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Gatamari Escape 20 Walkthrough

Gatamari Escape 20

[REPLAY] Gatamari Escape 20: Inamigami Familia is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Gatamari. In this escape game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Gatamari Escape 20 Walkthrough

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


1st in yay

Turn off lights for corners clue

Have tape?, pick ax and stick so far.

Have the hanged man

the music is a clue for the 13 red and white tiles code, got blue sphere and new clue to use

Language barrier for me - stopping

You can put the tape on the flute to get the clue from the "LET IT BE SIGN'
Then put that clue on the color blocks...
Head goes on other head for music clue

Music clue for puzzle with bars?

Also, is that a Dalek in the closet?

ty for help so far larue and myrd, side note, try using the blowwhistle+tape on the cat, its funny XD

Live? OK here I come

Music clue spoiler alert...


lol Vance!

Cut key outside and put lock on scale.
Give ball to cat..
And there is the language barrier....lol

stuck with valve not sure where to use it, and have blue and pink figurines

Hi Escapee's
Larue just say Uncle when I get to heavy to carry :-)

Music code unlocks the windows. Look around outside for next clue. Got the gear, but no function after installing it. Must be missing a step.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

monument height clue outside was for clue inside btw

nvm goes under painting now everything is filled

Aww never too heavy Clee LOL

I am guessing the note is for the leaf colors...

dalek looks like oriental bell to me LOL maybe bell the cat?

How did you get that gear down , I see it, won't come to me?

What do you mean, cut key outside? And what cat?

yes it was lol

Music clue for letter combo.

You can use the flute with tape on it to reach things...

out gg dont forget to get the keycard out of the bottom of the bell when raising it, i think the trigger for it was the wheel outside... ZURICH THATS WHO DONE IT! :D


use the pole, its versatile, and for the cat, if you get tired using the pole on it, give it the ball and itll give you the colored note for the leaves.

Found it , the sticky flute :-)

Cat and key are right outside window
I think gear was from a clue box?

Absolutely stuck. Still have the scythe, pink figure, and flute/tape combo. Gear is in the box but sliding the lever doesn't make it function.

the pole with the tape at the end of it, if you made it yet.

Aha! Had to look down!


you can only use the gear and lever when you got things FLOWin outside... for that, youll need to have found the valve and put it in the compartment under the vertical hanging picture

sink all 3 figurines at the end and the top 6 values are what you enter into the door... be careful to use the right triangle, there is face up, and face down.

I cant count colour clue correctly LOL

I escaped but I don't know if it was a good escape. I stole the black cat's fish and he is MAD!

Great game , couldn't do it without the kind help here THANKS!!!

Out! Thanks for the help!

Did you get it Leroy? use the black dot to position it right

LOL what black dot?

On the paper on the top branch see the black leaf on the bottom row? that row is r (BL) grg

eeeeek! Devil Cat!

Thanks for the hints everyone. That one was fun, even with a language barrier.

Hi everyone! I need help for bars. I can't figure out the hint from musical notes.

The hint for the bars its outside

I save and quit for now.

thank you Melania! i hadn't open the window till now!

To open the window look at 9:54 PM post is for the letters box

Can someone help me with the 13 red/white tile thing? I can't figure it out from what's written above

ok, I'm out now. It was a very nice game and the language was not a problem!

red color for 13 tiles things are the same as in center of room (music instrument with 13 rings)

Thanks gre-nadine! believe it or not, I hadn't spotted this instrument in the center of the room...

Two ends:
1. With binoculars --- have fish for meal
2. Without binoculars --- no fish for meal

There is no language barrier. The Japanese note is for green and red leaves box.

Thanks for the combining flute and tape hint.
The red and white clue from the musical thing on the floor needed to be reversed.
Don't miss the down view at the window.
After those few hiccups, all went smoothly.

excellent game (as usual) - loved it

Needed almost no help except for the crazy idea of taping the flute (I'd never gotten to that idea myself! ;))

Just...the ending was a bit dull. Just a black screen with a big Japanese kanji symbol.
LOL I rather expected an ending screen or sometthing of that sort...

Ah when the cat is mad it's the good ending then? because WE have the fish, not the cat.

Human greed at its best...

Looking down out the window was the only pixel hunt.

Play Super)) Though easy this time, but some fun) I'm a fan Gatamari

       Anonymous  1/26/14, 9:39 AM  

I have only a paper written in japanese for the red-green leaves.

       Anonymous  1/26/14, 9:43 AM  

Well, no one explained how to pass the language barrier for the leaves.

pdgph~although at first it looked like a language barrier, we figured out to just use the colors on the leaves

I have the water running...where is the gear?

Leaves aren't language...just use the colors...

       Anonymous  1/26/14, 10:12 AM  


You're right, thank you !

Yw pdgph! :)

Hint~you need to use the flashlight to find it.


can someone make a wt please

Great game!

Loved this game!

omg how do i figure out the 4 digit color code??????

I also cant find the valve please help

Dieter, for the 4 color number code, place the paper that looks like flags (some upside-down & right-side up) over the black square on the wall with the 4 colored blocks on it.

You get the valve when you place the 3 blue disks on the box below the Dalek in the closet.

i only have the last two blue disk. I did that but cant figure out puzzle with flags and brass bars. Cant figure it out


Dieter - look at colors only on combined picture and see what numbers they look like

the only language barrier is that we cant read the TEXT shown, but that is irrelivant because the game can be beaten without that knowledge anyways, so not REALLY a language barrier, but if you want to read the note i guess it is lol

just to confirm, the purpose of the note is to match the colors with the leaves, and not to understand the text!

The text on the note doesn't mean anything anyway... just some gibberish

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