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Childs Park Escape Walkthrough

Childs Park Escape

DefyGames - Childs Park Escape is another point and click type room escape game developed by Defy Games. In this game, you must find some items and solve puzzles to escape the park. Good luck and have fun!

Play Childs Park Escape

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Collecting ducks.

Have two ducks that I've managed to put on the roundabout by finding the odd word out.

Oh, maybe these riddle are easy if you're a native speaker...

Yellow duck in pond - added to roundabout after solving odd one out clue - have hammer now.

Flora - you could also just try each word in turn. The shape one will only accept 4 lettters - that's what helped me understand what we were supposed to do.

Destroy fence and away!

THX, Clodagh, for the hint with the odd word out. I just tried several words... and bingo...
Now got hammer..

...and out. Way too short....not very challenging.

The worst part about the whole odd one out thing? Especially the other two ducks... fields are character limited xD So it can only be 1 answer out of the possible answers, and in both cases... the smallest word is best

may someone spoil for me the pink duck? have tried about 20 different words !

nm... put one of the given, lol

Yiannis, it's a game called "odd word out".
I got it only by trial and error, too...)))

2 stupid games posted in a row!
going to another site.

Opening pop up window...one star.

found pink and blue ducks. Where is yellow duck please?

POP. Found it. Thanks anyway

found pink and blue ducks. Where is yellow duck please?

Can't find yellow duck...

For the yellow duck, just click on the fountain in the water for a bit and it will appear in your inventory.


clicked all over the fountain a lot, lot lot. No ducky. I gave up.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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