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Gatamari Escape 23

[REPLAY] Gatamari Escape 23 is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Gatamari. In this game, your goal is to escape the place by finding items and hints to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


DO the car before trying to do the left right from the books.

I fell through the floor into another room, and just got laser zapped.

How to do the car?

numbers safe spoiler :


I cant even get started ! LOL

zico ociz,
Key is under the rug (on of the corners).

AHHH left corner of carpet for key!

OOPPS ST got it first.

used pipe painting to drop portrate painting, got a peephole with a view.

I broke the car!! My bad LOL

I'm in another room. Got coin(?) and note and I'm stuck.

painting with blue pipe gives clue for corners to put paining with man down. Start top right and follow pipe.

opened box with wrench and turned off laser, now can go to another room.

Any help with the left, right puzzle I assume it is the books, but wont work?

got third coin from painting in other room. Wench needs more chain to reach box, need a SD for rifle scope, and cant reach somehing on cabinet.

Bandy look at the colour of the pillars next to the head.

In the new room is the IIII things the hint for the 4 arrows.

Use the screwdriver (from the 4 arrows box) on the gun to get the telescope.

got SD from green safe using clues from wall in other room.

This comment has been removed by the author.

took rifle scope, and looked in peephole for a clue.

Crude I forgot the last book White JEZZ! LOL

Use what you 'don't see through the telescope.

I need help combining art with peephole clue for letters or numbers, please post a spoiler, I am no good at those things.


I dont get it ST.

POP got it ICPO. How the heck did you ufigure that out???

The parts you see through the telescope you don't use.
So for example the left one you see is E so the two vertical right parts aren't used there, so you use them on your panel and that makes a kind of I.

No idea what to do with the sword guys.

Hi, I'm as far as mrtelcom. The only letter I could make out would be an E (first one). Oh yes, and I only got two coins.

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 10:52 AM  

Do not understand the 8A A=9 paper. Opened painting, now stuck. Pressing up and down arrows randomly on green safe.

used blue key on door, entered another area.

Did anybody open the middle painting? The one with the 3 buttons to push.

somehow we need to use dog, and 8a=9 for safe. Got a pipe too.

used pipe to get newspaper on top of cabinet, not obvious how it will help.

where is wrench?

The pipe is used to get the paper from the cupboard in the rifle room.

POP, dog is on newspaper.

337 and 448 not working.

Don't understand how dog is on the newspaper. Looks like it's 337, but no go :(

My PC is so slow, I think I have to reboot it. I'm sure you are out before I'm back again. Not that I could have helped in any way!

Nor is 446, which I thought would be correct.

3D D=4
O3 O=4
G7 G=6

But not working.

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 11:03 AM  

rifle scope? newspaper? pipe?

426 Boy, I am dumb LOL

I opened safe, but I guess I need a handle.

The big cabinet has something to do with the swordsman. Not sure how to choose left or right.

Af of course Number/Letter or Letter/Number, good find mrtelcom.

hmm, looking at whose sword is in front on each pair.

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 11:08 AM  

not dumb, only by ur clue and asking why that code did I assume it mattered if # on left or right of letter. Too random for me

Got Handcuffs from big cabinet.


Another great find, mrtelcom, thanks again :)

Use handcuffs on the lifting machine to get the wheel.

I guess the last coin is from the middle painting safe. But no idea how to use the hint to push those 3 buttons :(

I don't see a clue for the 4 arrow box only have coin and hint paper

Small-tool / 3 buttons puzzles - you can solve it after you get flag hints. (I mean much later)

Clue for the 4 arrow box is on painting above combined with the IIII things on the wall left next to the door in the first new room.

Thanks Nira, but all I got left now is the telescope still working and the money hint from the safe with DOG. Where do I use that money hint?

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 11:22 AM  

last coin in coat

OK, had to leave, i m back. Got 4th coin and currency clue. Scope is still usable too.

Great find sue1qw, thanks :)

Great game. Nice puzzles. Two endings.

Don't see how to use the money clue on the coin box safe thing :(

Smalltool / Money hint - You have 5 coins, right ?
I tried $ mark only and it worked.

Nvm, just used the dollars there.

oops, just got 5th coin from pocket in coat.

Lol, just found out, but thanks anyway :)

Yes, $ opened it, clue was looking at stairs through window.

Holy Moly, a whole new area, and I promised to take kids to the Hobbit movie. I am gonna miss out.

I've been back for some time but so stuck. I'm still missing one coin, must be an early one. Could someone help me, please?

Im missing one coin
Scope still works
Have not solved the three button puzzle in the middle of the two other puzzles.

Not sure what will lead to what? Am I missing a coin, or am I missing a hint for the middle puzzle???????

NotYou, I do exactly know how you're feeling...

I know, meritneth.

I used the scope to look through the window at the stairs but that did nothing.

Frustrated a bit now.

got the nippers, went down the pole, got the statue.

put statue in window and all the figures moved to some clue.

Good Luck, I am out of here.

You can find all coins without doing the middle puzzle. Not sure anymore where they all came from, but one was from a stone in the wall (laser room I think), one from the coat in the cupboard and one from the painting you had to shake.

Feeling dumb.
On my currency pic $ is as follows:

I have tried every possible combination and nothing works?

5 Coins
1. electric box (switch and 4 letters)
2. left/right moving frame
3. check left down wall under laser machine
4. coat (click again after you get handcuffs)
5. Safe (open with dog hint)

As I remember I got those coins:

- coat
- frome the frame by flipping to the left and right
- broken wall in view with laser above the door
- ??? (don't know anymore)

Thanks s-t. I think I have those. I'll check again. It isn't possible I left one 'upstairs' and I'm SOL, is it?

Noelle, sometimes you need to zoom out and try the puzzle again. Think that was the correct answer.

MAN - that coin in the electric box was jumping right into my face now! Thank you so much, nira!!!

And POP! I didn't see the one in the left thingy with the green button to the left of mean hanging man! :)

Pfew, solved one slider puzzle. One to go :(

LOL... missed all the clues when I was crowing that I finally found it! We were missing the same one, merit.

Thanks everyone!

You won't tell me now that I have done all this to find a SLIDER PUZZLE at last???

S-T............. there are 4 sliders.....

Pfew, really Yvon. Just went in the new rooms and saw the first two and was hoping it was just those two.
Well, it's gonna be a late night I guess :(

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 11:48 AM  

I am so stuck. I opened the painting using the pipe clue. Have a coin and an 8A clue.

stuck with a ring over here, need some help. I wait for the rest of you.

I started fussing around, solved my very first slider puzzle in my 43 years lasting life, and wanted to tell you guys that proudly and now I see there are four of them? Haha, I hadn't even seen the second one!

I agree meritneith. 4 slider puzzles and I may as well give up because I just am not very good at slider puzzles. I certainly won't be able to get through 4 of them! I'll blame my 'direction dyslexia.'

All that work for nothing.

Thaihoney, I'm so confused I can't tell you what to do next but I'm sure you might do it with all these hints here.

thaihoney. Puzzle to the right. Look at painting. Numbers are coloured.

I only remember one slider puzzle. it is a variation actually. Just click the one position that is out of sync, starting at the bottom of the image.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I can get the 1, 2, and 3 in every single slider puzzle. It's the 4 and on I can't do. LOL

One trick to do slider puzzles is first make this part:


Then you're left with a smaller slider puzzle.

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 11:52 AM  

ugh, do we HAVE to do the sliders ot is it just a color clue??

Aaah, now I see them! Sorry for the wrong advice.

Sorry, I'm not able to do the second slider. I end up in the second row with 5 6 8 7 and no way out. I'll have to close the game, but thank you all for your help!

I'm far behind you guys, and that's because none of you ever responded to questions...

So may I ask again where that WRENCH is?

I can't get the 4. It moves the 3, etc, and I honestly can't do it. I have some weird glitch in my brain i.e. 'direction dyslexia.

I'm too stupid for slider puzzles. Always have been.

Slider puzzles - don't solve it..
just check the white/black images on the background..

Lol, now that I solved 3 of them you're telling me, Nira :P

arby, did you do the puzzle with the coloured numbers?

@Yvon no, much too chaotic to make out anything there...

arby, it was in one of the first safes I opened. Either that with the flowing water or with the numbers in black, white, red.

I'll love someone for life if they'll spoil the grid for me.

just look at painting for numbers 1 to 9. Number 1 is black, 2 white and so on.

Arby / you can solve red/white/black button puzzle.
Hint is the picture above.

STILL can't get the currency puzzle.
Anyone remember the button sequence?

Thanks, thanks everyone ... !
Always stuck at puzzles that kill my eyes, lol...

I don't understand that hint, Yvon.

Noelle, just click the buttons where the note has a dollas sign.

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 12:04 PM  

aw, now I don't want to mess up my finished for nothing sliders to look behind them for the white boxes

NotYou and Arby,
That colour hint was spoiled by mrtelcom:


Spoiler for the painting puzzle:
(B =black button, W=white and R=red)

What was behind the slider puzzles gave me a new room with a clock, but I guess have to solve other things first.

I used the little soldier (from using the nippers, from the safe without code in the new rooms) in the machine with soldiers, but no idea for what puzzle they're hinting now.

S-T. Puzzle with 6 buttons and a yellow arrow bext to it. From tall to short.

Yep, just found out Yvon, (the safe next to it) but thanks anyway :)
I guess, those are the flags we need for the middle painting now.

yes, those are the flags :)

"NotYou and Arby,
That colour hint was spoiled by mrtelcom:"

BWRBRRWWBYeah, I know that. I've progressed way beyond that to SLIDER PUZZLES. Hence the 4 or 5 posts about my inability to do slider puzzles. What I am asking is what does the grid associated with the SLIDER PUZZLES look like?

Use the flags on the middle painting puzzle (start on the flower side), gives a pink ball.

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 12:18 PM  

spolier for sliders answer

ggg gwg
gwg gwg
ggg wwg

ggg gwg
wwg wwg
ggg ggg

NotYou I think it was like this:

Red top right was

Red top left:

Red bottom right

Red bottom left

Used the pink ball in the top right hole and a red key came out of the bottom left hole.

Thanks Sue! I really really really appreciate that! :)

thanks also, s-t. I get frustrated when people imply I haven't read the comments. ;)

Red key gave me a little helicopter, used that on the window and that gave me a green coat.

No idea where to use the coat or what to do with it. But on the board next to the clock you can take (and put back again) a ring. Seems to be a hint on the ring but not sure how to read it.

S-T, turn coat. On the back you find other part of ring.

Check the back collar of the green coat for a ring.

Yvon, as far as I know, I have tried every possible sequence of $ in the clue

there's a ring in the collar of the coat with a half-clue on it

Ah thanks guys (tricky under the collar).

Put the two rings together and pick out the numbers that line up. Use those on the dials to the left of the clock.

Are there different positions the rings can be connected?
I can make out the combined hint, not everything seems in the correct place.

Noelle, just click all 5 buttons at the same time.

There will only be 6 numbers that line up when you put the rings together - the first is IX.

Thanks Puffin :)
But is there supposed to happen something when you do the clocks correct. I tried both ways (the first number blue and the second red and vice versa) but nothing happens.

Two sets of numbers for the dials - red hand is first number and blue hand is second - so red 9, blue 3 for the first dial and press the button on the right. Then do second dial. You will get a new display if it's done correctly.

Hm, that's odd suddenly (no idea if I clicked something) first number red hand and second blue hand did work.

S-T, after you set the clocks, click the last button again,

you can go further after putting in the numbers... forgot now how, either clicking the bottom gray big square or one of the buttons.. the bottom panel will open up.

I'm out. But not sure if i have the best ending.....

Where's the hint to set the big clock (with the new set buttons) ?

S-T, look at the position of the stairs and the opening. Thats the hint how to set the big clock.

st: connect the platforms (steps on left, little window in 2oclock position)

I thought I did that with 8:10 but nope :(

8:10 should work, try again.

S-T, a new arrow is shown, so you can walk to the opening.

Lol, didn't notice the arrow, thanks again :)

My ending translated :)
I would be love is between long
It is long overdo mess
End two

Well, I can take off now, should I do that or is there more to find for a better ending ?

What's the clue for the bronze/silver/gold gears? I have one empty item slot left so I think I'm missing something.

... and now i am lost. the grate on the floor where the ninja was, noticing i can go down there now. at the end is a locked puzzle box that relates to the gears in the tower and half/ripped poster in the stair room... have no clue at all. (this is such a nice, long, twisty game)

I placed the black box in the opening by the clock. But don't know if thats the better ending.......

You can smush the black box with the clock hands

I am also stuck at the bronze/silver/gold gear box.

aha! ty, battlesnail!

I guess we have to use the thorn calendar as hint for that bronze/silver/gold gear box.

Okay. I think I may be using the currency clue on the wrong puzzle. Isn't it for the orange 3-button safe?

Currency clue is for the panel that opens after you put in all the coins (next to the door).

Noelle - currency clue is for the 3x3 box next to door (where you put in the 5 coins). Click the boxes that have $ signs.

back on here after awhile...

Now stuck at the "big cabinet" hint. Where is that "big cabinet" you guys were speaking of? The one where the R/L clue from the swordsmen has to be used on?

Where is the key for the bronze/silver/gold gear box?

arby - big cabinet is next to machine gun.

s-t it's in the black box you get from the hang glider room, stick it in the big clock and squish it

st - key is in the crushed black box. Put the black box in the opening in the clock and set the hands to 12:00.

I'm stuck staring at the 1 ~ 12 clue and not getting it, hoping someone else does

@Puffin OH! That one with the "band-aid" buttons! :-) Totally forgot about that one...

Thanks Battle Snail, but I already got it in the big clock, but don't see how to get a key from it. Can't do anything anymore with that box.

Thanks again Puffin :)

Oh, I just thought of something. Count the number of cogs on the gears and use those along with the number of days in the months!

brilliant, puffin!

Yay, very well done Puffin, it works :)

Very, very good game :)
Thanks for all the help guys :)

Btw. what's that guy doing in the end? Cleaning up ancient Greece or so?

Whew! That was a long game, but good. Have to go get some things done now!

what activates the dials puzzle next to the clock? Can't get the dials to light up or move.

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 1:25 PM  

yay, it didn't take me the whole day to play the game!
was lagging far behind, could catch up to the finishing line just now...!

brill game, brill hints - thx guys :-)

I think that was the gold ring Just1, you have to put it back.
Or if you're talking about the second set, maybe that was the silver ring, not sure anymore.

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 1:26 PM  

put golden ring (back) top right in slot

POP you take the rings apart and put the gold one back in

helps to have written down your clue, lol

Wow, would have never thought of counting cog on gears.

Glad i saved before going out the first time :)

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 1:27 PM  

silver ring activates big clock setting

btw: did you see at the end, that dude took off his face...?!

thanks anyway guys :)

*Facepalm* I am an idiot. Using $ on wrong puzzle.
Sorry all! Moving on now.

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 1:49 PM  

just came back, what is the flag/middle painting answer??

@sue1qw, if I remember right, you follow the flags from the end towards the flower. Cross is the middle button, horizontal on the R, vertical on L.

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 2:03 PM  

ty v v v m, seems my 'green light' was starting on the flower end or I got lucky!

Set the dials according to the code on the rings.
Pushed everything on the panel
stuck again.

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 2:28 PM  

9,3 4,5 10,2 and push button again to switch around the 3 clocks

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 2:29 PM  

more like 'among' the 3 clocks

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 2:33 PM  

What a brilliant game!

Stuck on the cogwheels...

June and August both have 31 days, how am I supposed to "depict" this?
Just skipping did not work...

Oh, maybe I need to make those gears turn? I can merely switch between them, but not turn them...

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 2:47 PM  

best i've played in a while.
never would've counted the gears, ty4 that clue puffin
clue if anyone needs it...apr,june,sept and nov are 30 days... i had to look at a real calendar!

You're in the wrong place. That part is only the hint to count the teeth of the gears.
Go back to the stairs and go down. And there go further down through the hatch in the floor.

almost 200 comments, so next comments on the next page

       Anonymous  12/30/14, 2:51 PM  

i mean count the cogs and note the color of the gear
then use them on the exit door
jan thru dec
silver is 31 bronze is 30 gold is 28 (only feb)
so jan is 31-silver
then do all 12 months

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