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Books Room Escape

YominoKagura - Books Room Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape games created by Yomino Kagura from Room's Room. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Books Room Escape Walkthrough 

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


In I go

aargh! making head hurt...gottta think backward (like the arrow says)!

stuck with book (shows musical notes); card; yellow triangle

Star code doesn't work for me. Got the same items as you.

aha! put card in star puzzle!

use the book to turn off the lights (press a button)

then, count books on rows with colors shown...get box and note about the musical notes...still no clue why the green dot on the left side of the left case

note gives clue for "HON" puzzle

have no clue about the lights! please give more!

Thanks, gerrit, I had pressed that button a hundred times and would never have had the idea to use the book.

Some questions: What is the picture for? What does HON mean? And what is wrong with my star code? I have counted the coloured books in the according rows but the code doesn't work.

ok...lights just worked randomly! :D

Oh my god - I have counted the blue books for one as they were placed in a block! More blond than Marilyn Monroe.



lol...HON will make sense with the clue from the paper when you open that cabinet!

woohoo! sticking around to make sure you don't get stuck!

Out now. The picture was a red herring. First the notes clue didn't make sense as I tried to make something out of the other notes. Don't overthink that clue! And thanks for the help.

i dont understand the notes clue :(

sure! @ gerrit...look at the opposite sides! the book for "HON" is on the lower shelf of the right bookshelf

I think the pic was what lit up the #s when you turn out the lights!

I'm out but that was not too self-explanatory...

I actually managed to hack the 3 colors (middle = cyan, this is as much as I can give away :)).

Rest was OK. And thanks for the hint how to hit that crazy button. It's not even illogical; some people have very fat hands which won't fit in the gap.

However, in theory, the stick could have been used twice.

oh. thank you. i tried to convert notes into colours by counting books and then mixing colours like red + blue = purple...oO


Either the numbers vary or you've put the wrong code in the spoiler. First is a SPOILERSPOInineLERSPOILER, that's for sure.

no worries! see ya'll next time!

oops! it may have been an 8 instead of a 9

No need to mix colors, folks. This is Kagura, not Lonyan ;-)

bit more difficult than usual because I hadn't spotted the green dot till meritneith mentioned it :) Meritneith you need to watch the colours carefully for star code, two of them are reversed. Also the HON clue comes from a book from bottom shelf in right bookcase as per the note we found. Just locate the letters H, O and N and use their colours to get a helpful tool.

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Out! I agree not to over think the note clue. Just locate the shelf and get the book.

       Anonymous  10/13/14, 5:03 AM  

I've got the paper from the star cupboard and the other hint in the book with the music notes, but how can I use this on the safe with the red buttons ?

Ok I cant figure out the code for the 3 red buttons on the back wall. I have done everything else. Just not sure what I must do there and i still need the triangle

pdgph, looks like we stuck together

       Anonymous  10/13/14, 5:06 AM  


I'm stuck exactly at the same point as you.

And it seems like everyone else has left. and no hint about this puzzle with the red buttons.

@pdgph have you gotten the triangle?

for red buttons look at the right bookshelf and the positions of the red books..... left - middle - right

       Anonymous  10/13/14, 5:30 AM  

@ Jellybaby001,

No, I've not found the triangle.


Thank you for the explanation, I'm going to try this. So, the paper with the music note was just a red herring ?!

       Anonymous  10/13/14, 5:33 AM  

Red buttons (red books on the right shelf, from top to bottom) :


Thank you!!!!!

Was over thinking that. Thank you both!!!

Oh that was a very clever one. Thank youGerritt and Jessicac for your clues at 4.07 and 4.08 - those are the ones that saved me!

No red herring pdgph - it showed one particular note that would indicate which bookshelf to head for (bottom right), and the colours on the other clue showed the colour sequence of three books - there you click the middle of those three for the HON clue.

I cant shut off the lights help please

@ Sherry12 - use the book you got from one of the cupboards. Zoom in on the bookshelf left of the door - you'll see a green dot and empty space on far left. Put book there and the lights go out.

read all comments..... still can't find "HON" colors...... have book and note..... no help..... hmmmm.... where again should i look.... hmmm maybe need more coffee.....

omg..... finally found the book! argh!

I don't have a book, where do I find the book

Get book in 1st puzzle cupboard - right of door - the one with the red, blue, yellow buttons you have to push

have 3 pieces but no place to put them. Need help on star puzzle.

what do music notes in book mean?

star puzzle is spoiler953spoiler

       Anonymous  10/13/14, 8:50 AM  

Box for the 3 usual shapes in star CB (hint from device, insert keycard from note book).

Device hint:
How many blue books in 2nd from top shelf left side?
How many red books in 2nd from bottom shelf left side?
How many yellow books in bottom shelf right side'

       Anonymous  10/13/14, 8:58 AM  
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       Anonymous  10/13/14, 8:59 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  10/13/14, 9:02 AM  

Third time lucky...

With paper hint from star CB (quaver/eighth note, not mirrored & arrow pointing at yellow dot) & book with musical notes you can find the correct shelf with book for HON hint
(actually, I found it accidentally by just clicking around LOL).

A little harder than usual, very nice

thank you janet I just got in can you spoil the puzzle in first cb. This game is too confusing . cant do lthe notes

janet thanks finally did it Im out thanks so much for your help

Why such a low score for this game. It's fabulous? It is so annoying when people score low because they can't do a puzzle. I tossed up doing this one because of the star score, and would have been really miffed to have missed it. Logical and clever.

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