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The Adventures of Miss Libellule: The Earl Octopusor Walkthrough

The Adventures of Miss Libellule: The Earl Octopusor

[REPLAY] The Adventures of Miss Libellule: The Earl Octopusor is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by Jo99. In this game with a very special graphic atmosphere, the plot follows Miss Libellule and her treasure-hunting crew who have recently recieved a letter calling for help. In it, a sailor tells of how he and his mermaid lover have been kidnapped by a giant octopus, claiming that there will be a great treasure waiting for whoever choose to save them. Naturally, the treasure hunters accept the request and begin their adventure. Explore the environment to find and use items and hints for solving the puzzles you'll encounter along the way. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by Nicop]

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Loading takes a lot of time. Hope this is a good one :)

Beautiful game, but totally stuck

Stuck at colored wheels. I did the puzzle in the middle. (clue is on the left side-up)

I have a hat, a green disk, a net and a brush. .No idea what to do with those. Can't find the color code for the wheels either...

Got it. Put mask in bowl from lady on the left side. Give clue for wheels.

I just made a ride on a shark! LOL now in scene with sirenes.
Seitje, I'm missing stuff I see. No green disk, net or brush for me.

I have no idea where i/m going. Just got a key from cave with large orange cage (?). Opened the door at the pond. Where are you seitje?

Hi all! Are you playing easy mode?

Hi Roberto. Yes easy mode here.

I'm now in a room with a big green frog. Need colorcodes for dolphins. I zoomed in on the left side and got a crank.

Have a kind of purse, a disc with water symbol, 2 halves of green disc, brush, nest and compass.


I am now officially lost. Got the 3 items like on the drawing but no idea where to put them. (valve, cog and crank). And I do not have those things Roberto has. Roberto, are you playing easy too?

Yes. Have you been inside ship?

Btw you can save your game on the right side.

Hi, this is beautiful but hard for people like me with no sense of direction...

I have clicked around, found some medals and items which opened doors and scenes... I might be as far as Catqueen was before she found the frog room. Can you tell me where that was?

Got the mask now by solving 3 symbols puzzle but can't find the woman to use it.

Thx Roberto, I just went back and now on the little titanic. Got the bursh, net and half a green disk. Looking for purse thingy.

Roberto, did you open the safe near the ship? Need numbers for that.

No I didn't. Found a place with 3 girls behind bars. There's a water symbol on wall but I can't use my disc there.

Found a cog on this scene.

hab tasche bürste halbe tafel und netz,finde keinen hinweis auf code truhe und auch nicht für ddie 2 colorräder

've pocket brush half panel and network, can not find a hint on code coffer and also not for tthe 2 color wheels

Ah - I was looking for the place I used the mask Roberto asked for and found the chest with the fish medal I searched for earlier because you can use it somewhere else (of course I don't know anymore where THAT now was). However, the chest where you first use the fish medal is right of that orange cage. Take it back after use.

@meritneith : I went back to the ship to pick up some items I forgot. From pond click down arrow. Go into room with large orange cage. I opened the left opening and then you get into a large hall, with frogthing, Neptune and octopus

I think with the purse you mean the hat. And the compass has a hint inside about what to do with the disk halves en the water symbol.

very important is to take everything from inside of boat ,something u can use to release mermaides, now i am stuck with 6 gems dont see where to use them

Lucky - from the orange cage go that left room, there to the scene with the crying sea maid. Use the fish medal on the chest in front of the green column and get a diamond-shaped medal with an eye.

I took the fish medal again, maybe I will need it a third time.

The "kind of purse" I said I think is actually a cap. sorry,

I have 6 diamonds and a red key that I don't know where to use

Thanks Catqueen, will try that.

Thx meritneith for pointing out to take the fish medal back. Did someone used the crank and cog yet?

you have to link them and then in the room where there is an octopus picture

Oh my God - although I haven't scene a frog yet, I found the crank, thanks. I used my eye medal right of Neptune, and now there's new scene open, click on the burden of the man left of Neptune. This gave me a pink octopus and the hint for the blue fish with the colours from left to right yellow-blue-green.

I hope you know what I mean, LOL.

jj aa: I'm in the room with the octopus picture on the right and the drawing on the left. Can't find a place to use it on.

@meritneith : you make totally sense girl! :)

there are 3 elements. Have you opened the color chest?

And in the scene where the big pink octopus is I could put a medal (some kind of blue-white-star pattern) into the left green fish on the right side. But that was before I found the crank and I've already forgotten what happened then... :-/

From the blue fish colour puzzle you receive another diamond shaped medal in blue-white, kind of Greek pattern. Back to that pink octopus where I will put it in!

jj aa Yep, chest is open. I' ve put the 3 things together.
meritneith: I'm loosing you "into the left green fish on the right side" hahahaha

Ah! Every medal for the fish right of the octopus will make a path over to the octopus!

finde hinweis für blauen delphin nicht,also wo man dahinter teile findet

I know this is hard, especially if English is not your mother language... When you zoom in to the octopus, there are three green thingies on the right side. Zoom in there, to the left there will be a fish, in the middle an green octopus, and on the left a jellyfish. I'm looking for the third medal to make the path complete.

Where is the valve? I have a crank and the cog.

Marita: put eye medal on right side of neptune. His eyes will glow and the ball on the statue to the left of neptune will open.

Disn't use my net and octopus yet.

Roberto, I wish I could remember. Sorry.

Roberto: the octopus goes in the painting left of the trapped mermaid.

Used my octopus. Have a red key now.

danke bin raus freu

Thanks CQ!

The net is to catch the fish that stole the red gem (just outside of where you let the three mermaids go) and the octopus goes on the picture to the left of where the mermaid in the tank is

Have you solved 3 dolphins. I found only green one clue.

Wandering around and around and around with hat, red key, crankthingy, brush, fishmedal, net and half a green disk.
Officially stuck!

Thanks Momma.

Roberto: nope same place as you. Only middle dolphin.

Btw, I still havened opened the chest in scene with ship. Anyone?

       Anonymous  4/16/14, 4:37 AM  

In the room with the big orange diving bell thing there is a sort of pedestal to the left of the entryway to the next room (the big one with the mermaid in the tank). That is where you have to use the crank. You will then also find a place to use the red key.

I'm still looking for the compass, second green disc half and the water symbol disc.

Do you remember where is the valve?

Excellent game! I really enjoyed it. Very nice graphics and not too easy.

The brush is used by where the three mermaids were (on right in cupboard) for a clue relating to the crystals (?). The two half green disks go together with the wavy disk in the middle (wavy disk from the compass) to open where the three mermaids are

zimraphel - All these things you'll find inside the ship. First scene.

       Anonymous  4/16/14, 4:39 AM  

The locations of the dolphin codes are 1) in the room with the trapped mermaids, 2) after you break the globe with the Neptune laser eye thingy, in that view there is a dolphin painting in the back and 3) after you use the crank.

@zimraphel: they're all in the boat. look in all drawers

Roberto, I had written where to find the clue for the middle dolphin, the blue one.

Thx zimraphel: That did it! I gave the man a hat and he gives code for the chest :)

I gave the man a bottle, he ran off with the mermaid. Opened the chest with red key and got a red traingle. Near the wall is the clue for the red dolphin.

       Anonymous  4/16/14, 4:42 AM  

Thanks, I missed that one drawer!

Thanks, but I can't use the crank cause I'm missing the valve.

Roberto, did you open the chest in the room with a drawing on the left?

Ah! Got it. The valve was inside the chest.

lol. Thanks again.

I only need a medal for the statue on the left. (right from octopus)
And need last dolphin code (green one).

Don't wait to solve all the 3 dolphin at once. When one is solved turn the valve and get new item.

how do i get the half disk under the lobster in the little titanic? ive tried everything

Andres, you can drag away the lobster.

Out! Thanks all!

just move the lobster for the half green disk.

Catqueen, go back where the three mermaids are in the cage. In that scene you will see the green dolphin hint on the right side

the 3 medals you need are with the dolphins.

i oficially feel stupid lol thanks Momma and meritneith

I'm so sorry, I don't remember where I found that medal for the left-fish-right-of-octopus-thing (LOL). I had it before I found the crank.

I wonder if someone will write a walkthrough for THAT game...

Ah - if it was behind the green dolphin it makes sense that you are looking for it by now.

       Anonymous  4/16/14, 5:04 AM  

I can see the red fish that stole the gem, but I can't catch it with the net.
BTW, this is an excellent game.

Thx for the help but still not out. Momma wrote: The brush is used by where the three mermaids were". But the mermaids are still locked up.

       Anonymous  4/16/14, 5:05 AM  

POP, the fish that we want is the yellow fish, not the red fish !

Are you out Catqueen?

       Anonymous  4/16/14, 5:07 AM  

It was really a great game (I played the easy way).

I'm in the room with the drawing on the left and the safe. What are the 3 colors to open the safe?

Nope Roberto. I still have to free the three mermaids. Have net, brush, watermedal, fishmedal and half green medal.

In the room with the three mermaids I don't see any kind of cupboard to use the brush on.

Looking for a yellow fish now........

gmm: how did you get into that mermaid room?

gmm: look at the right side and push the button thing for clue.

Combine two haves of green disc and water symbol disc and place it on wall to free the mermaids. You use the brush inside the room after free them.

Catqueen, in the room where you used the green key on the door, click on the fountain. Where did you find the man you gave the hat to?

Roberto: I only have left side of green disk. Can't combine yet. :(

Thank you Roberto! I was trying to place the pieces individually.

You find the man after use crank.

both halves are inside ship.

Top drawer and middle drawer.

gmm: after putting crank, valve and cog together, place it on the left side in the room with the orange diving belt. The man is under it.

She means orange bell, not belt.

I have the two half disks and the little one with the wavy symbols but they won't go on the spot to the right of the three ladies...am I doing something wrong? No problem til now.

Combine them in inventory first.

Roberto: you just safed my life. How could I have missed that part.On my way to the octopus now with my gems :))


Caroline: put the 2 half discs together in inventory, then combine with the other in inventory. Then you can use it.
I'm OUTTTTTTTT finally!!!!!

Thx for making such a wonderfull game. And thanks to the people here who helped solving it.

outstanding...wow..superb game...

Okay, I'm nearing the finish line. I have the crystals, red key and bottle of something.

What a lovely game ! The man is under the orange diving bell. You will need a crank, coil and valve to open it. The valve is in the box next to the drawing how to combine the three items. Clue for it is on desk opposite in same room, push the button in front of it.

gmm, give bottle to the old man, then you can use your key and it will give you the last symbol for left of octopus.

Finally out! Thank you Catqueen and Roberto. At times a little frustrating, but quite fun.

I agree with above comments, this is a great game, thx for having made it.

Darn... Must be an awsome game - but this graphics style just kills my eyes...

Out now. Thank you all for your help!

Bio, get over the graphics style, it's worth it !

Thank you Jo99 - I don't think I've played all of your other games. I'm going to go back and play them.

Bio, I agree a little about the graphics. But it's 10 times better then all the copied and pasted furniture or drawers with too many keyholes. :)

I cannot find the hat.


I can't get the game to load! very frustrated!

I loved this game! Good job! 5 stars!

best game seen for quite a while. Just occasionally we need a six star option! Challenging, but achievable. I managed it with almost zero hints, but I had missed picking up the red gem.
Thank you Jo99.

Lovely game! I really enjoyed that.

this was funny

Stuck with a fish medal, hat 2 cogs and 6 gems...used brush, green disk after combining, compass and net...no idea how to get into the room with the crank (i think its to the left the room with the orange diving bell)

Ahhh...fish medal on chest in same room

Catqueen: You said this:

"Caroline: put the 2 half discs together in inventory, then combine with the other in inventory. Then you can use it."

I understand you combine the 2 half discs together, but then you combine it with WHAT other in the inventory?

Nvm - I read comments above and realize there is another small disc that goes in the middle of the green one (inside the compass).
I'm out!!

Was I supposed to help the creepy man run off with the mermaid???

Wonderful game! I loved the graphics - amazing!

I played the easy version. I wonder if there's anything different with the "normal" one, or if it's just harder to find things...going to try that in a little while.

Thanks for a great game - glad it's to be continued! Hopefully soon!


@zoe, I played Normal, the cursor didn't change for hotspots .
I think that is all....

Not sure where to use brush.
Also, can't open middle drawer which apparently has 2nd half of ring in it.

Great game - 5 stars! In the final scene after you get back on the boat, there's a button at lower right to push. It takes you to another Miss Libellule game called the "Queen of Snakes."

What an amazing game! The graphic were gorgeous, music and sounds lovely! Puzzles ad objects not really difficult or hidden, but just enough that you have to work at it. I never did peek at hints, was able to keep at it and find what I was looking for.

I would score this higher then 5 if I could! Thank you for the best game in awhile!

Have looked through the hints and it seems I must be missing something inside the ship. Don't have a compass, water symbol or the other half of the green circle.
Can zoom in on top drawer on right and cupboard on left. What am I missing?

nokra - I didn't even realize that the cursor changed colors in the easy version! I thought you meant it changed into a hand (as usual) but it changes from blue to red, which didn't matter to me, since I didn't notice it with all the other colors and movement going on!

Anyone still there?
Also, haven't used net yet.

smarties - zoom in on the drawer that has green "moss" on it below the top drawer. I had a little trouble with that, too.

the net gets used towards the end to find a crystal...

Oh at last! Thanks Zoe. Have clicked a hundred times but kept opening the drawer with the lobster.

A perfect great game !!!
I had so much fun and the music is fantastic !!
Thank you merithneit, catqueen and the others for hints.
And the best: game will continued !!!

Don't forget to click on the compass once to get the big hand, and then again to open it...

Thanks again Zoe.
Great game - just driven a little crazy by that drawer! Everything else was a delight.

6 crystals and a red key...others have posted as well but not what they did with them...

Ahhh...red key on chest where old man was gets triangls for bird next to Octopus

Nice game

It would be nice to be able to expand the star rating and see a breakdown with star ratings for buggy or not, small or large game, and a rating for the effort you feel was put into it. This one would be 5 * across the board. Some games get 5 stars that last 90 seconds, but didn't have any bugs and were easy - star-flation. Devaluing stars for when we need them!

Pats fan - you use the red key on the chest the man was sitting on. The crystals are in the room where the 3 mermaids were jailed. After you use the brush, pull the handle and you see 5 crystals. The 6th is in the mouth of the yellow fish. The crystals are used in the pedestal that is in front of the octopus after you make the path that goes there

Loved this game. MORE PLEASE.

Top Drawer - Move lobster, take half disc.. wishing for tools that will not move
Middle drawer - half disc and compass (yeah the zoom looks like top drawer, but it is middle, really)
Open compass for waves disc AND what to do :
combine the halves and put waves on whole disc
Safe- Grab scrub brush and net
Floor by safe -grab the cap, ya never know when ya gonna get a chill under the sea
See the safe? Don't bother looking for combination yet.. no it is not the count of letters in this doomed ship's name!
Zoom out and click the fish in lower right corner... made ya Ha ha. he does nuttin.
Enter the CAVE
Complete the puzzle lower right. Ya do not need help here, just rotate till it looks good ( all frame pcs to edges) then spin the wheel (no vowels)
Thru the PORT HOLE
LEFT opening
Check out top center shapes... they will be handy for
CENTER puzzle
Set shapes from left opening and pull the lever and get item that needs to go in bowl in LEFT opening
Yeah a lot of back and forth is beginning
OOH, look into her eyes for color code
RIGHT opening
Use color code from LEFT opening and turn the wheel
Enjoy the mini movie
Click on our heroine
Place the combined discs with wave on ti right of jailed mermaids (zoom)
Use the Scrub brush on the right wall alcove (well somebody has to clean it)
Mouse over crystals to see colors... needed way later
Pull lever
Back out and collect crystals...
wait weren't there 6? where is the RED?
back out and use net to trap yellow fish
Yep he stole the RED crystal, click his mouth to take it back
Back up again
Note the fish colors when you mouse over the picture
Use Top arrow and DOWN arrow for new scene
Robot Diver - rub his belly for green key
then go back one scene and open the
Right side table
Grab Fish disc and
press white bottom for green and white and green color code clue
LEFT side
Look at wall drawing, enter color clue, turn wheel and get small gear to place on larger one
back out and down to large chamber
Place fish disc on trunk lower right
Get red/yellow disc and take back the fish disc
Use the RED/YELLOW disk to open door to yet another Large Chamber
Use Fish Disc to open trunk
Get Diamond Green Disc
Back out 2x then visit
NEPTUNE (rear center)
Use Green Diamond disc on pillar right of NEPTUNE
Get Octopus and mouse over picture to see BLUE fish clue
Back out and visit the
zoom left to find CRANK
add Crank to combined gears
Back to RIGHT side
Use PINK OCTOPUS on top of Picture frame left of Mermaid in Tank
Get RED key
back out of this chamber
Place Crank/Gears combined into pillar left of entrance
Zoom in and give this man a cap
Take the code for safe in front of ship
OH, the old man wasn't whistling, he is thirsty
Give him the bottle from safe
Watch him rescue mermaid
Use RED KEY on the trunk he vacated
Take triangle Piece
To the BIG FISH puzzle
zoom in to see the fish puzzles
Green fish clue from where there were 3 jailed mermaid
Blue fish clue left of Neptune
Red fish clue right of the old man's trunk
Zoom to puzzle right of BIG PINK OCTOPUS
Place the 3 discs from fishes puzzles
Place the triangle pc in pillar left of BIG PINK
Place the crystals accordingly
Spin the wheel and WATCH
The continuation must be how to get away from lecherous seamen

Yep, graphics were a bit busy and it was difficult for me even on the Easy level, lol, (couldn't have finished without all the awesome hints!!) Overall a very good game!!

PL Barfield - how brave of you to do that fantastic WT! Not easy to describe this underwater fantasy world!!

Anyone else having problems loading? Been trying for 30 minutes and nothing

Oh heck, Enjoy...I opened it just now and it only takes a minute to load....try again, what are you getting ?

Love these games ... Some parts were a little tough (where to use items) but over all great game ... can't wait for the sequel ... Keep up the good work ... :)

@nokra.. still getting just a white screen

       Anonymous  4/16/14, 2:26 PM  

Great WT PL

Outstanding game. Wonderful graphics. 5+ stars if it were possible.

Thanks for the walkthough, PL. I've gotten pretty far (got the old guy to release his mermaid girlfriend) but I'm stuck now. The graphics are fantastic but really, really hard to look at in gameplay.

Great game. I was stuck until I realized you can scroll the inventory side to side! The little statue that goes in the mermaid bowl near the beginning had me stuck. It was there all along, way over to the right in my inventory. Thanks for all the hints.

This is not a game...

This is a first class Experience of what Escaping can be,
The Sound FX
The Visual
The Interaction
The puzzles


You can't rate a priceless pice of Art.

Try Headphones!

Played normal game (might go back & play easy). Needed help twice (forgot about safe & was on the right track with net but with wrong fish). Excellent & very best game I've played in a LONG time. Easy five stars!

If you select Easy the cursor change to hot-spots.

Thanks, That really helped.

Great game thanks :)

and thanks for WT (very useful for me)

What a fantastic game. Managed it without any help and can't wait to play more!

thank you PL!!!

Interesting that I just spent about 45 minutes on this game, only to find out that most of the hints AND the walkthrough didn't help at all. Can't do anything with all the stuff I found, like you all did. Ended up just getting out of the game out of sheer frustration! I HATE games like that.

       Anonymous  9/30/18, 12:50 AM  

another premium quality game from Jo99 worth a replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Jo ☺
& thx PL for the WT

played earlier great game

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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