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Locked Room Escape 2

[REPLAY] Locked Room Escape 2 is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Nekonote. In this classical escape game, you are trapped in a room and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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File Not Found.
Care to try again, Nekonote?

also in

paper under left cushion in couch, and 1 sheet of the notebook looks like it goes with the clock hands.

also pencil behind small house and J tile in plant next to origami book. after viewing, sheet of paper can be folded into plane.

What browser are you guys using?
I get a File Not Found error on FF, and just a white box on IE.

Ahh...long load, it is working in IE now.

pencil used in hole near clock to get Q tile.

and one more time pencil in the notebook on the ripped part when "13" is shown (flip pages)

Color code using chicks and squares for order

Paper from sofa can be made into paper plane and thrown up into hole in ceiling

plane to post with holes for key by dresser

bill I had to refresh to get it to start in IE

duck spilBRYGer

"A" tile when you solve the top drawers color code. 2 clues are combined for the solution, its not simply use the chicks.

chrome here btw

chrome x2

hmmm stuck with sticks

Need a K tile (I assume) and more clues for the card suits (only have diamond so far).

Where to use matches?

stuck upstairs .. can't figure out the left right lock code on drawer ..

Under the sofa, and that answers my earlier question :)

below the couch Andrea ..

Ok Mr. Upstairs Smarty Pants :P ~how do we do the solve the 3 digit drawer downstairs please?

yea im stuck on that too, having trouble figuring out if its the clock hands needed or the pencil clue in the notebook, and how to convert the hands into ONE digit numbers...

Key on floor by wooden pole.

oops late here~too many "do we do's" and a "the" in last post! lol

lol Larue .. use pencil on the torn paper and combine the result with the shapes on the clock ..

larue, you have the pencil? use it on the notebook on the sofa & you get a time
Look at the clock, note shapes for hrs, min, sec
Also in the notebook is an order
You want to use just digits 1-12

I need an order for the AKQJ tiles, nothing I've tried has worked

second hand 1st, then M then H, acc. to paper clue: gives you 45:30:13 - translate those to single digit #s w/ the clock

ok tyvm! :) I will have to continue tomorrow!

Look at the the hands of the clock. Triangle is second, Circle is minute and square is hour. Take the 13:30:45 and change that to 1:6:9. The order in the book is Triangle Circle Square so 961.



Need a knife or something for bundle of wood for the pole. Stuck.


Ad+Jh=Qs Kc-Qs=Ad shdc r l ll r l

My letters order was QJAK.
Got pliers.

Mine were QJAK also. Working on the left right thing now...

4 tiles but cant figure out box

thx Guru - was on my way there, but trying to make the ace higher than the king, LOL

QAJK isn't working for me. Maybe I'm missing a step. Still have letter tiles bundle of wood and matches.

ty for explaining the code guys, i had figured out 169 easily but then didnt figure out the last part (rearranging them) got matches now, used under couch, solved suits code (small hint K is last), and that gives you pliers. cut open the sticks package and use them to climb upstairs. matches on candle and you get red key. you think you can leave without solving the upstairs all the way but the door is jammed lol

Thanx Guru .. but i'm afraid didn't quite get the explanation !

E-Addict - read only the r's and l's in the note

Now I have a glass and a box lid...

duh .. :D thanx just1 .. that makes more sense !

A GREAT challenge

Use the SD EVERYWHERE.... the "lid" is a mirror ;)


At the bottom of the note is -8. Eliminate all the letters in the word "eight" from the words above. You will be left with the LR combo.

when you get SD, use it on birdhouse and cards box too

Thanks for spoilers GuruOne!

L-R spoiler gives screwdriver to
remove birdhouse, got drink glass.

To get the screwdriver upstairs look at the words and the W on top of the table. Now only look at the L's and R's in the words.

Hi! Stuck with a magnet and a glass

same place Nini ! :D

use magnet to the right of the drawer upstairs .. got hammer !

Screwdriver is also used on small house
in barrel scene upstairs.

Need a ball?

use hammer on barrel and got water ! :D

Oh! That was the view I was missing ty!
Use hammer to open barrel then use glass.

Water the plant next to the front door, get ball. Easy from there.

water ´plant, get ball !

Out! Thx for the help guys

and water on plant downstairs for a blue sphere .. use it upstairs on chicks' house for a key .. and out ! :D

Five Stars game .. Thanks Nekonote and Anasteisha Roma for posting it !

Totally missed that scene for the hammer. Easy out after that, thanks!

out but with help. use the magnet obtained from the wood box being used on the open exit door, upstairs. you get hammer. smash open the top of the barrel and dip the cup in, then use it on the plant downstairs to get marble. use that on the trees+houses decoration upstairs (SD first though) and youll get the exit key. good game overall and kept us occupied a while

Very nice game indeed!

Thanks Nekonote, and fellow escapers!

have mirror key and glass but what now?????

oh and Thanks Bill Chinery for the explanation .. makes perfect sense now !

@ Dieter,

Use key on door downstairs, the put mirror
out to see magnet.
Use magnet in attic.

i think its the best game all day today and yesterday XD i gave it a 5 also

That equation to work out the order of AKQJ makes sense but only in retrospect! Bravo to whoever actually worked that one out!

No one explained QJAK code so here it is:
Note on drawer tells us that:
Diamonds + Hearts = Spades
Clubs - Spades = Diamond

Diamond = 1 so in the end:

1 + Hearts = Spades
Clubs - Spades = 1

So => Clubs - Hearts = 2
We have 3 possibilities for numbers: 11 (Jack), 12 (Queen) and 13 (King). That means Clubs = King, Hearts = Jack and Spades = Queen. (we already know Diamonds = Ace)
The order is, therefore: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs =
Queen, Jack, Ace, King.

Thanks Nini xD .. now everything makes sense ! :D

I think there's a dead body blocking the door!!

and btw didn't even notice that Q , J , A and K represents Queen , Jack , Ace and King ! :D thought the note in drawer was for some other puzzle .. am i the only one ? :D

good job explaining the code nini that is sure to hlep some readers! (remembering that many probably play esp later, but dont post)

Still live?

Hi, Leroy.

Even with final key, I still can't get out...

Missy Moo, you escape through a trap door in the floor.

Final key for door in floor to right of tall cabinet.

Thanks everyone for great posts and explanations!

thanks alls, excellent game :)

Service Temporarily Unavailable

I should take you over my knee, Nini........ LOL

Always remember, you OWE me :P

"Service temporarily unavailable"

Seems like the game's too popular.

Service temporarily unavailable

Now it works ...for you, too?

Thanks for all the hints. Only thing no one said was WHERE to use magnet upstairs. It goes on post behind table. Took a long time to find that spot.
out now

       Anonymous  2/25/14, 5:08 AM  

I have a bundle of wood and matches, but no way to use them.

       Anonymous  2/25/14, 5:26 AM  

... fortunately, Suicune explained where to use the matches !

       Anonymous  2/25/14, 5:31 AM  

Everyone says to use the magnet... but where is it ?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@pdgph use sd on box QJAK to take the lid
lid is a mirror, use this mirror on door (opened with red key but not entirely) you can see magnet in letters box behind the door

       Anonymous  2/25/14, 6:23 AM  

Thank you Seb ! Now I have the magnet.


Logical all along, requires lateral thinking, challenges the mkind but not too much... Thumbs up.

how do i get the glass?

i used the sd on the birdhouse to open it, but there is no glass!

isn´t there anybody out there?

glass is in little house on a shelf downstairs

I can't find where to use the key. I can't get upstairs, and it doesn't work on the trap door. I have not been out of the first room, but have key (unused), pencil and pliers (unused) left.

Seems like I need a bundle of wood, from going back over all the comments, but I cannot find it.

OK, I found it! I didn't realize there was a door in the floor on *both* sides of the dresser. The first key is used on the left side. :)

Where is the LR puzzle?

Below that drawer with the hint for that is another drawer.

Wow, pixel hunt locations and double-encrypted clues... There are trap doors to the left and right of the dresser. When you fly the plane up the hole what happens is a key drops to the floor. Pixel hunt around near the floor by the post to find the key. There is a (hidden) mirror in the lid of the JQKA box, use the screwdriver somewhere up there to get it. Use the mirror out the open front door to see a magnet (huh?). There is a pixel hunt on the post to the right of table upstairs, insert the magnet there (???) to open a compartment in the support beam (yikes!). Use the screwdriver on the very top of the white house upstairs, apparently there are screws there.

replayed it and and didn't find any reference for the QJAK , except for what it is supposed to be the Ace's photo maybe ?! but how could i have missed that , the most valuable cards in Blackjack lol the Ace in particular ! :D

The left right clue isn't working on the drawer knob. Don't understand what the W has to do with it? Help. Thanks.

Oh. I see the W pattern on the clue now. Let me try that.

All the hints are in posts above (thank you so much, especially Nini who explained how the letter puzzle worked! That would have bugged me for days) but as I am always grateful to see a WT I will summarise all into a WT

Go left, zoom in on birdhouse, get pencil behind. See numeral 1 on the diamond shape. Look at height clue next to birdhouse and colours and heights of birds on shelf below. Look at bottom table, get "J" tile from behind plant.

Go left to drawers. Open top drawer with colour solution from bar height picture and bird size/colour clues (see below) and get "A" tile. Open 3rd drawer to get card suit clue. See number puzzle bottom drawer.

Go left, lift left cushion and get paper. Go to shelves and look at origami book on the bottom table. Once you have "seen" the instructions you can click on the paper and it will become a paper plane. Go to firemans pole, zoom, use paper plane which flies up and dislodges a key. Get the key from the bottom of the pole. Open trapdoor in floor to the left of the drawers and get bundle of sticks.

Look at clock on left of couch. Note shapes on hour, minute, second hands. Open notebook on couch. See hint for order of shapes, see ripped page, use pencil to get the remainder of the time. Use clues from clock and notebook to open bottom drawer (see below) and get matches.

Back to couch, look under use matches and get "K" tile. Look at table with clock on, click hole next to clock, put pencil in hole, push down, look at bottom of table and get "Q" tile. and get key that falls.

Solve card suits puzzle. Look at order of tiles in the picture above the couch, look at clue from 3rd drawer, look at Diamond = 1 on shelving. Solve (see below) and put tiles on box on table at the right of the couch. Get pliers.

Use pliers to open bundle of sticks and use them on the firemans pole. Climb up to the attic.

Click on candle, light with matches, get key behind candle. Turn on lights and go right. Look at table top there is a direction clue. Open drawer and look at paper clue. Get a L/R clue (see below) and use on drawer knob to undo - it is a screwdriver!

Go right, click on small white shape, use SD on top...a ball chute.
Go down, use SD on birdhouse and get water glass, use SD on the inside of lid of the card suit box and get mirror. Use key on door, look through small gap with mirror, get magnet.

Back to attic, go right, put magnet on the spots on the corner pole behind the table. Get hammer. Use the hammer on the lid of the barrel, fill glass with water. Go down.

Water plant on the right of the door and get blue ball. Back to attic, use blue ball on the ball chute, get the key...down again and use key on the trapdoor on the right of the drawers and OUT.

Colour puzzle:
Birds - tallest one (4) is red, next tallest (3) is yellow, next (2) is green and smallest (1) is blue.
Height bar picture goes 1432, match to the bird colours:

Number puzzle:
From the clock:
Hour hand= square
Minute hand = circle
Second hand = triangle
Time from note book = 13:30:45
On a clock 13 is the 1, 30 is the 6 and 45 is the 9
So hour=square=1
Order from hint in notebook = Triangle, circle,hour
Number is 961

Card suit/tiles puzzle.
Cut and paste from Nini's post above as it was a perfect explanation:
Note on drawer tells us that:
Diamonds + Hearts = Spades
Clubs - Spades = Diamond

Diamond = 1 so in the end:

1 + Hearts = Spades
Clubs - Spades = 1

So => Clubs - Hearts = 2
We have 3 possibilities for numbers: 11 (Jack), 12 (Queen) and 13 (King). That means Clubs = King, Hearts = Jack and Spades = Queen. (we already know Diamonds = Ace)
The order is, therefore: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs =
Queen, Jack, Ace, King.

Direction is "W"
Paper is words in a "W" shape, and at the bottom is -8. Remove the letters e,i,g,h,t from the words leaving just the letters R & L. (Thanks to Bill Chinery for that clue) Follow the direction and get RLLLRL.
Go to drawer handle and click arrows to turn in the directions given.

excellent game!

Great game, given it five stars. I especially loved how you (somewhat dissapointed, with an 'was that all?' feeling) open the door, and then find out that it wasn't all, by far!

caught this one because of posting a Neko game recently (but from another dev) & decided to post this one as a replay

thx for all your creations, Nekonote ☺
& thx Soozn for the WT

Well, let's see if this works now...

Cool (for some reason I kept getting an error message as I was trying to leave a comment here.)

So... why am I getting a "Sorry, this is Flash contents. You need a flash player." error message when I'm trying to play this game - when I certainly DO have a "flash player", the latest version of it...? Why can other games find it but this game can't?

Pixel hunts and size issue:
1) There is a tiny hole next to clock on table, zoom
2) Those sticks in inventory are large and strong
3) Inside of card suit box has invisible screws
4) Pole in attic has invisible holes, click to zoom
p.s I had to load on phone to play

bio & Tiquer
sorry about your issues - I always check the games before posting it as a replay...!
besides the pretty long loading, this one worked properly for me in several browsers - also no probs re FlashPlayer)...

btw, did you check other games from this dev?
if so, did you have the same issues?
feel free to contact me (click my nick)...

I get the same message as BIO, sorry this is a flash content, you need a flash player. I'm playing on chrome and never have had a problem like that, usually I just have to click to authorize flash, but here I don't have that option

Same message for me using Chrome.

aridza & mystery
can you switch browsers?
FF should work...

Don't use FF. No offense, but I'm not going to install FF just to play a game. There's plenty of other games I can play. Thank you though.

For some reason, Chrome doesn't work but FF does...

Getting same message as the rest, not willing to install other browsers.

thx for the reply. I guess I've played just about every Nekonote game, never had this issue before. Now I tried some of his games I do remember playing, and they give me the same Flash-BS... Well, if Nekonote doesn't want Chrome users, he won't get Chrome users I guess :)

Also... thanks for the suggestion to try Firefox - to be brutally honest, I'm not gonna install it for a game :) I'm glad I got rid of it back then, I'm not gonna allow it back on my computer again :D I guess I'm gonna be fine without playing this game again ;)

Thanks for the advice though, and keep up the good job ;)

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