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[REPLAY] Smart Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Masa. In this classical game, you are trapped in a room, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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lots of games this morning

Hi Fudge!
found so far: Kind of SD (don't know how it called), bag with a cord in it and a note

found knob, pencil and smartphone in shelf, used knob to get another smartphone and used the kind of SD on wall safe, put note/card in.

Found key under carpet, used on drawer to get laser pointer. Used it on the shelf where smartphone was and got number-hint

There is a usb cable right of desk. Also you can pull out the entire set of drawers from under desk, shows circles. Where is the pencil ?

You can put one of the cell phones on square, top left on desk.

When you zoom in on the brown drawer which opened with the key it looks like the edge of the door in the background but it can be pulled and makes a funny noise. I am stuck, can't seem to find the logic, yet.

The little beige thingy bottom right of brown cb seems to be a pencil sharpner. Thought the 9 numbers in the shelf were the order to press the dots on the cellphone but nothing happened.

Too late for me to join you?

Use the cellphone with the dots in view where you have put the card. Don't simply push the dots as on the 9 number hint but draw lines.

Nope, not too late to join in meritneith ! The code you get from the cellphone is for top lock on brown drawer.

The knob you get from the number lock cb goes in the bag from the usb cable.

The knob seems to be a magnet, you can get some powder from the "aquarium" bottom brown cb.

You can get the cellphone back which is stuck on the table using the bag with powder. The battery is now charged but the first dot code does not work on it.

Sprinkle the powder from the bag on the pulled out set of drawers, I think I used the laser pointer again, gave code for other cellphone.

My cell phone won't come off the desk. I've done everything mentioned.

I'll try again tomorrow. Gotta get some sleep.

stuck after unlocking 2nd cell

attach 2nd cell to string. call from first cell then ??

emmes, I don't get what you mean with your hint at 3:09. I've activated the cellphone with the hint from the laserpointer+shelf of cellphone, but can't use it in view with card (did put the card in a thing with a mirror on wall).

Oh, I was so far behind you guys. My phone won't come off either.

If you push the button on the white thingy on the desk the buttons will lighten up. Maybe it is a left-right hint (LLRLRLR) but I have no use for it. Thought it would be the hands but it didn'to anything there.

stuck with pencil, screwdriver with nut head, brown key (used), laserpointer (used), cable, bag of cable, cellphone (switched on), another cellphone lying on the table.

The incredible and magical POP...

meritneith, what did you find. Your POP doesn't help me or others. ;-)

Sorry, I got the phone off the desk. Now I'm fussing around with the two phones but I don't really know what I'm doing.

Ah, got a POP now too, but I like to share:

when you use the switched on cellphone on the card in front of the mirror, there is a tiny chinese text below that gives you the number for the safe, gives knob.

escapism, you should follow the comments. Some things work not at first though. That is what I meant with POP.

Right, and put that knob which is a magnet into the bag and follow Emmes' instructions.

Still fussing around with the phones.

Thank you for your hints meritneith & escapism - I am exactly where you are escapism, but I am getting frustrated.....can't do anything more.

Okay, I take the second phone, click on that wheel symbol and switch on a mode to green. A phone symbol appears at the top (maybe something like bluetooth). Then I take the first phone, select the folder and click on "smartphone". The other phone starts vibrating. If I take it, there's a Chinese or Japanese text, and when I click on it, the phone stops.

That's where I'm stuck. No second code for me.

switched on both cellphones
1 code from shelf with little flashlight (draw the code 1-9)

2 from desk, pull out set of drawers from under desk, use "dirt" from aquarium on circles (wait a secunde or click)

the phone vibrates but if you answer it, it stops - nothing else to do

you can make the phone vibrate or ring, but that doenst help much...

What about Emmes? Is she/he out?

I must leave now, have an appointment. Good luck to you guys and thanks for your help!

Had to work some, now back. You can attach the second cell to the cord behind the brown drawer. Don't know why.

you can place slim paper from monitor in machine on desk, but don't know why.
stuck again

emmes, read my comment above

hotzenplotz, how did you open left monitor?

use pencil on paper (left right code) and put in machine

Got the phone vibrating on the string and the noise it driving me crazy. Can't activate the monitors. Anything I missed ?

tried that hotzen but no luck

       Anonymous  4/29/14, 4:09 AM  

Same here, Hotzen. I saw the green scan line go down the screen, but touching the monitors just gets me the gray circle in the middle of each handprint. Specific instructions, please.

same here...its driving me crazy!! LOL

after that you can click on the right monitor and the left monitor to activate and the open the left one.

sorry a little bit confusing

sorry hotzenplotz, tried that but to no avail. do you have to answer the phone or let it ring?

Stuck at the same point, can't activate the monitors, only get a grey circle.

       Anonymous  4/29/14, 4:12 AM  

Hotzen, when you say "click on the right monitor and the left monitor," are you zooming in to each one and clicking the handprint? Which are you zoomed in on when you make the smartphone vibrate, if any?

I dont even get the green scan light!

give me a minute, I will replay to check, what i have done

ok got it. take back 2nd cell. reattach to wire. scan hand on right. call cell. scan left

       Anonymous  4/29/14, 4:15 AM  

Ah, figured it out. Connect the smartphone to the wire. Go to the right monitor, zoomed in. Click on the handprint. I guess the circle is your hand touching the monitor. NOW call the smartphone. The monitor scans your hand (the Japanese characters at the bottom of the monitor will change). Now you can back out, select the left monitor, click it to let it scan you, then click it again to open it.

Thx Jamie Lane !

stuck at final puzzle

aaaaah finally!! thanks ps238, but don't forget to put the phone on buzz!

When you fill in the paper with the left right dots. Don't forget to leave a pause after LLR LRLR just like the pattern flashes

Thanks Jamie Lane and ps238principal for your very helpful comments, it did work!

When you use the pencil on the paper for the left right code, listen carefully at the sequence of the box, there is a "silence" somewhere.

Now have the cable plugged into the cell phone and into the door locks and trying to follow the numbers with the key

thanks Jamie and ps238principal for explanation,
I will delete my confusing comments.

       Anonymous  4/29/14, 4:27 AM  

I can attach the USB cable to the smartphone that vibrates, and then I can put it in the cavity in the door (next to what I figure are loads of keyholes). Then the phone's screen goes red and gives me numbers based on what keyhole I try to put the black key into. Weird.

YAY!!! Thanks all so much!!

Stuck at the 16 keyholes

OUT thanks for the hints passing out now

no thanks a lot too hotzen!
I guess the japanese comment when switching the key (indicating column & row) has something to do with the number

Out ! That was a tough and a good one ! Thx for all the hints.

How about a hint how the freaking locks work?

locks r killing me!!

anyone help us mere mortals on that lock please?

@Nuckel, see also ps238 hint above. Take back the vibrating phone, attach the usb to it and place it next to the locks. The phone will tell you which lock to open with the key. Just count them starting top left. There are many locks to open. When you are down to zero, zoom out and click the extit door.

I had already been the first to connect. What was missing was the zoom out at zero hint. thank you for that.

Finally out. Didn't put the 00 together with backing out and clicking the door. The screen should have turned green to let the player know it was done.

That last lock before going out was one of the worst I've played in a while. An annoying clicking on the locks without knowing if is right at all. I gave up several times, so thanks a lot Emmes for the solution. Even with knowing what to do it was simply dead boring. There should have been a green light flashing or so to let you know if you clicked right. Sorry for the rant!

Otherwise excellent game, and thanks for all the very helpful comments and help!

any logic to the lock or is it just random clicking till 0?

My USB cable won't attach!

Cell is vibrating but won't "accept" the cable...

where is the paper ... nice t =o share

@Unknown as dar as I read, it must be inside one of the monitors. And I've not arrived yet at this point...

In the meantime...I figured out why my USB cable doesn't want to attach to the cellphone - by "decoding" the Japanese message I got:


freely, 'since the USB cable is a bit disturbing when permanently connected to the phone, I'm only going to connect it when it's needed.'

That means that I have to do something else first...

Alright, now I finally know why there was that strange sound when pulling the 'string':


There is a MACHINE behind that kind of "door".

This is an excellent game...I am just too stupid to play it! the phone even acts as a camera....cool...but, I am lost! Anyone care to do a WT for us dummies? missing a step or 2 will screw the whole thing up and the very good hints can't help at that point!

I'll try to help. Where are you stuck?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Where is that door everybody is talking about? Is it behind the screwed hatch? And if so, where is the SD? I also can't connect the USB cable to the phones.

Wow! Found the SD head and a key!

And out! Thanks everybody.

It would have been nice if you had said WHERE you found the SD head...

Here is my first walkthrough ever. Thanks for the hints from players who posted earlier in this thread.


Turn right twice.
Click on carpet.
Click on bottom right hand corner of carpet and collect brown key.
Open thrid drawer from the bottom and collect ratchet.
Look at right side of table.
Collect bag.
Remove usb cable from bag.
Back up and turn right.
Collect cell phone from black stand.
Click open space in top right corner and collect knob.
Turn left.
Click on carpet.
Insert knob into right hand drawer.
Open drawer and collect second cellphone.
Click the top of the table and place second cellphone on empty rectangle (on the right).
Look at white box on right. Collect paper from left side.
Turn right.
Use brown key on drawer.
Collect laser pointer.
Back up and click the stand where you found the first cell phone.
Shine laser on stand.
This is the password for the first cellphone.
Look at first cellphone and follow the pattern from the stand to unlock.
Collect pencil at the bottom of brown shelves near tank.
Sharpen pencil in the sharpener on the right.
Turn right.
Select panel on the right.
Use ratchet to open panel.
Place code paper on the panel.
Use the first cell phone to take a picture. (2Dcode)
This gives you 4 number password. (0245)
Turn left.
Use password on top right door.
Collect the magnet.
Insert magnet into bag.
Use magnet/bag into tank of iron filings.
Look at bag to fill bag with iron filings.
Turn left.
Look at carpet.
Click right side of drawers to your left to bring them out.
Put iron filings from bag onto the area with 9 circles.
Click the 9 circles and it gives you a hint on how to open the second cellphone. (1-5-9)
Back up.
Select second cellphone.
Unlock cellphone.
Click the gear and then check the empty box to set phone to vibrate.
Turn right.
Zoom in on drawer and attach second cellphone to wire.
Back up.
Turn right twice.
Zoom in on right hand scanner.
Scan your hand.
Select first cellphone and go into your contact list.
Call second cellphone.
A green line will scroll down the scanner.
Back up and select left hand scanner.
Scan your hand and then click again and the scanner will open.
Collect paper.
Back up and turn right.
Select white box on green table.
Click button for hint.
Use pencil to fill in paper. (L-L-R-SPACE-L-R-L-R).
Click button on box again and collect black key and screw driver bit.
Repalce ratchet bit with screwdriver bit.
Turn right.
Collect second cell phone.
Look at cell and end call.
Turn right.
Zoom in on door panel.
Unscrew door panel and open it up.
Look at second cellphone and attach USB cable.
Place cell phone next to locks.
Each lock is numbered:
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16

Use the black key on whichever number the cell phone shows.
When the numbers read 00 back up and open the door.

not sure if this will help, but if the number increase after u click on one of the keyholes, u can click it again to decrease the number. And then i did it by trial and error

This is my problem: I never get a green line when scanning and I still don't know why.

BTW, unless it's urgent for me to see an eye-doctor, this is two left hands on the monitors. Look where the thumb is :)

arghh, I'm such a numbskull! I misinterpreted the arrow on the LR card to mean start at the bottom with the LLRxLRLR
You just keep getting different codes if you do this. Meanwhile, I've aged considerably.
HINT Start at the top of the card. The arrow only means the card is inserted that way.

btw, @Jamie Lane, excellent WT! Thanks for writing that!

arbeitslooser, to clarify by "right hand" i mean right side. en espanol a la derecha

also i think this game deserves a higher score even if the last puzzle was tedious

Good job on the WT Jamie Lane ! Came back to see why the game has such a low score, it is really one of the better ones and deserves at least 4 stars. We really had a great time playing earlier today (depends on the time zone you're living in), it was a great team effort to get out. Good game, wish there were more.

I do understand the term "right hand side", however, the ...side must be there, otherwise it's totally ambiguous

It's like a "film for adults" and "adult film". That's not necessarily the same thing (LOL)

can anyone give more detailed instructions on how to unlock first cell phone? I've tried drawing lines from one number to the next as per a hint above but if trying one continuous line it won't stick at the 6 before going to 7. Ive tried from top down backwards sideways and upside down refreshed twice nada

and tried each line separately too

alexis its one continuous line that starts top left and ends top right

oh light bulbs flashing now
having one of those really dense days
thank you Jamie

This comment has been removed by the author.

okay need help
i think i got passcode but tried to draw lines in the order and it won't work
is it 9 numbers or less?
i don't have that kind of cell phone....i still have the old flip kind so unsure of what the pass code should be like
the numbers i get look like this
so confused

Alexis? did you get the phone code to work yet? I am having the same problem

looks like i came here way too late and everyone is already gone...... hoping someone will give the right order for the numbers so i can make the line work..... even a link to a screen shot would be nice

i just played it and thank you all actually for the hints .. @brin3m click and hold while drawing the line !

for anyone coming later
went to you tube and found the video walk through
now I really don't understand how the clue works with the code!
If you number the dots like this
the clue won't work
according to the you tube walkthrough
(using the 1,2,3... again)
the code should be
go figure ...... hoping someone will explain it to me since i am from the old school phone

e-addict, I am holding it to draw a line......
the hint just doesn't make sense to me
so glad I found the walk through on you tube.....
going on now....

brin, visualize drawing a continuous line on paper goin from 1-9.

start at 1 then go east southwest east southwest east east north north north

BRAVO!!! @Jamie Lane!!!!
Thanks for excellent WT!

I actually got out before I saw it though...good hints, just hard to understand until you DO it! LOL @zoz.I did the same thing with the paper/LR thing...almost killed me!

Good game except the last lock clicking.

Thanks @ Jamie Lane for the walkthrough! Even following the comments. And @ ps238principal for the detailed explanation on how do the handscreen scans.

For anyone having trouble getting the scan line -- take the phone off the line then reattach it (placing it on the table). When you call the phone, the vibration causes it to fall off the table and pull the string. This triggers the scan line.

       Anonymous  11/7/18, 12:34 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

caught this one due to a suggestion of one of our staff members (responsible for BL=broken links) - thx arrie

ありがとう for all your creations, Masa ☺
& thx Jamie for the WT

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