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Hot Pot Party Walkthrough

Hot Pot Party

[REPLAY] DetarameFactory - HPP: Hot Pot Party Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Detarame Factory. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you able to escape from the room successfully? Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Hot Pot Party Escape Walkthrough

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SPOILER hint for the castle picture code.

It is 2 words. 1 has to do with an item in the room that you can examine.


Use screwdriver on picture above the table with a paw tablecloth on it.

Stuck after using binoculars.

Where did you find binos?

Check your memo book for clues too, for ex.or the plants by the door.

Binoculars are in the ear cabinet safe.

ear cabinet safe.???

Stuck with blue sheep, cabbage, tomatoes and flamingo.

Ear cabinet safe is in the kitchen~check out the ears on the pic. in your memo book for code

Can't get right music order to wake him up. Still missing memo 7...

Music comes from piano. Flamingos go on top of cabinet.

Use the clue from the clock on the blue cabinet with white dots.

ok, then i need piano key...

#larue Where the memo book??

You need two flamingos to get the key. :)

I have two flamingos. Which cabinet?

Koy: Memos underneath you items.

would someone explain the ear code? i'm looking at them in the memo book but can't make sense of it

The cabinet with the little window on top of it.

#EscapeFanJ thank you ^^

Alice, look at the ears, especially the points.

Where do I use the color code from cb?
and what to do with pot plants?

My ears did not solve the puzzle T^T

You need two color codes added up. And you need to lift pot plants in right order.

thanks Bobby

Don't understand my memo 2. LR fishes doesn't work.

Some memos have 2 parts to find (fish memo for example). Check the sides of the store counters for other parts.

I'm missing a coin.

There's an extra hint for the fishies somewhere.. I think it was in the fish shop.

       Anonymous  5/3/14, 7:54 AM  

Spoiler for ear clue.


For the ear code, I think it was middle once, left 2x and right 3x. I know I tried several different ways. You have to back out and try again. Clicking OK and trying another doesn't work.

Thanks. Now have to find some more coins.

Where's the clue for pot plants?

Not understanding the 2 part fish clue. Maybe a lack of coffee.

For Happy End, don't forget to invite guests to eat soup with you.

Just reverse position of 0.5 fish

Roberto, side of the counter in the veggie shop!

Found coins:
Under table cloth
Moving plants in order
Drawer with cat handle
Drawer under sheep
Lights off next to spices

Need one more...

Thanks Bobby!

Did you click on the purse for a coin?

How solve color of the sheep, please?

@ganga once you get the 2 color codes, look in book and see what the 2 color combos make.

Thanks larue! LOL Never would have thought of that.

thank you larue, so I have only 1 color code, and I have not clue for the blue wardobe...sorry for my bad English

@ganga~np! blue cabinet code comes from using binoculars, which you get from the ear cabinet, on clock tower outside.
Yw :) Szarra

oops and yw ganga too!
I gotta run for a bit now!

somthing I miss, I have some vegetables and sheep and I´m stuck.

Where is the hint for order of plants?

Where is the hint to the music to wake up the sleeping beauty?

Mel, the hint for orderof the plants is at the right side of the counter of the shop.

Is somebody still here of am I all alone?

Obviously I'm all alone here:( Nobody to play with:(

       Anonymous  5/3/14, 9:51 AM  

The hint to wake cat comes from piano.

What is the colour order for the sheep to open the drawer?

       Anonymous  5/3/14, 10:20 AM  

The color for sheep is a two part clue. Both parts are in the cabinets.
Check your memo at the bottom of your inventory for clues that have been noted.

Hi, I still can't open the fish cabinet, I have the clue with the reverse 0.5 and tried a bunch of time but nothing. What's the order please?

@ganga +arizda~you should be able to open the green cabinet using the fish code. But first you need to make sure you saw the clue in the fish store, on the L side of the cabinet. Reverse the direction of that fish for the order.Inside that cabinet is the 2nd part of color clue.

where is the screwdriver? I have what looks like a bear face in my inventory, no use for it yet

ok got screwdriver, but it placed itself under the fish in my inventory and can't use it

anyone still here?
how do you get key from flamingos

@Alexis, I didn't finish the game, perhaps you can use CTRL + f to scroll through the comments to find the right hint? Hope that helps you on your way out!

nvm found it in robot

Sorry I am in and out, but I will try to help!

@arizda~not sure how you got fish in your inventory. You have to wake up the fish monger first? And I think that is a last step, hard to remember now.

@alexis~Put the 2 flamingos on top of the blue cabinet, turn off lights, and they will make a heart shape on the tin man on the . Click his head for key, I think.

arrieNL this is a very good game imho and WK worthy! :P

Can't wait to read your WK! :P

oops forgot the finish the sentence.
*the tin man on the green cabinet.

Oh and for the flamingos/tin man, you need to have the shade up before you turn off the lights

I did some picture puzzles larue, but if it's that good, I'll give it another try!

I just didn't get what I was supposed to do on this game, where it would lead to. So I stopped.

Just lots of puzzles along the way, visiting the neighbors, with no cleaning involved! Just some food preparation! :)

And you don't have to write anything down. All of the clues are added to your Memo book when you find them and located bottom R in inventory! Just click it!

Alexis, raise the shades and turn off the light.

Okay larue, Walkthrough is ready and yes, I did enjoy the game very much! Thank you for pulling me in again.

Glad you liked it! :) And tyvm for making a walkthrough!

I first have to clean the kitchen, but we do the dishes together.

A very good game!


Spoilers below.

If you're colorblind don't place the sheep yet, see spoiler-help below.

Doubleclick your wallet, hurray, 1 catcoin! You know what? Let's cook a dinner!

Left building:
Tingelingeling, the FISH SHOP. Left at counter is a mirrored number. The sound tells you it's now in your memo-notebook (below-right).
Hmm, no one in here? Go through the blue curtains, ah, asleep. Click the poster (memo). Note the music-toy-fish on the ground.

Right building:
Tingelingeling, the VEGGIE SHOP, Kitty would love to sell you her tomatoes. At the right side of her counter is a number order clue (memo).

Wipe the dust under the tablecloth and find a lost catcoin. Click pictureframe, an sd is needed.
Turn left, KITCHEN click the left lowest door, click the sesame (memo), take chopping board and knife, take the bowls.
Turn left, CABINET click ali baba-picture (memo), you can pull the blinds. Right picture, click the door, know your literature! How did Ali enter the cave? = drawerknob for the drawer = catcoin and sd. A code is needed for upper blue doors.
Turn left, DOOR use number order clue for the plants = catcoin.
Turn left, ROBOT green doors with fishbone code, robot without a heart.
Turn left, PIANO pianolock, drawerblock, needing 1 sheep, click mirror (memo), turn off the lights.

Go to the kitchen and take a catcoin. Turn on the lights again, use sd on the picture = number for right kitchendoor = blue sheep. It's possible to replace the sheep, so a colororder is needed.
Look in memo at the cat's ears. Open the three colors door = binoculars and recipebook (memo). What else do we need ??

VEGGIE SHOP: buy the cabbage and the leek from Kitty.

Outside, use binoculars on the church clock (memo).


HOUSE: all 5 symbols of the clock are used on blue cabinet = flamingo + click colororder (memo).
My my my, don't overthink, but it's a clever gamemaker!! Green doors open with fish paper. BUT, only mirror the 0.5 = flamingo + click colororder (memo).

Go check your memo, page 3. Combine the colors and place the sheep = catcoin + mallet.
Open the blinds, place the flamingo's on the blue cabinet. Turn off the light, go to the robot, his heart comes alive, click on it and take his key-head. Turn on the light again, use the key to open the piano. Click the piano-keys (memo).

FISH SHOP: go to the toy piano. Let me guess ... will this wake him up? Yes, it does! (it's the Big Ben tune on every 15 minutes - very famous).
He jumps up, willing to sell me anything I need!
He's cheaper than the veggie shop, everything costs 1 catcoin, so I'll take it all.

HOUSE: into the kitchen now.
Check memo to combine everything ...... step by step.
Click the bowl, it shows up at the table. Click the bowl. Guess-who's-coming-to-dinner???

First ending: do you eat? Yes. Oh, I eat alone, how disappointing. Back to middle of the game.
do you eat? No. Not alone. So, you know who to invite don't you? Go ask! Tingelingeling ...
Do you eat? YES, oh so happy now.


Picture castle: open sesame.
Number kitchendoor: 0142
Cat ears kitchendoor: click from left to right: 213
Fish green door: L L L R R
Sheep order: green-blue-pink-orange-purple

Sheep order before anything is done:
1 = pink, 2 = orange, 3 = empty space, 4 = green, 5 = purple.
Click blue sheep in inventory and start changing.
To change the sheep, click the one in inventory, then click a sheep on the drawerblock.
Clicking order from beginning:
sheep in inventory - 4 - inv. - 1 - inv. - 4 - inv. - 2 - inv. - 4 - inv. - 3

When finished, click drawer, it doesn't open of itself.

Toy piano: Start with second from the right.
Clock symbols: sort of : ( 0 w 0 )

lol I had to go eat, but I will dry the dishes!
That was a great tingelingeling walkthrough, as always!

Arrie thx for the wt. What an amazing game. Looks so simple but some very tricky puzzles. Woooow!

Oh, thiis wasn't at all what I thought it was going to be. Noce little game though.

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