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Derunojya Escape

[REPLAY] Hilgreed - Derunojya Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by Hilgreed. In this game, you are locked in a room and you must escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Going in . . . . .

Use the ball (from the clock) behind the hanging scroll to open the doors to get a a cup to put tea in.

Server down ?????

This comment has been removed by the author.

Keep refreshing (took me 5 times to get in).

Gears are used behind the 3 switches.

can't finish...got code...tea...

Going in now after having problems first with '503 server unavailable'

Add alternative link

Missing one gear (one from fax paper and one from behind rack next to drawers) and no idea what to do with the cup with green tea.

Service Temporarily Unavailable

Take the ball back and put the tea there. Then put the ball in the sunlight and use the remote on the ceiling lamp to get the code (but still missing a gear).

got orange "stick" in tea box on table
put it on little cb on right shelf (start view) but...not open

There's an L shape orange stick as well. (cushion under table).

Once you've seen the code from sunlight in the ball, you can open the drawers.

I'm where you are, smalltool. Missing one gear and one red piece...

Thanks Small tool :)

remote is in a panel on floor use wrench (found on left shelf) and handle (found in box near panda)

There is another red piece in the drawers, but I can't take it...

I think the hint from the ball is telling in what order to open the drawers, but I don't get it :(

Ah, it is just another view from above on the drawers. In one of the drawers (think it was middle/down) is another red piece...

...but now the red piece disappeared in the device on the shelf with the two white half moons. Hopefully not a bug...

       Anonymous  12/3/14, 3:36 AM  



Just put the P piece back on that device Escapism and then you get the third gear.

small-tool, exactly that doesn't work over here... Two of the three pieces diappeared on the device and I can't open it. Seems like a bug (I could tak two of those I-shaped pieces from the box on the table too).

Gonna replay...

Me too ! bug with red piece??

Replayed it, same thing happened. When I put on those three pieces (L, P and I) into the device two of the pieces (P and I) disappear and the 'box with the crescent handle' (as the y call it) won't open anymore... :-(

Got the door open now by using the switches (hint is the words in the drawers), so I guess the numbers/math hint from the glass ball is for the safe there. But, don't understand it.

I think you need the P piece and two I pieces. It makes a letter R

opened all the drawers under panda and click above panda to see a word in drawers

but always stuck with red piece
i can't finish :(

one I piece from tea, one I piece from one of the bottom drawers and the R piece from the bottom drawers. They all go in the right side of the moon device.

my problem is with the "R"

There are two pieces in drawers. Open the down drawers and look up. You can take two pieces. When you put both on the 2 moons device, you can open it. There is the 3rd gear.

Oh ! ok, it's a P and not R to catch

got the cb opened now

Any idea how to use 1+2x3/4-5= on the safe, Magdalena ?

Thanks for the R-hint!! Did miss that second I piece! :-)

I now tried the word MAXBO (combined with the drawers) on the safe, but no go either :(

No idea. How did you use the clue from drawers on switches?

Mop, is a triangle and Fax is square and the third I bruteforced.

Hm, got out with the bruteforced solution from small-tool (think the last one was a octagon/hexagon), but would like to understand it.

Pfew, finally opened the safe.
I thought you had to count the drawers to use maxbo, but it is visual. Top 3 arrows are top 3 drawers etc.

And from the safe you get the key card to open the exit door.
Never used the glass ball hint, though (I think?).

TY small-tool

Thanks Small tool

After we put the ball and saw the numbers was that we could open the drawer

Right now it doesn't load. Guess the server load is too much? Try again later. Hilgreed's games are worth the wait.

Oh, didn't notice the alternative link... and that seems to work.

Finally Out

Hung up on code to open the closet...symbols

       Anonymous  12/3/14, 6:34 AM  

How do I get the drawers open? I saw someone mention another up view but I can't find it.

Drawers are unlocked after you place the glass ball in the sun beam and use the remote on the ceiling light and see the numbers.
In one view there's an up arrow to see the ceiling light.

A couple of bugs: go back to the tea caddy to find the same red piece as before, and go back to the box to find the gear again.

Can someone spoil the third symbol?

POP. It's the hexagon, but I don't know why.

       Anonymous  12/3/14, 6:55 AM  

TY Small Tool...I couldn't find the sunbeam then POP!

just figured it out - 3rd symbol comes from MAP (on the floor - it's the bolt we loosened)

I still can't find the triangle - I suspect it's from a BOX, not a MOP, but I still don't see it

Good find Just, that's indeed the hexagon.
The triangle is the handle on the MOP where you got a gear from. Right next to the drawers.

lol, thanks I totally forgot about that - never noticed it was a mop

btw if you click on the panda at the end, he waves

I enter square, triangle, hexagon on the switch but nothing happen. How to open the door please?

Swap the first two @tautau.

Thx small-tool, but why that order?

@tautau, my guess was that it's where those shapes appear on your screen when you look at them - not sure though

Finally understand by reading the official Japanese WT.

The gears show 561-110 = 451 for symbol order. Use 451 on "1+2x3/4-5=" hint by looking at 3x3 drawer which give:

4 --- "-" to open all middle row (MOP-triangle)
5 --- "=" to open upper and lower row (FAX-square)
1 --- "+" to open all middle row plus upper middle and lower middle (MAP-hexagon)

Fun game - great hints - especially small-tool (as always!)

glad you found that, tautau, makes sense now...I think the main flaw in this game was that we could solve it without being clever enough to understand the clues!

I remembered, a bit late, that MOP, FAX and MAP are the locations where we found the 3 gears...

I've no time now to do a walkthrough, but I hope someone will post one - the game deserves it.

great game, as always with Hilgreed. There were a couple of things I just didn't get, like the formula on the wall in the darkened room (@tautau, although I appreciate your translation & explanation, my head couldn't figure it out). Also, I really thought the orange sticks on the Crescent Box were some part of a Left/Right clue.
Just missed it live, I guess :(

Thanks tautau but code works too for 451 if you click 4x 5x 1x on 3 switches

What sunbeam? Posting POP isn't helpful to anyone who might have been stuck where you were.

SUPERB!! What a pleasure to play!

And, zoz, I have to disagree with your "as always with Hilgreed". Nope! This one - and I mean this one after AGES - can finally keep up again in both quality and the concepts of puzzles with those H. games we had WAY back in 2010/11!
The others in between were so-so (if there *were* any at all, that is)

Made it through this one myself, and hey, it was far from easy!
Just one thing: yes, I got bored and brute-forced the shapes (it was trivial :P)

@Jason it needs some "preparations" to get to that sunbeam...make sure you have either the glass ball or the cup of tea (or both)
Use one of them as a weight and push slider from CLOSE to OPEN. This will open a "secret" compartment with a small window with the sun shining in.

HOWEVER, to be able to see in the dark, you will require some tweaking to get the sunbeam there where you need it.

@arby Thanks, I have the cup of tea in place now. The secret compartment is still dark, so at least I know I've still got something to find. Back to it...

@Jason The clock is not sealed;-)

@arby I got it. I had the ball all this time, I just didn't know to put it onto the pillow. I'm out now. Really good game, as usual, I was hung up on something simple.

You're telling me, that's not entirely unknown to me.

Well... this seems a bit... chaotic? Screens that are way too dark, objects that reappear once you've taken them (the straight red bit and one of the cogwheels), drawers that don't open in the beginning but then suddenly open...

I'm not yet out, but so far it seems Hilgreed's had better games...

Reading some of the hints... My good lord... Hilgreed, what's happened???

You shouldn't be playing games at work. Your employer isn't paying you to waste time and bandwidth. But I bet you think it doesn't hurt anyone so you can justify it in your head. But you are still wrong.

@NJ huh? If only you had an idea how many of the EG24 regulars *do* play games at work...but I agree the old DOS games were better for that purpose (remember the Boss Key :P)

@bio, the drawers can be open only after seeing the formula "1+2x3/4-5="

Quick summary:
The box on the right shelf needs 4 L/R pieces.
- inside the teabox on the table
- click below the table, on the cushion
- two inside the lowest drawers of the drawerblock

Three gears.
- by clicking the white button on the 3D-fax
- behind the room divider
- inside the L/R box

Collecting round:
Click white button on 3D-fax= gear.
A box on the right shelf needs L/R pieces.
On the left shelf = wrench.
Use wrench on the map on the floor (next to fax).
A handle is needed here.
The up-arrow shows the ceiling light.

Click the table at the bottom of the screen.
Get a red piece from the teabox on the table.
Click below the table = a red piece on the cushion.
On the floor at the right side stands a can with water.
Zoom out, turn left.

Click the room divider, click behind it on the mop, click triangle to loosen the gear.
Inside the box on the drawerblock = handle.
Zoom out, turn left.

Open the clock = a glass ball.
At the door a card is needed to get out.
The switch box on the left can be opened.
Turn left.

The cabinet-doors need to be opened.
Click the hanging ornament, place the glass ball in the little box behind it.
Zoom out once, the wall below it is open now, take a cup from the black box.

Combining round:
Back to the table, fill the cup with water from the can on the floor.
Replace the glass ball with the cup, place the glass ball on the cushion there.
It will reflect the ceiling light for a code.

Place the handle on the floor below the map = remote control.
Click the ceiling light, use remote, step back and write down the code.
Turn the light on again.
The drawers of the drawerblock can be opened now.

At the drawerblock.
Open the lowest drawers, in there are 2 red pieces.
To get them, click top of the drawerblock and look down.
Read what’s in the other drawers as well.
Zoom out.
Go to the box on the right shelf, place the 4 pieces.
Click the little moons to open the box = gear.

Go to the switch box left of the clock.
Click little red button underneath it to open the box.
Place the gears : 561 – 110 = 451.
Close the box and click the switches to open the cabinet-door.

One way to click the switches is using 451.
first button 4x, 2nd 5x, 3rd 1x.
The official explanation is given by tautau at 8.43 am.
Zoom out, turn left, open the cabinet.

The safe.
Divide the sun buttons (the circle included) into three rows, like the drawerblock.
Then click them in the order as the letters show, p.e. M = in middle left drawer, so click the middle left beam, A = middle upper beam, X = the one right of the middle upper beam. etc. = card.
Go out and click panda.


Thank you all for the questions asked and the answers given

for zoz and others:

the 1+2x3/4-5= is NOT a formula. It merely assigns those shapes (the operators) numbers, so that 1 indicates +, 2 indicates x, etc. So '451' instructs you to use those shapes (-, =, +) on the 3x3 grid of drawers. When you do so, and look from above, you see the words MOP, FAX and MAP, which tells you which shapes to use on the switches, and in what order.

Maybe they realized that the clue was just a little bit too clever, so they included an easier way of solving it, as described above.

And thanks @arrieNL for the walkthrough!

       Anonymous  10/19/17, 3:27 AM  

caught this one from the random section

great pleasure to play this brill game - thx Hilgreed ☺

didn't think of looking on open drawers from above, so thx ppl for that hint & the «formula»

Game uses the nasty tactic of solving a puzzle in one scene causes some unknown thing to happen some unknown other place. And views only appear after you've done certain things, as silly as just looking at something in this game. Didn't like game at all, felt I was figuring out the triggers instead of solving puzzles.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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