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Mad Man Behind Closed Doors Walkthrough

Mad Man Behind Closed Doors

Gotmail - Mad Man Behind Closed Doors Escape a.k.a. Misshitsu Kurui no Otoko Escape is another Japanese  point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, you have to search the room for items and some clues to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

Play Mad Man Behind Closed Doors

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Going in, not much success with these games...

Language barrier, oh well. Will check back later, going to sleep.

All I could find, besides a lot of clues I can't understand, is a ribbon from a secret flap in a briefcase.
Now, what do I do with it?

Found a chess piece between two CBs, but can't reach it.

Found a safe in the floor in front of the table & tipped stool. Needs 3 numbers.

Turned a table lamp on and flipped the light, which points to a screwdriver.

There's a clue under the pink rug in front of the door.

There's a hot spot below the shelf with the blue box and unicorn.

And a hanger above those same shelves.

Am I alone here?
I need help with translation of clues.

Just noticed you can zoom in on pink ribbon for more clues.

I ve read the ribbon with hint 823=19 x + =
A=2 B=7 C=3 Nothing happens.

Nope, can't get those numbers, in any order, to work on floor safe.

And I can't get any numbers from the brown notebook to work on the blue box, either.

Well I peeked at the wk because I couldn't get the numbers to work on the box. You do use the numbers in the book, but you have to zoom in on the book first before they will work.
Here is the hint.. Q=1 W=2 E=3
You have to find XKRM

Maybe I should add...top use the keyboard as a reference to location lol

*to use

well it is late here and I guess I the "to" wasn't even necessary lol

larue, thank you. The light clicks on in my brain now.
I HAD looked close at the notes in the book, but it didn't make any sense to me.
And I couldn't figure out what the keyboard had to do with anything. I thought it would come in use if we got the computer to turn on.
Thanks for making the connection.

And after all that, all I got was a safety pin.

Use the pin hair and ribbon to get the chess piece. There is a screw at the bottom of it.

Lol, safety pin, no hair pin. Sorry.

The pin opens the glass CB near the hat rack. Got a metal rod which can be placed on the tipped stool, but it comes back in inventory very easily.

Use screw on tipped stool after placing metal rod.

marcia, thanks. I swear I tried attaching the pin to the ribbon with no luck.
Got my stool fixed but can't do anything with it?

And now we can take the stool. Placed it in front of CB with thing on top. Dont know what to do with it, anyway.

Use screwdriver, Peggy, And you are welcome.

Finally found the pixel to pick up the stool.
Place it under the blue box and get the hanger thing.

I forgot about the tall CB.
The hanger thing goes in the triangle on the drawer to get another chess piece and another screw.

Oh, I thought I used the screwdriver there too.

Thanks, Peggy. I forgot about the hanger, lol.

The triangle also goes in the skinny CB by the door.

can any one spoil the number codes please ?

I dont get the clue under the pink rug.

marcia,i don't much of any of the clues ! lol

Kevaus, for blue box:




Lol, Kevaus. Same here.

kevaus, the only numbers I got were from the keyboard.
12345 =

Just count through the keyboard to find the numbers for XKRM.


thanks marcia !

and peggy :)

So we can place the triangle on that thing, and move the other thing above it. For what? No sé.

You are welcome, Kevaus. :)

I'm guessing we need to find the other shapes, and I think a square is needed to open the box on top of the tall CB.

Yes, Peggy.
We can place the blue screw in the chess piece back. But nothing happens. I tried to join both chess pieces but nada.

Oh, thank you marcia. Re-assembled the chess pieces and put them on the chess board. By clicking the top of each white piece, they turn. Don't have a clue what it all means, though.

And they can´t be place on the chessboard anymore. So, Im stuck.

Oh my! Thanks Peggy, I´ll try that. Thank youu!!

Oh, but I dont have the first screw anymore. Where did I leave it?

Oh yes. The stool! Lol

I have to go to bed now, but again I think you have to zoom on the book to make this work~ You will hear a click if you are turning the chess pieces the correct way to unscrew the chessboard for a blue piece that can be placed under light.


Have fun!

Thank you, Larue. Good night!

blue card also opens cb left of blue box/unicorn for a 7 shape

Now I got my blue piece. I had the sound off.

Thanks Kevaus. I thought that was a window.

tried the 7 shape on box on top of cb,but nada

I think I´ll call it a night. I will finish it tomorrow. Thanks Peggy and Kevaus.

night marcia,i might give up to,it's friday evening here,and i am going out shortly

I was able to add the '7' to the box on top of the 4 drawers.

So how does 823 = 291?

Oh, it's the same rule of x + =.

And NOW the floor safe opens!

The numbers posted earlier were correct, we just hadn't seen the clue on the card yet.

Have a blue square. There's a red ?arrow? on the back of it. I can place it on the box on the tall CB, but the box still won't open. I tried turning the square around, but it won't go on the box in that position. Although it WILL go in the skinny CB backwards.

The 7 shape can be placed in the box in 2 separate spaces, and it turns when you click on it.
(A tidbit that may help later on. Or not.)

thanks alls, but stuck with the chess pièces
read com @larue (thanks), zoom in book, turn the 2 pieces but I can't hear a click

help please

ok! click a lot of times on book and it works (hard !!)

How did you turn 2 pieces?
How many times?
what does it means left and right (both of them turn only clockwise)?
I can't do anything

@pierpor, before clicking on pieces I think you need to click on book many times to see all the inscriptions bottom

and probably on another things but...(hard to say what is good !)

have you seen the symbol under the carpet and click on? (perhaps)

another "mission Impossible" sucked out of the last corner of a japanese insane brain.

To add something to marcia's great hint:

Use the pin hair and ribbon to get the chess piece. There is a screw at the bottom of it.

If you have no idea what chess piece we're talking about, look like something in a gap that looks like a LIGHT BULB from afar!

Too much look'ing, should be 'look FOR something...'

Yes, I did, seb.
Anyway thanks.

OK! Figured out the rule for the numbers.

But what now? What does that help me for the floor safe number?

OMG! That ribbon! I didn't remember I had "dismantled" my "tool" again...

And now I was STUCK and I had to peek in the walkthrough - shame on me!

But I would never have gotten the idea that I ...
...had to fix one of the chess figures *ON* the square gadget!
So this may clearly explain why there was no-go with the box on top of the tall CB!

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Can some one tell where to find the ribbon please?
Peggy was mentioning a briefcase, but I can't find a briefcase.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Because this is not a briefcase!

Its a suitcase, and it's in one of the cabinets, I think it was the one left of the door.

I was hoping y'all would've had the answers posted. I had to go to the walkthrough to finish.
There's no way I could've finished that on my own.

How do you unscrew the chessboard? Where is that screw?

Chessboard stays where it is, just the figures need to be placed there later.

About your question where the screw is...about item each figure :)

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