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Gatamari Escape 22

[REPLAY] Gatamari Escape 22 is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Gatamari. In this game, your objective is to escape the room by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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hmmm..no clue what to do here

Got an L off the low sign and put it in blue door area, that gives a target on space ship. shoot it and you get a C. make the word clock and red hand falls off. Now have red arrow with sharp point in inventory. Stuck again.

get L from low and place it where the ock letters are to form lock. Inspect the c closer then go to space game and shoot flying saucer

Took both letters back again, put C where L was and cow door opened. moving on.

drops c tile under game. put the c on top to form clock and watch the clock freak out and snap a hand.

yes change it to cock and turn the knob on the wall with the cow on the door

pop balloon with hand from clock get key, open locked pane and get graduated cylinders.

Burst balloon got key opened cupboard got glass beakers used on cow for slider puzzle

used on cow? what did i miss.

Got a button don't know where to use it and put the b to make bow and now need arrow

ahh got it

go back to first room, make the word blocki and get block

oh that button

Ross use C to make the word cow cow door will open

Yes that button I made the word bow now got a bow needing an arrow, tried to make clock again to see if could get blue arrow but no

hah, take white block and change the c to an o and spell cook to open green door

Keep changing the letters. the little piece you get from the block puzzle makes the C an O too. for hook, book etc.

book contains code for fridge in cook room. check the shaded areas in the words for up and down triangles. cook that steak well.

and book to get the book

wow .. this is what i call the perfect game !

The button goes in the slot in the c so now can make book

that was a great game! hint for the 4 digit code on the locker is in the book. but first you need the "know how" :)

I bet ya can cook too for frying pan door LOL

oops never was good at cooking lol

Can someone help me with 4 digit code please

note, you can also spell LOOK with the letters that are available.
Appears to indicate a hidden spot, just haven't found it though.

What was the reason for turning light off

I'm so stuck! Have a bow, an overcooked steak and the book with the green/black hint. In the "look"-box a white square is blinking, but I can't do anything with it. What to do with the black steak, how do I get the letter H off the word HIGH? Help is appreciated, thank you!

@arbeit turn once to the right, on the floor

oooh an arrow!!

I dont get the 4 digit clue!

I used my bow andd arrow to the H on high

Melissa neither do I. Been sitting here stumped

All I have left to do is the number code and shoe/hand code! Driving me nuts!

stuck with #code in cow room. Do NOT understand how book helps me there and of course shoe hand as well.

and THAT opened the brown door!!

thank you very much Ross

What balloon

evans , mix the two rows of digits segments as the hint inside the book shows .. the shoe/hand safe is for second ending ..

i don't get the hint downstairs though ..



Could someone please spoil the 4# code in the cow room? I see parts of green #'s on the wall where High is but so confused.

@ Manic
comments at 4:35 / 4:38

Have a hook and stuck

Great game!

out with spoiler. thanks Melissa. Never would have figured that out.

Cheers - was going mad - misread the comment change to COCK as CLOCK and thinking, but I've already done that!!!

anyone got the 24678 hint downstairs ?

nm got it .. again wow .. no doubt it's the perfect game !

Thanks Gatamari !

Don't understand the 4 digits clue from book. Could someone explain it pls.
evans said could see some part of green numbers on wall where HIGH is but I can't. Turning lights off can't see no clue at all.

for second ending look at the < alphabet > not the letters !

@Roberto - KNOW and HOW - first then you can see the two rows of digits .. turning the light off has nothing to do with it ..

OK Thanks. I can see the green parts now, but still can't convert them to numbers. Only got the first digit.

did you get the two rows lit ? if so then use the hint from the book now to see how to do it !

Nice game, but I don't think the feet and hand puzzle was used.

YEAH! Got 'outer space' ending...very nice animation, that was worth it to think 5+ minutes about the exit code :)

@LLM for second (better) ending you DO need the feet/hand puzzle because you will get an item without which you won't be able to quit t the game through the basement.

I'm trying to.
1st row ok. If I mix black+black I have 6
2nd row is confuse. Don't know how to add green+black.

lol Roberto green + black = green .. didn't you get the book yet ?

you have to combine first row with second row according to the hint in the book !

Yes I have the book. I know green+black=green. Just don't know how I add green+black. Green from top and black from bottom? or reversed? Or none? lol

lol look at each segment of the two rows and combine them then you'll get four green numbers !

oh I forgot to thank Melissa for the spoiler. This stupid black/green puzzle bored me to hell...so it was a blessing to skip this nonsense...

For first digit, if I combine black parts(from top and bottom) I have number 6 in black, that's OK.
But I can't do the same with 2nd digit. Green parts from top overlaps black parts of bottom.

arbeitslooser. Make the words KNOW and HOW at the bottom.

I need help with x21 (I click 21 times and nada) and the feet/hand puzzle.

not in black lol .. you should have the first 6 in green actually .. since green + black = green and green + green = black then the only part that turn out black is the top right one and so you get your green six !

OHHH that's mean! Thanks Roberto!
Abracadabra...the display works.

21 puzzle - you need to make sure you've seen the clue from the correct view - straight on

Magda where exactly did you click 21 times ? click on the red arrows button and it should fall , then use it on the KNIGHT puzzle to get the R !

I give up! I was thinking I had solved 1st digit at least. lol

I did that! I'll try again.

And I used the alphabet clue for l/r thing.

What to do with the remote?

@E-Addict it will only fall if she has previously seen the clue!

@Magda : LIGHTS OFF... and look around...

remote is used at the same spot where you previously learned the hidden spot ('LOOK')

no you are not gonna give up lol .. okay the upper first is a P right ? just use it over the J and you'll get : top green , top left green , top right black , middle green etc .. got it ?

Now it worked!

Ahhhhhhh! Got the numbers finally. Many thanks E-Addict!

Thanks for the remote hint! :)

If a segment is the same color on both rows, then ignore that segment. If the segment is green on one row and black on another, then take it into account.

okay great Roberto .. you'll pay me later lol .. now your journey to the stars should be easy !

I have nothing on the floor after look just a gray square

i still didn't understand alphabet and hand/shoe??

by the way it's really nice game! it has great puzzles..

I'm stuck again. I did the hand/feet code. I haven't seen a basement. I guess I should spell a word, but I can't figure out which.

@mel first you have to cook the meat in microwave

ive place the red arrow thingy beside the knight, but i have no idea what to do. Also, where is downstairs? Thanks.

Aha! Now I got it. :)

I had to put the L block back on, then click the arrow to get a new letter.

Unknown did you get the ET ? you'll be leaving on a rocket actually !

Excellent, excellent game!

Thank you for all the hints, and especially thank you Gatamari! :)

Wow. Thanks Unknown. I would never have thought to do that. Thank you.

ok i get it.. you should use remote, after that you see right/left clue..

Downstairs is only relevant for ending #2.

Now can't use my remote anywhere!

I just got in the cow room, and stuck...I can't find any balloon, and don't understand the "milk" color code :( What's next?

Roberto , you must be tired today .. use it on the panel where you got the LOOK hint !

NM...somehow a window with a button has opened and I got the baloon. No idea what unlocked it, though

Yes I'm tired, and making you tired too.lol
Found the panel, now counting red dots...

Believe it or not I'm out. Special thanks to E-addict for the massive help.

I've left via the door, by using unlock. I left via the rocket in the basement, but the rocket ending seems to want to know where to? Is there a destination i need to put in? Thanks so much for all your hints and help. I was soooo stuck ages ago, and have played using all your help.

What do I do with the broom?

       Anonymous  6/29/14, 7:00 AM  

Still here? I will try again as I never got to see the green and black numbers...

Tati May, view the broom and see it has a ring on it, Use it to bring down the Hook from the ceiling.

Amazing. Simply amazing.
Once you understand to play with letters it's all fun.
That's why I love japanese escape games.

Are there more than 3 ends?

If you leave using the door, what word to use?

to leave via the door, i used UnLOCK. To leave via the rocket I used the book hint (alphabet = 2L, 4H...etc). What is the third ending, Magda FR?

I can not find the hook! OOOPSSS!!!!!

@Tati the broom is used on the hook.
@Estefanía The green/black letters you have when putting know and how

1- using the unlock
2- using unlock and writing LUNCH
3- rocket

wow great Roberto lol .. you are welcome !

3 ends ? i only got 2 , what's the third ?

gtg anyway .. if there's a third just leave some hints ..

Tati Maya, have you got the H from the word high? When you get that (hints aplenty above), then you can make the word hook.

@Tati For the hook you have to combine bow and arrow to get the H

Sniiiiffffff! I'm blind, do not know where the hook. It's that thing on top of the blue one?

OOOOPSSSS! I do not have the arrow!

       Anonymous  6/29/14, 7:20 AM  

Walk-trough part I - can somebody write Part 2? Because until here I am stuck.

Take L from green room to make LOCK on blue room; that will allow you to play with the space game to the right of the blue door. Take the C from the word CLEAR.
Use C for CLOCK, take the red hand from the clock.
Make the work COCK for turning the knob on pink room; a balloon will form and you pop it with the red hand from clock to get key. Use key to get beakers from pink room.
Make the word COW on green room, place beakers under cow and milk it; that is clue for the puzzle to the left of the cow. Take the B.
Make the word BOW (take the bow). Make the word BLOCK and use the blocks and use them on yellow room to the white part that is used for changing the C to an O. Take the BOOK. Open green room with COOK.
Use shaded areas on the book to open the fridge. Burn the steak. Make the work LOOK and look and look at the square in the green room – is showing you a place on the floor in the pink room. Use burnt steak for 4-digit clue; use it to open door in yellow room.
Take arrow from guard(?) and KN; combine it with bow to get H from High. HOOK will show on the ceiling. Make the work KNOCK. Go to yellow room and know on the doors for 3-digit code to use left of the guard. Take the gun.

The arrow is on the knight's head.

       Anonymous  6/29/14, 7:28 AM  

And i was able to escape - going back for more endings.

Part 2:

Make the word KNOW and check the box upper-left of the door in green room. Then HOW. Combine both rows according to clue in book for 4-digit number to use on the locker in cow room. Get broom, combine it with the hook for a door on the ceiling. Shoot the gun and get the box with UN. Make the word UNLOCK and you can escape.

I got eeeeverything myself (including early ending) done myself, very fun and great, but now I'm stuck like crazy at the very end with the "a-z 24678" clue.

Ahhh missed e-addict's comment to look at the word "alphabet" instead of THE alphabet! Finally out ;~~; such an awesome game.

Wowwww!!!!!! Thanks to everyone for the tips. I got it! IUHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! IABADABADABADUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

That was brilliant. Thanks everyone. Thank you Gatamari.

Do not know which door and where the ceiling hook? Have a broom.

Excellent!!!!!!! Fantastic game - thanks Gatamari!!!

I cant get the arrow for the fridge, can someone spoil it please

Thank you all so much for the hints, could not have done it without. Great game!

Sherry, you need to look at the words in the book, they form the 'v' shape, up or down. Try that first?

Wonderful game! Very logical. A bit easy tho

Fridge spoiler:


2- using unlock and writing LUNCH

I don't quite understand.
Write LUNCH, how??
The 'OCK' letters are not movable, so I wonder how this is supposed to work?

You have an L, the U/N, the C and the H.

You put the letters in the square spaces and the plates and saucers are filled and you get the Lunch end.

Ah, right at the ENDING SCREEN there are receptacles for letters too!

Totally sneaky, thanks Magda :)

Where and how to see the 24678?

Don't look at the alphabet printed in the book, but at the word 'alphabet' itself :)

Understood) Three outputs. And a rocket fly) Thanks to all for the tips!

Do not see any hints that help me with hand/shoe or basement. Please?

@zoe thank you I had that but not in that order thanks again

@Nanaseed Use the remote (you get it writing ROCK) on the screen that represents the room.

The order is


Thanks, Magda, but I don't have an R! Will have to hunt more, I guess.

       Anonymous  6/29/14, 9:50 AM  

I've solved a couple of puzzles by myself, but I don't know what to do with the burnt meat.

pdgph, start at 5:12 am comments and see if that helps.

       Anonymous  6/29/14, 9:56 AM  

Well, the place on the floor was hard to find. It's not in the pink room, but in front of it.

       Anonymous  6/29/14, 10:07 AM  

Very good game, IMHO !

Good game--thanks for the WT for part of it. It's sometimes hard to follow a path when people are posting back and forth about different segments.

I couldn't figure out how everyone was spelling "cow" from "__ock_". It took me a while to figure out we could also use the "_ow" on the other wall. Face Palm!

From there on out, no help needed. Great game!


Looking for the 'R'?

There is a spot you have to find where you can spell LIGHT or RIGHT. There is a 'means' to switch the first letter, find it. :)

arbeitslooser, challenge accepted.

Wow! There's a lot more to this game. I was wondering about those unused buttons.

LOL that was no challenge put out by me, it was rather a hint for those who are desperately looking for the 'R' letter.

Looking over the comments, it appears I was the only one who exited the game early and missed the last half.

Thanks to Magda FR, I was able to find all three endings.

Wonderful game!

How ingenious are these game makers becoming!!??
Wonderful game and thanks for the hints (read - 'instructions')
For the red arrow, I just kept clicking quickly until it fell.

wth is the three digit code and how do you open the small brown and red doors???????????????

missing "R" letter, remote, and trap door. Clicking on left/right arrow 21 times doesn't seem to do anything. Front door is already open if that matters. Thanks.

Part 1...

This walkthrough made possible today by the many wonderful players of EG24 and the clues they leave behind. (I hope I am not posting it too early or with too many errors.)

(Blue wall, Yellow wall, Green wall, Pink wall.)
(Some solutions won’t work if you didn’t see the clue. Puzzles reset if you zoom out.)
(Take a moment to look at all the clues and puzzles. Amazing work.)
Green wall: Take the L from the word LOW.
Blue wall: Place the L to form the word LOCK. Shooting-arcade game now has a target-lock system and you can shoot the spaceship. Destroy the ship and receive a C below. Place C to spell CLOCK. Watch the clock break. Move the letters to spell COCK. This opened the switch on the Pink wall.
Green wall: Place the C in front of the OW to spell COW. This opens the Pink (cow) door.
Yellow wall: Take red clock hand with needle tip.
Pink wall: Turn knob. Watch the balloon inflate. Pop the balloon. Take Blue key. Use the key on the right and take the beakers.
Enter Pink Room. Place beakers under the cow on the colored dots spelling M-I-L-K. (I never did find another use for the colors.) Fill the beakers until the cow stops giving from each teat. Apply these amounts to the light-up puzzle on the left. Take the B-tile from below.
Blue wall: Spell BLOCK and receive a Tetris-style block from the lower left.
Yellow wall: Place the block in the puzzle and receive the C -> O piece.
Blue wall: Place C -> O piece into the letter C in OCK. Now spell: LOOK (turns on screen on Green wall), COOK (opens Green (eggs) door), and BOOK (gives book from Green wall).
Green wall: The screen tells you to LOOK at a spot on the grey surface (floor) next to the Pink wall. Take the book. Get the “alphabet” clue the words-with-grey-triangles clue, and the green/black clue.
Green Room: Use the grey-triangles clue on the refrigerator. Take raw steak. Cook the steak. You are a terrible cook. Take the charcoal.
Pink wall: Look at the floor. Use charcoal on the bumps to read the number.
Yellow door: Apply Pink floor numbers to enter Yellow Room.
Yellow Room: Take the arrow from the helmet. Take the KN from KNIGHT.
Blue wall: Use KN to spell KNOCK to turn on doors on Yellow wall.
Yellow wall: Knock on each door and listen and/or watch how many times it knocks back.
Yellow Room: Use knock-numbers on door puzzle to get a flare gun and a note to use it to summon help (SOS).
Green wall: Spell BOW to get a bow for your arrow and combine them in ABOUT ITEM. Shoot arrow to get the H in HIGH. Light up the digital numbers by using KN to spell KNOW (top row) and H to spell HOW (bottom row). Combine (mentally or on paper) the two rows of lit (green) and unlit (black) lines with the green/black clue in the book. Any line unlit in both or lit in both will be black; any line on in one row but not the other will be green.
Pink room: Use the green/black number to get a broom with a loop on the handle.
Blue wall: Spell HOOK. Use broom loop to pull hook. This will open the ceiling hatch. Shoot the flare gun to receive a package. Take the UN from the package.

Part 2... with answers...

Use UN to spell UNLOCK. Open Blue door and leave. See a lovely outdoor table.
Use UN to spell UNLOCK. Be sure to have the L, C, H, and UN tiles. Open Blue door and leave. See outdoor table. Spell LUNCH in the four boxes and have a lovely picnic.
Remember there are still some puzzles left unsolved and go for the:
Yellow room: Spell LIGHT. Switch off the light-switch. The MAIN ROOM is dark.
Pink wall (notice the colors over the doorways): Find clue on ceiling hatch.
Green room: Take the Left/Right button.
Yellow room: (Go ahead and turn the light on if you haven’t already) Spell LIGHT. Place the Left/Right button above LIGHT and press it. You have traded your L (left) for an R (right)
Blue wall: Spell ROCK to receive a remote.
Green wall: Use the remote on the screen and watch the man dance. Make a note of whether he claps his hands, stomps the left foot, or stomps the right foot.
Yellow wall: Use the Foot/Hand code. Take the ET tile from the creepy hand in the door-knock clue.
Blue wall: Use ET to spell ROCKET. Climb down the floor hatch to the Basement.
Basement: Go down hallway to see you will use 4-tiles to open the door. Return to ladder. See clue on the wall near the ladder. Combine the book clue with the wall clue.
Use proper tiles at door and escape.


Basement Door Clue: Combine the wall clue with the book and realize that A~Z means “alphabet”. Combine the numbers 2 4 6 7 8 to form a 4-tile “word”.
Note: That Left/Right button works both ways.

Beakers: 3 2 5 4
Grey-triangles: ^ ^ ^ v v ^ v ^ ^ v v
-or- U U U D D U D U U D D
Pink floor: 8691
Doors: 4 9 3
Green/black: 6 2 5 7
Ceiling hatch: This clue says that you can hit the Left/Right button 21 times in one time without damaging it. You must hit it 22 times to make it fall off.
Foot/Hand code: L L H - R L H - L R H - R R H
Basement Door: “alphabet” + 2 4 6 7 8 = the second & forth & ...etc... letters of the word alphabet
Go back to the Yellow room and switch the R for the L. Return to the Basement door and use ET to spell LHBET.

JuliaAna. Brilliant W/T. Congratulations. I'm sure thousands will thank you, even if silently.

Incredibly fantastic game! Deserves the high rating by any means!

Needed the wt for the rocket end, so I'm one of thousands who say thank you to JuliaAna, even if not silently... ;-)

Great game!!!!

Excellent one!

Starts out real slow - but once you get the wheel going, it never stops.

Easiest five star I've give in a good while.

I don't get why a rock would give you a remote.

Fun! Imaginative. Entertaining. Fun. Super clues. Maddening.
Fun. :)

       Anonymous  8/24/18, 12:53 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Gatamari ☺
& thx Julia for the WT

What a game! One of the best I've ever played. Thanks for reposting, Alpha!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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