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Escape from the Similar Rooms 13 Walkthrough

Escape from the Similar Rooms 13

Hottategoya - Escape from the Similar Rooms 13 is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Hottategoya, the same developer of the Dghgbakufu games. You are locked in a series of similar rooms. The goal of this game is to solve the puzzles and to escape from this place. Good luck and have fun!

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Found a code paper that gave me a screw driver (used). Found a box with 5 buttons that can be changed and another clue paper that gives colour clue. I'm stuck

Solved the moveable picture with the colour clue. Look very carefully at the bookcase with the coloured triangle wheel.

       Anonymous  7/29/14, 7:49 AM  

Melody54: the colours show how to turn the white picture in the last room...

       Anonymous  7/29/14, 7:52 AM  

Don´t know, what to do with the five button box. There are 4 x 2 chairs and only five buttons...

Got it prakta thanks. Any clue on the stools/ button box?

I think the bookcases with different filled shelves may be a clue

       Anonymous  7/29/14, 8:02 AM  

I've seen the circle with coloured triangles (there are 4 triangles of each colour !), and I have the paper also with coloured triangles. I don't understand how to use them on the picture in the last room.
And I have also the problem of the stools (8 stools for 5 buttons !)

       Anonymous  7/29/14, 8:05 AM  

pdgph: look in the first room with the colour circle and "draw a line" of the four blue, the red and so on. This will show you, how to turn the picture...

pdgph look at the colour circle again. There is a faint clue

       Anonymous  7/29/14, 8:07 AM  

eg: blue is horizontal...

       Anonymous  7/29/14, 8:08 AM  


Thank you for your help, I'm going to try this.

       Anonymous  7/29/14, 8:26 AM  

Any hints for the five button box....

I give up for now. I'll come back later to see if any super brains have solved the stools problem.

read all above clues about colour circle and still not getting it. someone please spoil it. I have been trying for a long time.

giving up, can't get the picture/color wheel thing at all.

Hold on Evans.. I have solved it, Let me go back ..

       Anonymous  7/29/14, 8:51 AM  

SPOILER for the picture:


Picture on Wall:

Clue is circle with color triangles

Note – faint line about 5:00 pointing to Blue (Starting Point)

Arrow paper Clue. Starts with the Blue at 5:00

Step 1: from blue to red is to the right hit arrow on Right side
Step 2: from Red back to blue – hit arrow on the Left Side
Step 3: from Blue to Green – Left
Step 4: Green-Black – Left
Step 5: Black to Red – Left
Step 6: Red to Black – Right
Step 7: Black to Green – Right
Step 8: Green to Blue - Right

The trick with the colour wheel is starting with blue, which way do you have to go to get to red and then to blue again and then to green. Only the colours next to each other

Hint above was done by memory - so I may have messed up, but I think it gives you the idea

anyone figure out the box with the green shapes?

For the shape box, note the positions of the shapes on the stools relative to each other, i.e. triangle points up so the first room indicates that the triangle is to the right of the circle.

I'll spoil in a few if necessary.

Wow, nobody out here, i. e. still live?


HINT for color circle/triangles (not spoiler):

There are 4 of each color, if you imagine a line connecting each color it forms a square. The square is the picture frame. Blue is the "starting point" as it's in the original position of the picture. If it goes blue > red then imagine the "blue square" in the circle turning to the "red square" position, and so on.

Ahh thanks smokehalo! Took me a while (I was over complicating the directions for a bit) but finally got the shape box *_* success!

not found for shapes box :(

Extended shape box hint:
Like smokehalo said, if the triangle on the triangle/circle stool set is upside down, flip it over so the triangle is the correct direction (which is circle/triangle), turn your head all which ways with the rest of the stools. There are no diagonals (which was what got me for a bit)

yes! got it finally, thanks for help

wow. out with no help, that's rare :)

exactly that's it. you have to use the triangles and also the pentagon as direction guides. The triangle on the chair MUST have its tip in the same position as it is possible to set on the box. So tilt your head, if need be :)

hint the pentagon's tip is "pointing" towards the diamond. So look where the pentagon can only be on the box (3 options)

       Anonymous  7/29/14, 9:27 AM  

I give up because of the puzzle with the stools. 8 stools for 5 buttons... there is a problem here.
Usually, Hottategoya are very good and logical, this one is an exception.

I can't figure out the shapes either. I get the hints, but I just cant do it

I got it ... spoiler below


This comment has been removed by the author.

glad I came back to check if anyone got it. Still couldn't follow the explanations so thanks for the spoilers!

       Anonymous  7/30/14, 12:13 AM  

I see comments of a 5 button box and no direction of where it's found, of a picture which moves, but none move for me.

Apart from getting the screwdriver, this game ceased to be logical for me.

1 star.

Found the shapes very difficult as most were equal sided shapes so it was hard to figure which was was up

WT (thanks for the hints above...I would never have figured the shapes out)

Start in Room 1
stools (triangle and circle)
Coloured wheel clue on bookcase

upstairs right of bookcase takes you to Room 2

Room 2
stools (diamond and pentagon)
colour clue on stool
drawer needing shapes to open

Down stairs left of bookcase goes to Room 3

Room 3
Get box from bookcase.
Exit door right of bookcase
stools (triangle and hexagon)
picture frame screwed to wall

Upstairs right of picture frames goes to Room 2
Downstairs left of picture frame goes to Room 4

Room 4
stools (circle and pentagon)
number clue in drawer (lowercase letters)
Use in cupboard in bookcase get screwdriver, release picture frame see R & L arrows

Upstairs at bookcase goes to Room 3
Upstairs opposite bookcase (strange picture on wall) goes to Room 1

Look at colour wheel in Room 1 and use colour clue on paper to get LR clue.
Use paper for sequence and wheel for direction
Start at any blue (from paper) and see that you go right to get to red, then left to get back to blue, left to get green, left to get to black, left to get to red, right to go to black, right to go to green and right to go to blue

Go to room 3 (upstairs right of bookcase to R2, downstairs left of bookcase to R3) Move picture frame from RL clue and get star shape

Look at shapes on stools again:
Room 1, the triangle is upside down compared to how it is shown on the box, if they are rotated (turn your head to visualise) then the triangle sits on the right of the circle.

Room 3
The triangle is on its side. If looked at correctly, the hexagon sits above the triangle.

So far we have a circle on the left of a triangle and a hexagon above the triangle.

Room 4
The pentagon is on its side. If it is oriented correctly the circle is underneath it.

Now we have a circle on the left with a pentagon above it, and a triangle on the right with the hexagon above it.

Room 2
The pentagon is on its side, turn yor head to the left and see the diamond sits above it when it is correct.

Final configuration:
Pentagon - Hexagon
Circle - Triangle

Use in box to get moon shape

Go to room 2, place shapes in drawer for key go to Room 3 and open exit door

PS there is a fairly obsolete clue in room 3 drawer that seems to be just to tell you to read the lower case letters to get the clue. You do this for the number clue but it seemed reasonably straightforward to figure without the red / green lower case clue.

       Anonymous  5/6/18, 11:04 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, AppGoya ☺
(your newest name ☻)

& thx Soozn for the WT

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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