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Courage Saw Game

InkaGames - Courage Saw Game is a new point and click type adventure game by Inka Games. Help Courage escape from the evil game of the twisted puppet! Good luck and have fun!

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Been a while for on of these!

I just got zapped by a chicken!! LOL

And just my luck, truck is out of gas! LOL

Good grief every room I go in I die?

Hi bandytrc!
Wait for me!!!

LOL I can seem to get any were!! Hi Roberto!

I've advanced a nice way. Any help needed?

Played the Godzilla movie, but still can't get the cord?

Well totally stuck!! LOL

First go to the cord wait for courage shadow then play movie again

All I have done is use the chair on computer!

Opened a door and got a slot machine. Need a coin.

How to play the movie?

Go to tv studio get camera and remote combine items

There's a remote on the floor where you get the projector...

Good grief did not see the teleporter Thanks guys ! LOL

Combine gliceryn and puppet and put it on bathroom

Have to do some work. Leave lots of bread crums!! LOL

Hmmm....can see 4 numbers across the room at the Hotel, but used for??

       Anonymous  6/16/14, 5:25 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

You can use ladder in spider room, but keeping get caught by cat after using spray on web.

The clue for those numbers is outside motel Dimwit. On wall.

Too early for a WT.

For spiderroom you need bolingball. Combine pluncher rope and bow (outside the house) and use it on hypnohelmet. In the museum is the bowlingball.

I'm stuck @ evil quack room. Think i need to board up drawer but got no plank

I can see numbers in front of museum, but don't know the correct order to enter.

you get the combination after u get the helmet

Aha plank is in henhouse.

Where did you get the bowlling ball?

No helmet here yet.

Bowling ball is inside museum

Marc did you get into the henhouse already?

hmmm! Stuck as hell. Where to use projector? What the Medium wants?

I'm out ill stick around

What to do in the basement?

Yup, you need the car. For which u need the gascan, for which you need a hat and mustache

Basement is for the last moment. No need to go there now

where can I find gascan? I have hat and mustache.; I'm soooo stuck!

@Roberto, The projector is used upstairs in house where roll of cable is

Missing something to place bowling ball above door???

@ verronique in the wood ,,,gas can

how is the code for the museum

Marc, where is the bow? I've looked outside the house but I can't find it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Celli, bow is outside house when you get out left top. Code for museum is combination of numbers on pilars + hint from paper, add red numbers, substract blue numbers. Any hint how to get the bowling ball on the door in the spider room after having placed the ladder ?

Museum Code, talk to girls...get paper.

No bow next to my henhouse :-(
Do I need to defeat the hen first? If so, I tried with the rubber duck, but I get 5 secs to do something and I don't know whát it is I have to do.

Oh I found it now, thanks Emmes!!

Celli, not next to the hen house but next to the big house once you get out.

bow is just outside house, upper left, above hen house arrow

Gascan is @woods. Put on head and mustache and go there. place slotmachine and give coin

To place bowlingball close door

Once you have car take it to the henhouse. Use rubberchicken and then go stand on car (click step. Once conversation (now you'll die) is over stepo down so shot reflects in mirror

Thanks. It seems I was missing some views.

You can only put on the hat and mustache after combining it in inventory. How to get past the duck with the big hammer in the drawer ?

There is a board in the henhouse (above door). Use ladder. Then combine wood with hammer and nails and board up the drawer

need more money for gas. Anyone know where it is?

no money needed
use ladder on tankthing and put hypnohelmet on giant

got gas, but where is rubber chicken??

Where are the nails ?

Missing key for padlock outside at house....

How do I escape the curse of Ramses in 10 secs?

Nails left 2 tank station. Chicken I can't remember. Maybe in basement?

Oh I see, just be real quick and go to the museum.

I'm sorry, can't remember wher I found the rubber chicken or the nails :-(

Press teleporter to go to museum and put piece in sarco

Hi I think I did something wrong but dont want to start over.

On ground outside Hotel...

I put the helmet on the gas man, went down and forgot to place the gascan. I've pushed the remote. Now I still have an empty can but when i want to place it again. (empty gas can) it says: it's not necessary any more.

What did you do?

maybe try if the gacscan can be used on the car?

Hi Marc, tried that but it doesnt work.

I did that too, says gas can is empty but you really have gas in it. just go put it in truck.
still need rubber chicken please?

Catqueen, the same happened to me, I think you will see the gas has miraculously gone into the gascan. Try it on the truck and you'll find out.

I think the rubber chicken was insode something. Perhaps the safe?

Got it Marc! Although I didn't place the can, and game says ti's empty I managed to move the car. I think mine is an electric car LOL. Moving on.

To avoid the curse, teleport to the museum and place missing piece.

still need something for lady at TV station and need rubber chicken. not in safe. Went back everywhere and can't find it. Help?

You've almost got me through this....what do I need now in the basement?

Out, thx Marc Habers for the hints.

Celli: thank you. Glad I didnt have to start all over again.

Dimwit, you need a shovel. Once the lady from the tv station has told you where the piece is, go back to museum and talk to guy again.

Seriously? No one remembers where chicken is or what TV lady wants?

and where is shovel?

TV lady wants a skull....
Thanks Emmes

Evans, I don't remember where the chicken is but for the tv lady you need the skull from the room with the duck in the drawer. Read Marc Habers earlier posts how to get rid of the duck, you need board, nails and hammer.

And you need to give the lady at the TV station the skull from the room where you board up the cupboard. But first you need a name from talking to the guy in the Museum.

How do I get the board from the hen house without the rubber chicken????

You don't :)

so again, where is the rubber chicken?? Feel like I am getting dizzy here.

Not out yet, but thanks for all the help. It's way better then watching the WT. Evans the chicken is in the box in the house. You need a key and a totem with 2 jewel eyes.

Thanks Catqueen, I have the totem and the eyes in place but can't seem to use it. Is it the box the hands come out of?

Evans, yes. Open the box and hide under the table when the hands come out. Then in 5 seconds put the totem and place it on the floor where you stood.

The chicken must be together with something else because I don't remember having done something to find it or picked it up separately. After some time, I just saw it in the inventory. I think it must be somewhere inside the house.I know that's not much of help but hope you'll find it.

Ooops thats a weird sentence. Sorry....Put totem on floor in 5 secs.

I am giving up, got rubber chicken but now stuck a room in the motel and can't teleport out.
Don't have shovel anyway so couldn't dig up board.
bye. thanks for trying to help cat queen and Marc

Everybody good? Then i'll leave

Almmost done i think. But what to do after completing the medallion?

Evans: the room with the safe or the one in the back with the spider?

Be sure to stand near the man in the museum, cause you've 10 seconds to place the tile. (from digging in cellar under the house)

Evans, I repalyed and found the rubber chicken. It's in the box in the downstairs room. You have to try open it first with the yellow key, hide under the table but you'll get caught.
then go to the computer and ask what you can do about the hand coming out of the box. You need the statue from the safe and two gems (red and green, combine them with the statue), now try to open the box, hide under the table and put the statue in front of the table.
Inside the box is the chicjen *pfew* :-)


Aha use medallion on picture of the family in the house. Didn't read the startscreen. Opened a second game and then it hit me :) Out...thanks for all the help.

Use medaillion on picture of man and women in livingroom

even though I have the code from the computer, I am unable to open the safe :( Am I interpreting the code wrong?? Please help

Love these games but no way to finish without all the hints. This one seemed more logical than usual - or am I getting used to them?

Code was on the paper with the picture of safe. Blue numbers top to bottom.

@Mounika, to open safe do 2L3R4L1R

Can anyone help me get the gas can? I ave a disguise and I placed the slot machine but can't do much more since I don't have a coin. :(

where is the shovel?

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  6/16/14, 9:21 PM  

1 star, no game

My Safe code was different so maybe it is random.
Just read the numbers on the paper from top to bottom - left of the centre line click the left arrow that many times; same for right of centre line.

It would help greatly if someone would give a rundown on what order to defeat the baddies.
Eg chicken shed to get the plank to nail up the dresser ... ... etc.

Ashley: See Marc's comment @ "Marc Habers 6/16/14, 6:05 AM"

EGDAWT…..so this one too. Part 1
You already have a teleporter map.

Take rope left side of tv. Go right.

Take the chair. There is a box, but you need the key. Go back and upstairs.

Enter bathroom to get a make-over. You need the art of deceive for Freaky Fred.

Go inside the lower room. There is an X on the floor, an extension cord and a piece for the medallion. The evil shadow scares you. You need to do the same.

Go right and into green room. You can try to take the medallion piece and the skull but you’ll be wacked by a duck. Just take the key and the doll.

Go to the hall and down. Take the Godzilla movie. Use the chair near the computer. You need the extension cord. But how to defeat the evil shadow?

Use map and go to TV station. Get the remote and the projector. You can talk to Shirley, but that comes later.

Go back to the house and into the room with the X and extension cord. Combine the movie and the projector and put it on the X. Get the cord and the piece. As soon as the shadow appears, click the remote and use it on the projector.

Try to open the box downstairs with the yellow key. To hands come out to grab you. (you have to do this first, otherwise you can’t input the question in the computer.)

Back to the computer room upstairs. Use the extension cord and access computer. Click on the ‘creepy hands’ question. Get the paper from computer. Go to the Katz Motel.

Outside: get the key near sign. Look at the clue on the wall near the window. Take the green gem. Go inside motel. Take the hat The clue outside referred to chair, painting, cb and clipboard. Look at the numbers on these items and unlock the door. Go inside and get the slot machine. There is a spider in a web with piece and a fake moustache. Too bad, you can’t take it yet.

Go back to the house and go outside. Just above the lower red arrow there is a bow. Take it. Go right (trapdoor) and take the green gem and the keys to the car. You can use the orange key but it’s not necessary yet. Try to start the car. No gas! Go to the gas station and get the nails behind left cactus.

Go to the woods and take the orange gem. Go left and you die. Cajun fox has orders to kill you.
So we need something for the fox and defeat the spider. Go back home. Go upstairs.

Combine the nitroglycerine and the doll. Stand near the bathroom and put the doll inside. Take insecticide, the yellow piece and the plunger.

Go to the museum. Near the left pillar is a hammer. Try to take the yellow piece and get trapped in a cage. The poor girl is hypnotized, so don’t blame her. Combine, bow, plunger and rope. Use it on her helmet. Take the remote the alien just dropped, the helmet and the piece.

Talk to the girl and get a piece of paper. (different in other games). Look at the pillars. There are numbers. Code for museum is combination of numbers on pillars + hint from paper, add red numbers, subtract blue numbers. Open the museum door and get the bowling ball.

Talk to the guard about Ramses sarcophagus.

Part 2:
Go back to the motel. We need insecticide, bowling ball and ladder. Go into the spider room. Click the door. Place ladder and go up. Place the bowling ball. Go down and take the ladder back. Use insecticide on the spider. Bye bye Katz. Take the piece and the moustache.

Look at the second paper with safe and totem. See the numbers. Read the from top to bottom. (different in games). Go to the safe and turn the dial according to the paper. Get the totem.

Put both gems in the totem and go back to the house. Go into the room with the box.

A bit of timing now: use the key. As soon as the clock starts, hide under the table and put the totem on the floor. Get another piece and a rubber chicken.

To defeat the chicken at the left side of the house we need gas. For gas we need a gas can. (remember there was one near the Cajun fox in the woods.) Combine hat and moustache click ‘use’and go left in the woods.

Put the slot machine on the red X and talk to the fox.
Give him the coin and bye bye fox. Take the piece and the gas can.

Go to gas station. Put the can in front of the pump and talk to the man. Too bad we don’t have money. Use ladder on left side, climb up and put the helmet on the man. Go down, take the ladder and use the remote. Now the gas can is full.

Go back to the house, fill the car and use keys. Next stop is hen house.
Use the rubber chicken. When you have the outside view again, stand on the car (click step). As soon as the conversation is over, click red arrow so the beam reflects in the mirror.

Go inside, take piece and pace ladder on the left side of the door. Take the 2x4 above the door.

Combine nails, wood and hammer and go back into the house. Go to the bedroom with the drawers.

Use the wood on the drawers and take the piece and skull. Go to tv station and talk to Shirley.

Who are you? And then tell her you like to contact a dead person. She wants something first.

Give her the skull. She will contact Horst Bolsa He will tell the missing piece is under the house. Go to the museum and ask the guard for a shovel. Don’t move anymore but use the map to get to the house. Go back and into the trapdoor. Use the shovel on the floor. A ghost will tell you, you have 10 seconds to give it back. Quickly use teleportermap and put the
missing piece in the sarcophagus

Get the last piece for the medallion. Go back to the house, into the living room and use the medallion on the painting.

Special thanks to Marc Habers, Celli and the other players here on EG24

Excellent! I love these.

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