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The Dangerous Gen-Kan Walkthrough

The Dangerous Gen-Kan

[REPLAY] Kotorinosu - The Dangerous GEN-KAN Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Mani Morishita from Kotorinosu. Somehow you are trapped in a room with a cold atmosphere covered in concrete. There is a box with the word "danger" in the room, and a suspicious switch. Let's escape from this room while passing the danger, relying on things and brains in the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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The Dangerous Gen-Kan Escape Walkthrough

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So far: found red and green square and a stick.

And I found Bad End 1, 2 and 3, LOL

Do not push the red button on the door !

same as anja, and i also got a piece of paper with 3 shapes written on it..

You can die many times in this game........

With stick I got a note, gives 3 digit code for the box and that gives a hammer

okay the code for the box is...128

With hammer I put the picture down (look in inventory on the back)

And found Bad End 4!

somehow...I start shivering while I'm playing this game...

Hint from back of picture gives the clue for to use hammer (I think) on the right can. That gives a key

got a key from bottle(bottom right corner one)

The box code must be different in each game. Mine wasn't 128.

Bad end 5!!!

Don't use key on the box "Don't open" because then you found Bad End 5.
Used key on blue box gives a SD

use the key to open the blue box
btw the 3-digit code, you should refer to the picture with I~IX

@Jason: my box code was 958

Use SD on "Don't open"-box (on top) gives a kind of plate

need a blue cube...

bad end 6 !

Lot of bad ends, and now missing blue cube.

Mine was 549. Definitely different each game.

I think I'm looking for a blue cube now, or a way to get the wrench without bad end 2.

oh got the blue cube inside the blue box

oh forgot: in blue box is last blue square, plate goes on scale!

And I found Bad End 6!

and got a bad end again while putting the cubes....

Blue cube in blue box.

Pulled the lever and bad end again.

Put squares in order on scale, gives nippers

Order: RGB

put cubes according to their weight
ascending order (for me)

Used nippers on lever, don't pull down or Bad End 7!!!

Put cubes in correct order, check weight in the middle of scales.

and stuck...

Got nippers from cubes, cut wire on handle, moved handle, bad end 7.

Where is the note?

Pull lever, but hold it down until the red bar at the top goes green.

I'm out, but keep getting bad end 10 (exit). Not sure what I'm missing.

@Anita: look at the bars on flor

Thank you Jason for your hint!!!

       Anonymous  2/6/14, 6:14 AM  

Fantastic game!!!!!!!!
I got bad endings 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10 :))) and one good ending...

@Anja - found. Thanks

Used the new tool on wooden box and got a wheel

Wheel is used under lever and found Bad End 8

       Anonymous  2/6/14, 6:16 AM  

Jason, don´t leave through the door but trough the grid...

How did you get the good ending?

When wheel is turning, take a step back before the ladder hits you.

turn the wheel and step back
got bad end 9 for cutting wrong wire ..

Through the grid? I'm too fat to fit through the bars.

       Anonymous  2/6/14, 6:18 AM  

Open the door, don´t leave, climb on ladder again, switch the switch to red, go down, look at the open door --> there is a shadow on the floor...

       Anonymous  2/6/14, 6:19 AM  

Jason, go to the gym first ;)

Haha, thanks Emmes and Lottie - never thought that

turn off the light and run down to 1st floor to see the color hint

and I died 16 times!
out!!! Great thanks!! :)

       Anonymous  2/6/14, 6:23 AM  

Haha, just saw my "Count Of Death" n the final screen: 26 :)))

Got Bad End 10 (I have to do this!) and now the good (?) ending.
Great game!!!!

Died 19 times, good game thx for all the hints.

Oh! Thanks, I thought that was my shadow on the floor.

You're *supposed* to have the light off to begin with to get the order for the wires. Four out of five colored objects will have glowing spots on them, which give you numbers for the order to cut the wires. Or you can trial by error it like I did the first time and die ten times in the process.

Great game. Death count 16 lol.

great game ! dead...a lot of time ;)

Died 7 different ways so far... cool game, though :D

18 deaths, 10 different ways.
Great game!!!!!
The "step back" would never occur to me...

       Anonymous  2/6/14, 7:29 AM  

Count Of Death: 0 - through: (Part 1)

flower pot --> red cube
green/black picture --> green cube
behind barrels --> long stick
stick through grid --> hint-paper
combine hint-paper with window --> 3-digit-code
enter 3-digit-code in small white box --> hammer
use hammer on dark glas right of green/black picture and klick the black plate a few time till it is in your inventory.
In inventory use hammer oon the black plate and look at the shape of the missimg red tile. Go to the six cans and look at their tops. Use hammer on the can with the fitting shape --> key.
Use key on blue box --> SD and sneaky blue cube.
Use SD on big white box above the cans --> silver plate.
Put silver plate on scales right of the flower. Weigh every cube BUT only one at a time. Then put the cubes on the scales (from lightest to heaviest) --> pliers.
Use pliers with the wire on the red/black lever. Click AND hld the lever till the bar above is green --> take spanner.
Use spanner on wooden box --> wheel.
Use wheel down left oof cans. When wheel stops --> step back immediatly.

Excellent Kotorinosu game, died only 10 times lol :D Good thing we didn't have to restart after each bad end.

       Anonymous  2/6/14, 7:38 AM  

Count Of Death: 0 - through: (Part 2)

Go up ladder
AND NOW HURRY (60 seconds till boooom): click on box, click switch, go down, look at the four highlighted spots in the room (=sequence of the wires to be cut), go up ladder, use pliers in the sequence you have noticed.
Make sure that the switch shows red. Go down.
Click the button on the grid --> key.
Use key on door and open it. DON´T go out.
Step back.
Click on the peak of the shadow on the floor.
Click the red button.
Leave through the (now) opened grid.

Lean back.

My game doesn't load in FF, disabled adblock and still no load....
loaded in Chrome right away... hmmmmm

I see the four highlighted color spots in the dark room, but how does that tell you which order to cut the wires?

       Anonymous  2/6/14, 7:48 AM  

gmm, zoom in and then you see numbers...

@gmm zoom in, there is a number on each color

Lol prakta, great WT thanks :)

I see the highlighted colored things...how to determine order please?

I should have refreshed before asking! :)

Great fun! I died many times...so happy we didn't have to start from beginning!
I had turned light back on after disabling the bomb so there was no shadow...lol
turned it back on...found the red button
Thanks for the great WT, pratka!!!!!!

not back on...off...lol...you know what I meant! LOL

I usually love this maker, but with this one - I didn't care for exploding all the time.. my favorite is still "device"

A cat has 7 live.
I need much more !!

I'd love to see an inverse walkthrough enumerating all the ways to die so players can figure out what not to do

If I have time (and finish this game) I might just write it


Do not think in digital numbers!

That's what kept me blocked in this game from the beginning. Thanks Lottie for unblocking my brain!!
These 'U' shapes are locations for the I ... IX panel on the wall! So the 'U' is a 2!

my, my...

-------------- THINGS TO DON'T --------------------
-Press the button on the barred door
-use the stick, your fingers, the metal plate, or any item to take the spanner behind the laser bars
-put the wrong number into the roman # box (changes each game)
-use the hammer to smash the wrong bottle
-use the key to open the "don't open" box
-put the cubes on the scale without weighing them first (changes each game)
-simply click on the lever by the laser bars
-cut wires without turning off the lights and going downstairs (changes each game)
-go out the door (although hanging out and looking is actually kind of nice)

Out ... very good game if a bit scary (for our girls here whose hearts are likely to miss a beat if anything they touch blows everything up to smithereens!)

Come to think of it...why not install this in your basement garages? Will keep any women out there for keeps... :-P

Mmmkay, maybe that was a bit harsh after all. --- For the good ending, you must have LIGHTS OFF. The "light switch" is a bit well-hidden in this game.

Great game!

Heck.. game seems to have crashed on me when I beat the medicine-bottles puzzle... now it's in a zombie state, and doesn't register any clicks...

And out! 31 deaths. Found all 10 bad endings in order. Thanks for the hints!

Absolutely Fantastic Game !

Going back to get all the bad ends is a first !

Mani = legend !

I cut the wires by chance, lol, I made it the second time!!!

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