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Treasure X Treasure Escape Walkthrough

Treasure X Treasure Escape

Nagamochi - Treasure X Treasure Escape is another point and click type room escape games by Nagamochi. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Treasure X Treasure Escape

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Going in.

Q.1, click and drag nos. - ones that don't go away are your code

Q.2, stuck already, lol - 5843 doesn't work

stuck on q2

q3 is on/off with binary '1'

i have tried every combo...order down to make disappear...up to disappear...order across...# of sides...geez!

can't find any more q spots...guess you have to answer these 3 to move on

lol I went out and took a dip in the swimming pool, now looking at it again - with 1 & 3 so easy, we must be missing sth obvious

aha! count 'glows' after placing to make disappear!

I'm also stuck on Q.2

i saw pool...but, couldn't get in.. ha!

Good find, Jessica.

Thx, jessicac - my powers of observation must be out to lunch!

for pharaoh's eyes, think his right & left, not yours

np! glad i saw it...was going crazy!

Where's the freakin' game?

Q.5 click dots in the same order ladybug crosses (not just # of times)

Rotate the lady bug's position to match the center one's direction.

Use the dog to trace the number he is standing on.

nice chamber music :)

Thx Newstead - now #6 makes sense

I like the music, too. Stuck on Q.9

Got it. 14 + 23 = 37 - 80 = -43, so diamond equals 43. To place them, think 1,4. First row, fourth column, second row, third column, fourth row, third column.

Go all the way back out, and the pool is gone, with a treasure chest. Open it for final question. Still figuring it out.

I have brute-forced the lady bug from the bottom left position up diagonally twice, but I don't know how to solve it.

Not sure why, but I've got, from bottom to top, 1,2,3,1,2,3 (I think.)

whew, I'm a math doofus, and it took me a while to get the right answer on #8 - when you get it, it'll have 9 digits with none repeating


Last question was kinda anticlimactic - just trial & error w/ the ladybug

Can someone explain why the final answer is what it is? I guess it must have something to do with the lines, but I don't get it. It is 1,2,3,1,2,3 from the bottom to top.

You sure it's trial and error and not supposed to be actually a puzzle?

anyone still here? having ladybug issues

i am at the q5 bug

Had to go away for a bit Jessica.
Just restarting.


Hi jessicac, that stumped me a while - I think I remember it
1st number column, 2nd is clicks

i had to step away too! glad you are here to help me!

OK got Q5 up again.
Let's see.

sorry! i had some 'blinking'/stuck buttons

facepalms are good for ya!

TY though! Hang tight! sure i will have other issues! :D

Don't forget to press "set" at the end.
That stumped me for a while!

q6 is gonna give me fits with the rotation!

lol austen! when i clicked buttons, sometimes it looked like a strobe light, so it messed up the whole thing.... :/

Now let's see if Q6 works this time!

Worked first time this go around.
Into new territory now.

jessicac when you get to Q.8 use this~


unless you're a math whiz that is

On to Q8.

now i have psyched myself out and doubting everything! ha! not sure how to place pups on q9

ding dong! out!

TY austen and just1!

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I don't think so!


This comment has been removed by the author.

I don't see Q2 and don't understand the "glows" comment earlier!

ah- now I do!

No stars? No voting?
A walkthrough that is disguised as a comment section.
POP. Got it. To hell with the rest of you.
I've had it.

Clue for L/R puzzle?

Magda look at the statue's eyes and follow the pattern of flashes but the L & R are from his point of view so reverse what you see.

Thank you, Austen64!

Full walkthrough coming up if I can get it written before my guests arrive.

       Anonymous  10/25/14, 1:44 AM  

For Q.2 When you put the shape on corresponding shape just notice stars highlighted...thats the order you input those nos


Drag & drop each number over their counterparts until only four will not vanish.
There’s your code.

Drag & drop the shapes but notice the number of stars which (briefly) appear.
# of stars is the code.

Only enter numbers which have a 1 below them.

Observe the flashes in the eyes of the statue and repeat on the L & R buttons but the code is as seen from his eyes so reverse it.

Click scarab to send it on its way and observe how many dots it passes over in each column.
Enter the number of dots before each change not total per column then press button.

Again send the scarab on its way and observe.
Replicate its journey but rotate your starting point to the head of the one underneath.

Place the baboon on each successive point in the grid according to the shape under its resting place.

Do the maths & place the baboon accordingly.

Subtract both star and triangle numbers from 80 to give value for diamond.
Think of these 2 digit numbers as coordinates and place the critters accordingly (row first, then column).
Take the key.

Go back outside. The pool is now empty.
Nobody seems to have figured out the exact clue for this one.
The closest I can come to a solution (found by trial & error) is the three lines on the trunk combined with the marks on the leaves.

Thanks for all the hints and the walkthrough. By trial and error, the solution to the final puzzle worked for me by moving the bug as follows:

1) First column - 6th down
2) Second column - 5th down
3) Third - 4th down
4) First column - 3rd down
5) Second column - 2nd down
6) Third column - 1st button

Q8 makes no sense to me.
doing the math I get 456283197
Why the first 3 positions is the middle row?

       Anonymous  10/25/14, 6:08 AM  

order 4-5-6-2-8-3-1-9-7 = positions like on a phone


therefore start at/with middle row

I'm still not seeing the game. I have tried IE, Chrome and FF.

When I click the other game links they come up with no problem. Anyone have another link?

You need to download Adobe Flash myrdlebp :)

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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