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Cody Halloween Rescue Walkthrough

Cody Halloween Rescue

InkaGames - Cody Halloween Rescue Escape is a new point and click type adventure game by Inka Games. Help Cody find out the mystery of the House of Horror! Good luck and have fun!

Play Cody Halloween Rescue

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Oh well it's only a day or so late!

Good night gorilla.

Werewolf locked up.

Clown down.

Annabelle acquired.

ok for gorilla and werewolf but that's all
help please

Coffee break.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Scare the clown with the mask Sylvie.

Ghost gone.

Chucky clobbered.

And Slenderman is down.
Game over.
Anyone need help?

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:27 AM  

yes,austin I will,plz

What do you need Dazz?

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:31 AM  

I'm so tired even to think,I've been a hard day for studying and work,ok first of all,how can I give this guy a crappy ticket?

Borrow $1 off the little girl Dazz.

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:34 AM  

nasty old git

I'm only trying to help!

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:37 AM  

Great!just what I need after a hard day,chucky

Eduardo please read the warnings about posting video walkthroughs.

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:39 AM  

not you,austin,the salesman

They're all gits Dazz!

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:41 AM  

where now,austin? I've just collected items and don't know where to go

Next target is the girl/gorilla.
Feed it a sleepy banana.

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:43 AM  

You know austin,I hate clowns

Clowns are less entertaining than being in a motorcycle crash.
I can tell you this from experience!

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:49 AM  

Austin,how can I crack the code for the werewolf guy?

Look at the code paper you have and compare it to the poster on the wall.
See where the numbers on your sheet link to on the right side of the poster.

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:55 AM  

Austin,the code for that paper,I can't find it

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:56 AM  

Ok,closed the metallic door,now what?

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:01 AM  

Can't see where to go next

Go to the clown room.
Click the ladder.
When the clown turns round (you'll like this bit) click the mask and scare the cr@p out of him!

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:05 AM  

Austin,if ur seeing this,I'm playing the next ena farm escape game,let's take care of that first!
And thnx,I'll play that

eduardo can't oopen the link u r posting

how to defeat the ghost?

or evil witch?

Pamarina put the ladder against the wall and attach the ring then shoot the spear gun into the opposite wall and use something to slide down the rope.

For the witch place the metal base on the floor and the ring in the wall and attach a trip wire.

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:47 AM  

I'm glad you r here,austin

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:48 AM  

game is unplayable without you

Just read your post on ENA game.
No humiliation was taken.
None meant I'm sure!

tnx Austen64...

Thanks for the video, Eduardo. I would never have got out without it. I could do very little with the hints here

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 1:55 AM  

Austin,how to defeat chucky?

Place the bowling ball on the shelf, glue the remote hand to the wall and give Chucky a girlfriend.

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:05 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:06 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:07 AM  

I mean 1:43

That was to defeat the ghost Dazz.
Build a death slide using the eyebolt, the spear gun and the lead pipe from the top of the ladder.

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:11 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

Do you have Annabelle Dazz?

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:13 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:14 AM  


Take back the one you used to clothesline the witch.

It's called a ring in the inventory - sorry!

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:19 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

Time to flatten that doll!

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:23 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

Glue the mechanical glove which you DID take from where the bowling ball was didn't you?!

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:28 AM  

Can't think where to attach the glove

To the wall left of and level with the bowling ball on the green shelf.

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:30 AM  

I could've seen the video,but I prefer to play it with someone

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:31 AM  

Got you,chucky

I hate it when people ignore EG24's rules and post videos.
Hints and help are much more fun and keep the site going with revenue from the adverts.

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:35 AM  

Yeah!that's my point,how to get slenderman and free the poor kid?

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:37 AM  

What's the point of playing when there's a video walkthrough for this?

The drone needs to be flammable and so does the arrow.
You will need to be able to shoot straight along the posters on the trees.

I'm surprised that EG24 haven't deleted the posts with the links.
I would have done!

Austen64 - I'm not too fond of using video walkthroughs but nobody ever gives hints here anymore. It is easier to just watch the stupid video than it is to try and figure out what 'Clown Down' means.

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:46 AM  

austin,what to do first?

Sorry if you saw that last post Momma Cyndi.
On reflection it looked really patronising.
When I posted "Clown down" nobody else was posting or asking questions.
If they had I would have tried to help.

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:49 AM  

I'm with austin..I would never watch a walkthrough

Attach brush (dipped in gas) to the drone and build your fire arrow before going in.
When you do enter stand on the bench, paint the posters with the drone and light them with your Robin Hood kit.

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:54 AM  

people play at different times,austin,and it would'nt take a dictionary to understand your comments,you're having fun with us

You have detected my cynical sense of humour Dazz.
One of my great pleasures in life!

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 2:57 AM  

there is no bench

The "bench" looks like a stool and is in that damned puppet's room where you got the arrow.

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 3:00 AM  

You know,everytime I post you needing help there,Austin,I laugh thinking what would I do if I'm you with someone keeps asking you for help,someone so dumb and brainless and tired

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 3:01 AM  


       Anonymous  11/2/14, 3:08 AM  

I don't believe it!

       Anonymous  11/2/14, 3:09 AM  

let's wait for another new game,this one was dumb

At least it was a bit of fun.
Full W/T coming up.

Austen64 - no, I didn't see the post. I apologise for being snippy with you. You are incredibly helpful to others and I shouldn't have taken my frustration out on you. It just seems that the vast majority of comments are 'first' or 'pop' or 'out', these days. Other than Unknown, most of us appreciate a bit of a nudge in the right direction.

Hi Momma Cyndi.
No offence taken.
"First" and "POP" really get on my nerves as well and as for "Out" it should only be used when followed by the name of the person who has been helping to let them know you've cracked it.
I'm more than happy to help but it's usually me asking AΩ for directions!

For latecomers who don’t want to watch the video:

Talk to girl to get reason for game.
Talk to ticket seller to get price.
Talk to girl to borrow $1.
Buy ticket with $1.

Left hallway:
Take lead pipe, matchbox, gas and banana.

Store (left hallway, bottom left arrow):
Take remote, glue, brush, nylon, tacks, duct tape and rag then leave.
Dip brush in gas and attach duct tape.

Right hallway:
Take ring and bow.

Werewolf room:
Take sleeping potion, look at poster and talk to werewolf.
Sleeping potion goes on banana.

Gorilla room:
Throw sleeping banana to woman and step over line.
Take drone, mask and number sheet.
Attach brush to drone.

Clown room:
Click ladder. When clown turns round click mask.

Werewolf room:
Use poster to translate number sheet and use new 4# code on pad to trap werewolf.
Place and climb ladder to take rag.
Take ladder back.
Combine new rag with tacks.

Anabelle room:
Place ladder in front of picture and tack rag over picture.
Take ladder back.
Take Anabelle and metal base.

Witch room:
Place metal base, attach ring to wall and tie nylon between the two.
Take spear gun and laugh at witch.
Take ring back.

Ghost room:
Place ladder against wall to right of door.
Attach ring to wall and shoot spear gun at opposite wall.
Use lead pipe on rope.
Take mechanical glove and ladder.

Chucky room:
Place bowling ball on green shelf.
Combine mechanical glove with glue (see there was a reason you’d been carrying it around all night!) and stick it to the left wall.
Throw Anabelle at Chucky.
When Chucky starts talking to Anabelle press the button on the remote.
You can now take match, bench, arrow and yellow paper.

Right hallway:
Use code from yellow paper to open door.
Combine arrow with small rag and dip in gas.
Strike match on matchbox and light arrow.
Combine burning arrow with bow.

Final room:
Stand on bench.
Use drone on posters on trees.
Use bow on posters.

Watch closing scenes.

Arghhhh Austen. I forgot to refresh and made a full WT too. Then refreshed and saw you already posted one. Thanks anyway. I'm sure it will help some people. :) I love Inka games.

Sorry Catqueen.

No problem Austen. It's great that some people still make WT's. Much better than: pop, out, got it,finally found it without leaving help.

Yay I love these

Thanks Austen, help much appreciated. A lot of these weren't intuitive to me at all, so would have been stuck forever.

Great game and out without help !!
5 stars.
The hardest for me, to get ride chucky.
Use ladder right of door and fix boxinghand on wall with glue.
Throw annabelle in the forbidden zone,place bowlingball
on the board and activate boxing hand with remote while
Chucky talks with annabelle. That rocks me.

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