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Shokora Shut In On the Tower Walkthrough

Shokora Shut In On the Tower

[REPLAY] Shokora Shut In On the Tower Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Choko-Chai. In this game, Shokora, one of our famous three Choko-Chai cats, is missing! The kitty got trapped by a witch, living in the forest near the cats' home. Shokora's friends, Chai and Chibinyan, are planning to go the witch's tower in the woods to save their buddy. Your mission is now to help the two cats rescue Shokora from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles you will encounter on your way. Let the cats help you. There are two different endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Cool Choko Chai !

Very slow loading...

Put the compass in the device and then click the directions according to sun, bear etc. to get a rope.

Hi @Zazie! I'm stuck after opening compass box - have rope, water in basin and dirty spot on wall, trying to figure the 4-# code

Left next to the water is a cloth.

There is a tricky rag to the left of the water basin

Got kompass (used in the hole of stone box) inside box was a rope., and opened tap with pliers from mousehole.

Black bar on the stairs. In new room let the cats pull the blinds away.

Wet cloth to get number code from wall., have a key now.

Click the 5 poles device according to the little red dots on the legs of the bench to get another rope.

Use the shapes hint (that was behind the blinds) to open the box to get a red key.

Hope this one works better than that phillipines thing!

Im in the second room, but still haven't found a compass. Where did you all find it,please? Thanks.

have another note from accidentally going back downstairs.

Clio compass was under a long table on the left side, there is a hotspot somewhere.

Hi @clio, compass is under stone bench

The note on the stairs between floor 2 and 3 says to knock the 9 poles. But on floor 4 I can only click those poles / bench legs.
Stuck :(

In 3rd room i meltes ice for SD by clicking all 9 pillars.

Made the correct number code with 4 bars.

Thanks Zazie and just1. I was looking at the wooden table with the drawings on top. duhh me.

hmmm. A ChokoChai and I'm wasting my time on a bug wowescape.

ST click all poles in the room with ice cube. I guess i started with the white ones.

Ah thanks Zazie :)
I did click all the poles, but didn't look at the ice after that.

need help with the shapes hint. I have circle 7, square 6, triangle 4 and star 2 doesn't work.

Hmm! Need 1 more rope. Have 4 digit clue from top room not used and 8 button box unopened with no clue!

I cant get the rope in the first room. Isnt it N S N S N N?

where is hint for compass? I have it in place but can't find hint

On the top floor make the cat eyes the colours that you got at the very start.

Triangle is 8

In the next room put the cats in front of the pink painting to get a hammer.

The hint for the compass is:
The shapes, like sun up (that's east), bears live on the NORTH pole etc.
Don't forget on the compass north is left.

Evans - click left side of brown bench table.

On top floor use hammer and bend nail in the window.

Don't forget to get get the ring before you leave. Use nrbox second time. Hint on top stairs,

got it, EWNSEN.

Compass hint is on brown table (left side) in same room, follow the arrow and note the symbols. Pay attention that the N on compass is on the left side.

When going from top floor to floor 4 look at the wall for the 4 digit code to get the key on floor 4.

HAHAHAHAHA. .........oh deary me. hahhahah. Im so embarrassed but cant stop laughing. I cant believe that somehow my brain decided that the sun rose in the arctic and set in the antarctic. Thanks small-tool.

dutchie, did you get rope form box on fourth floor? can't find the hint...

Where is the clue for the 8 white buttons ?

need 4th rope

On floor 4 let the 3 cats do the switch and you get the hint for those 8 buttons. Gives last rope to escape on the top floor.

I got the "happy end"
I guess when you forget the ring you get normal end.

Also pressed switch on fourth floor with the help of all three cats but npthing happend...?

made it to third room but can't find enough black bars to make # code.

small-tool: what kind of hint did you get there? or where did it appear??

I used the cats on the switch on 4th floor but nothing happened. I can't use them on the switch anymore

what the code spiler for shapes box

same for me, miles1

I think you needed 4 black bars.
One was on the stairs, one you had to use the screwdriver and two were somewhere under the benches.

have note about knocking pillars but can't do it. says I don't have clue yet.

What switch ? I don´t see it.

stuck on 8 buttons

can't get the screwdriver.

The switch made the lights go on.
Gave 4 colours on one side of the room and 4 colours on the opposite side.

Switch is between the two doors on fourth floor.

Thx ST got it !!

Pillars are not the buttons, but the 9 bench legs.

@ s-t - were the colors on the fourth floor? Nothing changed for me

my lights on forth floor are on but all yellow/white...

Don't know miles1, game is already closed but I think it was in the same room as the switch is.

Hmm the cats used the switch but nothing happened. Where is the hint for 8 buttons ?

Maybe a bug. Think we should have found fourth rope before finding ring as it says "last clue" on ring paper...

Colours were:

God! Can't be another bug. I'm stuck on 4th floor too. Can't use the cats anymore and see no colors.

So it must be a bug, my lights are all white, switch did nothing.

I had the ring before the 4th rope as well. So that's not the bug, I think.

What to do with U-Shape?

Spoiler doesn't help as we can't press the buttons as long as we didnt see the hint.

And i cannot enter the colours ST posted because i still have no clue :-( Let´s say i am out !

The U-Shape goes in the window on top floor to attach the ropes.

U shape is put on the upper window sill and use hammer on it, it is to attach the ropes.

Where do you use the colors after click switch? Where's the clue for black sticks?

The first time I used the cats on the switch I had the same problem - nothing happened and couldn't use cats anymore. I restarted and it worked 2nd time round.

finally got screw driver and out. thanks for all the help.

How did you get the hammer?

I'll consider myself out, too Zazie!

Use colours on 8 button grey box. There is no clue for the black sticks - use one on each number to get the correct comnoination.

Roberto - use cats on the pink mirror on top floor.

3 bugged games in a row. Too bad!

Can't enter top floor?!

ok! I quit too. Thanks anyway!

I think to go to the top floor, you had to use the 4 black bars to make the 4 digit code on the wall and then with that code open the 4 digit box to get the key.

Im stuck. No worries, will try again tmrw. Thanks for all the help everyone.

It's not bugged. Whe the cats try to reach the switch, click the top cat and the switch and then the two others or just the bottom cat and (I think) the switch again, they will make a final effort and succeed.

Hi! Great game and great hints! Please spoil cat eye colors. I got them at the beginning but my resolution seems to be off.

Just played again and using cats on the switch works fine.
No idea why it doesn't work for some of you. Too bad :(
But then again, you just get the 4th rope and then you're out.

Cats eyes:

hmmm..I have three ropes. Is it from the cat eyes?

Thank you, small-tool!

Yep, that was my last rope! So much fun to play here!

I had to click on the cats several times to get them to stack up to reach the switch, but it worked eventually.

       Anonymous  8/28/14, 8:24 AM  

Nice and sweet!

It's not bugged. Whe the cats try to reach the switch, click the top cat and the switch and then the two others or just the bottom cat and (I think) the switch again, they will make a final effort and succeed.

Yes, my cats could reach the switch as well ... (took me awhile until I figured out I had to click on the big cat because the smallest one complains 'can't reach') BUT still the lamps didn't show in color.
So the latter IS a bug (what else?)

       Anonymous  8/28/14, 9:06 AM  

The game won't load.

nice game!!

server is a little overloaded...be patient...or retry after awhile...

Have I done something wrong? I'm locked in a room with a cat but nothing in inventory. How can I go back to original scene?

Think it's ok, clicked on mousehole and the 2 other cats reappeared and got me the pliers.

To be more precise, I zoomed in on mouse hole and then clicked cat on bottom left.

Difficult to load (refresh 2-3 times) but it pays your waiting.

Excellent game - no bugs for me. Thanks for helping with the white buttons box as hadn't seen the switch.

After you've placed all 3 cats to reach switch, click on the bottom one again so they stretch a bit higher AND THEN click the actual switch. At least, that's how the coloured lights appeared for me.

Very very slow to load... but maybe the time or... my pc... :(

smarties, as usual, you have found the reason why we others triggered the bug.

After you've placed all 3 cats to reach switch, click on the bottom one again so they stretch a bit higher AND THEN click the actual switch. At least, that's how the coloured lights appeared for me.
Well, don't ask me why, but I did NOT click the switch, but, after clicking the biggest cat again, I changed the room side to get rid of the cats.
However, doing it that way will make the switch INOPERABLE.

That's a bug, then.

spoiler for 4 black sticks


spoiler for code colored shapes

circle 7 square 6 triangle 8 star 2

don't understand compass clues

a same box opened with 2 different codes (8629 gives ring for happy end)

I can't get the lamps to change colour either. I thought I clicked the switch, but I must have done something wrong because I can't press the switch again

Giving up ... can't be bothered to start again

for compass clue , on bench (same room) you can see

sun arrow up (East), sun arrow down (West), polar bear (North pole), emperor penguin (South pole), sun arrow up (East), polar bear (North pole)

bad code

Great game,didn't have any problems.

Nice game, but a pity it is buggeded

A Glad-With-A-Game-That-Needs-Some-Thinking-Through.

Do what the game maker says ... write down the color clue...

Follow the arrows, go through the door.
Floor 2F
mousehole at brown table: zoom in, click hole, click cats, click little one, click pliers in the hole.
cut the rope at the tap. Next to it on the floor = a towel. Wet the towel,
clean the wall = the number is used on brown box = key to next floor.
At white table wait for shining star below table, click there, take compass.
Place it on the box. North is pointing left.
On brown table click starting left and note the compass directions. Open white box with it = rope.
Everything's done, take key to go up, while going up note black piece on the stairs, take it.

Foor 3F
click blind, click cats, click blind, click cats, large cat will do it this time. this hint is used on box on the brown table = key.
the hint for clicking order of the cups on the white table are on the pilars of the brown one, from left to right = rope.
Take black piece behind second pilar.
looking at the doors, note black piece on the right, take it.
Everything's done, take key, go up.

Floor 4F
Looking around we need clues. First open fridge, then go down two floors and take the paper on the stairs.
Go to 4F again, click the pilars and open the fridge = sd.
Take black piece from brown table, take U-shaped nail.
The four pieces complete the numbers on the wall, one piece per number, opens box on brown table = key.
The button box remains ...., the light switch remains ....
Take key, get up.

Floor 5.
Tears ecause of a sweet reunion.
wrote down the colours to use on cats' eyes?? (I didn't, Small-tool did) = rope.
click painting, click cats. Big one's turn (click cat, click painting) = hammer.
place nail in the window, hit it with hammer.
click ropes and nail .... we need a longer rope.
While going down, note number on left wall.
use it on brown box in F4 with the 1345 number = ring and note.
click switch, click cats to reach for the switch. keep on clicking cats and switch = lights turn on.
open button box with them = rope.

on floor 5, attach the ropes to the nail, click the cats, climb down, be happy.

floor 2f
compass: E W N S E N = up down, left right, up left
floor 3f
cups: middle, up left, down right, up right, down left
shapes: 7 6 8 2
floor 4f
numbers: 1 3 4 5
floor 5
colors: blue orange green yellow red.
stairs down 5->4: 8 6 2 9
floor 4f

While replaying to check WT, the button-box was open already, a bug.
Well, great game anyway.

Btw, compass: the bear only lives at the north pole, this penguin only at the south, that's why N and S.

About gave up with the compass clues which didn't make sense. Maybe if the bear clue had been white. I wasn't aware that penguins are only in the south, and I'm sorry but I live in sunny southern California and we have bears wandering into our neighborhoods all the time to jump in people's swimming pools. I thought the up arrow was N, down S, bear facing right was E and penguin facing left was W. Poor clue.

this bear is a polar bear, and most penguins do live at the South pole, not all of them though.

I mean, it's not the drawing that makes it clear what bear it is, it's the combination of bear and compass that does it.

room 4..... switch never made any lights go on
checked all the floors

I got a bug
Got rope from drawer... made about on other item and rope... gone.

Yesss, more bugs, pity.

What a pity such a longish game had a bug right at the end, very disappointed as I love these games.

       Anonymous  8/28/14, 8:26 PM  

After all of this time, I'm finally remembering that the cats themselves can help solve puzzles in the games. :)

As for the comments about "bugs", there aren't any. I, like others commenting, just played right through with no problems.

       Anonymous  8/28/14, 9:51 PM  

The game was perfect and great.. you have played too many SD games and expect bugs, instead of trying to find solutions. He now even ruins other peoples games.

SD ruining other peoples' games? Can you elaborate on that somehow, please?

Out for Happy end! No bugs are found.

Slow loading indeed. 4 minutes to get to 54% @_@

I just played this without reading the comments and got the bug with the switch. I did get the cats to give the extra effort, but the colored lights did not come on. Nothing happened. I went upstairs and came back down and the cats were gone. I couldn't touch the switch and the lights were not colored. Definitely a bug!

       Anonymous  11/30/18, 6:25 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

caught this one due to a suggestion from our staff member, responsible for the replays - thx annaby!

ありがとう for all your creations, Choko ☺
& thx arrie for the WT

On the congratulations screen at the end, click on the text under the girl to see the real cats. Great game, 5 stars.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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