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Detarou Dete Mita Escape

[REPLAY] Detarou Dete Mita Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Detarou. In this geniously weird game, you are trapped at a place with some very strange beings. Your aim is now to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles you will encounter on your way out of this nut house. There are 3 possible endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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OMG bout time!!!

am stuck with binoculars

binoculars will fit with one man in the Ninja room

hi lottie,what Ninja room ??

hi kevaus the ninja room is in the basement
you have to solve the rabbit man color code first

used capsule also goes to the man in ninja room
stuck with screwdriver and an item with red handle

ahh thanks lottie !!,i had the coloured numbers clue, just didn't realise i had to use just 4 of them

...and don't touch gold cup in panda room

I don't get the colour code. Shouldn't it be 8514 -> red, yellow, white blue?

hi Rudi, not the 8514 hiint
try to look for the hint in the drawer of the desk with purple cushion in front of it

Thanks, Lottie, got it now!

color code is in cabinet, by praying mantis, and above rabbit man's head

for a laugh, leave the roundheaded boy's face pressed against the glass after you get the wrench from him

now stuck with the tie code and the bar device in the basement

give ninja #2 the bubble that the key was in (gotten w/ wrench)

out with stamp

oh, code for levers is on the bookmark

but it's upside down

finally got the bar device,thanks just1

to work the 4x4 grid, turn your head, and light up all the squares NOT in the picture

yw Lottie! figure out the ties yet?

just1 not yet ;(

POParoo, it goes by the levels of the same-colored flowers, and the triangle with #s in the other room

clue is in the book

got doll in place now, and a green light, but not sure what it did.

took me ages, but finally made it out on my own - I love spending time on these games!!!

the clue for the ties is behind hot-dog man

AHA use file on SD

Damn I love these games

now looking for rubber stamp...

you with me Lottie?

Hit the Panda with the sword, and they will both fall down a hole. Don't know what it does, since you can finish the game without doing it.

Book mark gives slider clue (upside down)
Go up from sliders
Clue for Ties behind hotdog guy
Turn around and get handle from window boy
Use handle in first room for key to get red tie
Put red tie on middle guy and use hotdog clue (combined with clue in the book & flower colors)
get key from Afro for drawer, gives head for striped object from slider puzzle
Smiley room give Binos, Ball, and Sword to the guys
Go above slider puzzle and place striped head
If everything done you can get the exit key

grid pattern changes after opening door

oh i went to work some other stuff just then

i got the hot dog hint and the book with tie picture
but there are only 3 colors for the tie...more hints please? ;(

see in the book how the 4 rectangles correspond to the heights of the flowers. The r b & y flowers are on 2nd, 3rd and 4th level, and that's where the #s are in the clue. Just follow the sequence.

Go to fruit kitchen no.15 now and then back to here later :)

Great thanks just1 !
I got the hint now! :)

they very cleverly worked those flowers into 2 complicated clues. An expertly designed game indeed, worth the long wait.

finally out:)

Getting started is the hardest thing here...

8,5,1,4 .. that's exactly the numbers shown in the locations sky, log, drawer and floor. However, as the posts above suggest, I do have to disregard them at first.
Well, so I started with yellow (sky = highest) in color code and just tried (!) to BF my way thru. ... To no avail.

Wish I knew where my error in thinking is...

       Anonymous  12/27/14, 2:08 AM  

have a look in middle desk drawer

AHHH thanks!

For the others: not all figures from '8514' are used in the rabbit code - it's a mix! You also need to find a 7 and a 9, to begin with. (Thought they're actually unrelated, hence the confusion)

To get the stamp open the door but don't get out. Look at the w/b grid again.

I do not get slider clue...do you mean the slider in the basement (which I cannot leave)? The clue is 85(down arrow)14, if I turn it upside down it makes no sense. Ergh. How does this apply to a slider you can only move four times each slide?

Nevermind, I was missing the up arrow to go back up the ladder. Jeez I'm slow today.

@Sarah Brown You have to combine the colors (for instance 8 is red) with the eight of flowers.

Sorry: height of flowers

BF'd the sliders, just didn't make any sense to me...Sarah, IMHO it's doggone confusing, so don't let it affect you too much if you can't get it :)

Well, clue says 8 5 1 4 which would be 4 1 5 8 upside down, but if you think you can simply take the (real) heights of the elements you won't succeed (in front view, the '8' in drawer is lower than the '4' on the log; the '5' in the sky is highest)

4158 ==> BWYR ==> look at flowers height

Whoot? That would be a "3-way clue" then. Robamimi occasionally does these...

Thanks anyway! (even though I lost patience and bf'd the stuff)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Late I know but is there anyone about who can tell me what to with the round head in my inventory?

Oh. Just checked video walkthrough and I hadn't solved the slider puzzle. Thought I had and that was why I could go upstairs. Nevermind.

on the levers, don't (mentally) flip the whole thing over, as arby did - just turn each lever upside down, left to right. HTH! (Hope That Helps)

how do you get the samurai off the ceiling to get his sword?

Used the file on the SD

I adore Detarou! If only it would appear more often than once every six months. Oh well, this one will just have to tide us all over until June.

1 end: the pandas
2 end: get the key and exit
3 end: open the door and go down the hall, a new hint for square box, get the stamp

       Anonymous  12/28/14, 5:30 PM  

OMG, I thought I would never see a Detarou again! I love these!!

       Anonymous  8/26/18, 12:05 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Detarou ☺

An absolutely excellent game again for replaying, thank you!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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