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Lo.Nyan's Room Escape 10 Walkthrough

Lo.Nyan's Room Escape 10

[REPLAY] Lo.Nyan's Room Escape 10 is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Lo.nyan. In this classical game, you are trapped in a room, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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took some photos and solve the L-R code, color box and 3-digit code
stuck after placing the star on wall

okay never mind ,got it now

I've opened all the boxes and cupboards, now I'm stuck with three colored beads, two pieces of paper and a camera. Don't know what else to do.

can enter the room from corridor
have 3 memo and 3 beads

three papers, N,W, SE, in bedroom now with 5# colour code, still have 3 balls. lots of views but can't do much. got a box seems to be related to direction but no luck yet.

Lottie, how were you able to access the room in the corridor?

3 papers are clue for box with green compass, gives a key

got the star box open and got key for glass cabinet and got black ball from robot and note and took picture of bottom shelf.

pull out all tissue in the tissue box located inside of the cb (in living room with sofa)

have 4 colored balls and strange remote thing that I can't take only push buttons (from bedside drawer)

balls go on remote thing

Thank you!

Fantastic game! will stick around if anyone needs some help.

       Anonymous  4/22/14, 8:03 AM  

I have 3 balls, a camera and a small key that doesn't seem to fit anywhere.

Nice game - love that you are able to look at the photos next to the puzzles. I usually take screenshots and paste them into Paint.

finding the clover

       Anonymous  4/22/14, 8:04 AM  

And I still have to open the drawer with colours in the bedroom.

out but i still can't open the door-like thing next to the curtain in the very first room...do i miss something?
btw i can't find the clover..

@pdgph is that the key for the case in the bedroom?

@pdgph - did you take the paper out of the glass case? It gives you a clue for the grey/black/white slats over the bed.

Clover was under the robot's foot in the bedroom

Hi, Andrea, MegiPoland, all you other Nordinhoites.

Stuck with the box puzzle. I think the pictures are clues, but which goes first?

This is Dazed, btw

Two endings - either exit directly out the blue door with the key from the angel, or if you have the clover, use the same key to open the little door to the left of the curtains and get another key.

       Anonymous  4/22/14, 8:29 AM  


Of course, you're right ! I feel very dumb, I totally forgot this case !

       Anonymous  4/22/14, 8:30 AM  

But I can't put the 4 buttons/balls onto the wooden box ?!

       Anonymous  4/22/14, 8:31 AM  

POP again, I found the little hotspot that allowed me to pick up this wooden thing.

       Anonymous  4/22/14, 8:32 AM  

... not the wooden thingy, a photo of the wooden thingy.

       Anonymous  4/22/14, 8:33 AM  


Thank you for the paper, I totally missed it !

How about a clue for the box puzzle, please. Totally stuck. Have three balls, three directional papers, an unopenable box, and a camera. I just need a clue for the box thing ;'(

@Unknown - which box puzzle do you need help with?

@unknown, the 3 papers are the clue for the box. N is black so make the north (top) circle black and so on

Thank you, Jo-Ann!

       Anonymous  4/22/14, 9:03 AM  

It was really a great game !

Where is the third ball/button? I only have green, red, and black ones.

NVM, found it and out



I have a camera (which I have not used) and 4 small balls to put on levers - but in which order? Does the camera do anything? Please help...

i have a red white and green ball a compass box camera and three papers.. stuck

POP box opened..lol

Good lord!!

I've hardly ever seen hints come up as CONFUSING as these! You get information for places that need at least 10 previous steps to get there first!

I got

- white bead
- red bead
- green bead
- flashlight (which works at the pinboard)
- camera

Spotted cupboard which appears to be next step...
Three symbols assigned to three numeric figures.

Where is black ball?

OHH! Flashlight does not only illuminate the small room with the pinboard, it will also enable you go to LEFT!

Black ball is in the back of the robot. Also, under the robot's foot is the clover for the perfect end.

Arrgh! I got stuck earlier than everyone else.
Only have 3 balls, a paper clue, camera, and flashlight.
Can't find a clue for the circle-triangle-diamond case.

Oh, Thanks @arbeitslooser.
Will try that

Great, all that jazz for getting the wooden star, but nothing happens?

What's the effect of putting the star into the receptacle at the wall?

Sheer excellence!

arbeitslooser - go back into the cupboard and look at the three symbols

How sneaky!! You can make use of the small room BOTH when it's dark and when it's lit!

Try turning off flashlight when facing symbols ;)

Exellent game - love it!

Excellent game!

LOL Anja Stu

@Cyndi that's no 'cupboard', that's a storage room or something ;)

though you girls would surely love to turn this into a walk-in closet ;P

LOL - okay, that dark hokkie dungus where the shapes thingymajiggies were :)

The code for the color ball is in the lower layer of the cupboard.
I didn't used the camera though lol.

Anyone left?
I have the 4-corners clue on the stained glass, but can't figure out where to use it.

nvm LOL -- use the hint where you find it!

And I never would have guessed that those arches were tissue boxes! (I just figured out that if you kept clicking on the "sand" you eventually found things.)

SUPERB game!

Note that the black/gray/white slats in bedroom do not react by ANY means! Not until you've put in the right combination AND PUT THE PAPER ASIDE (!) on the left hand side, it will work.

Looooove the cat !!! excellent game. If the poster gave it 5 stars when posting thats good, better than giving 5 stars to your own game when its bad

Fabulous game.

took me a while to find out where to use my 'exit' key.... miau!


Escaping from Lo Nyan's Room #10

(I see no one has yet written a WT for this beautiful game.)

You start off in a dining room
Go forward to the table and pick up the CAMERA
(play with the glasses)

Turn right and click on the pictures left of the TV
Use the camera to get the COLOR GRID CLUE
Zoom on the arch-shaped tissue box (!) and remove all the tissues
to get a paper clue ("SE")
Note the purple door

Turn right to the curtains
Note partial door to left
Zoom on the picture and use the camera to get the LEFT_RIGHT CLUE

Go right again
(You can zoom on the stained glass)
Zoom on the sideboard
Pick up items to find the RED BALL
Back out and zoom on the left side to see a 2-button safe and
Zoom on the buttons
Use "about item" on the LEFT_RIGHT CLUE, then the left arrow to put it to the side
Open the drawer to find a beautiful jeweled egg
Remove the top to find the WHITE BALL
Now zoom over to the left side to see a 3 number safe (RBY)
Since there's no clue for this yet, back out and go up the hallway

Note the wooden door in the hall
Proceed to the living room
Above the couch, use the camera on the wall to get the COLOR-NUMBER CLUE
Note the star-shaped hole above and the tan door to the right
(play with the cushions)
(look around the rest of the room and enjoy the sea view)

To the right (or 3 lefts) is a short cupboard
On top is a color box
Use the color clue to open this for KEY#1
Note that the cupboard is locked by a 3-number lock (circle-triangle-diamond)

Use the key to open the tan door and enter a dark closet
(you can turn left but it's pitch black!)
Take the GREEN BALL from the board

Return to the dining room
Use the color-number clue to open the drawer for a flashlight
In about item, it's not clear that it works, but it doesn't seem to open to put in batteries.
Return to the closet and select the flashlight Ah! it does work!
Zoom on the shapes and take the STAR
Place the star on the wall (flashlight disappears)

Return to the closet and see 3 numbers lit on the wall
Use the camera for the SHAPES_NUMBER CLUE
Return to the short cupboard and use the shapes number clue to open it
Find another tissue arch
Remove all the tissues for a paper clue ("W") and KEY #2

Use the key to open the wooden door and enter the bedroom

Look right -- another tissue arch!
Remove tissues to find another paper clue ("N")
Note the locked glass cabinet
(You can also see the other side of the stained glass and a wood panel)

To the left is the bed
Note the bars above the bed
Zoom on the bedside stand
Note the 5-color number lock (BYWGR)

Look at the compass box and note the yellow dots can be white, gray or black
Use your 3 paper clues to open it for KEY #3
Remove another PAPER CLUE -- 6 numbers in black, gray, and white
Take a picture of the rings (RINGS CLUE)
Pick up the robot (Is it sweating?)
On the back is a BLACK BALL

Zoom on the bars above the bed
Use the paper clue to see colored numbers
Use the camera one last time for the 5-COLOR NUMBER CLUE

Use this clue to open the bedside stand lock
Find a lever box with no knobs
Use the rings clue to place the balls on the lever and solve the box
Nothing seems to have happened!

When you turn around thogh, you see the wood panel has opened
It reveals a carving in the shape of the stained glass
Return to the dining room and see numbers have appeared on the glass
Click the glass panels as indicated to get a GOLD KEY

Disappointing escape ending:
Use the key on the purple door

Perfect escape ending:
Take the 4-leaf clover from the robots foot
Use the gold key on the half door next to the curtains
Take the purple key the kitten gives you (aww-w-w!)
Use this key on the purple door

This sitte would really benefit from a hide text option... It's utterkly impossible to find one particular piece of info in the comments without seeing a ton of other, unwanted spoilers - well, things that are meant as help, but are in effect spoilers... Just scrolled down about third of the comments - and now i know three things I didn't want to... spoils the fun thoroughly...

Ahhh... i got totally stuck - while not getting stuck at all... When I found the compass-lock box and realized the three notes I had where clues for that, I assumed there are 8 such clues altogether - one for each button... I even set the three buttons I had clue for to the right color - and then went on thinking I'm stuck, while all Ishould have done was pushing the middle button :D

Blond moment from a brown haired guy.

One of the very best games posted here lately. Glad to see there are still developers who put real effort in their room escapes.

Great game!

bio: does the crtl+f+'wanted word' not work in your browser? Thta works perfectly well on firefox.

Great game! Five stars from me!

excellent game :)

       Anonymous  4/23/14, 8:44 AM  

The only thing that held me up was a buggy compass box

In case you're referring to "buggy" in the way I think you're referring, it may be the "two grays" with the buttons. Sometime later, the second (darker) gray changed magically into 'real' black.

Truly beautiful game. I'm rarely moved to comment but this deserves every bit of praise! And, though I needed a little bit of help (thanks to contributors on here!), I did almost all myself which is hugely satisfying!

Lovely game. Excellently done and straight forward with no sketchy, hidden meanings lol. I enjoyed it very much!

Lovely game. Excellently done and straight forward with no sketchy, hidden meanings lol. I enjoyed it very much!

It takes some time to solve but all trivia are different so it's never boring.
One of the best in a while i think.

Oh, my! What a fun and gorgeous game. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thank you!

       Anonymous  11/29/18, 3:21 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

caught this one due to a suggestion from our staff member, responsible for the replays - thx annaby!

ありがとう for all your creations, Lo ☺
& thx Puzzled for the WT

Five stars, brilliant game!

Great Game! Loved the cat!
For those stck with the bars above the bed (I tried to slide them in the correct position...)
ɹǝpɹo uı ɯǝɥʇ ʞɔılɔ ʇsnɾ

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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