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Episode No. 015 - Bungalow Walkthrough

Episode No. 015 - Bungalow

Aries - Episode No. 015 - Bungalow Escape is another new point and click type room escape game developed by Aries. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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Episode No.015 - Bungalow Walkthrough 
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So far opened blue box in nightstand between beds: anagram letters in 2nd room
Opened two boxes in the 2nd room, sofa and table.
Orange box = pumpkin teeth from right to left
Purple box = bats on wall

Lots of boxes, not enough clue

I can never play these. It starts to load and then I'm kicked to a page that is just a list of the episodes. I click on the episode # and the same process repeats. I'm not using an adblock either.

Opened box on chair at dining table: clock and paper with blue pattern are clues. Count # of circles

Peggy, That happens to me too. Copy the game link above, paste it in your browser, then change .php at the end to .swf.

Opened box in bottom drawer of dresser by calendar: another danged nut. Got 7 of them now.

Use blue papers on calendar for ???

Thanks, Andrea. That worked!

Stuck with number/color box, yellow number box, and 7 letter box..
Bird outside has a key
Need a battery for ghost pic..

Going to guess ghost pic will have colors for box under cabinet with cups.. Might have numbers for it already (using positions of green numbers on note.. but i have no idea really)
Tried a ton of variations on "October" for 7 letter box to no success
zero ideas for the numbers you get with the plates on the calendar.

fdbb2, did you open the pink box (top dresser drawer, 1st rm)?

OK three more acorns needed.
Otherwise I seem to be where you all are.
Where's Tautau when needed?!

Ah no, Andrea, that needs a key.. probably the one the bird has?
I wish I could just trade the bird the acorns for the key.

Andrea, where is the key for the pink box?

The acorns go in the bottom of the cooler box on the balcony.

I was guessing you have to bribe the bird with acorns. No, I haven't got the key to the pink box, I was hoping fdbbd2 had.
This one's hard!

There's that little "x" made out of the "t" with the plates too, but if it's supposed to be multiplication.. I don't think we need any numbers THAT big.

Andrea, for the box on the chair, you said to use the paper with the blue pattern. Where did you get the paper?

I was wondering what to do with the robe, then I noticed the half-dressed lady next to the inventory...

But how did it help?

I'm sorry Peggy, I don't recall. I'm pretty sure it came from one of the boxes opened...

There's a paper in the magazines on the table in the second room, don't know if it's that paper or not though..

Ah, also something under the ashtray on the table outside.

Peggy, it's under the ashtray on the balcony. You need the robe in order to go outside.

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Ooooh, THAT'S what the robe was for.
I was wondering how y'all got outside.

Hmm also need a screwdriver for the sides of the big cabinet in bedroom to open the second drawer..
It's aaalways a screwdriver.

There's also screws on the top of the cabinet to the right of the table.

Green box isn't October, but something Orange that is always around in October. Box gives screwdriver.

fdbbd2, yes, we DO multiply the numbers on the calendar. Enter them in the keypad box in the dishes cb for sunflower seeds.

!! J Brandt! You're great.

Put seeds in the ashtray to get the key from the bird.

yellow box - multiply numbers from calendar combined with blue papers

..Apparently the green number note was for that box?! But I don't see the correlation..

The key from the bird opens the pink box for a battery.

Thanks Peggy. I got a Normal End without doing the seeds. Now back for a different end.

The ghost picture lights up 9 letters. If you follow the numbers on the green note, it spells out the answer for the green box.

This comment has been removed by the author.

1 acorn needed and nada in the inventory.
I must be missing something very obvious.

I was.
It was in the small cabinet!

Seeds + Bird = pink box key = battery + ghost pic = the clue for the green box. I just guessed earlier at what it might be.

J Brandt, but it was a great guess.

My bedroom cb is still locked. I have 9 acorns. And I can't open the bottom of the cooler.

What did I miss?

OK I got the Normal" ending.
It says there's two.
Anybody get anything different?

Peggy look at the 5 coloured cups un the cabinet.
Go back to the cooler and use right arrow.

Thanks, Austen.

I found my 10th acorn on the chair outside.
Those bloody side arrows get me every time.

I don't get the multiplication. Which numbers do you multiply? I see them on the round spots, but there's so many of them, they're in no particular order etc. Which holes, which order? :)

All that work for a DRESS???!! :D

Unknown, all of them, and since it's all multiplication, order is unimportant.
J Brandt, you rock!

Unknown, it doesn't matter what order to multiply the numbers. Just begin with two of the numbers, then multiply that answer with another number, etc.

Ah, ok. Thanks.

I was trying to multiply 126 (since they're on one side of the x) and some order of the last three holes. Silly me. :)

I am still stuck on the pink box on the little dining chair. My blue papers are no longer avble, and i have entered the clock numbers, but no go. Reading back i think i'm missing something...namely intelligence. Would you mind explaining again, pls Peggy or Andrea. Thanks.

Clio Rose the clock is only a hint to look at the paper you get from under the ashtray and count the circles in each symbol.

For happy end zoom on the dresser under the letter hats to find a code box on the left. Use the pumpkin eyes.

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Thanks Austen64. I guess i need to solve something else to be about to get outside and find the ashtray.

Put on the robe found in the second drawer down.


do you have a robe in you inventory? Select it and click the woman wearing the undies next to your inventory.

oh for goodness sakes. I was trying the front door.....not the glass doors.

Thank you all, for your hints and help.

I have a piece that looks like it should fit the yellow box (that has a star on top...bottom dresser drawer) but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

This is a great game, couldn't have gotten this far without help from all of you...

But how do I make this piece work?????

I do need one more acorn. Not sure if I need the acorn to make that piece work or that piece will give me the last acorn. ARGH

POP, just saw the piece under the plates. Sorry if it was mentioned in above hints...my scanning eyes may have missed it. :)

For happy end zoom on the dresser under the letter hats to find a code box on the left. Use the pumpkin eyes.

Now that was MEAN!!
I was so sure pumpkin eyes were for the small box on the table!

Wonder what these books are for in the small cabinet...

This comment has been removed by the author.

hint for this box is in little cb under hats (you need sd to open)
=== >7 digit code and 7 colors

Figured it out. They will open the turquoise box in the lower cabinet (dishes cupboard) when right numbers AND colors are entered.

Wow, that was absolutely simultaneous.

Only got one paper for the calendar where's the other one please?

POP! Got it. Forgot about the slider puzzle

can't get out. there is no dresser under letter hats, only small cabinet and no left view there?

@evans, when you can open exit door, don't go out and
click on "cancel"
now you can zoom bottom left of cb under hats

Could someone spoil the pumpkins? I've tried every which way, and something is not right about the way I'm doing it.

From right to left it's SC, ST, SC, with the tall pumpkin in the back last. I've tried doing it backward, and with the one in the back 2nd, but nothing works.

I think it was just left to right, the tall pumpkin was second, no tricks whatsoever.

Doesn't work no matter what combination I use. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

lol, I thought the lady was some sort of ad, so I refreshed the page. Then found out she's part of the game ....

I have the same problem as cyndee43, nothing works on the orange box :(

Ah Okay, the orange box on the table.
Look at the teeth of the large pumpkin, look at the shapes that are cut away.
I will have to replay to see it again for myself.

triangle square triangle circle circle triangle

Thanks a lot, that worked!!

That order because the arrow shows from right to left.

It's too bad the boxes and things you need don't go in the inventory instead of having to keep going back and finding them. The game crashed my Adobe Flash plugin before I got the first anagram solved so not going to try again. This one is too hard for me anyway lol.

That worked, but the last pumpkin is circle square, so I don't know how you figured it out lol. Thanks!!

Yeah, too hard for me too lol. I now can't figure out how to multiply numbers. There's no key for it, so I hit E after each number. Doesn't work. Pretty game, but too complicated.

lol cyndee43, are you talking about the second use of the pumpkins? At the side of the little one below the hats?
square triangle square circle triangle circle.
Either way, noting ends on circle square .. ?

So many great hints are given above, but ... can't resist a great game, so ....
+ the music is lovely too.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Do come back here later this evening/morning/afternoon/night,
I will write a Walkthrough.

For the final code (pumpkin EYES, not teeth (Happy End)) make sure you work yourself through the shapes in the right direction! The big pumpkin's nose is an arrow :))

So here we go .... Walkthrough on this nice game.
There's a lady next to inventory, she wants to go outside, but, needs clothes.

Happy end-through.
Without ring is normal end.
What ring? (later on)

** Bedroom.
Nightstand : blue box, 9 letters.
The alarm clock is a hint for how much to count (later on).

Closet : inside lowest drawer, right box : acorn 1/10.
Click the left and right arrows to see screws at the side.
Doors : a key is needed.

Dresser : inside lowest drawer : starry box.
3nd drawer : acorn 2/10.
2rd drawer : green box, 7 letters.
1st drawer : a key is needed.

** Living room.
Smiling pumpkin on the right : acorn 3/10.

In the cabinet a number/color box.
Drawer : acorn 4/10.
Behind glass doors :
- lowest shelf behind plates : a tool for starry box.
- middle shelf : number box
- upper shelf : cups : green light-blue red yellow dark-blue

Lever box behind middle cushion, look at picture above the couch for the hint = a sheet.
Orange box on the table, look at smiling pumpkin. Look at its teeth, look at the shapes that are cut away. The arrow shows from right to left = paper with number code.

On the table : a 2nd sheet.
On the left chair : pink box, 5 numbers.
Below the shelves a locker, with screws on top.
On the shelf hats with letters, anagram for nightstand box = key.

Use key on 1st drawer of dresser = simple dress and a pink box (key needed). Click the dress, click the lady.

** Balcony.
Left arrow : a box = acorn 5/10.
Right arrow : colorcode (= cups) = box for the acorns.

Zoom out, go to the right side of the balcony. The birdie holds a key !!
Click birdie, it flies away, so, not a good idea. Click right arrow, find acorn 6/10.
Click ashtray = paperhint for box on the chair - count circles = tool for starry box.
Combine the two tools, place them on starry box in dresser = acorn 7/10.

In bedroom click the calendar, place the sheets on it. It shows an x and 5 numbers, which means you have to multiply all of them, so 6 x 12 = ... x 22 = ... x 17 = ... x 31 = ...
This number goes to number box in cabinet = sunflower seeds.

Balcony : put the seeds in the ashtray, go round once, find eating birdie and key.
Use it on the little pink box in upper drawer of dresser = battery.

Living room : click picture with the little phantoms, click right arrow, insert battery. letters appear.
Look at paper hint, use it, read a word for green box in 2nd drawer in dresser = the unmistakable small-tool, namely: sd.

Closet : use sd on both sides to open upper drawer = acorn 8/10.
Locker : use sd on top of it = acorn 9/10 and color/number hint for box in cabinet = acorn 10/10.

(sigh .... almost there now .... replaying and checking it all ...)

Place all acorns on the box = key for closet = dress.
Click dress and lady ... how nice.
She wants to go out and clicks the doorknob, the door opens .... oh wait !! Cancel, she forgot something ...go to the locker ...
left arrow = a box for 6 shapes.

Go to the pumpkins. Look at their eyes, from left to right.
On to the box = more sunflower seeds.
Back to the balcony, place the seeds, go round once, oohh how sweet, a beautiful ring .... Now she can leave.
So can we ...

(publish ...)

Lever box : 312534
orange box on the table (smiling pumpkin) ; triangle square triangle circle circle triangle
hats/nightstand word : halloween
paperhint for box on chair : 48725
calendar for number box in cabinet : 834768
green box : pumpkin
color/number box in cabinet :
re bl ye bl gr re ye
eyes pumpkins : square triangle square circle triangle circle

Ah, a new Aries-game. Just what the doctor ordered for me for today.

Brilliant game

Nice Game!!

And Aries has done it again.

Great one.

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