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Slenderman Saw Game

InkaGames - Slender Man Saw Game is a new point and click type adventure game by Inka Games. Pigsaw has kidnapped Slenderman to force him to play his twisted game. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Delilah]

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       Anonymous  8/18/14, 6:59 AM  

Whoot...a rainy day off, fresh cup of coffee, and a new Inka game!

I was just checking if there is a new inkagame and there it is :)

I am stuck. Can't get past mickey mouse or the pokemon or the guy in the circus tent.

       Anonymous  8/18/14, 7:14 AM  

Stuck too evens, got shrunk by the scientist but cant free mouse

Spoon is not enough!

       Anonymous  8/18/14, 7:16 AM  

keep trying to blow out mickeys bomb with bellows but too no avail. going around in circles. Who cares, I got all day to play.

I have:
empty pokeball, lightning rod, jar with water, ocarina, power wire, pallete, table, battery, lit match, PC cable and a spoon. Now will try to water the magic seed

Urban quit bragging! lol. Where did you get all that stuff?

@adiva: you have to do it 3 times

To pass Mickey, you have to blow out his match 3x.
For the Pokemon guy, you need a rod and an electrical wire and water on the floor (from the behind scene).
For the circus guy you need Mickey's bomb (paint it).
For the scientist mouse you need a spoon and a little green house.

Can't find a way to pass the rake guy and the lavender guy :(

       Anonymous  8/18/14, 7:19 AM  

How did you blow out match. The blower doesn't work or I am not fast enough.

@evans: start with blowing the Mickeys match

       Anonymous  8/18/14, 7:21 AM  

Ok got it, Micky's bomb is blown out.

@s-t: where did you put lightning rod?

POP, in the pokemon room

Urban just in front of slenderman, but before you do that go to the little girl and in that room poor water through the hole.
Put rod and then quickly the wire.

       Anonymous  8/18/14, 7:27 AM  

Thanks Urban.

poured water on floor but can't use electrical wire or lighting rod either in front of him or from behind.

       Anonymous  8/18/14, 7:36 AM  

Wish this game had a magic map. Lots of going back and forth.

This game is huge...

@evans: put rod in front of slenderman, then red cable on rod

How to defeat evil sonic?

In the view before him, put the magic bean, then poor water, then go to the view with evil sonic and quickly run back again to previous view.

Where did you found the little green house small-tool?

I think I got that from the little girl.
You have to give her the teddy bear:
First beat the circus guy with painted bomb, then do the level so you can pull the teddy without getting shot and then in one of the carts are the scissors to cut that teddy lose.

@diesel: little girl will give the house after you get her teddy (the one in circus scene)

Anybody any luck with the lavender creature or the rake guy?
I can put the vacuum cleaner (Nunu) behind the rake and attach it to the car battery, but when I go to the rake room the remote for the vacuum doesn't work.

Now I am stuck, where S-T was. Rake guy and ghost like thing and teletubbie. I thought I would somehow vacuum the ghost thing but no go

For the teletubbie use the magnifier. Put it on the x and use one of the potions to make it grow and use the shrinking potion to shrink the tree in front of the sun.

@s-t: I also put the nose of vacuum to the rake thing but same problem

How to get the teddy bear without being shot?

You can put the tube of the vacuum cleaner in the hole in the wall

For the ghost, use the reflector (you'll need it more than once).

@s-T!!! For the rake guy, throw the ring inside, then quickly use remote

Ah, thanks guys :)

Gets shot every time I try to move the cannon and get the teddy bear. Pulling lever didn't help. How to pass it?

Now i'm in front of computer. I think i got rid of all the creatures. Now, what to do here, wolf is getting me dizzy

I think pulling the level made the ferris wheel go round in the opposite direction. Then you can pull a few times to get the yellow cart with the scissors in it.

Cut the left dead monkey's rope with scissors, but stuck. Can't figure how to rescue the poor bear from the cruel cannon. Please help.

How do you get rid of the wolf on the computerscreen?

s-t, I've already got the scissors but can't get the bear.

The one infront of me: are you sure you moved the lever in circus? I did nothing else there

never mind... I see now I have a "bear" (looks like a monkey, if you ask me).

This comment has been removed by the author.

Scissors should work on the bear. No idea why it doesn't work for you :(

You don't need cannon bear

Now i rememberd I didn't beat the square guy. Not sure where the hint for colors is

The hint for the colours are the tree on the right for the right side and the square guy itself for the left side.

When you have seen the pc wolf you can talk more to the boy and he will give you some anit virus thing.

Thanks s-t, I just did this

How to pass the skull kid?

hi all, i need a little help, how can i get the bomb from Mickey, i have the palette with brush

For the skull kid, use one mask to place mirror and table. Then wear the other mask and give the first mask to the skull kid, then when he looks in the mirror steal his mask. Use that mask on the other guy, the elf or so.

Changed masks and passed skull kid and ben drowned.

You get the bomb from Micky by giving him the picture you got from the boy that wanted a pokemon.

Thanks s-t, just found it myself.

TY small-tool, but i have only an empty pokeball and he says "ash" how rude he is....

Ugh, the spacebar at the end doesn't work. I can't seem to use my sword against Jeff the Killer.

You first have to beat the pokemon with the rod, wire and water and then put it in that ball.

To beat the devil, go back to the boy again to ask the middle name, after that use the holy water.

Castiel N,
Use the Ctrl key.

TY small-tool

Thanks, S-T!

Great game :)
Btw, you can see Jeff the killer's hair before he pops up from behind a tree, gives you a bit more time to be prepared.

       Anonymous  8/18/14, 9:13 AM  

Had to leave, came back, can't get pass guy with knife that you play a song for.

       Anonymous  8/18/14, 9:18 AM  

Or the bad pixel guy, any one still playing?

You first have to beat the circus guy to get the hammer. Then play on the ocarina and hit him when the knife guy comes to your room.

For the bad pixel guy you need 6 coloured squares. I think you get them after beating the knife guy.

       Anonymous  8/18/14, 9:25 AM  

Small tool, thanks beat the circus guy already. Going back to get hammer.

       Anonymous  8/18/14, 9:27 AM  

Ok got hammer. I thought it was pump that had something to do with the wheel. Thanks, I am on my way.

How to beat Lavendar?

Lavendar you beat with reflector thing (from the Rake room) a wire and a car battery.

crap, don't have table and put mirror on wall for skull man, and now I can do anything,

cant even look at notes, its locked up..

How to use the holy water? I know the name, but the water doesn't do anyting here

reloaded and finally out, jeff was tough.
thanks guys for the help.

Everyone keeps mentioning a rake room. I have no idea what that means, can someone explain?

       Anonymous  8/18/14, 11:36 AM  

Trying to figure that one out too evans, have't killed white skeleton nor black ghost. Stuck.

How to defeat Zalgo? I know his middle name, but what then?

POP. Nevermind. Holy water.

       Anonymous  8/18/14, 2:41 PM  

For Rake... at the hole in wall, put down nunu, attach to battery, put vacuum hose in hole. go back to rake doorway, throw golden ring into rakes room, use remote, remote won't highlight but will work.

Agh! My browser shut down and I had to restart. But on the plus side, there is now a map. You can't teleport, but it does help.

Too bad.....I'm finally at the end thanks to all the help here but cant defeat Jeff the Killer. Tried 10 times but consider myself out by red X. Nice game anyway,

No clue how to get NUNU

Got it. Look through windows and use tweezers to unplug him/

But still no word on getting past the computer wolf.

This comment has been removed by the author.

At the final acene the movement keys are a and D not s

i like inka but for the impossible mini games at the ends. i just played half hour, to die over and over?

where is the boy?

I didn´t count how many hours I played this game.
Puhh... thanks for your help small-tool and the others.
I needed a lot !!!
Btw, the fight at last scene was no problem for me.

I didn't like this game because you needed to have knowledge of TV programmes/cartoons to proceed and solve the puzzles, e.g. with the Sonic or the worm creature coming up from the floor. I also do not enjoy games where I have to click click click to get from point A to F to realise I need something from B to use on Z...

How do you free the scientists mouse? i'm in the mouse hole but the spoon sadly isn't enough and I don't know what to do.

I actually just passed the mouse now I need to figure out how to get past eyeless jack

how do you get the holy water

       Anonymous  9/28/16, 8:57 AM  

how do i get the mouse from the trap

ughhhh ive finally got past everything except zalgo! i know his middle name but no matter what name i click it always goes to the second option and i get trapped.. does anyone know how to fix this bug?

How to win! {Part One}
1. do the cutscene or skip it, its just our favourite evil puppet capturing slendy
2. grab the spoon and the blower
3. go to the next room and find ash, (OPTIONAL) talk to ash and he will say he has no pokemon
4. go up a room, grab the match and cable and either talk to the scientist or keep going,
5. go to the next room, quickly grab the blower to Suicide Mouse's match before Suicide Mouse (i'm gonna call him SC) detonates his bomb! (3 times)
6. talk to SC, do option #1 and he will tell you he is depressed (i think that is why he is suicidal)
7. grab/click the table and the battery, you will need the table in the future!
8. go up a room and find Hero Brine (he will be called HB), DON'T TAKE THE NOTE! or he will whack you, take the match box and leave.
9. go right to the next room and take everything!and then go down a room and find sally! she will say pigsaw/The Evil Puppet promised her a prize if she entered and she is still waiting, Pigsaw lied, click the little hole in the wall just to show the evil Pikachu we are dealing with, grab the magic bean next to the hole and go back to Ash, go down once you get there
10. grab the jar, DON'T TOUCH THE TEDDY YET! grab the electric rod and enter the tent, grab the poke ball and go back to Ash,
11. click the jar and click the well and go to Sally again, this time poke your head in the hole again and click your jar and click Pikachu (the Pikachu doesn't know the water on his feet LOL)
11. go to Ash and go right to Pikachu and quickly place the rod and the wire and let Pikachu get backfired! after that use the poke ball you just got and use it on Pikachu and after that grab the brush and give the poke ball to Ash, take the of Minnie Mouse and go back to SC and give it to him and get his bomb, after that use the brush on the palette and use them both on the bomb and go back to the circus area and go inside the tent again and click the match on the match box and use the lit match on the coloured bomb and give it to Laughing Jack (he will be called LJ), RIP LJ!
12. take LJ's hammer and take the note, after that click the lever, now go outside and click the teddy two times and grab the sciccors

How to Win! {PART TWO}
13. use the scissors on the teddy to get him down (poor teddy), and go to sally and give the teddy to sally, she will give you a monopoly house, and then go to the scientist that we took no attention to and talk to him until you get asked to find the mouse, click the option to look for the mouse.
14. you will find the mouse stuck in the mouse trap, use the monopoly on the mouse and use a spoon on the monopoly house to get the poor mousy out, after all that the scientist gives you a enlarger potion and a shrink potion which will be needed in the future
15.after that go to the well and refill your jar and then go to sally and go right, it will be sonic themed, put your magic bean on the X and pour water on the bean and then go right again, you will see sonic and a remote control tails, quickly go back to the bean/tree and sonic will bump into it! (i'm just gonna call evil sonic ES) ES JUST GOT OWNED! after that go back to the remote control tails and grab the rings and the tails, and the page after that go back to the area where Pikachu was and go down,
16. grab the wire and magnifying glass and you will find a stone calving of a ocarina, use the ocarina and Eyeless Jack (EJ) will appear! quickly use LJ's hammer and EJ won't be a problamo! after that grab the hamster and the blocks and go down (FOR A REASON), grab the tweezers and keep going down after that ignore the page (unless you like being on the TV screen on a teletubby!) and put the magnifying glass on the X and use the enlarger potion on the magnifying glass and the shirking potion on the tree in front of the sun and the teletubby will BURN! then grab the page and go to the window, use the tweezers on Nunu's cable and then go inside and grab Nunu,(the Remote for Nunu is on the left of the tree!)
17. go back a room and go right, you will find a boy named ELian Timoteo Beltran, talk to him until he tells you about his lost hamster, give him his hamster and then proceed forward and you will find a business man from ADVENTURE TIME! he will say he has 2 ancient masks and will want 4 gold rings from the sonic game (i think his name is Sonic.EXE but i will call him evil sonic because it's shorter) click the 5 rings and press Separate and give him the four rings! after that he will give you the masks! go up to the next room and go to the first hole, you will see the rake with a light, get out of the hole and grab the mirror, then go to the second hole and use tails and you will control tails, make tails go to the holy water and he will auto bring it back,
18. go to the hole again but this time don't look inside it, put Nunu in the hole and click Nunu again, and give the battery to her/him (idk the gender) then go back to where Elian was and go left, up, and then use the ring you have and on the right door, quickly use Nunu's Remote Control to suck up the Rake

How to win! {PART THREE}
19. go into the rake's room and take everything! after that go back to HB and put the blocks in place
Paste goes at the top on the left, light blue goes under Paste, Dark blue goes under Light blue! Red goes on top of the right, Green goes under red and the orange goes under green! take the note and go back to Elian, go down this time, you will find a note! how great! It's not.. it's lavender, if you don't know him just grab the note! use the light over the note and use the cable on the light and then go back to Nunu and grab the battery and place it on the light! click the light again to turn it to the page, after you have collected it click the light one more time just so when you get out you don't get eaten and get stuck in the stomach of lavender forever thats all... seriously
20. go right now and you will find a computer! use the computer cable we found earlier, we don't need the spinach yet so just leave it. use the Disc on the computer and you will see Smiley Dog, the game will say fail but Smiley Dog is just a virus, i wonder who would fix that? a creative guy who won some crappy award.... hmmm... i think it would be our Elian, go to Elian and ask him about viruses, he will give you a floppy disk (it's not floppy BTW), use the disc on the computer (the green disc!) and then it will say Your Computer is now Protected, i accidentally said "Give Elian his Hamster" but it only is allowed now i think! XD sawwy, after that use the orange disc again and this time press TxT! after that you will get the code (it is randomized) go to the key code and then write the code and the door will open! after the door is open, grab the spinach and go down, Past Ben Drawned you will see two carved rocks that look exactly like our masks, wear one and go into the room, put the table on the X near Skull Boy and put the mirror on the wall that has the X, give SK the other mask and then SK will put his mask on our table and then he will check our mask out, quickly while he is doing that click his mask, after that he will know he got scammed,
21. give SK's mask to Ben Drawned, he will turn into a ghost and you can eat the spinach and take the sword! get the page after that, when your done and ready go into the room that just opened! after you say a wrong answer and get captured and fail, go back to Elian (do we have to keep coming to him?) and ask him about the demon, after that he will tell you and you can go back, while he is talking pour holy water on him and you will get out of the cell! when your out grab the last page. after that you will fight Jeff the killer! when ever he shows his ugly as hell face, stab it! after all that chaos you win!

How to win {PART FOUR}
22. go outside,
23. go feed your pets if you have any
24. go get yelled at your parents if your a kid
25. read a book
26. play on the Xbox, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, ETC
27. go to bed
28. do anything you want

sorry for making it long

it wont let me dump water on the floor to defeat pikachu how do i do that

cant get passed pikachu where do i get water

how do you get the rod

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