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Yurius's House of Spooks Walkthrough

Yurius's House of Spooks

[REPLAY] SnapBreak - Yurius's House Of Spooks Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Carmel Games for Snap Break and Game Snappy. While playing at the local park, Vladimir's nephew accidentally flies his remote controlled airplane right into crazy Yurius's house. Join Vladimir on his journey of retrieving his nephew's toy back. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Yurius's House of Spooks Walkthrough

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First and stuck in the dark!

there's a video walkthrough >_<

turn on the light switch and use the oil you get on the window

use the bill on gum.

stuck with a bowling ball and a vampire that wants blood

Amanda did u clean statue?

so u're at the same place I am xD

I tried some math for the 4-dig code.. nope >_<

Oh there's a paper on the table u can take

and I'm out. use the bowling ball at the very end

statue code is for puzzle inside fridge

and out

Stuck with bowling ball and paper...cleaned statue

ahh...put paper over black light for code to suitcase

       Anonymous  11/17/14, 6:46 PM  

I must be absolutely blind.... where's the bowling ball??

clickwik, get a net from left cb downstairs, use the net on the bathtub to get bowling ball.

Where is the suitcase?

I have no suitcase. Where is it?

Hilarious opening - locked in dark room so switch light back on, open window and leave! Muahahaha indeed!

I'll comment full and extend walkthrough seperately because I can't comment 4k letters
Shortened Walkthrough
-Turn on light
-Click on box to get oil and dollar bill
-Use oil on window
-Click window to get out
-Use dollar bill on gum on handrails
-Click door
-Go inside
-Click on the 2 cabinets to get black light bulb and net
-Go upstairs
-Enter room with tub and open cabinet to get spray
-Use net on tub to get bowling ball
-Enter second room and get paper on the table
-Enter room with tub again and use light bulb on the black hole
-Use paper on light bulb
-Enter second room and click on bed and enter the code encrypted on the paper , get hammer
-Go outside and use spray on head statue and memorize code
-Go to the kitchen downstairs
-Use hammer on cabinet to get key
-Use key on fridge and enter the code on the statue
-Get ketchup
-Go upstairs and enter room with vampire
-Give ketchup to vampire
-Get toyplane
-Go outside of house
-Use bowling ball on Yurius

I'm out
Walkthrough (first time making this so dont judge xD)
Note : All words/phrases CAPITALIZED and with ("x") are the usable items.
Note : If you want the shortened walkthrough,skip to the bottom.
Cutscene : (You = Vova/Vladimir)
You : I hope you like your present!
Kid : I sure do,thank you Uncle Vova!
*toy plane crashes
Kid : Oh no! The airplane went right into crazy Yurius's house!
You : No worries, I'll get it back.
Introducing Settings:
Outside of Yurius's house = Area 1
Basement of Yurius's house = Area 2
Living room = Area 3
Kitchen = Area 4
Upstairs = Area 5
First door (blood tub) = Area 6
Second door (bedroom) = Area 7
Third door (vampire) = Area 8
*Area 1
- Click on door to knock.
Doorbell : Ding-dong!
Yurius : Um... Yes, what do you want?
You : Hi Mr. Crazy Yurius sir,My Nephew's remote control airplane accidentally flew inside you house, can i have it back please ?
Yurius : Listen to me young man, do you know why people around here call me Crazy Yurius?!
You : No... But I'm afraid I'm about to find out!
*Yurius beats you
Yurius : Muhahaha! You sure are! I have a rule around here! He who knocks on my door shall be locked inside my basement for good! Muhahaha! Oh, I'm also a mad scientist, so don't try anything or I'll turn you into dust!!!
Yurius : By the way, I've taken your wallet! You won't be needing it anymore , and i really love money!
*Area 2
Yurius : Make yourself comfortable! You'll be staying here until I need to use your body in one of my crazy experiments! Muahahahaha!
Yurius : And now i will turn off the lights and you will sit here in the dark and think about what you did!
*Yurius turn's off light
You : I can hardly see anything!
-Turn on light using switch at your left.
-Click on the box below you
You :Hey,there's some cool stuff inside the box!
+Receive "DOLLAR BILL" and "OIL"
~Clicking on the book:
You : Crazy Yurius has a lovely book collection: Danger! by Luke Out, Cooking Spaghetti by Al Dente, Artificial Clothing by Polly Ester and Come on in! Doris Open....
~Clicking on the window:
You : The window is unlocked! That's good! But I still can't get it open, it's stuck!
Clicking on the PC :
You : It's a PC from 1988. I don't think it could help in any way.
-Use "OIL" on window
You : Now I can get it open!
*Area 1
You : I'm free! But I am not giving up to a psychotic scientist! I'll get my nephew's airplane!
=Alternate Move:
-Click door
Doorbell : Ding-dong!
Yurius : You again?! How did you get out of my basement?!
You : Let's try to start over. Hi, My name is Vladimir...
Yurius : I don't care if your'e the queen of England! Your'e going back to my basement!
*Yurius beats you (again)
Yurius : You'll never beat me! I have a potion I created that makes me extremely strong!
*Area 2
Yurius : Now stay here and don't make me mad!
*Basement door closes
-Click on window (again) to get out(again)
You : I'm free! But i am not giving up to a psychotic scientist! I'll get my nephew's airplane!

*Area 1
~Clicking on the gum:
You : Ewww! There's gum on the handrail! Gross!
Walkthrough move:
-Use "DOLLAR BILL" on the game on the handrail
You : My trap is all set!
-Click on door (again)
Doorbell : Ding-dong!
Yurius : What now?! Nobody's here! But wait a minute... I see a dollar bill stuck on the gum I put on the handrail last week! I'd better go and bring my money rescue kit!
You : The coast is clear , I think i can go inside and take my nephew's airplane back!
-Click on open doorway to enter
*Area 3
-Click on the Cabinets on your left
~Clicking on first cabinet (closest to you):
You : There's a "BLACK LIGHT BULB" in here. I'll take it with me.
*receives "BLACK LIGHT BULB"
~Clicking on the second cabinet(farthest to you):
You : There's a "BUTTERFLY NET" in here, I'll take it with me.
*receives "BUTTERFLY NET"
~Clicking on the sofa:
You : No time for chilling in front of the TV, crazy Yurius could be back in any second!
-Click on the stairs to go upstairs
*Area 5
~Clicking on the bust ( head statue ):
You : An old rusty statue.
-Click on the first door (Area 6)
*Area 6
~Clicking on the black circle at the top(IDK what it's called):
You : Someone removed the light bulb from here.
~Clicking on the tub with blood/tomato soup (wtevr):
You : Please let it be tomato soup... I am not shoving my hands inside...
Use "BLACK LIGHT BULB" on the black circle
*squeek squeek!
~Clicking on "BLACK LIGHT BULB" on its place:
You : Now it's working.
-Use "BUTTERFLY NET" on the tub with blood/tomato soup
You : I got a bowling ball from the tub!
-Press close(X) button
-Click on the cabinet beside you (right)
-Go outside (click door)
*Area 5
-Use the "LEMON SCENTED, ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER" on the bust ( statue of a head )
*spfft spfft!
You : Now it looks much better.
-Click on the cleaned bust ( statue of head )
You : It's a statue of Yurius's great great grandfather, Theodore A. Marshall, 1785-1884.
=REMEMBER CODE:17851884=
-Click on second door (Area 7)
*Area 7
-Turn on lights
-Click on the bottom "PAPER"
You : There are a few blank papers on the table, I'll take one with me just in case I need it.
-Go back outside by clicking the door (to Area 5)
*Area 5
-Click again on first door (Area 6)
*Area 6
-Use the "PAPER" on the "BLACK LIGHT BULB"
You : Hey, I can see something is written on this piece of paper:0=7=8=6
-Go back outside by clicking the door(to Area 5)
*Area 5
-Enter second door(Area 7 ) by clicking it
*Area 7

~Clicking on the lamp:
You: It's a lamp.
-Click on bed
You : Just a regular bed. But what's that underneath it? It's a suitcase!
#Enter Code on paper: 0786
-Click on yellow button
You : There's a hammer inside! It's mine now!
*Receives "HAMMER"
-Go back outside(Area 5) by clicking the door
*Area 5
-Go downstairs by clicking on the stairs below(to Area 3)
*Area 3
-Click on the door to your left to go inside the kitchen (Area 4)
*Area 4
~Clicking on the cabinet beside you:
You : I can't open it, it seems to be stuck!
~Clicking on the locked fridge (refrigerator)
You : The fridge is locked. What kind of person locks his fridge?!
-Use "HAMMER" on cabinet (beside you)
You : There was a "KEY" in here, now it's in my pocket!
*receives "KEY"
-Use "KEY" on locked fridge
*fridge opens
-Click on the opened fridge
-Enter the code on bust ( head statue )
Alternate Move:
*enters wrong code
You : I guess this is not the correct code.
Walkthrough Move:
#Enter Code:17851884
-Click on the yellow button
You : It's just a bottle of "KETCHUP"!
-Go outside the kitchen to the living room
-Head upstairs
-Enter far most right door to enter Area 8
*Area 8
You : Hey,my nephew's airplane is in here! I'll go get it.
*coffin opens
Vampire : Who dares to disturb my sleep!
You : It is I , your lovable neighbor Vladimir. Now,if you don't mind, I'll just take my nephew's airplane...
Vampire : Your'e not going anywhere! If you want to go behind my coffin you'll have to pay... With blood!
You : There must be another way!
Vampire : No! Bring me blood! Any blood will do!
Alternate move:
*clicks vampire (without "KETCHUP")
Vampire : Where is my blood?! Did you bring me blood?!
You : Ummm... I'm working on it, I'll be right back.
Walkthrough move:
-Give "KETCHUP" to Vampire
Vampire : Where is my blood?! Did you bring me blood?!
You : I got it! Here you go!
*coffin closes
-Click on the "REMOTE CONTROL AIRPLANE"(toy airplane) to pick it up
-Go back outside the house of Yurius (Area 1)
*Area 1
Yurius : Now in order to save the money I must act rationally. I need to consider the wind direction and the air humidity. Now let me think...
You : Uh oh, Crazy Yurius is blocking the exit! I must do something before he notices me!
-Use(click) on the "BOWLING BALL" on your inventory and click on Yurius
Yurius : You again! What are you so happy about?! This time I'm going to put you in chains!! Muhaha!
*throws "BOWLING BALL" to Crazy Yurius



Hahahaha too much fun getting stuck in the basement constantly!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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