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Maggie Saw Game

InkaGames - Maggie Saw Game is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inka Games. In this game, you try to help Maggie Simpson rescue her family! Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:15 AM  

haha! like this one

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:20 AM  

battery goes to monkey toy

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:23 AM  

give the wooden horse to the girl with ipad

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:35 AM  

anyone in?

where i can find the code of the phone?

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:41 AM  

put the toy monkey under the shelf

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:42 AM  

seeing to that

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:42 AM  

give the book to the reader

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:45 AM  

charge the train

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:48 AM  

got maggie's sister doll

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:48 AM  

Evert TRUE Simpsons fan knows the prison-daycare in the series was called "The Ayn Rand School For Tots."

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:49 AM  

some characters from the chest box,use the key to open it

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:51 AM  

hang the posters in the room of the 5 kids with walkers,watch the floor color,you need to see which kid loves what character

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:54 AM  

doll of homer from the counter the same room,use ladder

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 1:57 AM  

no no wait, watch the kids pajamas,ignore the floor

got chemistry book, a remote, muffin, ipad, tv, key and battery(dont know it's need to be charged) and stuck...

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:00 AM  

at last,the metal door opens

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:02 AM  

Are,did you get the doll of maggie's sister?don't know what's her name?

lisa i think... hmmm i can't move the train... i thought it will be needed for it

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:03 AM  

did you get homer?

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:05 AM  

put the battery on the train,go to lisa and pick her up,wait till the kid with the mallet comes down,and press the remote,train will hit the kid

nope... i just got items like i said... cant figure out code for the phone, and when train starts kiddo just hanging above it and hit me :/

dazz...sorry i left the other! did you get out?

Dazz, thx i just don't wait long enough :)

got homer now

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:11 AM  

where r u now,are?

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:12 AM  

Are, you need to wait till the kid gets on the ground,not yet,jessica,but progressing

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:13 AM  

did you open the metal door? since u got homer means you have lisa,you must get the metal door to open,where r u now,jessica?

stuck with the train and the evil kid

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:15 AM  

code for phone from the table with the kids

didn't mean to abandon you guys on the other!

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:17 AM  

jessica,put battery on the train to charge it,then get to lisa and pick her,wait till that kid hits the ground then press the remote to activate the train

yep i opened metal door now working in it :)

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:18 AM  

no probs. didn't like that game either

now for that doll! the other was awful...got lucky on a couple ... glad this one is brighter! :D

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:20 AM  

got the duck and the brick

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:22 AM  

give the brick to the little chemist

got homer!

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:24 AM  

don't leave the battery behind! you'll need it since it can still be picked up

how does the number clue from kids table translate into shapes of phone ?

hmmm made some potion, but dont know where to use it(isn't change name just tes tube) and box with ipad... figuring this out...

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:25 AM  

good jess,now try to get the metal door open

potion goes to the locked guard area per the chemistry book...don't know how you got it!

obviously not smart enough for the metal door!

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:27 AM  

Emmes,each number is the angle of each shape,circle goes first since it's the only shape with no sides

jessi, read Dazz ley post from 1:57 AM

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:29 AM  

Jessica,you will need to use the room with the 5 kids on walkies to open,get the posters from the room withe train and the knocked out kid

the kids pajamas?

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:30 AM  

when you hang the posters look at the kids pajamas and the floor color,you need to match them

did posters....by colors...

doh! :D

What to do with the potion? and what to do with the surprise present for the guard?

i can't move the posters/kids to match pjs...the images match the walkers

stuck with opened door where bart's doll is... thought that potion i need to cleanup this child behind metal door but cant be done...

And also what to do with the duck?

nvm....double doh!

jessi, for example winnie the pooh first from the left, then kid with red pajama will match with the floor color

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:36 AM  

mixing up takes quit a time

i did whack my head right...thanks, are! now trying to get that box...won't take muffin :D

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:38 AM  

jess, watch what each kid likes

Put muffin on small stool in front of the kid with the box

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:39 AM  

put the muffin on the table

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:39 AM  

activate the tv with your battery to distract the kids around the table

ok..prankers...but, still there....

can't do anything now... testube is full already can't use it or empty it(it's need to change name?)

you guys are awesome! i did figure it out....then came back and found all the help! <3!

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:42 AM  

Are,make the ipad gift first,then use the rod on the handle,throw the gift then use the duck on handle again

Did anybody figured out what to do with the potion or the duck or the guard after opening the door and putting the box?

put the cut electrical cord...no shocking! :/

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:44 AM  

got bart!

I just explored every piece of this prison and then get back to the start and seen that fish... it's important to make progress...

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:45 AM  

Dori,interest the female guard with the gift,put it beside bart

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:46 AM  

use the rod on the fish aq.

that battery does it all! :D

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:46 AM  

does that mean ur at the beginning,are?

Thanks Dazz got that after your hint for the duck, do you know where to use the potion?

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:48 AM  

use the camera on the picture of monalisa,give it to the sad kid

nope, just looking for progress and get back to starting room :), now i got bart doll... and lookin' for next move

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:49 AM  

not yet

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:49 AM  

Are,ur next move is the sad kid

i can't figure out where to use the potion

yeah, traded gamboy, used potion and out!

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:52 AM  

the boy will paint monalisa,give him the gameboy next,take the painting

can't open the cell .... hmmm

nvm...doh! rod is useful too!

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:55 AM  

got it! use the potion on the painting,then give the empty canvas to the kid with the paintings,gives you marge

not sure what i have to do before i go in..

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:56 AM  

awesome game!

Out too, use the camera to take a picture of the Mona lisa in the room with the aquarium, give to sad boy, then he will take the game boy, after that take the picture he made put the potion and give to the kid that drowse on the wall

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:57 AM  

jessica,if you got bart,ur next move is the kid with the canvas,cheer him up with the pic.of monalisa in the room of the fish

you rock, dazz! how to i distract/surprise the male guard?

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 2:59 AM  

open the cell,use the gift and put it beside bart,then close it with the duck

it won't let me drop the gift...says i have to do something first...

doh! the bow ?D

I love Inka games. And all the help I will get here. Going in!

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 3:03 AM  

click on the gift ,then click on the spot left of bart,maggie will throw it,then click on the duck on the handle,the cell will close

       Anonymous  12/2/14, 3:04 AM  

combine the ipad,the box and the ribbon for the gift

great game! thanks all!

couldn't get shape phone code (nor with hints above), so I have watched video walkthrough: look on number paper (from kids table) translate shapes in numbers (1:circle, 4:square....) zoom out and click on telephone receiver!!!

Can't find the ribbon to the iPad gift.

Found it in the fish tank

Looks like a little bug. After I put the muffin on the table, I got the box. Put Ipad in it. I clicked the wall where the guy was standing and now he has the box again on his head. But it's also in my Inventory. Never mind, we're both happy now.

I can make phone ring but how do I get the duck?

Making the phone ring is not enough, you first have to put the battery and the cord on the phone next to the doll.

Very, very cute. I had to look at the w/t for certain parts, but also thank you for the hints!

I see a camera is mentioned in the comments, where is it please.

From memory, so not really sure; I think the camera was in the room behind the bars, where the guard is.

small-tool, thank you for replying, have come out of game, got fed up looking for it!

Im Maggie From Maggie Saw Game

       Anonymous  1/21/15, 6:06 PM  

i need the combination for the phone

       Anonymous  1/21/15, 6:19 PM  

please help

       Anonymous  1/21/15, 6:21 PM  

also what do you give the kid with the chemistry

       Anonymous  1/21/15, 6:40 PM  

no worries i finished

how to open the sliver door

Ayanna, you have to use the train and get the Lisa doll, when he hits the ground, use the remote for the train and it will hit him, then go through the broken wall and use the key on the chest in the corner and collect the posters. Go to the room with the kids with the walkers and match the pj's up with the floor colors. Then, metal dooor will open.

I need Marge and Bart. Where do you find them and how?

I cant get the metal door to open

       Anonymous  5/2/18, 12:26 AM  

caught this one from the random section

working link: http://inkagames.com/flash_games/maggie_saw_game_en.html

thx for all your creations, Inka ☺

& thx ppl for the hints

where is the phone

how do you charge the train

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