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The Contrived Plot Walkthrough

The Contrived Plot

Gotmail - The Contrived Plot Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, you have to search the room for items and some clues to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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The Contrived Plot walkthrough

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in I go.. japanese one lol this should be interesting!

Yikes, Japanese, lol... Glad this is live...

I have a beaker and a roll of toilet paper...

there's not much in there..

hmm, so far just a beaker and 4 clues

I have no idea what the clues are for.. the toilet paper is on the shelf in the utility cupboard

ah yeah the toilet paper, I can turn on the water in the left sink, can't do much with it... Tried stopping it up with toilet paper... and filling the beaker

yeah I cant do either too.. the right hand mirror moves but it doesnt drop

I got a twisted wire from the beaker.

I also tried to smash the mirror with the beaker lol

Well, I think this mister just might end up being embezzled

LOL, thank you Peggy!

I am sure there is an order to clicking the corners of the mirror....

There's a hole in the CB under the right sink. I thought the wire would work there, but I can't get it to work.

Brute forced number code... SPO4164iLER

yeah I thought that too Peggy.

Step ladder in utility has a clue on it for the mirror, can't make anything of it yet..

sorry, from above the sink...

Mirro clue is 1 3 7 9

Get key

Ivy, thanks for the spoiler.

Marc, I don't understand your hint. Elaborate please.

If you turn the clue the letters IEL q form numbers 1 3 7 9
Press corners smallest number to biggest

Key is for ladder next room. Lots of confusing clues there

Marc, thank you. Now I get it.

Wow, had to take care of some things.. Anyone still here?

Stuck with a snake charm.

Yes! :)

Took me awhile to understand the ANGELINA thing upstairs, but actually it's pretty simple...

A_N_Gx_Ex_Lx_Ix_N_A = 411114

To me it sounds that you have to eliminate the GELI part, so you are left with ANNA.
And 411114 means April November November April, since the 1~12 / J~D hint is months.

So far so good...

HOWEVER when I come to the snake with that exquisite name, I have the problem that I never know what J is supposed to stand for. January ? June ? July ?

Maybe I'm missing yet another hint...

Arbeit, did you see the Jessie, Samantha, Thomas clue under the snake cage to the right? Still trying to make sense of all of this... Definitely in over my head! :p

Thank you arbeitslooser! For the hint for the A's, J's and M's, look at the cleaned whiteboard.

That's my problem...it's still dirty!

Wish I still had my mop ;)

Do you have the pen? You can use that to open a cabinet!

I still wonder where 1st code 4164 came from..

No Jenn, I don't have a pen.

BTW can it be that I'm behind because I haven't figured out the 5-letter code yet unlike you guys?

AHA!!! clue from white board gives code for briefcase, have keycard

Hm... Do you have the plate, the measuring cup and the beaker?

arbeit, you need a beaker with a certain amount of water and a petri dish.... amount of water = amount of snakes medusa has left.....

Thanks Jenn.
Yes I have a beaker and a 100 ml cup. I actually neglected the two since I was almost sure I had to make 300 ml or so with a 100 ml and a 500 ml cup ;)

Out! Ask me anything!

ah SO SIMPLE? no mixing this time? and pouring to and fro...great, got the pen now thanks Jenn for your help

What to do with snake charm?

Can't be out without reading the official walkthrough.

Hmm, Can't get through brown door with my card reader, is there something I must first do, or does this keycard work only once?

and still haven't figured out how to get that thing from beside the fridge

Roberto, do you have the key card?

ok, nevermind, it's the wire+mop

Ivy, there's something to be opened with a keycard. And remember the piece of wire? Bend it and combine it with something long.

Way past that point now ;)

I'm currently looking for a knife or something..since I need to get that snake food bag open first...

the other card slot I did open, and then fed the snake... Is there another spot I overlooked?

There's something you can use the snake was lying on top of.

ok! I'm out too. Thanks!

ok, combined those two, opened last lock aside from keycard, stumped by the book code...

GAH! I over thought that one...


The first letter of each number

out, that was a good game, definitely a thinker...

Thanks Ivy, but I'm still fighting with this puzzle...

OK...'0~24 X' / '0~11 O' means that we should not use military time, but American 12-hr system...

However...what is this knowledge for?
Are we supposed to translate the arrows to clock times? (clock hand 'shapes', so that 10:35 (approx.) is "right"?)

and when anyone gets there... the arrow puzzle with the word short.. up is zero....

Arbeit, have you looked at the mobile phone hint yet?

arbeit, look at the arrows and think of them as the 'short' hour hand....

the only thing I don't understand is where the first number code came from in the bathroom...

Jenn obviously I have, since I asked about those arrows in my question ;)

short hour hand, yes I got it that far...but...that would give me NUMBERS, and I need letters to open that book!

OMG, use Z for zero, and O for one...my god...

lol, it's ok, I over thought that one as well :P

and out. Very good game, even though I would have preferred the book code hadn't been made so artificially complicated...it felt a bit like "trying-hard-to-be-a-good-puzzle" ;)

Yet another game where the author is in an alternate dimension. Why can't there be some actual logic to these things! It's no fun when you have to read all of the hints because the author thinks it's funny to twist the logic around so badly. Come on, the Angelina clue actually made sense? Not really

I think the actual problem is that every author always has to think of something new, since most common puzzle ideas have been exhausted to the max by now.

And that's why they take a simple logic used 100,000 times before and twist it around to make it something exciting...

Why do musicians use chords you wouldn't expect at a certain part of the song? Same thing: if they didn't, every song would sound the same at great part. And the comparison is not as far-fetched as it seems: most musical ideas in pop music have been exhausted to the max at the same extent as have puzzle ideas in games.
Everything just feels like having been there already at least once in the past.

I don't get the briefcase code. Can some one help me?

for all you who can't understand the first code or any other for that sake, see walkthrough:


Thank you 'rrrough"!

That was ridiculous! would never have figured out those hints.
Just had to follow the walkthrough. Thanks rrrrough for posting.
sure takes the fun out of the game though.
disappointed in hotmail this time.

I'm locked in a toilet again...

I won't ever have gotten out if not for the walkthrough...
Seriously, like that first puzzle... with Eye and distance.. would anyone actually work that out?

That game lacked the logic I like to use in a game. It just confused me from the get go . So the walk through was pointless for me... I quit . And I'd like to add I like gotmail games even in Japanese :(

ok this one doesn't make a lick of sense, and the hints weren't much help either. gonna try something else...

Distance = ALPHABETIC distance?
And R = 9 does not mean that R IS 9, but 9 positions relative from letter I (pronounced 'eye').
Hardly ever seen anything as far-fetched as this...

Veeeery logical. Yeah right.

They could at least have made hints like

R = +9

F = -3

to indicate relative distance.A signed number can sometimes work wonders in numeric world :)

As far as I'm concerned this gets 1 star. No logic, frustrating and no fun. Why bother to do a puzzle when you have to follow a WT to have any idea what the vague clues mean? I'm taking the TP and flushing this one...

dinstance can't be negative. 3 hints: "disance, H=1, R=9" And a word "eye". It's pretty clear.
Escape games are usually so stupid, that everybody (me too!) got used to not use brains while playing :)

This game was too hard. Too many clues and too hard to work them.

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