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House of Fear: Revenge Walkthrough

House of Fear: Revenge

[REPLAY] GamesOnly - House of Fear: Revenge Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Only. Turn out the lights and start this horror adventure game. Try to break into the haunted house and solve all its mysteries. Collect items and use them on the right place, do not forget that you can combine items. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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House of Fear: Revenge Walkthrough

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pick-axe and sroll are found outside. Use axe to get a key to enter the house.

A little bit random clicking to collect items.

Use razor blade to cut open body near frozen skeleton for key

Navigation a little clunky, but ok so far. Inventory is a pain

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 12:56 PM  

ok - select axe and then the hand so you can use it.

You can cut the chain and take the ladder.
Have not been able to combine items yet, or I didn't notice that it happened.

Where to use chair?

Magnifier can be used on scroll and book (last one found inside the house)

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 12:59 PM  

chair? I have only found a little ladder... I am going to use my gun to shoot that skeleton upstairs

How did you get the chair Sharon?
Did you defeat the being?

Stuck, can't light candles...can't find anything else. Got hay for fire but can't get wood. Thought might break chair for wood but can't figure out where...

When you use razor to cut body by frozen skeleton, you get key to side room. Go in there, freeze being. Get hay and chair. Arrie NL, did you find fire?

Sharon? how to defeat the being? I stopped there.

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:04 PM  

So far I have a blade, a scroll, the rifle (used), a VCR tape, what appears to be a gas tank with the # 22, roll of tape, candles, and a book.

freeze being .... ? What do you use for that?

going in again.

The container with 22 is freeze stuff. freeze it

Aah ... thank you! I thought I tried everything on him already, will try again.

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:08 PM  

Great find, Sharon. Got the second key

book was on shelf where we shot skeleton right? Can't seem to find anything. I got a flint or something, and some hay but have no rock or wood per the book.

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:12 PM  

I tried to use the ladder and the chair to get to the chandelier and lit my candle but it did not work

arrie nl, are you talking about the flint like object? Or did you find matches to light the candles?

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:13 PM  

GOT IT! Disassemble the chair with the option that looks like tow pieces of puzzle getting separated!!!

go to inventory and click on chair. Then use the take apart puzzle piece!

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:15 PM  

use pieces of chair on top of hay in the fireplace but now I cannot find a rock to make some fire

I used my 22 I found outside on the skeleton. Now what lol ....

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:18 PM  

from chair you get a long steel like stick - use it on door next to bookcase (front door) - i am in a bathroom now

No no, I didn't find matches, I didn't get that far yet.

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:19 PM  

I got the rock from the bathroom and now I have fire!! Hey arrie, did you find the rifle and the bullet?

The flint was at the fireplace scene, found it by clicking around so got a little mixed up. Sorry for confusion here.

Yes, I have them, tried to combine them, but doesn't work.

i got my second scroll now

Oh, dear people don't you just love POP?
I never clicked the hand again after selecting them both.

@ arrie click them both then combine them

After you have lit candelabra, you can take it apart. leaving it in the dark corner and then 2 candles to use later

where is the flint????

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:28 PM  

Note: you cannot kill any monsters/wolves/skeletons/death with fire -

I think we need to shoot bearlike creature also. But once you light the candle there, take a look at opposite doorframe for clue

how to kill the wolf ??

Combining items is done by selecting both of them and clicking the puzzle pieces that go together. Thén click the hand.

I have made a fire now too.

The compass on lwer right shows another monster that is pacing in anopther room.


The flint is found in the bathroom, after using the tape. It opens the wall ehm box.

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:31 PM  

put VCR tape on TV on bathroom

Stuck with the 80 20 50 clue

no flint in bathroom cabinet

Hammer, gear, arrow from the drawer.

Flint is by the fireplace it looks like two silver rings the rock is in the bathroom cabinet

The flint rock in bathroom closet, the flint thing is on mantle.. maybe a little right off mantle on wall

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:35 PM  

Pete: when you find the wolf, go upstairs (to tower) and you find another bullet.... the TV transports you another room! have now a light bulb.

To make the fire get the flint/stone from the bathroom cabinet and another piece from the fireplace.

lol .... we agree about making fire, could go on a camp together.

Passing the wolf, placed the gears at the wall in that room, now meeting Darth what's-his-name? from star wars.

thx Estefania,i did that allready :D

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:38 PM  

I still have not used the hammer nor the knife... Cannot find the clue for the earth globe.

Got a ring thing from behind the clock in the room below globe

There's a letterbox under the carpet in the wolf scene. Right corner.

what is the 4 digit code in the room with wolf?

How do you get into the bathroom closet? And how do you fix the electrical box in the bathroom?

POP :d

The code is on the wall in the same room you have to turn on the light by the stairs

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:43 PM  

the clue on the second scroll (start at 1 and go clockwise) is for the room that you "get to thru the TV"

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:44 PM  

HOLY CRAP! I just used the knife and it got me chills!

@Sandy use what rests from your chair and use tape

I quit. It's getting too dark for me personally.

I have used those already and they are gone from my inventory.....hmmm lol

@ Sharon DeWitt are u out??

What drawer did the hammer come from?

I almost like this game..love creepy games...but alot involved just to use inventory items. Gotta headache....enjoy.

@Estefania where using knife??

In the room where you use the knife click on the mask of the doll and you get a red gem

from the eye socket

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:54 PM  

SHOOT!! I accidentally closed the window....

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 1:55 PM  

Pete: when you open the door with the start key - there is an altar with a dead body - knife goes in! I have to go but I will come back to later to finish it. Good luck everybody and leave lots of clues, please!

thx Estefania,maybe i will finish this tomorrow :D

It wasn't a ring it was part of a key! the other half is in a pot before the reaper

And I'm out! That was quite fun

I went to the front door with a scroll and an axe. I knocked on it and a skeleton answered the door, so I used the axe on him to get inside.

I managed to enter the room by using cogs, but I'm stuck now. I think I used the skull on fireplace (not sure) and it's gone from my inventory. Still have the bulb unused and don't understand the book showing a spirit bones and bonfire.

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 3:00 PM  

ok, i am back I WILL finish this.

Hammer is in drawer under clock, where you shot the werewolf.

80-20-50 doesn't work on globe. Trying to work out what to do with clock.

Now I have a sword and a bottle.

Did you light the candles in that room?

try a different order Roberto .. that was a five stars game .. too bad it has a video walkthrough posted with it , i had to peek at it a couple of times , you can't ignore it when it's there !

Combination to globe is 508020.

I'm scared!

Thanks. I know there is a WT but I don't want to watch it.

LOL, Larue, so am I! Trying to figure out what to do with gems and bottle...and what's up with the evil broad in the attic that keeps hissing at me? ;)

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 3:23 PM  

Roberto: which skull are you talking about?

lol they are everywhere. I can't get any book to go into the slot on the bookshelf. I am going to hide in the kitchen until daylight and maybe there will be fresh snacks there too. :)

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 3:34 PM  

Great find Kiwikate - i have two gems - by the way, did you guys break the jar with the hammer. And still don;t know how to "kill" the female ghost

lol Larue .. i think they are the ones that are supposed to hide .. they are just trying to say hello lol .. and we're answering with a bullet !

fill the bottle with water and use on fire.

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 3:44 PM  

Amanda!! How did you get out?

lol true, but I just wounded him with an axe, then provided medical aid! I got in the front door with just an axe.

but he was a "goner"!

Ok, finally out of the house...whew! Yep, Larue, had a POP moment after I posted, lol! Water goes on fire, use cross you find there on girl in the attic and put gems in other spot inside the fireplace.

Had to watch WT to get out. Very nice game but too difficult for me. I think skull comes from box under mat.

" just " wounded him with an .. Axe ?! and he was a goner ! .. yeah i see your point of view .. his fault !

Hmm, I had to go to the walkthrough for the colors.


I am making progress! just need to some dynamite now to make it an official house warming party! :P

       Anonymous  5/14/14, 4:09 PM  

I join Roberto - had to watch the walk-through but this was very good and different!

Revenge is complete! Roasting marshmallows now!
And yep I had to peek too. Very involved, but great~ imho!

Now that is how escape games are made .. everything else (nearly) is for children

10 out of 5 stars ... anything less is embarrassing.

       Anonymous  5/15/14, 2:54 AM  

I can't start the game : when I click on "Play", nothing happens.

       Anonymous  5/15/14, 3:18 AM  

Non working game /-:

not working :(

not working :(

I agree...5 star game.

       Anonymous  5/15/14, 6:51 AM  

The game seems to be fixed !

EXCELLENT game!!! I loved this all the way through, although I had to peek now and then at the comments, and at the very end the WT because I couldn't figure out how to get out fast enough!
I agree - this needs 10 stars, not only 5 - lol!

Muchly excellent! This is what 5 stars are for. I had to look at the walkthough because I was too stupid to realise that you can get water in a bathroom :)

Terrific game, but navigation was awful.

didnt finished last night and now cant get into the game :((

WHere's the hint for the shelf behind the wolf? please. :)

I found it. I wish people would divulge their "pop" moments instead of just saying


a game like this without hot spots? what a waste. 1 star.

Great game!

       Anonymous  5/15/14, 3:18 PM  

Never did understand the drawer square push puzzle. had to do the walk through to get it. I did not like the object selection box. Found it clumsy and irritating.

Where is the roll of tape? can`t light fire without rock....

still not working for me :( all I get it's a blank screen...

where is the bottle for the water?

okay found the bottle in a new room. missing one gem.

For me this is as close to a perfect game as you can get...It just has everything. It took me some sessions to finish, but I am glad that I resisted the temptation of using hints or walkthroughs. Five stars definitely!

Also, the map is not very helpful when it doesn't show the relationship between floors (upstairs <-> downstairs).

I agree Millie. "POP" comments are just people showing off - "I've found something that YOU can't find" - unless they add a hint as to what & how & where they found it.
I don't want to look at a video walkthrough that tells ALL - I just want a few hints to help me find what or how to do something.

Also, the map is not very helpful when it doesn't show the relationship between floors (upstairs <-> downstairs).
Now everyone seems to have gone and left us to manage by ourselves.

Can take back both the ladder and the lit candelabra (light in fireplace, not other flames)

Lever needs to be down to open door leading up

Not sure how you are supposed to know, but when you get the paper with 8 numbers in a circle start at the circled number and proceed clockwise. That combo goes in the safe accessed through VCR TV. p.s. The clues here are poor.

The 4 digit combo by the clock is the time on the clock, I had to check back after entering the combo. Weird.

Separate the candelabra, the two individual lit candles go in the room behind the completed gear puzzle. Bottom right, pixely.

Kinda knew there'd be one person complaining about this replay game too. Always the same.

Turn on light on far left wall of room with glowing red ashes on floor. Then just to on door jam of the doorway near the light is a pixel spot to click to get a code. If you blow up the screen and look, you can see where to click.

Use that code on the pixel hunt of the rug under the glowing red ashes in that same room as the door jam code.

Great game if you know where to click. Somewhat random use of items to slay beasts, but trial and error does it.

If you are stuck, try Ctrl-F and the name of the object. Game is worth playing.

This is such a good game, I thought it worth persisting and loading several times, but each time the game freezes after I open the safe in TV transport room. I cannot take the items but they are in my inventory, but when using the key from the safe, the screen freezes totally. Anybody else with this problem?

Brilliant game, walkthrough is a bit crap as they enter the code for the video tape room before they found the clue. You need the second scroll which is in the dark view where you found the candelabra and you place the single lit candle. Another clue for you is think opposites when you go through time (or whatnot) and enter codes.

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