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Amazing Escape the Ghost Town Walkthrough

Amazing Escape the Ghost Town

Amazing Escape the Ghost Town is another point and click room escape game developed by Selfdefiant. While on your way across the U.s. you decided to stop at an old ghost town. After the bus left you realize that you might not be alone! Now you want to leave and can't! Figure out a way to escape the ghost town! Good luck and have fun playing!

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Deja vu... played this yesterday?

Yes, deja vu. However the entire entry got deleted, probably because SD's server was totally brough down to its knees and SD & team had to reconfigure it.

Yes, our site went down all day. It's back up now. Thanks!!!

Self Defiant - the horseshoe just appears after moving the skull and the post office box is already open.

Finally Your site is back up!!!! Lets try this

Thank you SD!!

Don't forget to light the fire with your pint of beer! lol

The handle problem has been sorted out, however.

Hint from post office box is for mail box Puzzle

The far right side of the screen holds two items that you need. The boot is on the extreme right inside the bedroom and the gun is on the very bottom right edge by the cave

Still no handle (sigh)...

were to use tap for water?

handle is inside the cave (it is a stick on the right side of the rock). The tap is for the magic fire starting beer. The beer keg is to the right of the gambling cowboy

Got gun by catus and bullets in bedroom but no boot

TY RSA Momma iI did not see you could go right !! LOL


The faucet goes on the barrel of ale (in the motel scene on the right, near the bottles).

Shoot bottles for silver key

@RSA Momma Cyndi,

Thank you... but I have no light to go into the cave.

TY pdgph, got it

The mug is the thing that says it is a screwdriver.
Fill the screwdriver with beer and throw it on the embers to make a fire.

Then give the TV a cat and it will give you a flower, which you can use to pick the lock on the balloon. Inhale the helium, and you escape.

Come on, SD...seriously?

pdgph - give the gambling cowboy his boot and he will give you a lamp. Light the lamp in your beer-fire.

Can't find clue for the word puzzle box. :(

Don't feel bad, Bandy. Took me ages to find both upstairs and the pub :) Not a common problem for me

3 digit # from slider pic.

Word is an anagram of the sign in the saloon (five stars on the sign)

Also can't find the word clue...

LOL RSA any hint for the boot cant seem to find it?

thanks rsa momma cyndi...

Bandy - upstairs to the right of the dresser. Very difficult to see.

It's actually supposed to be alcohol, seriously. High proof alcohol will start fires. I know from experience. :) The other bugs were fixed. So it's not a screwdriver any more. It is actually an mug.

@RSA Momma Cyndi,

Thank you again, but of course, I can't find a boot : I could swear that I've clicked every pixel of the game again and again...


pdgph lower right corner same color as dresser

pdgph - in the bedroom. It is right on the right side edge of the game screen

Thanx SD!! I guessed the alcohol would start the fire straight away (also experience ;) ), but everything else caught me out LOL! Glad your servers are back up!

If i would have so much gold I would buy a new horse and wouldn't buy a golden key to get that old one outside...

Thanks for the help!

That was a duh moment for me! For some reason I saw that as having too many letters. lol Thanks RSA!

LOL Selfdefiant, every game NEEDS a screwdriver, so I was very happy that the mug was a screwdriver. ;-)

@bandytrc, @RSA Momma Cyndi,

Thank you ! This boot was almost invisible !

how do we get the metal out of fire?

Considering some of the game logic we sometimes get, carrying beer in a screwdriver to light a fire isn't that far fetched :)

I actually have fun with the mis-named items....
Clearly, it is easy enough to happen...you make soooooo many games for us to play for free! Thanks so much for keeping me entertained, Selfdefiant!

Bandy, you need to find a handle for the mold!

Just click it, Bandy and it will go to the mold :)

In the pot, you need three different types of metal (horseshoe from the skull, iron from the dresser drawer and copper from in the post office). Place the handle and it should pour itself

AHH ok need iron TY Lets go hunting LOL

Your efforts are always appreciated, SD! Other than finding a gold key in the snow (in the desert on a hot day!?!), everything seems to work. Thanks!

OK any hint for round disk color buttons? I think iron maybe there?

For the four colour box, look in the General Store. There are bottles on a shelf

TY agian RSA lol

Look at the bottles.

where is the tap please?

The tap is in the post office box next to the door. The clue is on the counter.

YEA I am out! Thanks for all the help guys!


This comment has been removed by the author.

I can't find the slider puzzle. I swear I've clicked every possible hot spot, but obviously not.

Elk - look above the bed

I can't get the handle on the mold.

Pop. I paused the game and then went back in and the handle went on the mold

Enjoy - make sure you have the fire on, all three metals in the pot. If the handle still won't go on the mold, go out the door, de-select the stick, go back in and then select it,

I can't get into the bedroom yet. all I have left in my inventory is a hunk of copper, horseshoe and unloaded gun. I opend the annagramm box and the 4 digit box, but now I'm stuck

Elk - look in the cupboard next to the bedroom door

THANK YOU! it didn't register as a hot spot, so I never clicked it> duh

Elk - some register and some don't. That is why the boots are so hard to find

my wooden handle doesn't work on the mold. any hints?

Oh RSA Momma - got your hint about deselecting the handle and it worked! Thanks!

Out! Thanks SD! Love these!

Zoe - it was a bug from yesterday. I can't remember who found out how to get around it, so I feel bad about not being able to give them credit.

Where is silver key for bedroom? Have bullets from cabinet but not finding gun. These hints are making me think I'm playing a different game.

Robin - 4/17/14, 7:44 AM
The far right side of the screen holds two items that you need. The boot is on the extreme right inside the bedroom and the gun is on the very bottom right edge by the cave

In the cave scene there is a cactus on the right. Down at the bottom of thi cactus is a white spot on the right hand side - that's the gun.

I can't get in the bedroom without the silver key?

Robin - in the scene with the cave. Look on the bottom right of the game screen, behind a cactus. There should be a gun

got gun thanks. thought I clicked all that. Mouse pointer never changed.

Put the bullets in the gun and shoot the bottles in the pub (which is to the right of the cowboy in the saloon)

Stuck since my birth language is not english cant figure out anagram ,SD should avoid language barriers

Kikotobias - http://anagram-solver.net/ is a helpful site I always use. (answer starts with t and is synonym for barter.)

not getting 10# post office clue for 4# puzzle.

you can also get 3 number clue from wanted poster


Anagram of RATED

spoiler - spoiler

In the post office, there is a note with two numbers. Subtract one from the other

I too thank you RSA ! Needed your hints on this one.

RSA - duh. thanks. my brain is mush today.

started up my horse with gold key and out.

Glad to have helped. Played last night and kinda plagiarized everyone from then :)

So stuck. How do you make fire? I have a beer that I don't know what to do with and an unlit lantern. Help!

Cathy, Help is the right way to get attention LOL !
Throw the beer at Smittys on the coal and voila, Light the lamp on it as well.

An idea that may help you from Clodagh: click ctrl + f. A small display shows up. Type in words and jump through the comments.

Cathy it's not beer but moonshine 200 proof alcohol.

Sorry, Selfdefiant, but the game's still buggy: the handle still doesn't work. No matter how hard I keep clicking on it, it still won't be placed in the mold.

Did you throw in the three items in the fire? That needs to be done first?

I replayed. After putting the three things into the fire, you have to back out and come back. Thén there should be no problem to place the handle at the mold.

please just tell me the answer to the anagram. it has LOTS of possibilities.

@Andrew, trade.

Well, I finally finished. Love disguising my gold stash as a red key. Very sneaky, that! Thanks for the vast array of entertainment you give us, SD. You just know we were agonizing over the server problem as much as you!. I did get a story read I'd been meaning to, so I guess it had a silver lining (not to be confused with a silver key...or gold...or red... :D


I checked the video walkthru and did everything it did before fitting the handle - and it didn't.

did the exit-reenter trick, and it worked. Thanks!

(Still, it's a bug.)

I fixed the mold. Everything is labeled correctly now. :) Thanks everyone!!!!

Hey SD
I hope you saw my Thank you comment yesterday in the last attempt @ this game
Just wanted u to know i love your games and appreciate all of them
Glitches are rare and you did tell us that Mrs SD is your beta tester.

Thanks SD - really enjoyed this :)

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