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Escape from the Bathroom 3 Walkthrough

Escape from the Bathroom 3

NeatEscape - Escape from the Bathroom 3 is another point and click type room escape game by Neat Escape. Try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Only one possible ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Number from bath, from door and from mirror and the (colour) order for those numbers when you do water on the bubble.

I found the red and yellow numbers, but I bruteforced the blue one. Now in next room. Found red frame (and used it) and still have bucket with water. Don't understand clue for numbercode.

red frame???

The bottles shapes make 718

In the first room, the blue number appears in the bathtub.

I'm stuck in the second room : the red frame fits on the mirror reflecting the shelf, but I don't understand what it's supposed to show. And the towels may be a hint for the 4 buttons box, but how ?

Key gives clue for 4 button box

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in red frame you can see numbers

how do the bottles make 718? I don't see it

POP, now I see ;-)

Hex driver is a key to the third room

@Clodagh, @Jim,

Thank you but... I've not the faintest idea of the code of this 3 digit box...

POP, the bottles on the shelf simply "write" this code !

Colour clue on door opens bow at window for knife

pdgph - Look straight at the red-framed bottle shelves and see the shapes the bottles are making. Get a POP moment! (See Joke above).

Sorry pdgph - you've already had that moment - fun wasn't it!

and out! tnx for the help !

Where to use the knife?


You're welcome ! (-:
I could use another POP moment, since I don't know what to do with my "screwdriver" (which is not an actual screwdriver)...

Nvm. use water in pipe to get ball and use knife on that ball.

LOL, the key opens the door ! (maybe I should go back to bed)

the knife is used on a sphere, that comes from the divice in the hallway

It was a nice game !

Wondering how to get the sphere out of the tube.

Do u combine the # of towels on shef or use the piles?

Go back to the bathtub to take water again and use that.

the screwdriver is a hexdriver, and its's used twice on the base of the divice in the hallway

Are we supposed to go back to get some more water, because I can't!

sorry, not twice, only once

Aha! Can go back now.

I could go back and forth, no problem.
I never opened the lower cupboards in the second room, and never removed the pentagon (?) screw in the hallway

You don't use the towels. That's just a red herring.

I escaped - thank you all for the hints!

How to open 4 button box by sink?

ginya: look closer at the key. It gives you the hint.

From the 3 digit code box you get a key. Look at the backside of that key.

!st pop moment!!! and out. thought I tried that secquence. oh well still out! Thanks for help.

look close at the blue key

sorry, didn't get the hint with the bottles in the shelf. Could anyone explain again please?

Two bottles lying down in upper shelf. on 2nd shelf 1 bottle standing up, on 3rd shelf as well, makes a seven. My my, I stared at the laptop for minutes before I saw this.
2nd number, you see threed bottles standing up above each other. The others make an eight. Hope you see it now!!

Nice, a longer game. Thanks, NeatEscape!

I second the thanks, very nice game!

However ... I'm still not out.

Got blue key and cyan key, both of which don't fit in anywhere.
Apart from that, hex driver, half sphere, cutter knife, and small basin full of water.

No idea how to continue. Heh...


I *was* out...when you open the final door you have to click exactly the door HANDLE so that it opens...(normally clicking the door itself would work fine in those games;))

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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