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Mori Room Escape

[REPLAY] Yonashi Escape 10 - Mori Room Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Yonashi. In this game, your goal is to escape the room by finding items and hints for solving puzzles. The chameleon will help you in your task. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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I did it! All on my own. The ladder was the trickiest part.
Randomly tried propping it on every surface.

lizard gives clue to colored pie pieces, unplug fridge for key to clue for 6 box puzzle.

can't figure out how to affix the stamp to the postcard or what to do with the bird after I gave him the cherries.

I thought I could get the lizard to lick my stamp, but that's a no go evidently. Looking for seeds I believe.

Stuck where you are Ericka, going in circles!!!

Did I try to drown the ants? Why yes I did

LOL, I did the same thing!!

What to do with the pot after you go upstairs? This is silly, I cant do anything else!

Hi Melissa and Ericka. I can't make the bird eat the cherries...i even tried to grab the bird via the chameleon tongue...nope.

Hi Clio...just put cherries on the window sill outside.

And dont know wth to do with the watering can

Thanks Melissa.

to affix stamp you have to watch the whole commercial on the tv!

Lizard gets battery for you from behind calander.
Stuck having mailed my letter . . . waiting for a magic bean . . . need clue for 6 square lock on cabinet.

hmmm might have to come back to this one.

Oh....you have to watch the ad on tv....THEN you can do the postcard. Watch the ad the whole way through.

oops...sorry melissa. I didnt refresh.

Six square lock comes from silverware under the TV

Oh, clue for 6 square code in box u unlock.

ooh! Thanks Clio Rose

put the chameleon on the colourful table-cloth for colour clue, for watering can....plant the bean, give it a water...and up up and awayyyyy

Thank you for your help Melissa and Ericka.

What colourful table cloth? And what do you do with the ladder please?

put ladder on the right of 3 colored shelves

Thanks Seb. Thought I'd tried everywhere

Very good game!

That was a VERY entertaining game. Thanks Yonashi-san.

I got cherries after clicking the tree and fruits a bunch of times!!!
After that, leave them at balcony, go out, come back in, birdie is there, give him postcard, and get package (cellar) from mailman, who also gives you 3 star clue.

I could really do with some more clues here.

How does the lizard give a clue to the colored pie pieces?

Me too Clodagh. I'll help you if I can. I'm stuck with a watering can full of water, stamp, one battery and lizard. Got upstairs but BF'd the star colors.

Okay, some progress - put the chameleon in each of the colored cupboards for the pie piece clue.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Where is the clue for 3 #?

Where is watering can?

Well I've just discovered what was the white thing.

You have to wet it for cleaning the mirror.

anyone stuck?

What to do with ice cream?

yes me ... Have Lizard, remote, and white thing with blue ... i have send the letter

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ice cream goes to ants

If melted, use it outside (there is a hotspot)
there are some ants around...

Have to leave... I'll come back and try to help... can't remember how to use the white and blue thing :(

325416? is what i think Forks give

Press 5th botton first then 2nd etc..

Jon D: Water it, the whit blue thing

than use it on mirror

Let the ants have the ice cream.

noe stuck with bean, ladder, remote and lizard

Wow, I should remember to refresh before posting.

sue: like me, too :-)

This was a great game! Everything is logical and solvable but not too easy! And fun! Five stars.I want more of these :-)

@Gmac Interesting!
I was sure the pie puzzle had something to do with the colored wall "shelves", and hence I just tried them around until it opened! :P
So the legit way is to use the chameleon...sneaky idea!

Got upstairs but BF'd the star colors.

Me too. You will "lose" the star colors once you have received the parcel, so you have to note the colors down IN TIME or ... bf them ;)

finally out!

What ladder? I don't have a ladder or colourful table cloth and no upstairs or down stairs. Bird is sitting on railing opened fork box and saw tv ad. Where is postcard to put stamp on??
I need help?

where do I use ladder I finally found??

evans, put the ladder in the corner to the wall after you pull it out (so it will be longer)

I haven't found the ladder and stuck with bird on railing, popsicle still in inventory (cannot find hot spot outside), etc.

in the corner next to colored cabinet (where you used the cameleon)

cyndee you put the icecream with the ants, not outside

give postcard to bird after you have written on it and after putting stamp on it. BTW you don't lose the colors of the stars, the postman will be lying outside ;-)

Thanks everyone. :)

where is stamp? where is key for box under tv? what is clue for 6 white button puzzle? How to keep trap door open? thanks

       Anonymous  9/11/14, 7:56 AM  

How to move on

- go right

- get chameleon
- get cherries
- go right

- get white stuff from orange compartment
- put chameleon in coloured compartments, note mouth openings
- open left CB with colour circle for remote
- go right

- put cherries on windowsill to attract bird
- pull carpet for hatch
- go right

- use chameleon to get battery behind calendar
- put battery in remote
- plug out fridge, plug in TV
- use remote on TV, note place of channel numbers 1-8
- watch channel 3
- get half-melted ice lolly from fridge
- go right

- put lolly in front of ant hills, get key
- go right

- open wall panel with TV hint for postcard
- click on postcard to write message
- go 2x right (or 2x left)

- open box under TV with key for stamp
- note fork teeth (amount on each fork)
- go left

- put stamp on postcard
- give postcard to bird
- back to room, go left

- open 6 button CB for rope
- go right

- attach rope on hatch
- enter

- wet white stuff
- clean mirror for code
- enter code in red mailbox
- get package
- note star colours on mole's hat
(if missed, have a look outside of window)
- go right (or left)
- get ladder
- back to room upstairs
- go left

- extend ladder, put it right side in front on wall
- climb up
- enter star colours
- go thru passage

- put chameleon on table cloth for colour hint
- go right (or left)
- open CB for watering can
- go back in cellar

- fill can with water
- back to the attic

- open parcel for magic bean
- put bean in pot on table
- water bean
- go around room (bang!)
- climb tendril
- lift off with hot-air balloon


Circle CB
- big/blue, middle/orange, small/ruby

Wall panel
1/2 - 4/5
6/8 - 3/7
2x top left
bottom right
2x top right
bottom left
bottom right
bottom left

Button CB
fifth (as 1st)
second (as 2nd)
first (as 3rd)
fourth (as 4th)
third (as 5th)
sixth (as 6th)

Mailbox code


Colour CB

@alphaomega thank you. I always forget to try opposite association (forks)

fun game though I needed help. I liked the chameleon changing colors.

I bow to you alphaomega! Well done, there will be no more questions now :-)

Easy and fun. Great puzzles.. loved it ^_^

Very cute! Great game! Excellent WT, alphaomega - thanks!!!

An exceptionally nice game - 5 stars.
Thank you for hint, to put chameleon on desk
for colour code, I don´t know how often I counted
the circles. LOL

Missed a couple of games I'm glad I opened this one. Great game! I enjoyed playing it.

       Anonymous  12/9/17, 6:59 AM  

caught this one from the random section

played it again, as I didn't see that I have already played it before ☻

but no prob, as this was a wonderful game, way worth to replay - thx Yonashi ☺

Hints without puzzle solutions:
1) Pixel hunt spot between the TV and fridge
2) Spot on railing outside
3) White thing with blue dot is a water bottle
4) Spot below ants
5) Ladder goes on wall

p.s. I consider a pixel hunt an unmarked/itemless location. Unforgivable is if the zoomed in view shows something that should have been shown in the zoomed out view. In this game, the cords between the TV and fridge should have been in zoomed out view. And the spot where the ladder was placed should have shown that white door up high.


I guess Tiquer is right, didn't like it myself, finding the spot for the ladder was the worst part -- but the game was otherwise so good that I would forgive those faults.

Thanks for linking it for replaying!

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