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The Seeds of Eden - Part 2: The Song of Flowers Walkthrough

The Seeds of Eden - Part 2: The Song of Flowers

[REPLAY] The Seeds of Eden - Part 2: The Song of Flowers (Flowers of Poetry) is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Robamimi. In this classical game, you are trapped in a room, and your aim is to escape from there by exploring the environment, finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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A Robamimi!

Got a moon tile from the 8-letter box.

Got the l/r gate open and a wind tile from the jar.
Also a stick to get a key from the ivy.

And out. Excellent! Wonderful!

Got a sun tile from the "underline" box.

Can't work out the underline box

Martin, the line on the number indicates the bottom of the number. Turn some of them over. They indicate the sequence to click the buttons.

The 3rd box has a 1 and a 3. Press that button 1st and then 3rd.

Hey, NOT. Any hints for the 4-number box?

NVM. It's the leaves on the plant painted on the wall.

@Peggy: see at plant on the wall. :-)

I hate those liquid puzzles. I finally had to give up to finish.
Other than that, really fun game.

Stuck with Ballet shoes, a drum, and a tile

I've place the drum and the shoes. Nothing left in my inventory except the tablet with the poem. The game hint is telling me to look for "jealousy". Stuck

Is no one playing anymore? Because I am still stuck, please help

Red Snapper, the tablet is the "Song"

Red, sorry it took a while to respond. I had to play it again to make sure of my facts.


That was so good and so tricky, especially the water part.

       Anonymous  6/17/14, 10:58 PM  

I have 3 tiles - wind, sun & leaf
I have a drum
I have poem tile.
I have used stick, key & crowbar

The hint comes up doesn't tell me which puzzle the hint is for or does it make any sense.

Dunno how to open 34513526 box.

I giveup, 1 star

       Anonymous  6/17/14, 11:00 PM  

The hint the game is giving me is: Capital , small , 1,2,3,4...

means nothing to me.

That was a great game.

iconland2003 look at the sign posts and use that for the 3451 etc code. pay attention to the Font.

Anyone gotten to the water jug problem yet? I am not good with those puzzles.

iconland, the word "SECRET" is in all caps. The word "incantation" is in lower case.
The first number is a small 3. Use the third letter of the word "incantation". The next number is a large 4. Use the fourth letter of the word "SECRET".

yea the top word is in caps and the bottom word is in small... the answer is related to the moon

I get the leaf box is from the leaves on the wall, but there are 6 positions there and only 4 numbers. What am I missing?

After placing the 3 star items, it is night. I need a container of some sort but all I have is an ocarina.

Anyone gotten to the water jug problem yet? I am not good with those puzzles.

How do you get a jug?

never mind. looking at the wrong leaves. smh

I can't figure out what direction matches what note on the ocarina, help please

@Puzzled, the ocarina has a crescent moon symbol on it. Look at the door with all the symbols. Following the pattern of the moon, play the ocarina.

       Anonymous  6/17/14, 11:20 PM  

Jug puzzle was not to my liking, I gave up... again.

I still 1 star this game.

OK, I guess I have a more basic problem-how to "about item" the ocarina in order to play it?

@Puzzled double click the ocarina.

What do I use to transfer water?

With the tiles, I fortunately saw the back of the moon tile before putting it in inventory and did that with the other tiles.

Can't believe I missed that jug coming out of second room!

stuck with the leaves 7235 or 5327 don't work, help please

@seb 5327


seb, 5327 worked for me. Maybe you need to take a close up look at the picture before it works?

thanks Peggy, missed that :)

Oooh, Robamimi! Been a while!

Thank you @Maggie. (not working with my pen, but got it to work with the mousepad)
When I placed the jug in the middle, I can pour back and forth between the jugs.
Difficult puzzle.

I'm stuck with a poem, four tiles (I think I have them placed right, but nothing happens), and a drum, can someone give me direction, please?

Dazed, if the tiles are placed properly, the front of the pedestal should open up.

DIsregard, the NEWS just worked for me, thanks

@Dazed -- if nothing happens they aren't placed right (check below to be sure)

sun is south -- place the drum in that star container
wind (I thought it was a rope) is west - place the shoes there
plants go east - place the poem/song there

Just noting to say THANK YOU, Peggy and Puzzled. Now facing the four button challenge, to presumably get a 7l thing.

@Puzzled Yeah, that jug puzzle was hard for me. I'm not good at those.

fabulous all round- a bit too short for me- I could have played it all night

Not a complete solution for the jugs, but some intermediate steps.
You start with 0-0-14
Get to 5-8-1 then to 0-3-11
Hope that helps!

Oh god, I saw the "give up" button and hit it and now I REALLY WANT TO KNOW HOW TO SOLVE IT.

Can someone give me the first couple of steps? I'll replay the whole game to make it worth it.


Clever puzzles, beautiful graphics...I cannot say enough about this game. An absolute delight to play. Thank you, Robamimi! More like this, please! :)

Water Puzzle:

So, more than one solution!

Aera, you freaking rock. Seriously rock.



Wow Aera, I was flailing with the water thing -- thank you!

Excellent game ! Thx Aera for having solved the water puzzle, that was a tough one !

Fantastic game. Love Robamimi games. I have to laugh when people give it 'one star' because they can't do it. The fact that it is difficult is what makes it a great game.

The free GREENSHOT screen grab utility works really well for this game

This comment has been removed by the author.

Please help for underline box

underline box - if you found the code, some of the numbers are upside down, the right way up is where the underline is. You push the buttons in order 1-6

Excellent game! But thanks for the 7litre detailed walkthrough.

For the underlined numbers on the wall, note that they are in 3 squares which relate to the 3 buttons on the box.

i stil dont get the order for the 4 tiles N W E S,i tried different ways and read all your comments,please help to finish this game :D

going in circles. opened underline and #/letter box, have drum and shoes and stuck. what goes in third star pillar and where is it. Where is second room and ocarina you mentioned above.
Help please

evans,where did you get shoes??

       Anonymous  6/18/14, 6:53 AM  


I wish I could have helped you, but I'm stuck at the same place : I found the drum and the shoes, and can't find the ocarina.

       Anonymous  6/18/14, 6:54 AM  

POP, I clicked the stand where there was nothing yet, night came and a door opened...

@pdgph :wwhere the shoes are?? what is the order for the 4 tiles ??

       Anonymous  6/18/14, 6:58 AM  

I found the ocarina but I miss the jug and I don't understand what is the starting point for playing the ocarina (which notes corresponds to which symbol ?).

Out now. flip all the tiles over and place them in the stand NEWS according to their backs. check ground near sign for N then stand opens and you get shoes.

for ocarina, look at moon symbols on door. top one is second position play that first then follow with the others.

       Anonymous  6/18/14, 7:01 AM  


I'm sorry, I don't remember where the shoes were...
For the order of the tiles, turn them back and you'll see a blue letter (N, W, S, E) for North, West, South, East. In the first scene, there is stone on the ground with a compass. Use it to place the tiles (the North tile goes on the right, the East tiles on the bottom, etc.).

The ocarina comes when you place the shoes, drum and poem tile in the correct star pillar. jug is from opening ocarina door, on ground on the way out of that room (to the right)

thx @ evans,tried that but nothing :D

       Anonymous  6/18/14, 7:03 AM  


Thank you...! How didn't I understand this by myself ? I feel stupid. (-:

PeteBarbu, you still stuck on tiles?

maybe i have to see a clue for that first ...

Tiles, Moon on right, Leaf at bottom, Wind left and sun top I think

@pdgph very very stuck!!!

Pete what are stuck on?


put tiles according North on the right (hint stone in right view)

Wind on top, moon (north) on the right, leaf bottom, sun on the left and get shoes

@evans and @pdgph thx for helping me but its stil not working,maybe i am doing something wrong,anyway ill wait a VW :P

       Anonymous  6/18/14, 7:14 AM  

I have to admit that I was unable to solve the jars problem (fortunately, we were allowed to give up).

       Anonymous  6/18/14, 7:15 AM  


Have you used the crowbar on the tile with the "poem" ? Have you turned back the 4 tiles ?

YESSSS SEB!!!!! that s it! thx thx thx :D now to finish this game...at last :P

I don't understand this hint for the underline box:

"For the underlined numbers on the wall, note that they are in 3 squares which relate to the 3 buttons on the box."

What do you mean by "the underlined numbers on the wall"? What wall has underlined numbers? I can't seem them anywhere. I've opened the box with the moon tile so far. Thanks!

Zoe in gate room where there is "poem song" on the bottom of right wall you can see 6 numbers
some are upside down

nvm - found it after looking at the gate for the l/r puzzle.

......... err.. ok.. 4 and a half months waiting for a Robamimi and I can't catch it live. Allright. T-T. At least I'll have time to finish this on my own.

Where do you input the underlined numbers?
Because the "underline" box only has 3 buttons?

@ray, look at numbers on wall, 2 numbers in each square

I guess I'm still not getting the underline box. There are 3 buttons and 6 numbers. First box - 4, 6. Second box 2,5. Third box 1,3. How do I push the 3 buttons?

@seb - but all six numbers have lines under them. I don't get it.

Zoe, click in order 123456 ==> right button, middle, right, left...

@seb - Oh dear! I was WAY over-thinking that! Thanks!


Worked out underline puzzle eventually.
The poem places items S, w, e.
Play the ocarina 233114.
You lot REALLY overcomplicated the water jugs.
Put the empty jug in the middle.
Fill it from the big jug. Take the middle jug.
Go fill one of the containers in the new room.
Go get the big jug. Fill the other container.
You're out.

@ray p daley - Wow - you'rs is the shortest (and cleverest) solution!

Great game, but I would NEVER have got out without all the great hints!!!

Again a BRILLIANT sequel, Robamini!

See, this is why I hate the nonsensical talk like "where's Robamimi gone? No more intention to make games?"
Since if you can bring up THAT superb quality, you do need time.

Whilst some other developers rather seem to follow the "how-many-games-can-I-shoot-out-in-a-month" strategy.

The most difficult thing in THIS game was that there was actually some EFFECT if you only placed 3 objects instead of 4 needed. Roba, you scoundrel you! =p If only you had an idea how long I've been searching for a moon object to be placed, for instance, on that wooden table lying on the floor...

Giving us the choice to just give up that frustrating water game was very nice of you, Robamimi. Excellent, superb game as always, thank you!

Fantastic game. Love Robamimi games. I have to laugh when people give it 'one star' because they can't do it.
Kernowman, I'm pretty sure that the '2003' in iconland's name might stand for his birth year. So if he's really an 11 or 12 year-old schoolboy, then everything gets very clear. :) Since I was about the same stubborn bull at this age.

Sounds like an interesting game. Too bad I can't get it to load in either FF or IE, even with no plugins.


I missed Robamini's games, they never disapoint!!!

Chrome works like a charm.
This game deserve the trouble of installing it :)

This comment has been removed by the author.


OK, I've finally passed the extremely difficult water jug puzzle.

You lot REALLY overcomplicated the water jugs.
Put the empty jug in the middle.
Fill it from the big jug. Take the middle jug.

You sound like a loudmouth to me. ("Everybody but you can see how easy this is")

You do need 7L in BOTH jugs until you can pick these up.

It needed me *14* fill/refill steps to solve this puzzle!!
But you were pretending as if this was the easiest thing of the world.

And I also would like to pass a very warm thank you to the ever-so-modest PuzzledInCA (who has never spoken in such a sneer tone to my knowledge) for giving us two PERFECT hints without which I couldn't have solved it.
(5-8-1 / 0-3-11 . Less is sometimes more. You're a life-saver :))

eeeeep! Omigoodness, my favorite developer! What a simply gorgeous, brilliant game. Thank you, thank you. Can't wait for the next one. I agree....I could have played here all day.

Thanks, Aera, for help where I needed it, with the water jugs....amazing game.

Perfect game! My wait paid off. I only wished it was a bit harder and longer but what I'm I saying I loved it!! (And arbeitslooser, I totally agree with u, Robamimi's quality is amazing and about the "awful, 1 star" player lol, well... I can't stand it, whether he's 12 or 21...). >_<

FireFly yes!! My favorite developer as well! High five \o

I'm usually so good with puzzles like the water jugs. Magikarp used Splash. It has no effect!

This comment has been removed by the author.

SMP I guess it's a damn big difference whether you're allowed to EMPTY the jugs in-between steps or not :)

On the other hand, this was a very economic way of doing it (less precious water needlessly emptied out into the sewers) :)

it isn't loading on any of the three browsers ..

Easiest Robamimi-game in a good while.

Still very good though.

this "ironclad" guy is very obvously a troll - he goes around giving games 1 star and then letting us all know...

Yep, people have very different ideas of "having fun"...

I can't get the game to load, at either link. I've got adblocker turned off. Flash is up to date. No idea what is wrong. I can't stand the idea of missing a Robamimi game!

Of course. POP even in this. It was just taking it's own sweet time just to get the loading screen up!

Fantastic game, unfortunately I had to give up the water jug puzzle even with the walkthrough (embarrassed smilie) but it didn't take away the fact it was a great game. 10 stars

Fantastic game, unfortunately I had to give up the water jug puzzle even with the walkthrough (embarrassed smilie) but it didn't take away the fact it was a great game. 10 stars

Absolutely brilliant!

Excellent! Beautiful!

Wonderful game. Thanks Robamimi!!!


Perfect 5 star game!

SPECTACULAR - great game :o)

Beautiful, good degree of challenge, interesting atmosphere. Well done!

       Anonymous  12/8/18, 1:22 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

caught this one due to a suggestion from our staff member, responsible for the replays - thx annaby!

ありがとう for all your creations, Robamimi ☺

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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