letters to alphabeth numbers, but that only gives 8 digits.
Can't think of another way to use the numbers and the poem.

OH, I'm desperate!!! Bowl does not work, I have refreshed many time, but nope....

Spoiler for the piano: ffdbbaecae. You do every fourth letter, skipping the ones not marked.

Come on brain!! You can DO this!

I've been looking at that too Stacey, but still only 8 numbers unless we add in the O-15 clue, then we have 9. Still does not explain the paper clue though - wish we knew which clue to use, it would really narrow it down.


I don't give up on these, but this will be a first - too confusing!

OMG thx SD

please in what room is that 9 digit code you speak about ?

I can only get 8 digits from that note.

Like SD said use the poem and the crack hint together and convert into digits

Nope. Still here, staring at the crack in the wall. I think I will be admitted into this asylum soon.

Same here Bat E,
Only 8 digits.

Small-Tool, what if we add the letter O in with the 8 from the poem? Could that work?

       Anonymous  12/6/13, 8:21 AM  

If you count out the letters in the poem using the code, you should get a word. Use the number from where these fall in the alphabet and you get a 9 digit code that opens the box.



Flora, have you put the chalk on the wall before trying putting the bowl ?

woho finished :D

Yes! 6c5713da-5e92-11e3-a376-000f20980440 is correct.

could answer me please in what room is that 9 digit code you speak about ?

Only have 3 pieces of paper in the frame: from chess box, piano, and 9 digit box. Anyone know where I missed one?

I still don't get the 9 digit code. I can't make eleven into 9 digits that work. Please someone just spoil the actual #????

OMG if you go to the 5th, 42nd letter etc it spells out the word ELEVEN

@6c5713da-5e92-11e3-a376-000f20980440, thanks for the explanation.

I'll finish it later though, I've lost interest for the moment.

But to get the EV you use letter 93 and 97 and not 83 and 87

OMW!! Thanx so much 6c5713da-5e92-11e3-a376-000f20980440!! I wouldn't have gotten that in a gazillion years!

Polo.yes I have, but can't take my bowl from inventory....don't know what I can doe else...

Well after all that, all we get is the third piece of paper, which means the 4th comes from the graveyard clue? That is of course it is a clue?

@flora, you need to refresh the game, it should save your items. The bugs have been fixed.

I still need the bottom-right piece of the card. What puzzle have I missed?

PLEASE?? someone spoil that 9 digit # Please???

Crap, I had that method all the time, but miscounted in the end :(

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@ evan
E=5, L=12
and the whole word is eleven...

Evans, see 6c5713da-5e92-11e3-a376-000f20980440's comment just a little above. Correspond each letter to a number. A=1, Z=26

you find the 4th pice at the thumbstones ( i hope i spelled it right)
klick in the right order (age)

At small-tool - it definitely works out correctly. I checked. ELEVEN converted to numbers in the alphabet.



I only have three parts of the card, does anybody have all four? I'm still missing the lower right part...

A, thanks lola!

Still missing the bottom right piece though for room J
Where did that come from?

Lol Rachel I know it's correct now.
Had it in Notepad half an hour ago already, but still miscounted :)

Thank you Rachel! I just counted wrong on the L. DUH!

Thanx Lola! I was clicking in surname order

omg, omg, omg!!! I found the 4th piece! Figure out how old everyone was at the tombstones, then click the stones in order of youngest to oldest!

       Anonymous  12/6/13, 8:40 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

small-tool, Find bottom right piece in the graveyard. Click tombstones in age order (Thanks to Lola!)

Out! Whew, that was a hard one!

Count the letters in the first clue in the book for the 9-digit code.

Out now, that was a hard one.

Thanks Selfdefiant!!

Funny for me was that I missed your comments about small-tools solution because I made the >200 comments mistake (didn't see all your comments >200 while refreshing), but I did found it out on my own in the meantime. But it was small-tools idea why I found out, so thanks small-tool for that.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Pfew, finally out.
Thanks Lola for the 4th card piece :)

SD, please not that many (big) bugs anymore in the next one.

       Anonymous  12/6/13, 8:42 AM  

Awesome game, SelfDefiant!

@selfdifiant: You are Kind to encourage me, I'll try it once again...

And out...
Wow, that was difficult! the tombstone puzzle is right there... First time in the top 3 (for now...)

And I couldn't have done it without you guys! Eleven and that stupid piano clue I didn't understand for 20 minutes after being given the answer.

thank you sd for that game - it is a pleasure and I appreciate the new elements... and thanx to everybody else for all the hints - but: I do not find the last bit of the card-puzzle, I miss the lower end of the key... any ideas?

Brilliant Lurker Smurf! Well I am on the leader board, but with 472,790 don't think I will be there for long :) Great team work folks!! Have a great weekend.

Yeahh, finally it works!! Thanx, SD. Just a pity that I'm too late now to play with you guys...

Gosh darn it, what a HARD one!! LOL! But so much fun doing it all along with this great crowd! Thanx SD for all your hints, and bug fixing. Thanx everyone for all the clues and comments!

Nice game SD. Very challenging. I must admit that I was starting to find your games a bit formulaeic but this was great.

Screw this this buggy bullshit.
No more SD games for me until he gets his act together. You guys can kiss his ass all you want, but his games have been consistently buggy lately and there is no denying it.

SmallTool, there weren't supposed to be any bugs. I just tested it and everything worked. I don't know what happened to bring about the bugs, I'm just glad I was able to fix them quickly! Thanks everyone! The next one won't be so hard!

38415267 for tombs (1-8)

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Nice challenges SD, thanks for all the help everyone!

This comment has been removed by the author.

OMG, I can't do the alphabet right!! Shame on me...

Have a nice day Bill.


I still need green and gold key anyone still here?

Green key is under the floor in the room with the fireplace. Use crowbar on the loose part and then the flahlight...

Where is the crowbar?

You get the gold key when you place the bowl and herbs below the star you drew with the chalk... i forgot if you have to light the herb with the lighter...

All the information you need to escape is in the comments...you just need to read through them...
One comment I had different however was the order of the graves... I pressed 46135782

crowbar is in the graveyard... but this was already mentioned in the comments...

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks SD for the game. Harder - more interesting ;)

Bill Chinery,in Greek the translation for asshole is MALAKAS (μαλάκας).You are worst from bugs in the games.


I agree with you : this one is too difficult, too confusing, and TOO DARK ! I found almost nothing by myself, had to reload and lost all my notes... I can't even open the chess pieces box. I'm giving up.

Fantastic game SD! I was lucky enough to play after all bugs were fixed!

Hmmm just read some of the negative comments and have to disagree. Yes, apparently there were bugs, but were fixed very quickly so the game was still very playable.

I did find some areas dark, but was able to find everything in those rooms without changing my contrast.

As for the difficulty, I welcome that. I have found a lot of SD games were getting to be too standard. Find 5 marbles, get a key, etc. This one was different and more challenging. I really enjoyed it. SD please make more challenging ones, there are so few games out there that make us think as a group. So fun to do that!

I liked it very much,too. SD has to be more challenging, because escapers are improving as well. Sometimes it's nice to play an easy one, but I'm getting bored if it's too easy.
Bill Whinery: Play World of so and so if you don't like to escape.

I cannot find the flashlight in N

Noel the Flashlight is hard to see, Its bottom right.

some hints ... but all is above in comments

(New) Map on the left of start view
in B Piece of chalk
in I hammer
in M flashlight
in P dried herb
in Q lighter
in T crowbar

silver key in C under left paper (after lightening fireplace in G and H)
red key in D with flashlight
green key in G by using crowbar and flashlight
gold key in U, put bowl (found in V hint in book) add dried herb and lighter and drawn above stone with chalk

4 levers in J E V N open box in C (on right pillar)

       Anonymous  12/6/13, 11:06 AM  

I don't normally play these games. Sadly, the are too repetitious . Also, they are generally buggy. This looks over the top buggy. I'll try it in a few days since people are saying. puzzles are more challenging

Wow. I didn't get in on the live game, so I played later when it was bug-free. And I used many of the hints from the group. I just couldn't have done this one by myself-----not even close.

I welcome the challenge of new puzzles. I agree that some of the old puzzles had become pretty standardized. We'll perk up to the challenge once we get over the shock.

I also am frustrated with the darkness of some of the rooms. I enjoy looking at the detail of the rooms, and the darkness thwarts this.

This was a great game on a day when we are iced in here in Texas. Thanks, SD!

I can't get the 4 # box with the hint from the book. I am turning the thing and still cant get it

You have to turn the Picture according to the hint on the page of the book. Or just Trial and error ...



Thanks Flora. I was using 6574 - all different ways. No wonder it didn't work!

I'm about to give up on SD games. They aren't worth putting up with the errors and tortured logic! Find someone who can Beta test for you, identify errors BEFORE they are made public, and tell you when your "clues" are just plain obtuse. (If there is more than one number puzzle, then ALL number clues become just a muddle of useless information). Done ranting.

I agree totally with Jo-Ann in everything she said. These hard games are much more fun than just running around, finding everything at once and finish in 10 minutes.

That was hard SD! But the haunted ones are my favorites.

Thank you jakevickie217 ! I was looking for the flashlight in N because someone said it was there.

I can't complain...what is the point? the games are FREE!
I will, however have to watch the videothrough,( TY @viktor) because I can't find the lighter in the dark room even using the flashlight, and my reading glasses! :).

OH there it is...in the room with the colored doors! :)

Do the tombstones have to be clicked in a certain order to get the card for the frame? Where is the clue for that?

Yes Robin Rob, you need to read the comments...

Where is this BOWL everyone is talking about??? I can't find any bowl :'(

If the comments are accurate, there is something very wrong with my game. I need the red key to enter the room with the lighter so I can get the silver key. But I need the silver key to enter the room where the red key is.

Well SD you certainly got us thinking,I'm sure it's not easy coming up with new ideas and even the best game makers have the occasional bug or two.Once these were fixed it was a terrific game.And to the misery gut serial complainers - If you don't like the gamer or games why keep playing? And if you think you can do better be our guest see how far you get without any complaints,SD may not have the resources to get his games tested and I think he does an amazing job.PS Flora you crack me up ;)

WOW nice puzzles SD, it took me four and a half hours to realize what was needed, out with no help!
Keep it up.

Ok I need green key to get bowl...Can't find that either. I've ran around this whole house and now I've run out of ideas lol

Great game SD. The puzzles were harder! I really enjoyed it.

For the 43rd time, it is impossible for me to overstate the level of aggravation I experience when someone gets in a hurry to post a hint (to be everyone's hero) but they get it WRONG!!!

Take a deep breath, look at your MAP and get the right room!!!!

Yes Small Tool, I'm calling you out (5:59, flashlight in N). Four thousand clicks later JakeVickie (6:32) informs me (and several hundred other players) that the flashlight is in fact in O!!! So much easier to find there.

Make absolutely sure your post is accurate or stay off the keyboard. Your poor effort positively WRECKS the game for those that follow. This happens all the time. SD puts too much time and effort into bringing these games to us to have a trigger happy blowhard broadcast bogus tips. I would HIGHLY recommend if at all possible to have a 'reply' option under every post. Okay, I'm done whining now.

Poor D. Web!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Lol, you silly whiner Wenmomojo,
Maybe you could have looked at all the comments that have been posted before you complain and then you would have seen that Selfdefiant had some bugs in his games the first time he launched it and fixed those while we were playing live.
And one of those bugs was the map that was not correct while we were playing, but at that moment we were playing live that flashlight was in that room at that moment.
So I'm very sorry, you missed a flashlight because you couldn't find it on your own and wasn't able to read more comments after that about how the map changed after Selfefiant fixed the game.

And I guess you didn't even did the little effort to read a little bit further where I posted this at 12/6/13, 6:38 AM (where I did the effort to explain more about the bugs, while trying to have fun playing live):

Flashlight was in room N on the old map.
With the new map it's room M.

Poor sad little whiney douche-bag, never ever seen a helpful post from you, but it seems you take all the time to post a complain that doesn't make any sense at all because you just didn't read the whole thing.
Well, f**k you :)

Lol, and now I go on:
How about taking a deep breath and look at the comments correctly?
Even in your silly little rant you make mistakes.
You posted:

Four thousand clicks later JakeVickie (6:32) informs me (and several hundred other players) that the flashlight is in fact in O!!! So much easier to find there.

While the actual post from JakeVickie (at 6:32) is:
is my map lettered different than yours? I found the flashlight in M and the paper in the wall of O.

So, Flashlight in M as I said in my post later and not in O as you post here.

Lol, if you wanna rant be sure to get your facts corrects you dumb f**k :P

Well, I guess the sad litle f***er has no come back. Or, let's give that rookie (lol, only on since this year and he thinks how things work here) the benefit of the doubt and let's assume he didn't read my posts.
Well, if you ever do, feel free to mail me. Unlike you my avatar gives all my info, so you can mail me anytime you want to (dare to).
Come one A-hole, let's dance!!!

Come on Wenmomojo,
I can wait all night for you.
Do post a come back and I'll kick your gay little *ss like you've never experienced before.
I always try to post very helpful comments and certainly not gonna take sh*t from some kind of first time 'kind of anon' poster who is frustrated he can't finish an escape game on his own (too dumb or so) and unloads on (not my words:) a player known as very helpful in the comments.

Well (one hour later), I bet the stupid c**t went to bed because his mommy told him so :P
Or (more likely) he has no idea what to post back.
Anyway, will check this page (and my mail) frequently for replies (and I certainly hope they will come).
So, come on tw*t make me happy and do respond.
Like I said before, not gonna take this s**t anymore.
Haven't post anymore for a few months because I couldn't play due to several reasons (btw. one of them because busy
with making games for EG24 people, like you I guess) and was hoping for a warmer welcome after that.
But I guess this is what I get. Well if so, that's it. But... I will never ever accept those false accusations (and certainly not from a one time 'dumb' poster like you).
So, again: do reply you dumb f**k.

Btw. @Escaper, Megi and Shuchun, please do not remove these posts. I did all my posts with asterixes in the naughty words. And yep I know, not really game comments, but in a way they are, right? Just explaining (ok. with a lot of words) the map has changed since the first posts, so some posts might be incorrect :)

This was hard. Unnecessary.

Why are people picking fights with each other? Damn...

It was not too hard for me only because of the comments and spoilers above. Without help I would never have passed the game. The only bug I had was the none-existing room on the map.

I did not understand this one at all! I loved the rain and the ghost and the scary chair, though! I did not get the clues. I admit that I was totally confused. I did know that K meant knight though. lol

I usually love SD games & especially the abandoned building ones, but this is just a pain. Lots of things don't make sense, people are posting about rooms I don't even have (W???)
Quitting it now as not enjoyable. Gonna re-play a SSSG to cheer me up

FOR NEW PLAYERS PLEASE READ all comments before

in this game Selfdefiant had fixed some bugs and had changed the map

in the beginning of comments, people post clues about room and good clues BUT when map changed some hints are not at the same place

Map and letters room changed in second part of comments when game fixed !

and I understand Small Tools angry

As much help as small-tool has provided us escapers over the years - I think he was justified in this rant (which he did not start by the way). But...let's get back to having fun and ignore those with bad attitudes.

I agree with another poster that the darkness was too much of a challenge for me. The flashlight was very well hidden and it took a lot of poking around in dark places looking for hotspots to find it.

I don't get all the anger. Selfdefiant is very responsive to user comments. Some game makers just try for page hits, but SD actual tried to make a game players enjoy. That's not to say we can't tell him when there are problems or if you like/dislike some elements of the game. In fact you should tell him because he seems to take these comments seriously and uses them to improve his games. But at least be respectful about it.

Yay another Selfdefiant. I love these!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yay thanks for all the help guys! And thanks for another great game Selfdefiant, but we miss the orbs, can we have em back? :)

I love you small-tool!!!!!!
That is the way to tell the whiny twit!
I was happy to see you lately so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stay!!!!!!!! I have been here off and on lately, and would love to play your games...are there any that are not riddles? I suck at those as you know! :)

I just want to be a support so please everyone who loves small-tool....comment!!!!!

I enjoyed it
Very difficult
Needed every spoiler
Sorry you are so upset S-T
I have always appreciated your input over the years that i have been on this website
Thanx for the games SD
Sorry that Bill Chinery does not appreciate that these game are free and yes sometimes bugs happen
Thats computers!!!

Hey S-T
some people dont understand that bugs can be fixed while game is in process when you have awesome gamemakers like SD awho actually are responsive quickly
Please cool off a little.
Its a fun gamesite and those of us who know understand.

I haven't played this yet - just read the last part at Nokra's request. And so - I LOVE YOU TOO S-T. You're thinking of leaving?? Oh no you don't. We need you in so many ways. You keep us all going - and keep people in line when they make ignorant comments :) ps - wonderful rant - please mods, leave it there

OMW Wenmomojo WHAT A WHINEY DOUCHE BAG!! You put Bill Whinery to shame, and that's a feat in itself!! Good grief, if you can't read through comments and realise that LOADS of them referred to the error, then clearly, you're DOING IT WRONG!! Get off our page, Dumb-ass!

Small-Tool, I was with you ALL along when the game started and YOU ROCKED!!

BIG HUGS Small-Tool. You are loved always for the help you bring <3

loved the game, loved the bickering, cheers all!

I'd like to add that this game was fun and not to be played in a rush . Don't dumb up the game SD it wasn't that hard and just needed to be thought out . Thanks for your Games SD <3

Oh, my. I guess I'll jump into the fray, even though I know I may regret it.
@small-tool, my friend who always helps out everyone on every game he plays: I remember once I was complaining (maybe in cbox?) about people who never bother to read comments before asking a question and those who beg for a WT and then criticize everything about it once a WT is posted. And I remember that you told me to just let it go, blow it off, forget it. I thought that was excellent advice. I think you MUST know by now that you are universally liked and admired and appreciated at EG24. So my advice to you is to take the advice of a very wise man. Namely, YOU!

Take some deep breaths and let it go. I look forward to seeing you on another game!

Thanks for all the support guys :)
Usually I don't care (anymore) about (sadly a lot again lately) those kind of posts, but this one was personal.
And yep, I went a little overboard with replying.
Only poor excuse; very drunk and very late.
Anyway, let's forget about it. Let's have fun with the real EG24 players. See you all soon in a new game :)

       Anonymous  12/7/13, 2:35 PM  

@ Small-Tool. I am so happy to see your posting again.. You had helped out in nearly every game and have missed your expertise immensely especially, since I get stuck far to often and you are the one to pull me out. wb :)

Small-Tool - You are VERY justified in your response to that idiot, Wenmomojo. What a foolish person!!

I think the reason you did not get a response is because they are too embarrassed after realizing what a dope they sounded like!

And Rachel put it in a very interesting perspective:

"OMW Wenmomojo WHAT A WHINEY DOUCHE BAG!! You put Bill Whinery to shame, and that's a feat in itself!!"

HAHAHAHAH!!! Love it, Rachel!


Late as always...

Can anyone give me a hint about where the right hand pieces for the picture in Room J are? I have upper left and lower left, can't find the others.

Many thanks!

Found them through the hints and comments above -- thanks! Out now.

This one was harder than usual, but SD games are still among my favorites.

       Anonymous  12/7/13, 5:03 PM  

thx sd finally got one no one can figure out stuck on 9 digits

       Anonymous  12/7/13, 5:06 PM  

stuck big time not a clue on 9 digit bax

       Anonymous  12/7/13, 5:35 PM  

please help with this 9i digit box fiasco

I had to leave earlier and now I'm coming back, so sorry to be so late in welcoming back ST! Yes, we love you and your comments. You've helped me out SO many times when I've been stuck. Thank you and don't let a jerk scare you off!

someone please help. the number box with the chess pieces does not open. I've conted 5-4-4-7 several times but it doesn't work. I never leave a game unfinished and I'm stuck!

I think I didn't miss any comment that talks about this number box, because the 9 digit was the hardest... Now I'm screwed...

Btw I've been playing SD games for ages now and this is the first time I post. And let me just say that all the criticism is unfair. His games are awesome and he always fixes the bugs! Thank you for all your work SD!

...Nobody is answering me... I'm all alone!!!!

Forget about! I was an idiot probably, I refreshed and counted again and the number was different!

I'm out!!! This one was hard! Thank you SD and all you guys!

Hi blah! I don't exactly remember, but there is a good tip with these games. You can do "control and F" to "find" words in the comments. So do that for queens, bishops, knights, and rooks, and I think you will find your answer!

Oh, and you know about POP, right?

It's called "Power Of Posting" and it means that once you post a question about being stuck in a game, then you go back to the game and figure it out on your own!. But only when you post your question are you able to figure out the answer on your own. It's magic!! And it works a LOT in these games!! (As you found out *on your own*)

Isn't this site fun???!!!!!!

       Anonymous  12/7/13, 7:01 PM  

Anyone done a walkthrough please (not a video one, thats just too easy)

       Anonymous  12/7/13, 7:09 PM  

Anyone done a walkthrough please (not a video one, thats just too easy)

I can't find any knights to count. Anyone know where they are?

6 B
7 R
5 Q
4 K
Sorry cant remember which room
I think it was V

Players, who made comments.
That was great entertainment.
To rats, to finks, to pests,
You jerks, please give it a rest .
And, ....after reading our Smallio's,
asterisked response to wenmemojo.
He's a man who's loved by all.
Our wonderful Small.

Thanks for all the hints and help guys. Im not out yet, but have only been able to play intermittently.

BY the way
I love all your games
We " kiss your arse"
simply because you deserve it
You make great games and mostly bug free
They challenge us , are fun and are always interesting.
People are complaining that they are formulaic.. who cares
each one is challenging in its own way
If you have read my posts to Eaddict you will know that I have a very stressful job and your games together with those of E addict and Ainars and Esclavos and yes even Ena games really help keep me sane
Thank you and keep them coming

Awww, Thanx Zoe LOL!

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the kind words and ignore the not so nice ones. I've been making games long enough to know that you can't please everyone. This one was for those who need hard puzzles and a harder game in general. As for the bugs, I was in a hurry, I have a life too although I am still snowed in. I have a family that I love to spend time with. When I'm not spending time with them I am making games. It would be nice to have a paid game tester. My wife helps out on occasion but things get by. I will always try to fix the games up because I never want bugs in a game. Even the text's being wrong. I will continue making games how I want and I just hope that everyone will enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them. :)

Thanks SD. I do. I play em, i love/hate em, i get hints/cheats from comments here......and have a ball!! Merry Christmas to you and your family. They are the important ones. We are the recipients of your labours. Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to more Asylums, Tropical Resorts, and a couple of Crystals in 2014. ..ps...not to be greedy, but....diamonds are a girls best friend...not crystals..hahha. Thank you again for your games, and enjoy your family time. x x

SD - consider us gamers to be your beta testers! It's working great, right??

I just finished the game (I didn't have free time earlier) and it was perfect! Really hard, but perfect!
I didn't find any bug - I saw comments from players that played in the formal days - and I would'n't had made it without all those usefull hints. It was a real challenge and with great music, as I've said before.
I would also like to comment about that guy Billy: he's probably an escaper from a real assylum. It seems that he has phsycological problems. So, all we just have to do is ignore him. I think that he likes all this mess that he makes here and everyone writes comments about him. For me, he just does not exist...

@SD: We love your games!!! They are the best and not buggy very often. And if a bug occurs occasionally, you always hurry to fix it. THX and Merrry Christmas to you and your family.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Toolio...you roolio...ingore the ones who droolio...I am sure "he" knows he has been schoolio'd. :D


B - get CHALK; note 6 BISHOPS; go RIGHT


A - get MAP

F - note 7 ROOKS


I - get HAMMER



Q - get LIGHTER; note 5 QUEENS; note COLOR CLUE

return to O, note CHAIR JUST MOVED OMG!

N - pull LEVER#1; use HAMMER on WALL, get NUMBER CLUE


return to O, note HAMMER will not smash POLTERGEIST CHAIR
return to H, light FIREPLACE
return to G, light FIREPLACE



U - draw STAR w/ CHALK

T - get CROWBAR; click GRAVESTONES in order of OCCUPANT AGE (3-28, 8-30, 4-32, 1-33, 5-45, 2-52, 6-57, 7-74), get PIECE of CARD#1

return to G, pry FLOORBOARD, use FLASHLIGHT, get GREEN KEY

V - pull LEVER#3; open 4NUMBER BOX using SECRET BOOK CLUE on page 3-2 plus following page (7539), get SACRED BOWL

return to S, WHOA WAS THAT A GHOST?!
return to U, place SACRED BOWL on ALTAR, place DRIED HERB in BOWL, light DRIED HERB, get GOLD KEY


K - note 4 KNIGHTS; note SILENT NIGHT CLUE; use SILENT NIGHT CLUE on PIANO (every 4th note) (FFDBBAECAE), get PIECE of CARD#2


return to C, STRANGE PANEL is open, open 9NUMBER BOX using NUMBER CLUE from N (5->42->49->83->87->111; O=15) on SECRET BOOK page 9-4 (ELEVEN) converted ALPHANUMERICALLY (512522514), get PIECE of CARD#4

return to J, place PIECES of CARD in FRAME, get MAGICAL KEY

LaChatonFou - great WT! Thanks for taking the effort to do it!!!

Selfdefiant: did you ever thought about the possibility that there are literally hundreds of not payed game testers here on EG24 that would LOVE to be your official testers? Just a thought...

Anyway- you've got the right attitude: just ignore the hypercritics here, 99% of us here appreciate a lot what you game makers are doing. And you are one of the best, especially because you care so much about our comments here and always give a feedback. Go on! And god bless you and your family.

(And small-tool: I loved your rant! You did what many of us sometimes wanted to do but don't dare! ;-) )

This comment has been removed by the author.

I liked this game very much. Although it was hard and a new challange. Couldn't make it without all the help. So thank you SD and to all others who posted clues.

What I found frustrating about this game was the fact some of the scenes were very dark. I thought the game was hard but not as annoying as other games by the same maker, so in some ways I preferred the new style. The puzzles were a bit obscure, e.g. the image in the book you were meant to use the arrows to turn. I had no idea you could do that! I thought it meant you'll find something somewhere that you have to turn L L R... LOL And the graves... clicking them in order of age?!! Wow! SD, perhaps you could consider putting in a help button that will give a clue to the people stumped. There is another game developer that does that. All in all I liked this game as it was the right length and not too torturous going through a maze of rooms like other games. But the 4th note clue with notes missing their letters was obscure to say the least.

Great game SD - thank you!
Also many thanks to LaChatonFou for the WT - couldn't have finished without it

I love when the game developers try new ideas and tricks to keep us on our toes. This was a lot tougher but still playable with help... darn that 9 digit puzzle... I really enjoy your games and am looking forward to your future puzzles.

Love SD games.
This one was slight different.
I , too, miss the orbs, and the option to buy stuff with them.
Love the added animations ( chair, rain, ghost ). Its just enough not to cause a heart attack.
Its not too dark ( those who complain may need a brighter screen or learn how to calibrate a monitor)
Very much appreciating not to have to run seek for the places to put the gems in, although, like with the orbs, one got used to and its actually giving a good showdown effect.

What else to say. keep on with the great job. Your games are - the - best. One day I hope to catch a live-show, too :)

Oh right and the 9 digits box... doooh...! Thanks for spoilers and lots of hints, that was a hard one.

You should erase what roula said! Thank you!

That was the hardest ever SD. I needed help with 9 number clue, thanks for help peoples. Cheers Pete

Wow, that was awesome. And I loved the complexity of the 9 digit box, I never would have figured that out without help! The only problem for me was the squiggly drawing in the secret book that I couldn't see even when I turned the book. Thanks for the WT and spoiler for that number.


Sorry....I dont' remember how to 'bold' and 'underline' so I yell...lol!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I hated walking away from this one too many bugs. Never had room W ....

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