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How About Taking a Break Walkthrough

How About Taking a Break

[REPLAY] Kamokichi - Escape Game: How About Taking a Break Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Kamokichi from Kamonosoukutsu and KamotoKamotoKamo. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from the room successfully? Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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How About Taking a Break Escape Walkthrough

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       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:09 AM  

look from top on drawers on shelf for coloured 3 digit code

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:11 AM  

click cheek circles at animal CB for banana
(hint are bunny eyes in cabinet, use nippers from bottom CB left of door)

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:13 AM  

put banana on shape device on pole for SD

AlphaOmega, I have the 3 numbers from drawers but no place to put them. Where did you use them?

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:15 AM  

(shape device on pole like a drum, view teddy shelf with number drawers)

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:15 AM  

use SD on box from bottom of cabinet for tree tile

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:16 AM  

3 numbers from drawers are used at top drawer, where you found the numbers

look up at monkey

OMG, thank you! I was looking for colours elsewhere, not noticing the drawers were actually coloured! LOL

And now what? I am stuck with 2 tiles which I've placed. Had the banana.

opened white cabinet and nothing in it?

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:20 AM  

nice find batesbunch5
monkey code is used on bottom drawer of animal CB for tile placement

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:22 AM  

2nd tree tile in middle coloured drawer (teddy shelf)

Stuck...nothing in the cb

thought apple trees were code for bottom drawer but it seems they are not :(

Hasn't anyone made any progress? Very frustrating... going round in circles with nothing clicking in my brain.

Same here Tania. I need the code for the yellow drawer and the mushroom box.

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:30 AM  

I know what to do with box 1-9 on table, but still no yellow drawer code found...

what do you do with 1-9 box?

Nothing bears in glass cupboard have two different color cheeks?

bears in cupboard is hint for opening place you need left and right code

I wish I had some grapes to put in the chef's tray; they might open up thing inside empty cabinet... As for red code, no idea!

stuck same as the rest. need yellow drawer code.

On mushroom box you need digits 1 to 9. You already have 137 and 259 on boxes with one and three holes. So box with two holes needs to have numbers 4, 6 and 8.

For the mushroom box

have a look at the bear drawer you opened with the monkey number and the color box above the yellow drawer. Note the numbers you used to open them and how many dots the drawer symbol has. The numbers you havent used yet are for the yellow drawer.

Then click the buttons in the mushroom box in order from 1-9.

After opening yellow drawe with that you can use those three combinations to open mushroom box.

So to sum up: we need red code, we need to use 1-9 code, we need 2 more figures for square box in cabinet. We have two open places that are empty (bird house and cabinet under chef). We need some grapes probably. Nobody has found anything more?

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:38 AM  

ah, thx Juliane,
didn't think of the deduction method...

Juliana you just said the clue for yellow drawer

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:39 AM  

hint paper from yellow drawer, find 3rd tree tile at place indicated

Paper clue shows a secret place on the wall to get the 4th tile.

Hmm. I don't get how to place the tree tiles.

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:41 AM  

LOL, in mushroom box is hint for yellow drawer - 4th tree tile, too

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:42 AM  

for placing tiles, look at position of trees in pics acc. to the brown L frame

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:43 AM  

(cross where you put tiles is also brown)

excellent game!

Bottom two are the real triangle one and the circle one.

Juliane and unknown you are genius!! I am out but what was that last hint about doubling some digits? Didn't get to use it. Maybe second ending?

Thank you Juliane! That was what I needed to move on. Use the suction cup device inside the top cabinet under the guy with the grapes. I'm out now.

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:48 AM  

put bird from top CB below grape guy (use suction cup device) in bird house for leaves, put in grape bowl for exit key

out good game

is it just me or did anyone else have this happen. i got the key and opened top cupboard and there was nothing in it..... ?

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 6:53 AM  

that's correct brin3m
later you'll get a tool to find sth in that CB (see comments)

Thank you all. I played along with you, but knew i was far too slow to post. Great hints as usual. Thanks again.

AlphaOmega, that's a relief..... now where is that pixel for the paper clue? I think i clicked everywhere.....

I opened the 1-9 box and have tried every combo of x2....am I looking at this wrong?

never mind i finally got it! happy dance!

and out. Could not have done without all the help. Thanks everyone. Really good game.

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 7:05 AM  

note that circle in 1-9 box has 3 dots, so it's the 3 numbers (4-6-8) that helped to open 1-9 box - hint in box is for order of that 3 numbers for yellow drawer

first number x2 = last number

Thank you all for the great hints...I wouldn't have been able to get out alone!

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 7:10 AM  

I have no idea what to do with the mushroom box...spoiler please?

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 7:19 AM  

nvm power of posting :)

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 7:29 AM  

mushroom box

it's about to click circles with 1, 2, 3 dots in order 1-9

hints are 2 number codes on drawers
- pink drawer on teddy shelf with 3 dots in circle
- bottom left blue drawer from animal CB with 1 dot in circle
you have now 6 numbers, make deduction for the last 3 to have all numbers 1-9 (the 3 numbers from deduction also for the yellow drawer on teddy shelf that has 2 dots in circle, but you don't know order yet...)

so order 1-9
3 dots - 9-5-2 - middle button on box
1 dot - 7-3-1 - left button on box
2 dots/deduction - 4-6-8 - right button on box

for button order on box
1 dot - 3 dots - 2 dots
1-3-7 - 2-5-9 - 4-6-8


click buttons on box


the x2 box is spoiler468spoiler. Don't know why.

because all you know about that last three-digit code is that it contains 4, 6 and 8. This last hint tells yout hat the last digit is twice the first digit - that tells you that the code is 468, so you don't have to brute force (not as if "brute forcing" a code that has 6 possible variants would be a hellish task :D)

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 10:20 AM  

Thank you for all the great hints. Excellent game. Thank you Kamo.

       Anonymous  12/9/14, 3:51 PM  

Very good game.

Fantastic. When I try to consider HOW poorly Kamo has begun with this stuff, he has really come a long way. From a rookie to a real pro of Sanpoman & the like. With a stunning presentation, too; bug-free.

Out with no help, and it was tricky at times.

@Robin, bio

Yes, sort of. You have the order numbers for 1-dot and 3-dots, lacking 2-dots. The numbers 4, 6 and 8 do not appear with the other two, so you know when you have to press the 2-dots. I seriously thought I was again trying to brute-force, but you *DO* have to do things that way, for you will not get a hint for the full 2-dot number until the box is open. Sneaky twist, well done Kamo.

What a fabulous game! Thanks, Kamo!

Thank you for the clues. Especially the 1-9 box and how to place the 4 tiles.

A.D. 2018: can't load the game from this link and EG24 rules forbid linking in the comments to other game sites, but just gooogling the game's name will help, the first link worked for me.

Thank you, that was really good! Somewhat sad that the best escape games I've played these days or even this year are created many years ago. Perhaps I'm seriously out of time.

Such a nice game!

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