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Gatamari Escape 21 Walkthrough

Gatamari Escape 21

Gatamari Escape 21 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Gatamari. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Gatamari Escape 21 walkthrough

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


Sock from mannequin on 3.

Hint in book on 4

Hint for buttons on 6 found on 1

Gives you batteries

So far: Sock, 2 batteries, note from green box on park deck

book hint on 4 is for box on 8

Turned lever in box on park deck - gives hint for picture in left elevator

Anja - how did you open green box?

Picture gives remote, put batteries in.

@LW: for green box use the TOILET hint and the numbers in middle elevator.

Used remote on stage 5 on the car shadow, gives red car number.

Yellor car number - red car number gives 4 digit code for stage 8. That gives a fork

I can't get the picture clue. I must need another cup of coffee before trying this one

Fork is used in right elevator on park deck. Got a coin

Aaaah refer chart in lift for 6 digits?

@LW: what clue you mean? For number code?

Used coin in stage 1 and got a lot of gums

The clue for picture in left elevator. Not making any sense to me

ANd why do I need a sock?
(came from dummy LOL)

Used gums in sock, smashed blue car window and got an ID card.

OK switch for 2 gives up down clue....

@LW: It is a double picture: showing you a vase or 2 faces! When you pull the lever NO. 2 in the green box on park deck, you can see on stage 2 where to click the faces:


Dont get the paper clue from green box..

I'm still stuck with elevator picture. Will try back later.

Used ID card in stage 9 and got a crowbar

TY Anja I didnt think it thru far enough LOL

OH, thank you anja! I saw the clue on floor 2 and didn't connect them

Used crowbar in stage 7 and got a wrench

Wrench is used on stage 4 right from right elevator

stuck again on pc password

Got the pass code for pc!

Look on back of ID card: ****, then look on number pad on pc, click on * and note where the * is, note the number (first is 2), click again on * note the number (second is 6) and so on. Click reset and give the number in.

DO NOT understand how to do picture in elevator. Anju hint did not work and following pic on level 2 does not work either.
so stuck. please help.

Evans - add an UR to the end of Anja's hint

trick is to click on the faces in the pic not the corners...

ie foreheads and chins (took me ages...)

TY Anja, I tried that earlier but had one digit wrong

@evans: for the vase/face picture you first have to open the green box on park deck B, pull the lever for stage 2, go to stage 2 and note which part of face is shown in the quader from left to right then click in order I've wrote down above.

From PC I got the hint to unlock the right elevator on park deck

Oh sorry I didn't realize that I have missed the UR, I'm so sorry !!!

Finaly got the elevators!
Unlocked the right elevator in B, with another elevator ride to stage 3, press the button on right elevator, then ride with another elevator to stage 4 and you can go onto the right elevator to the box.

Glad you figured that out Anja. This game is above my pay grade :)


Now I'm stuck with the note and the wall box: tried number of connecitons - no, tried number of lines - not, going out of ideas now :)

@Anja - same here. This is one of the toughest games I've seen in while.

Look where the numbers touch the boxes

how do you unlock the elevator in the basement?

got the wall box - but then I did soemthing wrong and got loop end.
Sorry I can't remember the wall box properly. I found numbers where the edges connected as indicated in the note

This comment has been removed by the author.

Got it, TY. Got loop end as well after being gassed.

ah - thank a lot Drew, Anita and Steph - got it!

Thx for all of your help anja.

@evans: have you got the hint from pc? Then go to basement to the right elevator and click on the door knobs how it is shown and then "ok"

Thanks anja, got to box now but no idea how to relate paper from green box to this one.

You're welcome LW!!!

Hello everybody. Do we all get the same code for pc cause mine stay really grey for me. the first star is at the very left low square and seems to mean nothing to me. I hit stars and try to do smthg but error is still there.

Tried another end now.
Opend the garage door in basement, look on the red box again and click on enevelop, ride to 9th floor, go to pc, there is a mail to go to the roof.

Of course I try to convert stars in number but nothing happens

For the star numbers: First note the positon of "normaly", then click the * and note on which place is now the star and what number is there normaly (first on place 2), then click again on the * and so on



ok find it .. just forget the first one and take a look a the other numbers (stars)

anyway great thanks :-) Anja

On roof I got light signals: 3 x pink, 6 x green and 5 x blue. But don't know what to do with it

       Anonymous  3/25/14, 8:05 AM  

put the elevators at storeys according to door colours

       Anonymous  3/25/14, 8:06 AM  

uff, out, what a game! thanks a lot :)))

Thank you Mako - totaly forget about the colors of the doors, got a gun now.

Got "mission completed" end!
I like how I used the gun :)

That was a great game - 5 stars from me!

Great game!

Great Game! The clues are excellent even though it took me a while to understand them at beginning... lol

Now I am stuck at the right elevator and the 4th floor! I can't get in and don't understand how to get it to move from the basement!

OK ... the clue shows up when you click "pass" on the diagram in computer!

"Look where the numbers touch the boxes".... I don't get it! Anyone???

@nokra. I am stuck in the same place you are. I think the diagram has something to do with the "locked" elevator in the basement. Not sure though

oh never mind.. never saw the "pass" clue

Yep....I have it unlocked, then you put it on 3rd floor so you can see the box by standing on it's roof....stuck at the box!

so, the arrows that are seen in the PC should be the door open/close buttons in the elevator, but I can't figure it out! :(


Or better yet, R L L R R L

thanks Nokra.. I wasn't even close.

Never would have made it this far without everyone's hints!
I'm working on the 2nd ending, I placed the elevators at the levels and got some red flashing lights but I'm not sure what to do after that.

stuck again.. how do we get to that box that we saw from computer hint?

Andrea....please, I am begging....how to get the FIRST end?????????????????????????????????

Pop. ride another elevator to level 4 then you can enter the right elevator where the box is

Enjoy, go to the 3rd floor and "call" the right elevator.
Then ride other elevator to 4th floor, open right elevator and enter

stuck again.. how to figure out the numbers in the right elevator box?

The only clue...that seemed to help the ones who got it is....
"Look where the numbers touch the boxes"
But...it does not compute with me....lol

nokra, are you still stuck at the place where you're standing on the roof of the right elevator?
The clue paper has lines going into each box. Each box is a digit. The lines going in represent part of a number e.g. the box with a horizontal line at the top right and bottom left indicate a 5, which has a horizontal line at the top right and bottom left. HTH

Still does not compute...can you spoil it please? I would be ever so grateful!!! LOL

Think of them a bit like circuits, although they are not necessarily straight lines once they are inside the box forming a digit.
Top row - 5 4 1
bottom row 2 3

OMG!!! I got it!!! TY!

Glad to help! :)

@Andrea.. thank you! finally got it!

TY for spoiler...I actually did get it before....this is an amazing game! TY again ...great explanation!

OK that's it! I didn't save the frikken game!!! Where was that button anyway! I will go for the other end another day...no time! Grrrrrr......

Save the game people!!!! The button is there at the bottom where I wasn't looking!

I saved the game, but still can't find the other end. Went to the roof and didn't see any colors not even sure why I went to the roof

Oh, I see. once you open the garage door, you see an hint with an envelope. That tells you to go check the PC then go to the roof

Aha! got the gun! Now I can go shoot that gas masked beotch

This comment has been removed by the author.

after putting elevators on the proper floors you see red flashes. then look above elevators to see each door has a red seven above. Go to 7th floor and get gun. return to basement with gun and exit for "mission complete"

notebook should have card for exit. that is its only use

This comment has been removed by the author.

is anyone still here? picture clue is not working for me. followed the post above too and it still doesn't work
any suggestions?

never mind after reading all the posts this game is too long for me...have fun!

If the right elevator is blue, it is supposed to be on the 5th floor. How do I do that?

Oh, I see - go to the fifth floor in another elevator and "call" the right elevator to that floor. Then put the green elevator on the sixth floor and the pink elevator on the third floor and then you can get the gun on seventh floor.

Excellent game! I would NEVER have made it out without all your great hints above!!!

Thanks - loved this a lot!

the 6th floor is ERECTRIC!!

I'm stuck with a sock. Where I can find a red car??

You can't "find" the red car. It will drop in your view. ;)

HINT remote control ... what you can do with a miniaturised helicopter or a miniaturised plane, you can do with a car as well...check floors to find that scene...

This comment has been removed by the author.

arbeitslooser :

Thanks for your response. I finished with the mission complete end.

Finally finished ! very good but difficult game - I would never have finished without everyone's help

Well, I said this was an outstanding, remarkable game - up until the very end... But there's no way I'm gonna do it all over again, just to see the "good" ending (I guess I should have checked the mails on the computer on F9 before I proceed with the exit - and I forgot to save before it...

Still, thats not the game's fault, and I really, really enjoyed it. Would give it 6 stars if i could.

Wow, unexpectedly wonderful game, really well done!! More, more, please!!!!

       Anonymous  10/24/17, 5:02 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx ppl for all your hints - nevertheless got stuck for quite a long time at adjusting the doors till I realised that my pink light flashed 8x (& not 3x as written above)...!

thx Gatamari for this phat game ☺
a premium quality creation that is a challenge for the brain

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