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🖳 Tomatea The Holidays are Over Walkthrough

🖳 Tomatea The Holidays are Over

[REPLAY] Tomatea - The Holidays are Over Escape is another free online point and click room escape the room game from Tomatea. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles in the room. Good luck and have fun!

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The Holidays are Over - Walkthrough 

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I love tomatea!

Oh please I need tips... :D

clue for box with snowflakes is on the right side, on candles. Combine clue from left painting (large to small) and the lines between candles on the right side.

So far: found 4 christmas ball, white dwarf (?), toy key and a puzzle piece (used), opened 2 cupboards. Now using toy key for LR

For cupboard under paper lantern (3*3) use clue from snowballs on the right side

Oh and opend box with snowflakes. Second dwarf from cupbord with L/R buttons. Dwarfs going on box with white spots

Toy key is used on slide and on clock. clock gives hint for one of the drawers. Have SD now.

after completing puzzle, get a key for slade. The press button for L/R cupboard

SD is used on picture for a note with hint.

Oh noes, a tomatea live, and I would have some work to do. Well, work can wait... ;-)

You can take the star from christmas tree.

Take toy key back and take a closer look on it!

Now have all 3 dwarfs and placed them!

Oh - and one of the dwarfs has a key!!!

With key from dwarf got scissors

With scissors I could take 4 more christmas balls.

After solving clock puzzle, got the screwdriver. Opened tha photo frame and got a paper with a hint. I still don't know how to use it.

Great Anja! I never looked on the key!

Been stuck with 8 ornaments, paper note and star for a while..
Got all cupboards lit up/opened (except the word one which it says I don't know it). Can't solve star either. Can't put ornaments in brown box until I get the last one, I guess..

Have all lamps on cupbords on and could solve the star riddle (from inventory) - got a new paper clue

I have eight Christmas balls, star and paper in inventory, and now I'm stuck.

...Okay for some reason NOW it's letting me solve the star -____-

Paper clue goes on "Winter Holiday" and gives letters for the last drawer. There I found my last christmas ball.

Put christmas ball in box rearange them and got the door key.

Out now - great game!

What do you do with the paper with the five squares (one red)?

Aaaand out.
Don't know what you need to do to get the star to work (since I'd done everything like 5 times before) but once it does.. paper hint is the lighted cabinets and you change the color of the star points.
Then what anja said.
After you get last ornament, rearrange them according to shapes (big to small) on the lid, with the elves color/shapes hint.

ok, now I have 8 ornaments, my scissors is gone and I have a star that I still don't have the clue to solve.

Just keep going around and around the room looking at/opening the cupboards and everything else until the star lets you change the colors of the points.

clue for the star is the paper from the snowman picture.
If you haven't noticed yet:
Each cupboard has a switch on the right side (little triangle sticking out) of the inside. Click it to turn it on and light up the top of the cupboard.
Each cupboard has a different color.
Use the paper clue to orientate yourself and match up cupboard colors/star points.

I'll play again and will look if I find something more for the solving the star.

clicked at everything, opened and closed all doors - and the star still claims I have no clue...why?

Mmm - I played again, made all lamps on, took a closer look on the paper hint and I could solve the star.


And I click on the red light (don't know if it makes a differenz)

Thanks a lot for very helpful hints, Anja (Stu). I needed the hint for taking the wind-up-key back and then looking on it.

And by the way: excellent game, but nobody expects something less from tomatea anyway.

Anja, if you mean the red square on the paper - no, doesn't do it for me...

When you open the large cabinets there is a switch inside to the top left - they turn on lights above on the CB - and then you use the paper hint to orientate where red is. That is the top colour of the star, and then you just follow around the room.

Sorry, switch is on the top RIGHT inside the opened cabinets.

Anja - your hint to look at the first key was the one that I needed - thanks!

make sure all cupboards are lit, including one that needs letters

all the lights except red are on. All the clues except "word" are solved. I have a paper clue and a star that would not cooperate. Frustrating.

Have you got the paper clue with the holes in it Orit? That goes over the wordy poster on the wall to give the clue for the 4-letter safe.

There should be enough clue in the posts to give you the star lights puzzle Orit.

are there two "paper clues"? the one I have (red square top) does not do anything on the "holidays sign" - what am I doing wrong?

the red cb can light before you have the letters

Thanks everyone. I guess I am now looking for paper with holes which I don't have...

@Orit: Have you open the upper drawer on cabinet with the tree on? You need a key for it

Orit, the paper you have is for solving the star - I wonder what's missing? Are all the five coloured lights on around the room?

Hallelujah! Out, and Thanks!

Hooray Orit!

Congrats Orit :)

ok, the star works only after turning on all of the cupboards.

For star. Press the top of it on red. Then follow the patern for the rest of it, according to lights of cabinets.
green blue
yellow pink
I hope it helps

@Anja Thanks for hint key :)
what a beautiful game as usual !

for the balls at the end, you have to combine hints of shapes frome dwarfs and from box

TomaTea - someone who will not disappoint!

sorry but don't get the hint for the 3x3 cb and the snowballs. Any other explanation??

pop..got it by random guessing

@Liluna - look at shapes on the snowball's bottoms - compare it with white lines on 3x3 cb

Of course I'm too late to catch one of the real good games live. Another lovely TomaTea (pity they are so rare), and I take my hat off to Anja. I was stuck twice, and I saw that she was the champ of the game.

Oh,those flowers in the end of the game i have in my garden !!!! :D

Finally out, too. I like tomatea games.

@amaretino, thank you for the hint! Now I got it.

       Anonymous  2/19/14, 2:02 AM  

I love the game!

hi all

have 3 balls, star, have solved the candle puzzle and completely stumped. loads of great hints but all using things I cannot find!

I feel really dumb : (

I can't seem to get my ornaments in the right places.

My blue dwarf has a square below it.
My red dwarf has a circle below it.
My green dwarf has a diamond below it.

The first column shows a circle, with a diamond inside, and a square inside the diamond. Doesn't that indicate the placements to be large red, medium green and small blue?

Souless, see amaretino's comment at 1:10 am
"look at shapes on the snowball's bottoms - compare it with white lines on 3x3 cb "

snowball = snow globe

thanks Peggy - had already tried all the shapes in every order and still don't get it : /

will try again later and see if I get inspiration then!

spoiler to put balls in box


spoiler for shapes (hint snow globe)

- 1 -
4 - 2
- 3 -

About the only rooms I don't want to escape from. Tomatea games could be endless...

seb, thanks for confirming my solution. I keep arranging the ornaments the same as you spoiled but nothing seems to happen.

       Anonymous  2/19/14, 2:39 AM  

And the blue dwarf's walking stick is actually a key !

Just tried it again and still nothing.

However, I opened another game to do a walkthrough and arranged the ornaments in the same configuration and out popped a key.

Peggy, when it's ok, you get a key

       Anonymous  2/19/14, 2:49 AM  

I have the paper with the squares, but it won't fit anywhere on the panel "winter holidays", so, I can't get a hint for the letters.

@pdgph paper with red square is the hint for star
when star opened you get paper for winter pic

       Anonymous  2/19/14, 2:55 AM  


Thank you... My problem is that I can't find any hint for the letters cupboard.

when star opened you get a paper inside (2nd paper hint)
when you put this paper on winter pic you can see 4 letters in holes paper (it's an anagram)

       Anonymous  2/19/14, 3:04 AM  

This game was awesome! Love Tomatea.

       Anonymous  2/19/14, 3:05 AM  

@pdgph: you have to put the paper with the snowflakes on the poster that says"Winter Holidays"

       Anonymous  2/19/14, 3:19 AM  


I didn't notice that I could light on the cupboard with the firtree, before opening the letters cupboard. Now I can try to solve the star puzzle.
Thank you !

Excellent game! It really made me think.

Great game. Thanks Anja for pointing out you could take key back (and look at it) and thanks fbbd for pointing out the switches in the cupboards.

Always satisfying.

TomaTea!!! Omigosh, love, love love this game! Wish I could play Tomatea every day. Beautiful game! Amazing game maker. Definitely worth the wait every time.

You can take the key back after using on sleigh. Only part I got stuck on.

Same with me as with Peggy. Have the solution for final box, but no key coming out.
That's very sad, because I love tomatea games. But of course only if you can make it to the final exit.

       Anonymous  2/19/14, 7:03 AM  

Beautiful game but I hate it when I have to cheat. Never understood ball order. But I am out. Thanks for the comments / hints etc.

can anyone tell what the first thing to find in the puzzle. obviously am missing sth from the very start! only have 3 ornaments and a star

excellent game!!!!

Excellent! As always!

Thanks TomaTea!

Can you make these faster please!? :P
They are truly awesome~ tyvm! :)

Excellent as always. I love that there is nothing weird about the logic of the Tomatea games.

       Anonymous  2/19/14, 8:56 AM  

Deniz, the first thing you need to do is pick up the 4 snow globes and look at the shapes underneath, then do as Seb said at 2:24.

This game combine logic and intelligence
on highest level.
Best entertainment !!

Just managed to play it... amazing, as usual (I got SD twice, but who's complaining)
Never tried those damn switches... stuck without that hint!!


Nuff said.

out with no help!

That was beautiful.

TomaTea, you are truly an artist.

Oh, TomaTea .... it was too long ago ... beautiful graphics, soooo creative and all in all well designed, such a pleasure ... and I haven't even played the new one yet ....

Well I hope someone does a walkthrough because I can't make any sense out of the clues posted above.

Wow!!! hard job but i did alone :)

Judlike, I would love to put all the comments in the right order to help you, but it's bedtime for me. You could check tomorrow same time, if no one else has done it by then, I will do it.
Greetings, Arrie.

Great game
Thanx Anja
Never thought to look @ the key!

Elegant as usual .. the 3 digits code was the trickiest part .. brilliant ! i just wonder what made Anja wanna have a closer look at it lol .. Thanx anyway .. and yes Tomatea and Robamimi are artists !


Take star from fir tree, open bottom drawer below tree for blue orb.

Go right.

Take blue orb from seat cushion. Pick up each snow globe to look at the bottoms. Go to 3 X 3 grid on CB in same view, click on buttons according to the hints from snow globes - get dwarf and puzzle piece.
For solution, see seb's comment 2/19 at 2:24 am.
Click on switch in top right corner of CB before closing.

Go right twice.

Zoom in on 4X4 grid on CB, add puzzle piece, solve puzzle - get red orb and toy key. Click switch in top right corner of CB before closing. Inspect key, turn it over, note three numbers.

Go left.

Go to CB on left with 3-number code. Enter numbers from key - get dwarf.
Click switch in top right corner of CB before closing.

Go left 2 times.

Pick up clock, turn it around, use key, take key back, turn clock back around. Click button next to green light for clue.
Go to 2nd drawer down under the tree. Click dials to place blue dots as indicated by clock - get screwdriver.

Go left.

Pick up sleigh, use key, press button below key to get clue for L/R puzzle.

Go left.

Zoom in to CB on right, click on buttons according to the clue given by the sleigh - get dwarf. Click switch in top right corner of CB before closing. Inspect dwarf, take key from his right hand.

Go left.

Pick up photo of snowman, use SD on back - get paper. Inspect paper for clue for star.

Go left.

Use dwarf's key on top drawer under the tree - get scissors. Click switch in top right corner of drawer before closing.

Use scissors to collect blue orb from window, red & green orbs from tree and green orb hanging next to exit door.

Note colors and positions of CBs in room.
Inspect star. With red at the top, as indicated on paper clue, click on points of star to change colors to match the CBs in the room, press center button - get 2nd paper.

Go right twice.

Zoom in on "Winter Holidays" poster. Place 2nd paper over the poster for clue. Note the letters and number of points to each star cutout.

Go left twice.

Zoom in on 3rd drawer down under tree, enter letters from the star cutouts, from lowest number to highest - get red orb.

Zoom in to platform left of fir tree, place dwarfs on platform for color & shape clue.

Go left twice.

Zoom in to candles on the right, note the colors connecting the candles, beginning with largest candle.

Go right.

Zoom in box on left. Click on snowflakes to change colors to the connecting colors from candles, open box.
Place colored orbs in box.

Using the clues from the dwarfs and the designs at the top of each column in the box, rearrange orbs accordingly - get key.

Go left.

Use key on door, exit.

3X3 grid

- 1 -
4 - 2
- 3 -

Three-number CB


Four dials drawer

Dial 1 - 7 clicks
Dial 2 - 4 clicks
Dial 3 - 2 clicks
Dial 4 - 5 clicks



Star points

Top -- red
Top-left -- green
Top-right -- blue
Bottom-left -- pink
Bottom-right -- yellow

Four letters drawer


Snowflake box

purple green orange

Arrangement of colored orbs

Left column


Middle column


Right column


Wow Peggy .... awesome job!

These are the only games when I am so sorry I finally get the key to the door and can leave. Beautiful. Thanks again Tomatea.

thank you Tomatea - fantastic!!

Great game four years ago, great game today!

/Thanks for all the help!

Thanks for posting. Seems like the only quality games these days are the replays. I wish quality developers kept producing these games.

I totally agree. I have been going back and playing random games that pop up when I come to this website. Ran across an old Tomatea yesterday and realized I had never played it before or it was so long ago I forgot.

I decided to search for any Tomatea here and found a few others that I don't remember.

I haven't used the final key to leave yet because the music is stunningly beautiful. Lord knows we all could use some soothing gentle music right now.

Thank you Tomatea for these timeless and wonderful games. <3

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