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Super Easy Riddle Walkthrough

Super Easy Riddle

[REPLAY] Small-Tool - Super Easy Riddle is a training riddle created by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24 - in anticipation of his masterpiece: a prequel of 20 levels (SadisT Riddle), followed by 50 levels (50 Shades of Small). In this game, there are 10 super easy riddle levels to complete to get your reward. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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no spaces and no capitals in the answer box :)

Thanks s-t and Jon :)

I thought I was doing swimmingly, but I'm completely lost on Level 9!

Thanks, Small-ttol and Jon for the fun, looking forward to the next!

just looking there myself

OMG! So much fun, I forgot how to spell Small-tool ;)

Hi Leroy, long time no see :D

LOL hiya Donas I must visit ya

Please do :)

Thanks Small Tool and Jon, going in...

Thank you SmallTool and Jon. That was short sweet and lots of fun. You are just whetting our appetite for more!!!

Clodagh, is there one in particular that's a problem?

stuck on 7 i know im overthinking :(

level 9. do is two letters. Count is five letters. Then start counting in the alphabet. Makes BE

Sorry, Clodagh, I thought you meant the next level, thanks Yvon

ah....you are all so clever.....just wait!

ting ting, did you use the starting letter?

got it :)

Derr me for level 9 LOLOL

thank you Donas727 thats what i was doing wrong

Oh no not 50 shades of a grey S-T LOL

yes, 50 shades of Small-Tool is in the making.....get the kettle on...this will take a while

That was great fun! Thanks so much Small and Jon, looking forward to what's coming next!

Thanks Yvon - that helped.

Thank you! That was one that I could do!

Thanks Small Tool and Jonthewatch - very enjoyable :)

I thought I was doing swimmingly, but I'm completely lost on Level 1.

What fooled me for ages was that I was sure the answer to 3Across had to be JonTheWatch - same number of letters. How was I to know you would be so modest!

Missed playing live, but I had fun anyway!! Thanks Small Tool and Jon. Looking forward to the next two :)

not f, fox, frenchkiss, or red

Fun and loved the closing video!
I was just thinking I hadn't seen a riddle for awhile.
(I did have trouble trying to squeeze "mateusz skutnik" into the crossword, LOL)
Thanks, jonthwatch & smalltool!

Robin, first letters of the red parts.

level 1....use your best English and get the first letters.....I will give more help soon

@robin rob -- look at the things that are red

I don't make escapegames....not that clever!

Silly me!

I really like that you hang around to help us out. Thanks, jonthewatch and small-tool. Fun riddles!

PS I like shorter ones because it's easier to find clues when you're stuck. Like, if there are 40 questions and you're struggling with level 13 and everyone's talking about level 27 having apparently breezed past 13 without even a comment.

please !! stuck on 5

       Anonymous  9/16/14, 1:15 PM  

Thank you, quite easy, I only had problems with lvl 9. Thanks! Can't wait for more!
\(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

what is 3 across if its not jonthewatch no wonder im getting nowhere ?

nacho, try looking back at previous levels for something red

ting ting, he's very "sneaky" :)

why would it be me....I don't make escapegames.....look for an escapegame maker with 9 letters....he makes tons of them

i'll try it, but too much stuff, TY Donas727

lol.....can't count either!

Hmm "without a doubt the best"? That's subjective in my opinion.

nacho, the titles will help

TY Donas727, got it !!

@nacho try searching "sneaky" on here, see who makes such sneaky games.

thanks Donas

need help on level 6

OK fdbbd2, I will

Robin rob, try saying the first 3 together, out loud

Lol fdbbd2,
Yep, in a way subjective, but looking at the ratings, the amount of comments and the kind of comments he gets here on EG24 he kind of is. But then again, that's of course subjective as well :)
So just see it as an ode to that Sneaky guy.

all done thanks jonthewatch and small-tool.....x

it's funny when you don't know enought the language :)

enough *

help on level 7. not getting a word and run out of room on 6L

Great Fun cant wait for MORE

Robin Rob, be sure to include your starting letter, then step off the number and direction, you shouldn't run out of room

I'm with you, Robin Rob ;(

Robin Rob : try to count again you should not run out of room

       Anonymous  9/16/14, 1:44 PM  

I'm stuck at level 10. Which i thought impossible, but whatever.

Thanks for the great riddle before i go to bed, jon.

think submachine...

3R, 4D, 3R, 2U, 6L only 5 letters? level 7

use first letter you start on

Robin Rob, Include the letter you start on. 6 letters

then follow the directions

Yayyyy! Thank you both very much for making it!!! Just what I needed. Good job!! ^.^

I seem to have gone wrong with the crossword. Got an awful lot of Ls and notmany vowels...

Thank you small-tool and Jon !! It was fun !!!
Its been a while since you made a game and a while since i played any !!LOl, so i double enjoyed it !
Waiting for th sequence !

On 10th level, I can't get 4 down. Starts with a D and ends with an S and I pull them from cupboards??

....I have the answer and am finished, but I just can't figure out what that word is:
D _ _ W _ _ S

Zoe, that's exactly what I was going to ask.

Thanks Zoe - 'drawers'.

OH, I get it...drawers. But I was thinking cups, plates, glasses, etc!

Fun game. I'm not usually good at these, but this one was "do-able"!!

thanks smarties!

got it thanks. use start letter but don't use it in your count. level 7

Cute kitty vid!

       Anonymous  9/16/14, 2:25 PM  

I don't understand level 6... be a ball bat?

thank you Jon and S-T! very fun

eba7714a , What is that card called?

       Anonymous  9/16/14, 2:43 PM  

ah...thanks LinR!

This comment has been removed by the author.

What an awesomely fun game!!

S-D may be the master of escape games but S-T is the master of riddle game I cant wait for the next installment Thanks S-T and Jon

Lame! I cant get past the first level without being redirected to 404 page not found!

Unknown there is a big hint on the page of the level 1. The first letter is red. So you need the "first" things.

still stuck on level 7

I can't even play the game...says page not found error 407 or something like that. bummer!!!

Josh, did you see the "directions" below the grid? Follow the steps and count the first letter as well.

Jon and Small-tool .. That was fun. Thank you. But yes, just trying to imagine the content for Fifty Shades of Small-tool ;) And I haven't even read the books!

Sharon, if you get the error 404 - Page Not Found - that means you typed the wrong answer. Hit your back arrow and try again.

Thanks Janet....I'm so stoopid! and blonde!

someone needs to spoil level 7, counting the letter im on i get lnyh then run out of letters. counting the letter im on just for the 1st direction i get ltte than run out of letters

loats does not work either

@handy start with top left letter then +3 right etc.

if i stand on F and go 3right i get L stand on L go 4 down i get O standing on O go 3right i get A 2up i get T 6left gives me S. LOATS does not work, what am i doing wrong.

Handy, add the letter you started on.

Stuck on level 9 can't work it out, seen post above but still can't get it :(

tish tosh, count the letters in each word and then convert that number to a letter.

Thank you small-tool and jon. That was fun. Level 9 had me stumped for a while. Thanks for all the hints and help everyone.

thanks LinR

THANK YOU LinR, I am not usually that dumb but at no time did i think that f was the 1st letter

I don't agree with 3A on lvl 10 but.. hey.. it's not my riddle! lol

Done with just a little help from above. That's good, ST and Jon. No need to go on.

Going to be pulling my hair out soon...

on 7, remember to add the letter that u start on to the beginning of the word.

start on F

loved the crossword end!

Can´t get #6. English is not my native language :( Need a spoiler.
Bee Ace Ball Bat ?

Dabbeljuh, if you say it altogether really quickly you will have your answer.


Super Easy?? Super cool!! Thank you s-t & jtw!! I want more! Five stars ofcourse ;-)

glad to see spoilers on a riddle page.

A Clio-Cheatie-through.

Lvl 1. Take the first letter of each pic. So H - house, A -arrow, R - roof ..etc (SPOILERhardrockSPOILER)

Lvl 2. First letter of first word, second letter of second word etc., so S- Sword, I from kiss, N from tent..and so forth. (SPOILERsingerSPOILER)

Lvl 3. You have the answers from the first two levels....so if you need to, googling those two words together with the hint on this lvl will give you the answer (SPOILERosbourneSPOILER)

Lvl 4. It is exactly as it says. So....if 5 = C and 1 = A..then the answer is.. (SPOILERcakeSPOILER)

Lvl 5. Just hit your back button..and check out the red letter that begins each title.. (SPOILERfastSPOILER)

Lvl 6. A rebus, which means a pic puzzle to sound out what you see. What you see is a bee ace ball bat. If you say it quickly strung together you will be saying... (SPOILERbaseballbatSPOILER)

Lvl 7. Follow the directions. I mean it. Stand on the F..and dont forget that F is your starting point..so you need it. If you follow the directions you will get another five consecutive letters. (SPOILERfloatsSPOILER)

Lvl 8. First letter of each colour.....which gives you four letters. It doesnt take too much more to guess the final letter when you have been told you are looking for a colour (SPOILERbrownSPOILER)

Lvl 9. I cant properly explain because..i got it because of the title and the text..and still cant make any sense of those numbers. All you need to do is count the number of letters in each word. ie...father has six letters..so sixth letter of alphabet = F (SPOILERfaceSPOILER)

Lvl 10. Sorry, i cant be of much help. Fill in the crossword and do as the instructions say. I was under time pressure and only tried to fill in the coloured words.. Got three letters of each..and took a flying guess at the answer. (SPOILERwelldoneSPOILER)

       Anonymous  9/17/14, 12:48 PM  

great game - nice wt Clio

My dear Small-Tool! I hope you see this and answer me. I want to play a game I never finished. A five star game by miller: Escape of No Hard Feelings. has it been removed from this site? It's the wherein you refuse to unleash your tool. Please tell me where I can play this super game. Thanks!

So sorry to tell you so FireFly, but our dear friend Miller has disappeared and with him his own site he publiced all his games on. So his games are not avaible anymore :(
I tried to contact him, but it seems he just vanished (no more facebook, no more mail etc.).

Oh! That is sad! His games were wonderful. I hope he's okay somewhere. Maybe he'd let you re-post that game since you are in it! Thank you so much for replying.

LOL, Small-Tool! I watched the vid wt. Great ending. At least I can close that game in my brain now. I'd still love to play it.
Come back, Miller. Thanks for all the game assistance, S-T. :)

       Anonymous  9/18/14, 12:42 AM  

I had to make an educated guess at the answer to the last level...my answer for 3 Across was apparently wrong. ^_^;;

Supplement to Clio's cheat-through.
lvl 9
spell out the first numbers of each equation, so
1=3=C breaks out as follows:
1 is "one", which has three letters, C is the third letter of the alphabet

Thanks Jon and S-T! Of course, the real thing will bear absolutely no resemblance to this riddle ....

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks for the explanation about lvl 9, PuzzledinCA. It all makes sense now.

Nice one from two great riddlemakers :)

This Super Easy Riddle ? Apart from level 9, I was able to do this one !! YEAH !! Happy me.

1 star another broken game with 404 error

for a preparation to a surprise that will be posted shortly (psst - mum's the word! ☻ - watch this space...!), I decided to post this one for the replay

thx for all your creations, ST ☺
& thx clio for the WT

btw, as bob mentioned the 404 error
if you type in a wrong answer, you get one ☻
but that doesn't mean that the game itself is broken...!

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